RM Williams vs Meermin Chelsea Boots: Which Is Better?

The major difference between RM Williams and Meermin Chelsea boots is that the RM Williams boot is totally water-resistant while the Meermin Chelsea boot is not.

The RM Williams Boot is a comfortable footwear that is made from the finest of yearling leather.

It is one of the most comfortable boots to wear for protection against harsh weather, it is also very stylish and a perfect blend to complete your sleek look.

The Chelsea boot inherited its name from Chelsea, a trendy and affluent area in London. It dates back to the fifties with some iconic scenes.

What is RM Williams Boots?

RM Williams vs Meermin Chelsea Boots

The RM Williams (on Amazon) is a comfortable boot and a great investment that is worth the price tag. The brand is born in Australia and is known worldwide for the quality kind of boots they manufacture.

What is so interesting about these boots are questions people tend to ask, the fact that they are made from quality yearling leather makes them compatible and functional enough to be worn on different occasions.

They have a well-stated chiseled toe box, they are standard and comfortable enough even for office wears.

Sometimes getting a great boot with this kind of surface that comes on and off is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

But this particular boot has little tabs that you can hold on to for support while slipping them on.

I have a couple at home and I can’t pretend to have had the same doubt of maybe I might go through a tough routine if I try to slip them on, but having worn them a couple of times now, I realize how helpful those little tabs are.

Of all the boots I have ever owned, this is my favorite, reasons because these days we tend to make mistakes like ordering the wrong size and the wrong color.

It is comforting to note that this shoe comes with a 1year warranty. You can return them if you have any problem with delivery and you will get a befitting response.


  • Luxury brand
  • Durable and versatile
  • Comes with a 1year warranty
  • Sole is made with a dual-density polyurethane
  • They are waterproof
  • They are slip-resistant
  • Polish and spray friendly
  • Elastic side panel for an advanced perfect fit
  • Comfortable removable insoles
  • They are easy on and off


  • Sole might disintegrate with regular use
  • Some may come without safety toe

What is Meermin Chelsea Boots?

RM Williams vs Meermin Chelsea Boots

If you are not familiar with this boot, or with someone who has worn them to tell you how great they are, you might end up not purchasing them, especially If you check them out based on the number of reviews left on them.

These are very comfortable whole cut boots that are manufactured for both men and women.

Actually, the whole cut feature is one thing that makes them different from other boots, they consume a lesser amount of polish and spray because they are the whole cut.

They come with an elastic side panel for those who have a wide ankle, this is actually one of the differences it shares with the RM Williams boot.

One other thing that might discourage some of you from getting this pair of boots is that they are not totally waterproof.

Unlike the RM Williams which is waterproof all around, the Meermin Chelsea boot is only waterproof around the toe area leaving the other part vulnerable to water penetration.

The Chelsea boots are also a bit heavy for light use, they may end up being draggy and make you tired of walking, even though this doesn’t come with no rewards, the result of it being heavy is to ensure you are protected.

Mounted with double padded toe caps and a heel of 2inch block, you should expect nothing less than a protective shoe for perfect and comfortable use.


  • Premium waxed suede
  • They are waterproof
  • They have premium memory foam insole
  • They come with a 2-inch high length heel
  • Comes with protective toe caps
  • Sole is made with Commando rubber material
  • They are shock absorbers
  • They have elastic side panels for a relaxed fit in case of wide ankle


  • They are not anti-slip
  • They are a bit heavy and draggy

What similarities do RM Williams Boots and Meermin Chelsea Boots have?

These are two competitive brands that are punctual and have managed to maintain a standard with the kinds of boots they produce.

Sometimes choosing a particular one is not an easy task as both are great, both are dynamic and will leave you looking sleek regardless of what you wear them for. Check out these similarities.

Similarities RM Williams Boots Chelsea Boots
Fitting Has elastic side panels Has elastic side panels
Quality Top rated Top rated
Sole Rubber sole Rubber sole
Design Top-notch Top-notch
Reviews In demand with 4.5/5 Stars In demand with 4.5/5 Stars

The similarities between both brands are unique and competitive just like we have said earlier. For instance:mee


The fitting of both shoes is unique. Both shoes have elastic side panels to ensure a perfect fit even for people who have large ankles and wide feet.

it is sometimes impossible to distinguish between both boots if judging from the kind of elastic side panels that they have.

The first picture is for the RM Williams while the second is for the Meermin Chelsea boots.


If there is one thing both brands don’t joke with is the quality of their products. Both have managed to maintain a level of ensured quality for their products.

This is one feature that is undeniable between both shoes.


The RM Williams boot has a thick rubber sole that makes it anti-slip and waterproof. The sole of the  Meermin Chelsea boot is equally made with rubber.

It also has an anti-slip feature even though it is not totally water-resistant.


I believe we can all agree from the initial reviews made on both boots that they both have the same design patterns. They are sleek, comfortable and both possess removable insoles.

Comparison Between the RM Williams and Meermin Chelsea boots

Without further ado, let’s dive into comparing these two brands of boots to see which one is better.

