16 Adidas Shoes That Make You Taller

Recently there’s been plenty of buzz about the financial benefits of being tall. New research now seeks to understand why this is so. Meanwhile, men and women are concerned about adding a few inches to their height if they can.

One of the ways they’ve achieved this is by wearing platform shoes – footwear that adds a few inches to your height. Many shoe brands have bought into this gimmick.

Let me show you some Adidas shoes that are bound to add more inches to you and make you taller. You just might get a raise in your paycheck tomorrow.

Adidas Shoes That Make You Taller Added Height (cm)
Adidas Originals Men’s Stan Smith 2.1 cm
Adidas Gazelle Multisport Outdoor Shoe 2 cm
Adidas Originals Men’s Samba OG 2.3 cm
Adidas NMD R1 2.3 cm
Adidas Men’s Sobakov Sneaker 2.2 cm
Adidas Men’s Hoops 2.2 cm
Adidas Continental Men’s Style 2.2 cm
Adidas Originals Men’s Ozweego Sneaker 2.2 cm
Adidas Originals Pharell Williams Tennis Shoes 2.6 cm
Adidas Dame 5 2.6 cm
Adidas Oregon Forest Grove 2.9 cm
Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 2.9 cm
Adidas Men’s La Trainer Sneakers 3.0 cm
Adidas Men’s UltraBoost 21 3.0 cm
Adidas Yeezy 700 VR Safflower 3.3 cm
Adidas Originals Women’s Nizza Sneaker 3.55 cm

Adidas Originals Men’s Stan Smith (2.1cm)

Adidas Shoes That Make You Taller

The originals Stan Smith were first made for tennis courts in the 70s. Since then they’ve been up there with other iconic shoes. You can tell a Stan Smith in the line up of Adidas shoes.

The shoe spots the authentic perforated 3-stripes on both sides and of course the rubber cupsole. The OrthoLite sockliner offers comfortable wear all day.

However perhaps not intended by Adidas, the Stan Smith also offers an extra 2.1cm of rubber outsole that will give the wearer an extra 0.4inch.

That’s almost half an inch more, and that can be noticeable addition for a particularly less blessed person in that department.

More and more shoes are offering fewer heels and weight, some want their shoes as light as possible, perhaps these folks don’t care about adding a little more to their length.

And others, like athletes, want lightweight to improve comfort. But you aren’t thinking of comfort that much when you have an opportunity to add more to your height.

And that’s what this Adidas Stan Smith gives you. You can rock this shoe with casual outfits of your choice and appear taller while at it.

Adidas Gazelle Multisport Outdoor Shoe (2cm)

Adidas Shoes That Make You Taller

This platform shoe comes second because it adds 2cm over the Stan Smith. It is a great-looking sneaker that was designed for outdoor and casual dresses.

It is also multisport, a shoe that’s able to cross over different athletic uses, according to how comfortable the user feels. It is covered with a 100% synthetic leather top that comes in both white and black, with the Adidas stripes on both sides.

And the name, Gazelle, is printed in small letters on the side so you know you’re buying the genuine article. The low-top collar is padded, but not so much to strike the design out of style, just enough to keep your feet comfortable and soft.

You have the Adidas leaf logo on the flap too, one more sign you need to look for in spotting authenticity. And then comes the rubber outsole which is why you should buy this shoe if you care so much about more inches.

Wearing this shoe is definitely going to make you appear taller with 0.8 inches, that’s more than half an inch. That should get you noticed in the crowd of regular heights if you ask me.

Adidas Originals Men’s Samba OG (2.3cm)

Adidas Shoes That Make You Taller

This is a sneaker from Adidas with a full-grain leather upper, suede, and gold foil detail. The lining is synthetic and the cupsole is gum rubber. The samba is a shoe that almost shares a likeness with the Adidas Gazelle.

However, it prides itself on more leather than the former. It stands solidly like many other Adidas shoes. Its durability is after the fashion of the Stan Smith.

