RM Williams vs Blundstone: Which Is Better?

RM Williams and Blundstone shoes are very comfortably good shoes. If you need something that keeps your style and fashion sense in the best possible level of ease, you should definitely try these shoes out.

The main difference between these two great brands of footwear is the fact that RM Williams shoes are more elegant and stylish than Blundstone.

You definitely need to get shoes like these for your wardrobe. They are really classy, comfortable, functional, high-performing, and durable in the long run.

RM Williams vs Blundstone: First impressions

At the first glance, we always encourage customers to look at some key things that let them truly know if they should purchase a pair of shoes or not.

If you’re physically going to be at the shoe store, the salespeople will naturally allow you to take a thorough look at the shoes.

If you’re however going to be buying online – like most times – you should take care to look really well before you leap.

At first glance:


RM Williams vs Blundstone

  • Cowhide Leather Material
  • Leather Soles
  • Stacked Heels
  • Elastic Gores at the sides of the shoes

The high-class RM Williams shoes are made with premium cowhide leather material of the highest quality.

Smart-Casual dressers and professionals will certainly love how this leather feels on their feet.

There’s also comfortable leather that is right down at the soles of the RM Williams. Trust me, you don’t get too many shoes that are as comfortable and durable as these stacked-heel shoes.

The RM Williams shoes also have elastic gores at their sides; this is to allow for more flexibility and space for the feet. These shoes are going to be an absolutely great fit for you today.


RM Williams vs Blundstone

  • Injection-Molded Polyurethane Outsoles
  • Premium Leather Uppers
  • Removable Comfort Footbed
  • Rubber Soles

The technology for making Blundstone shoes is amazing. I have to appreciate the construction of the injection-molded polyurethane outsoles. You can really see how the designs of the shoes flow there.

Durable rubber soles are at the bottom of Blundstone; so you are not thinking of replacing them too quickly after you’ve bought them. The Blundstone shoes have sturdy and rugged durability, even with their leather uppers.

These shoes are really comfortable with the removable and replaceable comfort footbeds that they come with.

However, with or without the comfort footbeds in place, the Blundstones are going to be quite the comfy fits for you.

RM Williams vs Blundstone: Let’s get to the comparison

Let’s use these important features to compare the RM Williams and the Blundstones:

  • Leather
  • Sole
  • Durability
  • Price
  • Insoles
  • Sizing/Fit
  • Style
  • Overall Quality
Features RM Williams
Leather Premium Cowhide Leather Stylish Leather Materials
Sole Leather Sole Material Rubber Soles
Durability RM Williams shoes are more durable than Blundstones While Blundstones are truly long-lasting shoes that are cost-effective, they are not as durable as the RM Williams shoes
Price Most RM Williams shoes cost $495. You can get some others for above that price though Blundstones are less expensive than the RM Williams. Many of them cost between $130 and $291.60
Insoles Highly-Comfortable shoe insoles Removable Comfort Footbed
Sizing/Fit RM Williams are shoes that will truly fit you well once you get them in the right size Blundstone shoes are true to size and fitting, but they don’t fit the feet as well as the RM Williams shoes do
Fashion Quality RM Williams shoes are really trendy, stylish, and fashionable for you to consider buying right now Blundstones are not as fashionable as the RM Williams shoes
Overall Quality Overall, RM Williams is the better shoe for you to buy right now (when compared to the Blundstone shoes). When you consider all these, you would see that the Blundstone shoes are of a lesser quality than the RM Williams shoes.


We can’t say enough about the premium cowhide leather that is used to make the RM Williams shoes. It is certainly known that RM Williams shoes are created by using the classiest leather materials.

RM Williams vs Blundstone

Blundstones are made with great leather too. You definitely have (and there definitely is) a certain fashion appeal with the Blundstone shoes because of how stylish their leather is.

RM Williams vs Blundstone

But when it comes down to class and style, the leather materials of the RM Williams shoes are much better and much more classy than the Blundstone shoes leather.

Many customers know for a fact that the RM Williams are duly manufactured with better materials and technology than the Blundstone shoes.