First glance

RM Williams vs Meermin Chelsea Boots

RM Williams boots

  • Elastic side panels
  • Grip tabs
  • Frictional sole surface
  • Rubber sole

Mere looking at the RM Williams boots from the side you will notice how narrow and curved at the bottom the elastic side panels are compared to the Meermin Chelsea boots.

I will discuss more on this feature in the next section.


RM Williams vs Meermin Chelsea Boots

  • Elastic side panels
  • Dainite rubber sole
  • Whole cut style
  • Square toe box

You will see that the elastic side panels on the Meermin boots are made in a straighter and narrow form than the RM Williams which sometimes comes with a curve around the elastic side.

This feature makes the Chelsea boots more recommendable for people with wider ankles plus they have a square toe box for wide feet.

Overall quality

Meermin Chelsea Boot

RM Williams vs Meermin Chelsea Boots

  • Italian Suede
  • Studded Rubber Sole

This shows a perfect display of Goodyear Welt. The Italian suede is a color for those who are wondering and they are professionally handmade.

For some people, handmade shoes are of topmost quality but that Is a fact we will have to argue further.

RM Williams Water Proof Boot

RM Williams vs Meermin Chelsea Boots

  • Hand Crafted
  • Veal Calf Leather
  • Leather Sole

The RM Williams boots on the other hand are made with yearling leather material. This does not only make it shine, it also makes it water and oil-resistant.

It will take you little effort to restore them back to their normal shape and status even after long use.

Best leather

RM Williams Square Toe Boot

  • Yearling leather

Which one has the best leather is a question that most people would ask especially with the fact that both shoes are remarkable.

The RM Williams has the best leather regardless of the kind of material used in making the Meermin Chelsea boots.

The Williams uses Yearling leather for their boots which is considered as the strongest leather material there is in the world.

The French full grain calf used on the Meermin boots is regardless one of the good quality leathers also.


RM Williams Chelsea Boots

  • Rubber and leather sole

A combination of both rubber and leather material to form a single sole beats the Dainite sole in all aspects.

Leather on its own is a durable material that is grippy and will serve as a waterproof sole, keeping you warm and safe from slippery areas and giving you strong traction on snowy and terrible unbalanced terrains.

RM Williams boots come with a combination of both leather and rubber material. You can imagine how wonderful and durable this sole can be, this makes the Rm Williams sole the best out of the two.

More durable

RM Williams Boots

RM Williams vs Meermin Chelsea Boots

  • Rubber and Leather sole
  • Kangaroo leather
  • Double padded toe box

The whole idea of which one is more durable depends on how often you use your boots and in what condition you have them in.

However, the materials used in making this boot give it a higher hand in lasting longer.

RM Williams uses kangaroo leather, which is the strongest material known for its durability and sleek look.

Meermin Chelsea Boots

RM Williams vs Meermin Chelsea Boots

  • Single Leather Sole
  • Goodyear welt

Single leather sole is credible and durable too. Its reputation goes unquestionably as one of the strongest materials used for soles. It is none arguably the best and most preferred material by most manufacturers.

That again, the best in durability totally depends on your choice as both are credible and durable.


The RM Williams Chelsea Boots go for a dashing $600 and above on their official store, which makes them the more expensive of the two.

The Meermin Chelsea Boots go for a dazzling price of $240 and above on their official store. Get a pair!!


Both shoes have removable insoles, according to the reviews made on them, and also judging from personal experience, there is no telling which one has a better sole between the RM Williams and the Meermin Chelsea boots.

When I bought the RM Williams I had to change the insoles and put in a more suitable one that added the comfort I felt from within.

I thought that the Meermin would be different but I had to change it too after wearing it a couple of times.


RM Williams Chelsea Boots

  • True to size
  • Narrow fit
  • Shock absorption

Usually, the sizing of the RM Williams boot tends to differ by a bit compared to the Meermin Boots.

The RM Williams has a narrow elastic side panel which makes it fit true to size with a grippy hold to your feet. it is mostly recommended for people with small or normal feet.

Meermin Chelsea Boots

  • Elastic side panel
  • Wide fit
  • Square toe box
  • Great arch support

The Meermin is in this part the most liked and recommended shoe because of its roomy fit.

It has a wider elastic panel unlike the RM Williams, it makes a perfect fit for people with wide feet and for those who have small feet.

It will give you that roominess your feet need to be kept fresh and it won’t me extra freedom to the extent of your legs dancing in them because it has an elastic top to keep it glued to your legs.

Conclusion: My verdict

Practically with the reviews done here on both shoes. It all falls back to one’s personal verdict.

I would go for the RM Williams because It is classy, a good investment and it is lightweight, unlike the Meermin Chelsea that is a bit heavy down the heel part which makes it draggy and will make you tired after a long time walking in them.

The RM Williams has a nice grip on the soil, it is waterproof and also has a whole cut shape that gives it a shiny look.

You can’t go unnoticed in them, but just like I’ve said, it all depends on which one you feel comfortable buying.


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