The Adidas Samba is unique though because it is one of the few Adidas shoes you can drop in your machine and let it spin as it washes.

Yes, this shoe is that solid. Now, I recommend this shoe for a different reason than the ease of machine wash.

It is capable of giving you an added 2.3 cm or 0.8 inches. Awesome right. So now you have two options from my lineup, shoes that can make you taller by 0.8 inches.

Adidas NMD R1 (2.3cm)

Adidas Shoes That Make You Taller

Adidas delivers another shoe for heights with this NMD R1 sneakers. This shoe blends heritages from the past and merges it with the present to bring you a beast with style.

Think about going out into the city and looking taller than ordinary and appearing as stylish as can be. The sketchy knot of the upper hugs your feet for a proper fit and comfort.

The Boost Midsole is designed to provide shock-absorbing benefits so you don’t feel all the drops on your feet. Combine your own personal style with street vibes when you dress with this shoe in shorts, skinny jeans that stop just over your ankles.

There are just so many styles you can create with these shoes. And of course, look out for stares when you step out because you’d definitely look taller by 2.3cm inches than you use to.

Adidas Men’s Sobakov Sneaker (2.2cm)

Adidas Shoes That Make You Taller

Diehard football fans love the Sobakov Adidas shoes. But if you’re not in that crowd, you should get this shoe for other considerations – like height increase. And also for the great shoe that Sobakov Adidas is.

In and outside the pitch the Sobakov delivers great utility. The design was inspired by passion for football. Whatever our passions are, we all want to rock out our personality, our style.

The Sobakov is made with ultra-soft leather and high-quality textile so that you can work out, walk, and run in these shoes for hours and all day. The flash side rubber gives the shoe an aggressive appearance to boost your confidence, intensity and charge.

They are breathable with mesh to keep your feet fresh throughout your activities. And while you are out making your presence felt in these shoes, folks can’t help but notice how taller you look with 0.9 inches.

Adidas Men’s Hoops (2.2cm)

Adidas Shoes That Make You Taller

This is one of Adidas most trendy shoes on this list, a basketball player’s baby, and anyone’s favorite sneakers.

Driven by innovation, Adidas created these sneakers for their wealth of scientific sports experience. Inputs from professional athletes and teams make the sneaker possible.

The Adidas Hoops combines a stylish mix of low and high-tops to achieve the mid sneaker. The upper is synthetic with two options of closures which allows you to either tie the lace completely.

It’s got a wide toe box for comfortable wear and zero drop but high enough to give a wearer who’s after some height 2.2cm of that.

The tongue bears the Adidas wordmark in black on a white patch. And importantly the Adidas stripes feature prominently on the sides.

You can have these sneakers in different colors though; white, black, beige, and beige with the stripes in a blue-red-blue mix.

Adidas Continental Men’s Style (2.2cm)

Adidas Shoes That Make You Taller

This shoe takes us back into fashion in the 80s. An authentic take back, a nostalgic take on the bell bottom, afro, and disco era that we all so much wish we could get back. Well, here it is. Tee-shirts, blue denim, bucket caps, and side streets, a complete picture.

And if you are into increasing your height too, this shoe is for you. You should buy this shoe for the following reasons as well: this low-top shoe is made of smooth original leather, rubber cupsole, a soft feel that you’d find comfortable even without socks.

The Adidas logo appears on both the back of the soft collar and on the sides just below the lace-up closure. You can get it in different colors but I’ve mostly seen them in whites.

What’s more, these shoes put you in the class of icons. This shoe gives you 0.9 inches more of height. Do you have folks who mock you for being medium height? Well, shut them up for good, get this Adidas continental 80.

Adidas Originals Men’s Ozweego Sneaker (2.2cm)

Adidas Shoes That Make You Taller

We go a little higher with our ranking, I present to you the Adidas Originals Ozweego sneaker, a platform shoe with heels.

It came out in different colors: pink, black, brown, and white. You have no problem wearing this shoe with casual clothes. It is 100% synthetic fabric, has lace-up closure, and mesh uppers.

