UltraBoost vs NMD Shoes: Which Is Better?

Can an erroneous choice of shoe cause loss in an athletic competition?

Lately, athletes are choosy about the shoe they use for their running activities. Not just athletes, but professionals in certain fields go for shoes that are favorable to their job.

Sportspersons are given more attention in this write-up since the shoes in a discussion can be used for sports. UltraBoost and NMD shoes have energy boost midsoles.

A major difference is that UltraBoost shoes are great for athletes, and they are also fashionable shoes, while NMD shoes are not running sneakers, they are casual shoes that can be used for mild exercises.

Also, UltraBoosts have removable insoles that aid breathability, but NMD doesn’t have insoles.

History of UltraBoost shoes

UltraBoost vs NMD Shoes

Adidas running shoe was not created by Badische Anilin and Soda-Fabrik (BASF) who owned a company in Germany.

They developed the first Boost Technology in 2007. In 2009, UltraBoost had a rival that produced shoes with the same material as Boosts.

BASF, an expanded thermoplastic polyurethane producer began to supply in 2013. This new UltraBoost material was lighter and more durable rubber. It provided more energy than the former.

A year later, UltraBoost proceeded to make shoes with a new material called ‘Energy Boost’.

After a pair of UltraBoost shoes were worn by runners, one of which is the popular Yohan Blake, who won the athletic competition in 2014, and musicians like the prominent Kanye West, the brand got nationwide attention and with time, it was recommended as one of the most active sneakers.

In 2014, Dennis Kimetto also proved the potency of UltraBoost shoes by setting a new world record after running with a pair.

This company ran a lot of tests on the footwear until 2015 when a new version of The Adidas UltraBoost shoe was introduced by five designers who jointly brought about the colorways.

In 2016, an amazing innovation took place. The silhouette design and mid-sole were introduced.

From 2019 to date, new and more contemporary styles of sneaker-like shoes have been produced by The Addidas UltraBoost company.

UltraBoost shoes are durable andVinceenient for sports and other classy events. Its middle sole is well-cushioned and relaxed.

Amongst all the models of UltraBoost shoes, the silhouette design is most preferred due to its glove-like fit and breathability design.

The Addidas UltraBoost shoes come in different types, which include;


  • It fits true to size.
  • Its cushioning provides comfort to the feet.
  • It is light. This quality makes it easy for athletes to use.
  • The sole grips wets and dry surfaces.
  • UltraBoost collections are eye-catchy and popular as sneakers.
  • They are favorable for sports, including running activities.
  • It is comfortable. The sock-like upper makes the top of the feet comfortable.
  • Improvisation. The upper is formed from. recycled plastics.


  • Not for wider feet. This makes the fit untrue.
  • Tight toe-box. This makes the show comfortable when worn for a long period of time.
  • No energy return. The insoles and missiles absorb little or no shock.
  • A little bit heavy. Some customers complain that the weight is not so convenient for athletes.
  • Uncomfortable. The upper socks don’t lap with the lace on top of the foot.
  • Underfoot of newer versions are not as soft as the former.
  • Not for wet conditions.
  • Expensive

History of NMD shoes

UltraBoost vs NMD Shoes

NMD was first circulated in 2015; December precisely. Its first glance was an admirable one with all the features properly matching. The design was top-notch, versatile, comfortable, and had an aesthetic look.

NMD is an abbreviation of ‘Urban Nomad’.

This brand developed its products from the designs used in Rural areas whose older designs were transformed by the use of technology to make footwear that is creative and looks more contemporary.

Features such as Primeknit upper, Adidas Boost cushioning, stable mid-soles, were used to create trendy designs.

Several modifications took place in 2015, the year the brand was created.

These NMD R1s listed above are created for a city adventure.

The mission of NMD is to create smart footwear by making references to the past by employing the use of innovative technology.


  • Some models have ultralight features, making the shoe glow in the dark.

This is a bonus let that run at night.

  • The Upper Designs are stretchy. PrimeKnit technology was organized in a way that the socks are directly on the foot. The material used for the upper design is lightweight, which gives freedom to the foot, reduces sweat, and remains durable.
  • Fashionable. Aside from their athletic usefulness, UltraBoost shoes can match a large range of clothes.
  • Can be worn on several occasions.
  • Stitching. NMD shoes are properly stitched. This makes it last longer without tearing apart.
  • Breathability. The upper material is light, has holes, and permits airflow.

The holes reduce sweat and moisture.

  • Comfort. Shoes are well cushioned and this supports the shoe, absorbs shock, avoids pressure, and gives it adequate protection.

The material is soft against the foot, making it comfortable all the way.

  • Tight foot-tops
  • It is heat-resistant.
  • A reliable pair for training runs.


  • No insole.
  • The width is wider than the breadth.
  • Outdated model
  • For some persons, the size varies.
  • Less comfortable
  • No designed feature for foot protection.

UltraBoost vs NMD Shoes: What similarities do they share?

