Timberland vs Danner Boots: Which Is Better?

The major difference between Timberland and Danner boots is their construction. Danner shoes are built and best suited for hiking than Timberland boots which are better for styling.

Danner shoes, by virtue of their designs, are more functional for work and hiking.

This is not to say Timberland doesn’t have work boots too. They do. But as you will find out, their construction puts them below Danner boots in the list of best work boots because of said Danner’s construction style.

A little backstory for the two boots before we move on.

Timberland original waterproof boots were first created in 1973. They were rugged with lugged soles and well crafted in the uppers.

They quickly acquired a following not just among workmen but also among American hip-hop rappers.

It became a status boot in that subculture of music artists. Even drug dealers wore it to keep warm on cold days as they sold their wares on street corners. Following those years, there have been more additions to the Timberland line of shoes.

The LaCrosse Footwear founded by Charles Danner began making high-quality shoes for loggers in 1932. It is easy to see where the great construction originated from.

Why the need for comparison?

There is a need for comparison because the market for boots is such a huge one, but not all boots serve the same purpose. People buy boots for different reasons.

Some want hiking boots, others buy for purely styling purposes. Still, others would love to have a boot that is versatile enough for both purposes.

Sadly, few boots are able to combine styling and function in one. Hence it is important to have this comparison in order for you to make the best purchases that meet your needs and are within your budget.

The important factors that determine if you buy a boot include comfort, durability, features, sizing and fit, price. You want to determine if the boots of your interest combine at least the major factors here before you buy.

A comparison of this nature helps you make the best decisions in this regard.

Timberland and Danner boots are both good boots, Timberland boots are more popular. But does this mean they are better for work, hiking, or styling? What are the good and bad points of each boot?

Read on to find out.

What are Timberland boots pros?

Below is a photo of a Timberland Pro work boot.

Timberland vs Danner Boots

The pros of these shoes are as follows:

  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Great traction
  • Ages beautifully
  • Great protection at work


It is a trademark of Timberland boots, comfortability. They are padded inside the boots from the high ankles to the front toe box.

They are lined with soft material to keep the feet warm and cozy all day. This is why said drug dealers could stand in them all day while peddling their wares.

As work boots, they provide all-day comfort too because of the soft high density insoles that come with high arch support. Timberland boots are indeed comfortable, any user can attest to this.


The boots are some of the most durable shoes you can find on the market. They are constructed with nubuck uppers which are hard material, resilient, and water-resistant.

They perform well in every weather, from summer to winter. They continue to maintain their integrity all year round.

Great traction

The outsoles are made with sturdy polyurethane rubber material and cut in the bottom are rugged grooves. The grooves and threads are so deep too.

The rubber is sticky on even the smoothest surfaces. The deep grooves allow workmen to enjoy even in muddy terrain.

Ages beautifully

If you need boots that look more attractive as they age, Timberland boots are your go-to shoes. The older they get, the better they look. Especially if you have invested time in caring for them.

Great protection at work

The extra-high ankle material provides protection for the feet while at work. The sturdy uppers are extremely impenetrable.

The leather lining on the top makes sure nothing gets to the skin beyond. Loggers especially find the high ankles comforting for the extra protection.

What are the cons of Timberland boots?

The cons are:

  • Not very resoleable
  • Gets dirty easily

Not resoleable

It is difficult to resole Timberland boots because of the construction of the uppers and the outsole. The uppers are bond welted to the outsoles which makes them waterproof but not resoleable for a work boot that might need that later on.

Gets dirty easily

They get dirty easily because of the Nubuck and the yellow color. This kind of puts them outside the range of a great work boot if you ask me. I like my boots unaffected by dirt that much but that’s me.

What are the pros of Danner boots?

Below is a photo of a Danner boot:

Timberland vs Danner Boots

I chose the Danner Mountain Light because it is in the category of lifestyle and hiking boots like the Timberland boots I just described.

The pros are:

  • Comfortable
  • Great traction
  • Recraftable


Danner boots are as comfortable as any boots of the same range. Their construction allows you to break into the boots faster than most boots.

The seamless construction and Goodyear welt of the Mountain Light allows for greater flexibility.

Great traction

The traction on Danner boots is top-notch. The Vibram lug soles have deep nooks and crannies that allow for a deep grip on any surface. These and other factors make them some of the best work boots.


The welt design in the construction makes it possible for the boots to be resolved when the former one becomes damaged beyond use.

What are the cons of Danner boots?

And here are the cons of Danner boots:

  • The irony of the welt construction
  • Pricy

The irony of the welt construction

This refers to the welt construction of the Danner boots. If you are hoping to resole someday then be sure to take care of the boots properly so that the welt doesn’t break.

Welt construction like the type on Danner boots sometimes breakthrough as the age of the shoes. When this occurs the integrity of the point between the uppers and outsole is jeopardized.


Danner boots are packing so much value that they are some of the most expensive boots in the market. A pair of Danner Mountain Light is $399.95 on Amazon.

What similarities do Danner boots and Timberland boots share?

Across board Timberland and Danner shoes share the following features:

Overall Quality

Both shoes feature a construction that ensures premium quality use. The leather uppers in Timberland boots are Nubuck, polished leather that feels like suede but isn’t. It is fairly easy to care for.

Danner features full-grain leather that is usually seamless that ensures flexibility. Leather uppers added to hard, sticky rubber lug soles are a combo for extreme durability.

Both shoes are designed to do well in all weathers and conditions.


The use of thick hard leather in the Timberland makes them the best choice of boots for winter months. They feel cozy and comfy in the interior on account of the lining in the boots.

The leather in Danner boots is also hard but fold easily despite the seamless construction.


Danner boots feature Vibram sole with a more pliant foam in the midsole for a more flexible feel when walking. Timberland boots feature rubber soles that feel sticky and ensure a firm grip on surfaces of all kinds.


Both boots are extremely durable. The leather, the outsoles, and the metal hooks in the Danner boots ensure a long lifespan. The soles in Timberland are made from tough polyurethane material that can last generations.

Sizing and fit

Danner shoes come true to size. However, you should order your usual size when buying. Those with wide feet will find Danner shoes an amazing fit.

Timberland boots also come true to size and you should order your usual size too when buying them.

Why should you choose Timberland boots?

Choose Timberland boots if you need them for the workplace but the rigor where you work is medium. Timberland boots may not withstand heavy-duty stress.

Choose Timberland boots too if you need lifestyle boots that you would love to dress casually with. They are iconic, easy to dress with for the street.

Why should you choose Danner boots?

You would love Danner boots if you are a logger, work in metal factories, or any other heavy-duty workplace that requires much rigorous activities.

If you think about styling of course you can find shoes in the Danner line with less bulk and weight than the Danner Mountain Light.

Which is better: My Verdict

Danner boots take the trophy for this versus battle. They tick all my items that make a work boot worth their money. Except for the price and personal preference, you should definitely go for Danner shoes.


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