One look at the shoe you’ll notice it is shaped like a cone lying on its side. Which is why it’s got some heel for height addition. The outsole is rubber and the cushioning inside it helps you feel comfortable all day.

Now, I expect folks who would love to add more inches to their heights would probably walk around in it while going through daily activities; at the gym, hanging out with friends, or just taking a walk in the neighborhood.

Men with less than average heights have an opportunity to augment with this shoe. It is measured at 2.5cm, which gives you an added 0.9 inches. That’s a whole lot of addition for some folks. More than half an inch of rock-solid montage.

Adidas Originals Pharell Williams Tennis Shoes (2.6cm)

Adidas Shoes That Make You Taller

The Adidas Pharrell Williams tennis shoes are a one-of-a-kind shoe from Adidas. They are unlike any sneakers from the brand. Some would say they are limiting in how much they match up with outfits, but I’d say that’s exactly what makes them special.

These shoes have been described as part of the Hu line of sneakers. They were designed to celebrate our humanity, and what makes all unique. Eco-friendly materials were used in the manufacture of this shoe, 100% of its cotton is from sustainable sources.

Whether you care about the environment or not, you will love this shoe. It is a tribute to the tennis court and those who love to play the sport, a combination of the old and new in a shoe that is as retro as the brand itself.

The upper mesh is multicolored, the material is flexible to afford comfort. The sole material is ethylene vinyl acetate. This shoe comes from the lineup of shoes from Adidas designed with a heel.

It is guaranteed to give your height a boost of 2.6cm or 1 inch.

Adidas Dame 5 (2.6cm)

Adidas Shoes That Make You Taller

If any shoes can give your height a much-needed boost, they have to be basketball shoes. Ever wondered why those legends were able to leap in the air with such effortless grace like birds gliding through the air.

The Adidas Dame 5 is Damian Lillard’s signature basketball shoes. They are comfortable, straight out of the box. The upper is leather but doesn’t need break-in time.

Like its counterpart, Dame 6, this shoe does not stress you for maintenance. All you need to do is dust it off and it’s ready for you.

This shoe comes with a translucent outsole, with great cushioning you are bound to enjoy wearing this shoe. And you don’t have to be a basketball player to gain 1.06 inches.

Adidas Oregon Forest Grove (2.9cm)

Adidas Shoes That Make You Taller

Released in 1982, it would be difficult to talk about the strides of the trainers’ world without mentioning the stripes of the Oregon shoes.

These training shoes was one of the greatest shoes Adidas gave the world. This is one of the shoes that influenced other sporting brand shoes, from track runners to other range of athletics.

This shoe contains Dillinger’s advanced webbing system the midsole which gives you the distinct prop as you charge on the track. It was built solely for the runners’ needs.

But the shoes cross over from track performance into a casual lifestyle. This shoe is popular with non-runners too. Today they can be worn for their style and comfort as much as the runners enjoyed it for performance.

It was re-released again in 2018 but with all the essentials that made the shoes become everyone’s favorite back in the days.

The features of these shoes include uppers crafted with a blend of nubuck and mesh, the signature stripes all Adidas shoes are known for on both sides, and the original trefoil logo to the heel tab.

You will enjoy all these great things about the Adidas Oregon Grove while adding a portion  1.18 inches of the shoe to your height.

Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 (2.9cm)

Adidas Shoes That Make You Taller

We have rapper Kanye West to thank for this Adidas Yeezy Boost. Kanye himself is 5’8 tall, a businessman of his stature must understand how important having the right height is in the world of work.

Was this why he had the Yeezys designed to give an extra height to wearers? Might have to ask him once I get the chance but for now, let’s take a closer look at what makes the Yeezy Boost a great shoe for boosting your height.

The uppers are made of a tri-color Primeknit material. They also feature internal toebox reinforcement, rope laces, and a semi-translucent rubber outsole. Yeezys are pricey sneakers. $339 or more.