  • Both shoes are well-cushioned
  • They are sneakers.
  • They are both comfortable and stretchy.
  • Their soles are made of rubber.
  • They have missiles made of Boost Technology.
  • They are comfortable and durable.
  • They possess popular, well-arranged holes held together by lace in the upper and attractive designs.

UltraBoost vs NMD Shoes: Comparison

First Glance


UltraBoost vs NMD Shoes

  • Addidas branding has been added to the heel.
  • Mid and forefoot striker
  • Medium arches
  • Neutral pronator
  • Heel striker
  • Cushioned midsole. The mid-sold stabilizes the heel during movement.
  • Primeknit upper design
  • Tight upper
  • Reinforced toe-box
  • Lace closure. TPU plastic supports are tightened with lace
  • TPU shank
  • Boost ™ logo in the sole unit.
  • 50% yarn upper, 50% recycled polyester, and ocean plastic
  • Designed Pidgeon holes
  • Painted midsoles
  • Socks-like lift


UltraBoost vs NMD Shoes

  • Socks-like upper. This makes the foot flexible and free when worn.
  • Fashionable. Technology has brought out so many stylish designs from this brand most of which is one of the best choices for athletics.
  • Original silhouette
  • Laced upper



The upper of UltraBoost shoes are made up of leather since inception. In recent times, UltraBoost itself designed a tougher leather from Primeknit base that covers all the upper part of the shoe.


The upper of NMD shoes are made up of suede with tanned leather. The heel support also has a touch of tan leather giving it a great look.



The soles are grippy and completely rubber for athletic balance. Furthermore, its rubber base is thick and has patterned designs for support in wet and dry conditions.


The outsoles of NMD shoes are standard thick rubber. Some of NMD outsole’s collection glows in the dark.

Durability and Quality


Ultraboost shoes are generally long-lasting shoes, but their durability depends on how long it is used and what it is used for.

The midsole can remain in good shape when used for around 250 miles.


A pair of NMD shoes last long, banking on how it is used. The footwear’s longevity will reduce if it is used for intense athletic pursuit and vice versa.

For durability, the shoe has to be kept clean with a protective spray or a cleaner after use.



UltraBoost shoes are expensive shoes. A pair costs at least $180.


Among the collections of NMD, the Adidas NMD R1 is the most expensive as it is the newest innovation in shoe technology.



The insoles of UltraBoost shoes are thin and removable. They are made from cushion-like materials which reduce the passage of air.

The insoles provide comfort, support and relieve the foot from pain. It also makes the shoe bouncy.


There are no insoles in NMD shoes.



The Ultra Boost shoes are made for men and women. While the men’s collection fits true to size, the women’s collection does not.

When it comes to the length of the sneakers and considering the stretchy material used at the cage of Ultra Boost shoes, they are true to size.

It is not true to size when the upper is created with Primeknit. In this case, it is recommended that you get a pair 0.5 bigger than your fit.

You can use the Ultraboost fit guide at: https://www.adidas.com/us/blog/389211 to know more.


Types of NMD footwear and how they fit.


This category was launched in 2015. It was made up of an original silhouette and has a variety of colorways.

NMD R1 fit true to size. Your metric size should fit smoothly in NMD R1 shoes. It has a classic look with a Boost midsole and a mesh upper which is sock-like for comfort and relief.


This category is stretchy and offers comfort to the foot as a result of the Primeknit material used to construct the shoe’s upper.

NMD_ R1 PRIMEKIT is more sock-like and fits comfortably to your feet when worn and has a Boost midsole that helps the foot during sports activities. It can be worn casually.

NMD_ R1 PRIMEKIT fits true to size as it is more stretchy and it is advisable to get a pair that is your real footsize.

NMD_ R1 V2

NMD_ R1 V2 fits true to size.

These NMD models are all true to size. When purchasing a shoe from NMD collections, use the official size guide.

Conclusion: Which is Better?

Both sneakers are classy and comfortable.

From the NMD collection, NMD R1 is more versatile, has more supportive grips, and is comfortable when worn. Its silhouette design makes airflow freely.

This model is available in numerous solid colors. It has an added feature of ‘glow in the dark for athletes who run at night’.

For the category of UltraBoost footwear, UltraBoost 22 is most preferred. It has more athletic features combined with a stylish quality. It is comfortable and has more demand in the UltraBoost collection.

After so much research, I will pick up an UltraBoost shoe rather than an NMD footwear since it has an insole that allows airflow.

Not just that, the activities I engage in are kind of sporty, UltraBoost shoes are a nice choice for sports activities and give support and balance during exercises. I love workouts.

Aside from the fascinating athletic value of UltraBoost shoes, it is stylish for my outings and perfect wear for my lectures.

The nicely organized gaps at the upper make the rope well-arranged.

My choice of footwear may not be the same as yours, it is understandable that everyone can have varying preferences. But this information should have given you additional ideas on UltraBoost and NMD shoes.

So, what do you think about both brands? which features of the footwear catch you the most?

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