RM Williams vs Thursday Boots: Which Is Better?

There are different boots for different purposes, but that is not the modus operandi of the Thursday Boots company.

While every other boot-making company makes boots for work, boots for fashion, boots for dancing, and whatnots, the Thursday Boots company makes all their boots to perform every and any type of function you require of it.

Functionality, basically, is what we can perfectly ascribe to be the major difference between both brands.

The major difference is that RM Williams has boots that are specifically for work, while on the other hand, Thursday Boots make each of their boots to be used for work and casual.

With Thursday boots, you do not need to have a separate boot for work and play.

Brief on RM Willians and Thursday Boots

The art of making boots that are beautiful, comfortable, functional, and fitted with amazing features is not something many brands seem to understand.

However, there are two brands that have perfected that art. RM Williams and Thursday Boots are boot-making companies that have been able to serve boot lovers the best of the best boots there can ever be, and today, we will be comparing both of them.

RM Williams vs Thursday Boots

RM Williams vs Thursday Boots

RM Williams is an Australian footwear and clothing company best known for its production of Chelsea boots. Founded over 90 years ago, the company makes unique boots that give you an adventurous feeling.

Thursday Boots is a company that makes boots that are built to be used for work and also for play. Every boot from this company has the durability of a work boot and the sophistication of a fashion boot.

The quality and versatility the company brings to the footwear industry cannot be overemphasized and is what makes the one of the most sought-after boot-making companies.

RM Williams vs Thursday Boots: Which is a better brand?

RM Williams vs Thursday Boots

You can never get the whole world to agree on this question because both brands are equally amazing in their own rights.

Eventually, picking a side in this argument will boil down to personal preferences. Both RM Williams and Thursday Boots have unique offerings that keep them at the top of their game, and so far, it is working well.

Between both brands, Thursday Boots has the least-expensive products. Not just in comparison with RM Williams but also other brands, you will find that the products of Thursday Boots are nowhere near the cost of the boots of other brands.

This is a reason that could make you feel Thursday Boots is the better brand.

RM Williams, on the other hand, was initially founded in 1932 as a brand that wanted to make a special pair of boots for everybody, and so far, they have lived up to their words.

If you take a look through the company’s catalog you will find products in different styles that suit different personalities.

So, depending on which you have used and preferred, both brands can be termed to be the better brand. Personally, however, I think RM Williams is a better and bigger brand than Thursday Boots.

Why RM Williams is a better brand than Thursday Boots

As someone who has worn boots made by both brands, I have reasons to love boots from RM Williams over that of Thursday Boots and some of these reasons are:

  • Same Design, Different Style
  • Luxury and Exclusivity

Same Design, Different Style

An amazing feature of the RM Williams brand is that you can get the same boot design in different styles.

Take for example the RM Williams Craftsman boot, do you know that the brand has the same Craftsman boot done with different soles?

Yes, you can get the RM Williams Craftsman boot in comfort sole, dynamic flex sole, and classic leather sole, depending on the style you prefer. This particular aspect stands out the brand from each other.

RM Williams vs Thursday Boots

More than the soles, the RM Williams Craftsman has also been made in different types of leather. This is just an expression of the creativity and versatility of the RM Williams brand.

RM Williams vs Thursday Boots

Luxury and Exclusivity

RM Williams started out as a brand that wanted to serve everybody. However, in recent years, we have seen the brand transition into a luxury brand.

While Thursday Boots positions itself as an affordable boot company, RM Williams recognizes the quality in its product and does not sell itself as affordable, rather, if you want to own a piece of their quality then you should strive to earn it.

The RM Williams brand has grown so big that it is common to find Australian politicians wearing it. Not just that, shoes from this company are often given as gifts to foreign leaders by the Australian Prime Minister.

Are these shoes Similar?

RM Williams and Thursday Boot may be different boot-making companies but there are a couple of similarities in the products manufactured by both brands. Some of these similarities are;

  • Different materials for outsole
  • Leather Used
  • Handcrafting
  • Water-Resistant

Different Materials for Outsole

Both RM Williams and Thursday Boots do not use only one material for their outsoles.

Unlike almost every other boot-making company that have just one material for all the outsoles of all their products, which in most cases is rubber or leather, these two companies do not do that.

In products made by both brands, you will find that some come with rubber outsoles, while some come with leather outsoles, some others come with a mix of leather and rubber.

Thursday Boots Captain Boot and RM Williams Comfort Craftsman Boot are examples of products of the two companies with similar outsoles.

RM Williams vs Thursday Boots

Leather Used

Another feature common to both brands is their use of Chromexcel leather (CXL). Although Yerling leather is the main leather that is unique to the RM Williams brand, the brand still makes use of other types of leather like the CXL leather.

This is in fact the leather used to make the RM Williams Riger Commando boot. On the other hand, CXL is the major type of leather used by Thursday Boots.

The company’s biggest product which is the Thursday Boots Captain Boot was made with this leather.

RM Williams vs Thursday Boots RM Williams vs Thursday Boots


Amidst numerous differences in production, one common thing that both brands engage in is having their products handcrafted.

Every boot produced by both brands is at some point subjected to handcrafting in the production process.

Crafting boots by hand makes them truly unique and RM Williams has over 80 hand-held processes used in making their boots.


Another feature that you will find boots made by RM Williams and Thursday Boots is water resistance. RM Williams, in particular, uses only one seam which gives very little room or places for water to leak in.

Boots from this company are easily one of the most weather-resistant boots because of their oiled and greasy uppers.

Thursday Boots as well, made all its boots to be water-resistant. On a typical rainy day, a Thursday boot will keep your feet dry. Although, you should not go around jumping into puddles or dipping them in water.

Other differences between the shoes

Just as both companies are similar in many ways, they are as well, different in many ways. Products from both brands often come in different looks and designs, and even features fitted in them.

Some of the differences between these two brands are:

  • Removable Insoles
  • Non-Slip Sole
  • Stitching

Removable Insoles

In every RM Williams boot, you will find a removable supportive insole that lets you put in an orthotic insert. Meanwhile, Thursday Boots does not have its products come with removable insoles.

Non-Slip Sole

Even though both companies use rubber as the raw material for their outsoles, the features of the outsole are still different.

The RM Williams Comfort sole is made with a non-slip composition rubber sole that is long-wearing and prevents the wearer from slipping.

On the other hand, Thursday Boots also uses rubber soles but they are not slip-resistant. This means that when exposed to a water and oil surface, you have more protection from RM Williams boots than Thursday Boots.


Another difference in the makeup of the shoes from both brands is the kind of stitching used in the production. Boots from RM Williams are made with Tug stitching.

Tug stitching is a kind of stitching drawn from the back and tugged down to the heel to enclose a single piece of leather and which forms a visible backbone that adds strength and durability to the shoe.

Meanwhile, Thursday Boots does not use only one style of stitching. Many of the products from this brand are produced with different styles of stitching which include; stitch out, storm welt, veldtschoen, and blake stitch construction.

All of these stitching methods actually make the boots resoleable and highly water-resistant.


By reviewing and comparing both brands, we have been able to identify unique features and strengths that make them stand out.

Both companies have amazing products that are excellent in terms of quality and durability. Although there are slight differences, both brands are still top producers of the best boots in the world.


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