Can Yeezys make you taller? For sure. The Yeezy is a platform sneaker at 3cm.

Adidas Men’s La Trainer Sneakers (3cm)

Adidas Shoes That Make You Taller

A peculiar-looking shoe, the Adidas La Trainer is designed to allow you to step up your game while staying in style. The upper mesh is designed with breathable material, making you feel comfortable every time you wear it. The welded overlays give it a classic look.

Adidas went on and did something unusual with the three stripes to give the sneakers a sci-fi look. I like to think of these sneakers as Adidas’s own take on the future of fashion sneakers. And it’s cool.

The outsole is a meld of rubber and some foam creating a blend between hard and soft. One look at this shoe and you are reminded of sci-fi flicks like Ready Player One, you are mentally transported to a metaverse convention of fashion outfits.

No one else is doing this among the brands except Adidas. And the coolness is not all you get from rocking these sneakers. You also get some heights, over an inch. Specifically, 1.2 inches.

There’s no way folks aren’t going to notice something different when you walk up to them on the street.

Adidas Men’s UltraBoost 21 (3cm)

Adidas Shoes That Make You Taller

Adidas isn’t stopping with thigh shoes. Seems like they are on the agenda to elevate as many folks as possible to the ranks of high-paid tall people of the world. We love them for this.

And here they have us swooning at the exquisite-looking Adidas UltraBoost 21 running shoes. These shoes are designed to give you an energized run.

It comes with most of the Adidas specials that we all love to see: the Adidas Primeknit upper for support and comfort, the midfoot cage and counter also for support, and Boost midsole for a responsive feel.

It’s got the Continental Rubber for outsole for superior traction, and the Stretchweb for natural flexibility. Finally, this shoe is made with Primeblue, a high-performance recycled material. It isn’t called the UltraBoost for anything. Have you seen one of them before?

Although it is designed for runners, nothing says you can’t wear them with casual clothes, or even to the gym where you are more likely to even be noticed on account of the noticeable increase in height the shoe gives you.

If you’re hoping for an increased height, search no more for with this Adidas you get 1.2 inches of tall.

Adidas Yeezy 700 VR Safflower (3.3cm)

Adidas Shoes That Make You Taller

One look at this shoe and you already know what happens to your height then you wear it. The sneaker was released in the fall of 2020 to the applause of Yeezy fans.

The Yeezy 700 gives off a futuristic vibe and it is the third in the line of Yeezy sneakers from rapper Kanye West.

Besides the fact that we are on about this shoe because of its potential to elevate height, lest consider fun facts about the sneakers. It is the first Yeezy sneakers to remove Adidas signature Boost cushioning from its design.

It’s got a TPU caging that locks the shoe down on its wearers’ feet, giving you a secure feeling and comfort. It has a lightweight and responsive EVA foam to complete the progressive look.

And if you are not excited yet then consider the very important fact that this sneaker can give you a 3.3cm or 1.3-inch addition to your height. Wow.

That’s a whole lot of height if you ask me, there’s no way you are getting noticed by folks who would be wondering how you did it. Interested in this sneaker?

Adidas Originals Women’s Nizza Sneaker (3.55cm)

Adidas Shoes That Make You Taller

Recommended for women who would love to add plenty more to their height, this Nizza is a platform shoe from Adidas.

With this sneaker, Adidas showed the world that sports and activities around it do not end in the locker room or on the track.

Sports should be a lifestyle: you did and lived it. It is what Adidas does better than the rest of the other brands, making sneakers that help you transcend the sporting field without losing your touch. You’d look taller with this shoe when it adds 3.55cm or 1.4 inches to your heels.

And there you have all the options open to you if you desire to up your game by increasing your height and appear taller. As you can see, you can’t possibly run out of Adidas shoes to wear.

This list is a guide for shoes to help you look taller, you can find more alternatives as you scour the list that appears as you click the links in the list.

Be sure to read seller reviews before you make your purchase, check sizes in order to avoid having to return purchased products. This is to your quest to look taller, cheers.