Can You Wear Crocs in the Snow?

One of the most versatile pieces of footwear for year-round wear, Crocs are excellent shoes for winter. Whether the snow is deep and heavy or the precipitation is a light flurry, Crocs are perfect for the colder months.

Crocs are not just shoes, they are clogs. The clog sole is made from a material that is traditionally rubber.

This means that water should not seep through, and so your feet should stay warm and dry. The rubber sole also means that you can walk with confidence on a snow-packed sidewalk.

Crocs are shoes made of rubber and plastic, which are good for those who don’t want their feet to get wet and are in need of something that is easy to slip on.

In order to not slip on the surface of the shoe, some Crocs come with a gripping bottom. Crocs come in all sorts of colors, giving them a unique and fun quality.

Can You Wear Crocs in the Snow? Yes. Crocs are very safe to be worn in snow. The rubber soles offer grip on slippery surfaces so that you’re not slipping and sliding all over the place.

The shoe is also waterproof, so your feet are dry on the inside. This is a huge plus because you can’t always predict when the weather may change and you need to grab your coat

Crocs are made of a thick rubber flexible material that offers a cushioned, comfy fit and an anti-slip outsole to help keep you from getting stuck on the ice.

They have a lot of traction to keep you from slipping and sliding around when you walk on slippery surfaces. They also have a shoe-like upper made of durable plastic that provides plenty of warmth for your feet.

6 types of Crocs you can wear in the snow

Crocs Blitzen III Clog

Can You Wear Crocs in the Snow

The Crocs Blitzen III clogs are a perfect winter pair, with a thicker sole and lining to keep your feet warm, ease stress off your lower body, and bring you comfort and happiness all winter long.

These winter slippers offer a cozy and warm fleece-lined design with shock-absorbing Crocs comfort™. Designed with both indoor and outdoor winter living in mind, they are machine washable and dryable.

The Men’s and Women’s Crocs Blitzen not only look fabulous, but they’re also warm, comfortable, and waterproof.

Designed with a removable and washable liner, these are the slippers you can wear outside to run errands or go play in the snow without your feet feeling cold and wet.

These versatile fuzzy slippers are just as great for running errands around town as they are for relaxing after a long day.

They are comfortable, conform to your feet, dry quickly, and have antimicrobial technology to fight odor, making them perfect for the home and office.

When ordering this pair of Crocs, it is advised to order the next largest whole size.

Though there have been complaints about the Crocs being ugly, if you’re after coziness, comfortability, and warmth, these slippers are for you.

Crocs Unisex on The Clock Clog

Can You Wear Crocs in the Snow

These unisex Crocs clogs for work are the slip-resistant shoes men and women need for long days and nights, with the amazing comfort Crocs is famous for.

These unisex work shoes feature amazing comfort, durability, and stability, with a slip-resistant sole to keep your feet from slipping and sliding.

Due to their non-slip ability, they can be worn in the snow to protect your feet comfortably.

Wear these Crocs for work to complement your outfit or uniform, to keep your feet protected at all times. Their quick-dry properties along with their enclosed toe will protect your feet from spills.

With a comfortable midsole and the Crocs-Lock feature, these shoes are perfect for any busy environment.

When ordering, it is advisable to order one size large down to the next.

People with sweaty feet are advised not to use these shoes as they can become uncomfortable because they don’t breathe well. Also, they are not very attractive but they serve their purpose.

People with narrow heels are also advised not to order these as they might not fit well.

Crocs Unisex-Adult Bistro Clog

Can You Wear Crocs in the Snow

The new Bistro Clog is designed with the same Crocs comfort that makes Crocs famous. But now, the Bistro Clog even features a slip-resistant tread pattern that’s made for walking through snow.

Whether you’re heading to a cookout on the deck or just want to make working at the nursing home a little easier, now your clogs are ready for anything.

Strangely, Crocs Unisex-Adult Bistro Clog is a great product. It not only can pass as a pair of shoes or chef shoes, but it’s also a safe pair of non-slip shoes for women and men.

Additionally, it is comfortable, waterproof, and easy to clean. It is a great pair of non-slip shoes for women and men to wear for long days.

Cleaning is simple, as the shoes can be wiped off with just soap and water, allowing for quick drying and use on that following busy day.

The downsides of these shoes are that; they are not breathable, they shouldn’t be left out in the sun for too long, they are not true to size and the size conversion chart from the UK to American sizes should be considered.

Moreso, they are unattractive but they serve their purpose.

Crocs Women’s Neria Pro Ii Clog

Can You Wear Crocs in the Snow

The Crocs Neria Pro II clogs come with a lightweight, non-slip sole and have a waterproof upper. With the Crocs Neria Pro II Clog your feet stay dry and comfortable all day long.

