Julius Marlow vs Hush Puppies Shoes: Which Is Better?

Julius Marlow shoes, as well as Hush Puppies, are really nice shoes that are popular around the world with varying types.

Although, you may find it difficult to choose from both of them when making plans to attend a function. As they have distinctive features.

Well, this article will straightly point out the difference between Julius Marlow and Hush Puppies. It will also highlight their similarities, portraying vivid images to clarify your uncertainty.

The major difference between both shoes is that Julius Marlow only produces shoes for men, whereas, Hush puppies produces shoes for both genders (male and female).

Julius Marlow has a legacy which states, “shoe of firsts.” It defines the future, not only the past. The idea is to make men not only look good outside but to feel good from within and beyond.

Julius Marlow vs Hush Puppies
Julius Marlow
Julius Marlow vs Hush Puppies
Hush Puppies


In 1928, the first shoe from Julius Marlow was produced. Prior to that, the streets of Melbourne had people trod on handmade craftsmanship which were in form of leather booths.

And in 1946, the Crystal Sole was introduced. It brought about a new level of convenience.

The revolutionized Crystal Sole has longevity as its top feature. Parts of its other characteristics include; herringbone serrated patterns on the outside which had a primary function- to offer traction to the wearers as he makes tireless steps.

Meanwhile, the company made efforts to upgrade its products. Which yielded to the introduction of “The O² Motion Secret: the airpod.” That is 60 years after the Crystal Sole production.

Some other kinds of Julius Marlow shoes have foams that are loosed and flattening but 0² Motion air pods stay intact despite the condition.

It has increased comfort, a unique dual-density outsole that has flex curves and enhances natural walking motion, reducing the amount of effort used with each hard or soft stride.


  • Feels soft against the foot due to the presence of supple hand-burnished full-grain leather.
  • Easy on and off wear.
  • Prevention of slipping because of the rubber sole used.
  • Free shipping if products purchased are over $99.
  • Availability of after pay. That is, you can pay by installment without interest.


  • Bad customer services
  • Customers review its durability as bad
  • No exchange of products. Rather, you make or place new orders.


The history of Hush puppies is so many online. Low technology origins had it that farmers used hush puppies to quiet barking dogs.

Another history said that in 1958, a sales manager went out to find a solution to uneasy dress shoes, the cause of sore feet.

Sore feet were termed barking dogs as of that time. And so, the introduction of hush puppies- to hush those puppies. Funny! right?

Hush Puppies were introduced at National Shoe Fair in Chicago in October 1957. It had overwhelming reactions.

The shoes had brushed suede uppers and a lightweight crepe sole. In mid-1959, its first million pairs were made. And 1963, had one-in-ten adults in the United States owned a pair of hush puppies.

The company was rooted in effective innovation from simple footwear to convenient free suede. Hush Puppies’ motto is this, “To live on the bright side, inspiring people to live optimistically.


  • Many colors and styles to pick from
  • Very affordable
  • Comfortability was the mindset behind its production
  • Cross-purpose footwear
  • A feature of Anti-odor


  • Negative customer reviews about hush puppies
  • Challenging to get a refund if a product was deem faulty

Let’s get to the comparison


Julius Marlow

  • Logo is found inside the shoe. As well as, behind the sole
  • Its signature is “Crystal Sole”
  • Smooth rounded toe
  • Rubber sole

The Julius Marlow logo is usually found inside or behind the sole. It has the “JuliusMarlow” label on it. Its signature is “Crystal Sole”.

Julius Marlow vs Hush Puppies
Julius Marlow logo
Julius Marlow vs Hush Puppies
Julius Marlow commonly found logo/label

Julius Marlow vs Hush Puppies

This pattern of Julius Marlow Nabbed Black Lace Up Shoe/Myer is a sort with a different logo. As seen in the image, it has the inscription “Crystal Sole”, as well as “HTL” written boldly and “technology,” written with small letters.

Julius Marlow vs Hush Puppies

It has a smooth sole – a rubber outsole that increases traction underfoot to prevent slipping.

Hush Puppies

  • Basset hound logo
  • A rubber sole
  • Smooth rounded toe
  • Colorful insoles

The basset hound logo is a perfect description of a puppy. A basset hound is a short-legged breed of dog in the hound family.

Julius Marlow vs Hush Puppies

A basset hound dog is represented in Hush Puppies logo.


In the First Glance comparison between Julius Marlow and Hush Puppies, it is substantial to note that the two brands have a logo, a rubber sole, a smooth rounded toe, and an insole footbed.

But, the Hush puppies make providence for more than one insole. It gives 3 free insoles and these could be bought separately with money. It is a big advantage to the school kids.


Julius Marlow

Julius Marlow has a soft leather upper that is flexible. It gives an untold comfort to the feet. They are made of quality rubbers.

The scuttle chocolate Leather Ankle Boots have quality leather that can be easily cleaned. It is super comfortable. Mind you, some of Julius Marlow products make use of man-made-non leather material.

Julius Marlow vs Hush Puppies

Hush Puppies

Hush puppies use Scotchgard leather protectors added during some tanning processes. This made hush puppies water-resistant, stain, and leather scuff.

Julius Marlow vs Hush Puppies

Julius Marlow vs Hush Puppies
Women Hush puppies


The Leather comparison shows that the Julius Marlow shoes sometimes make use of nice quality materials.

As well as man-made materials which are artificial and of less quality. Meanwhile, the Hush puppies shoes has a leather protector which helps them stand the test of time.


Julius Marlow

The sole of Julius Marlow is made of rubber. A smooth and flexible sort that provides comfort and style. The rubber outsole improves safety to prevent slipping.

Julius Marlow vs Hush Puppies

Hush Puppies

They are made of rubbers and their outsoles are not usually smooth. Its materials and designs ensure that the thought of slipping is removed from the mind.

Julius Marlow vs Hush Puppies


In the sole comparison, it is obvious to note that both soles have preventive measures to save their customers from slipping off the ground.


Julius Marlow

They produce the finest leather shoes that last for a long time. Just like the Julius Marlow proceed Cafe Suede, it cannot be easily damaged.

This is because it has water repellent. And so, it can survive rainfall. It ensures the use of strong quality products to produce them.

Considering the Crystal Sole, it is about Comfort, durability, flex, and grip. Check for the word durability, most especially.

Though, some reviewers claim that its durability frame is short.

Hush Puppies

As much as Hush puppies are more comfortable than feet, their durability counts. Although, everything is bound to get damaged it depends on how you maintain it and how often you use it.

Regardless, hush puppies have water resistance as a feature in most of its shoe kinds.


As said in the leather comparison, the quality of the leather decides the durability of both shoes. To that effect, the Hush puppies shoes are deemed more durable.


Julius Marlow

The prices of Julius Marlow shoes differ according to the type. Scuttle chocolate Leather Ankle Boots worth $199.95, Kick Black Leather worth $69.00, Jaunt Black Leather worth $99.95, and others.

To find authentic Julius Marlow shoes,  click the link

Hush Puppies

Hush Puppies’ shoes range from $39 – $139. It all depends on the sort of shoe.

You can visit the website below for your dream hush puppies.


The price comparison shows that the two brands are affordable. But during my research, I doubt I was able to find 3 Julius Marlow shoes that were worth below $39.

But Hush puppies had many shoes within $38. And so, you could have a small Money and still have access to making choices for the shoe you desire.


Julius Marlow

Julius Marlow does have removable insoles or footbeds for those who wear what is called orthotics. It is thin and reliable.

Hush Puppies

Just as Julius Marlow, Hush Puppies (like this one on Amazon) do have removable insoles.


In the Insole comparison, Julius Marlow and Hush puppies do have removable insoles. But Hush puppies offers an additional insole to the already fixed one inside the shoe.


Julius Marlow

They are true to size. This is so because the percentage of customers review shows that Julius Marlow is true to size.

For the resolution of conflicts regarding your apt size, visit the universal sizing function on the product pages. This would enhance the accuracy as regard your size to avoid complications.

Most people do not really understand the difference between UK sizing and other sizing measurements.

When this is not looked into, then, you would demand size and when it comes, you would complain about it not being true to its size. When that is far from the problem.

Hush Puppies

Hush Puppies have varified sizes for women, men, and kids. For women, it is 5.5-12. 7-16 for Men and 2-13.5 for the kids.

Most of the shoes do fit true to size. Meanwhile, some are too free. And some people prefer their shoes loose, and others do not.


The Sizing/Fit comparison has it that both Julius Marlow and Hush Puppies are true to size. Sometimes, situations tend to create confusion as to if they are true to size or not.

Do they share any similarities at all?

  • Both provide comfort
  • Both offer a point of traction that keeps away from slipping
  • They have removable footbeds or insoles
  • Suit every individual
  • They both look really nice
  • Both are known brand
  • Some types of Julius Marlow and Hush Puppies are water-resistant

Conclusion: My Verdict

I know for a fact that you have settled with the shoe of the choice. As you have been given detailed information about Julius Marlow and Hush Puppies.

I would contribute that, I prefer Hush puppies shoes because they provide a wide range of consumer choices.

They sell both genders of shoes. To add, they have more water-resistant shoes. This means that even in rainy seasons you could wear your shoes to work without fear of damage.

Finally, I will opine that having pairs of different shoes is not a bad idea. If you are able to get hold of the two shoes. Then, it’s perfect.


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