The updated style includes removable, washable footbed liners. These slip-resistant work shoes offer a relaxed fit and we recommend ordering a half size up from your street shoe.

They also run narrow and we recommend ordering based on the same size as your street shoe.

These bestselling clogs are more wearable than ever since they’re upgraded with a sleeker design and deeper heel cup. With a roomier forefoot and more secure fit, they’re even more comfortable to wear in the snow.

Available in multiple widths, they fit like Crocs shoes that have come before while being even lighter and more flexible than before.

The durable, flexible Thermoplastic Elastomer used in the outsole of this shoe makes it ideal for a wide variety of jobs.

Perfect for nurses, teachers, and kitchen staff who spend most of their time in wet conditions.

The only downside to this shoe is that they don’t breathe well and you should order up to 2 sizes up if you have a higher instep.

Crocs Unisex Specialist Clog

Can You Wear Crocs in the Snow

These classic clogs are a Crocs must-have for their comfort, their stability, and their practicality.

The Crocs Specialist II Clogs are now even more comfortable than ever before thanks to a footbed that’s even deeper, a roomier fit, and a higher heel pedestal.

You’ll stay on your feet without hurting your feet in these comfortable yet professional clogs.

The Crocs Specialist II clogs are available for the winter season in different colors, which can be worn in cold weather.

On the bottom of the clogs, the outsole is made with Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, a special material that has been designed for better grip on snowy grounds and floors. They are offered different types of footbed shapes.

These work clogs for men and women offer a roomy fit and we recommend ordering a size down to the next largest whole size

After the snow and slush pile up, simply clean off the Crocs Specialist II clogs with a brush and a quick rinse under the tap. Then let them dry naturally for ultimate convenience.

The only downside to these shoes are that static shocks are very associated with these Crocs and should be worn carefully. They are also not very breathable.

Crocs Men’s Winter Boots

Can You Wear Crocs in the Snow

Crocs are redefining the classic rubber winter boot with Crocs AllCast Boot. These men’s boots are waterproof, lightweight, and offer all-day comfort.

They’re made with 100% Croslite™ material so they’re soft and cushioned. They have a removable footbed, too, so you get the perfect amount of support, cushion, and comfort.

These men’s boots offer a roomy fit, so we recommend ordering a size up to the next largest whole size.

If you’re looking for the perfect shoe to wear in the snow, look no further than these waterproof boots that you can put in the washing machine when they get dirty. They also have no seams which mean they don’t leak.

The only downside to these shoes is that they are not true to size. Their shaft opening is small. And the tip side is sometimes small.

Amongst all, they are slip-resistant and they serve their purpose either on a rainy day, a bright summer day, or during the cold, snowy Winter.

What you need to check before you wear your type of Crocs on snow

You’d want to check each of the following before wearing your Crocs on snow:

See if they are mold-proof

First, you want to check whether they’re mold-proof. Mold can grow in your Crocs and this can cause diseases.

You don’t want your Crocs to rot before you can use them again. Mold can typically be detected by noticing a peculiar odor. If you have Crocs, make sure there are no aging signs of mold.

The Tread

You should check the tread on the bottom of the shoe to make sure it is grippy enough. You should also keep an eye out for the sizing.

If it is stretchy, you need to order in a smaller size. And also if you have a narrow foot, order in a narrow as well.

Your shoes should also have enough grip on the sole so your feet will not slip.

Check for traction

Whether you wear Crocs on snow or not, you need to consider the traction. In winter you don’t want to wear Crocs on snow without traction.

The reason is because of the risk of slipping and injuring yourself. So before you wear your type of Crocs on snow, you need to make sure they are winterized and have traction down the soles.

Check for temperature

Another thing you have to check for is the temperature. Even if it is cold out, snow can be melted with more heat.

This will then make the snow turn into slush and water. Slush is not as bad as snow, but it still won’t be good for the rubber Crocs.

Other things to also check for are:

  • Check if they are waterproof
  • Check if they are winterproof

Are Crocs slippery on ice?

No, Crocs are not slippery on ice, but not all of them.

Crocs which are made out of Croslite, a lightweight foam material that is durable and water-resistant will be great for wear on snow, but not ice.

They’re not as slippery on ice as other shoes without studs on the bottom, but they won’t have the traction you need in order to be safe.

If you ever want to wear these types of Crocs on ice, you should wear socks, which will give you some extra grip

Meanwhile, other Crocs which are made of rubber outsoles, Thermoplastic Elastomer, etc grips the ice, which allows for better traction on the surface.


Crocs are one of the best waterproof and winterproof shoes. They are made with different designs and variations from boots to clogs etc.

You should get one in your closet as they are your best companions for a snowy winter day.


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