The RM Williams shoes don’t break down easily because of the comfortable leather soles material that sits pretty under the shoes.

These leather soles are often synthesized with some rubber and foam, in order to give your feet the best level of comfort that there is.

RM Williams vs Blundstone

Rubber soles are what the Blundstones come with. These durable rubber soles are meant to last you for a really long time without breaking down – they are truly long-lasting.

RM Williams vs Blundstone

RM Williams actually has better shoe soles than the Blundstone shoes. The Blundstones will break down way before the RM Williams even begins to wear and tear.


It is safe to say that the RM Williams shoes are more durable than Blundstones. You can buy the RM Williams right now and have them with you for years to come.

Although the Blundstones are essentially also really durable, they just don’t match up to the RM Williams shoes when they are put to the test.

You should surely go for RM Williams if you are looking for the most long-standing shoes between these two. RM Williams shoes are more durable than Blundstones.


On the online and offline stores, you can purchase most RM Williams shoes for $495. These are some of the most elegant that you can get for that price.

The price of the RM Williams is not too high for good shoes. I definitely suggest that you make a long-term investment with the RM Williams that you will enjoy.

Blundstones are less expensive (when compared to the RM Williams shoes), and they certainly do offer some really good value for your footwear needs if you buy them right.

In the long run, however, the RM Williams shoes turn up top be more cost-effective and fashion-conscious than the Blundstone shoes.

The style of the RM Williams can last you for many years…


The insoles of the RM Williams shoes are comfortable, durable, and very flexible for the feet that want to sit in them. You will surely feel relaxed when you are wearing these shoes.

Comfort is something that the RM Williams is so great for; the RM Williams are shoes that are – apart from comfortable – so lightweight, breathable, and flexible.

You definitely need to experience the comfort of shoes like these.

RM Williams vs Blundstone

On the other hand, the Blundstones come with a removable comfort footbed that will absolutely thrill your feet on the go for sure.

With removable insoles, you can easily replace or improve your Blundstone footwear anytime you feel like you have the need to do so.

RM Williams vs Blundstone

Of these two shoes though, the RM Williams are the shoes that come with better insoles and comfort technology for the customer.

RM Williams shoes are much more comfortable than the Blundstone shoes.


RM Williams shoes are known to be very comfortable, but they also have grips that firmly hold on to your feet so that you get the best traction and stability for your feet.

The wide toe area of the RM Williams shoes is also something that you need to experience before you can truly understand how it goes.

Now, to consider the Blundstone shoes, one would notice that these shoes are true to size and well-fitting if you get them in the right size.

However, if we are to name the better-fitting shoe, between the two, the RM Williams definitely has to be the name that comes up.

The RM Williams shoes have better fits for your feet than the Blundstone shoes. The Blundstones don’t fit the feet, as well as the RM Williams, do.


In terms of fashion quality, RM Williams shoes are also the winner in this discourse. The RM Williams are shoes that are classy, exquisite, elegant, and highly fashionable.

RM Williams vs Blundstone
RM Williams vs Blundstone

When you compare the Blundstones to the RM Williams, you will easily see that there is a stark level of contrast where style and fashion is concerned.

RM Williams vs Blundstone
RM Williams vs Blundstone

The RM Williams shoes are made with style points that are infinitesimal in nature. You can bank on the RM Williams because these are style icons that will help you make fashion statements for a long time.

RM Williams shoes are more fashionable, classy, and elegant than the Blundstone shoes.

Overall quality

Overall, you get a better deal when you choose to buy the RM Williams shoes. Although these shoes are more expensive than the Blundstones, you will surely appreciate the buy, in the long term.

Blundstones are not bad shoes, let’s be clear about that. The point is that, when they are compared to the classy RM Williams, the Blundstone shoes are far out of their league.

Buying Blundstones is not a mistake though; they are great shoes for the price that they come for and they will serve you really well.

The RM Williams shoes are clearly the better shoes but don’t underestimate the Blundstones yet. These are both really good shoes for you to purchase today.

These shoes further buttress the point:

RM Williams vs Blundstone
RM Williams vs Blundstone

Why you should buy RM Williams? 

Buy the RM Williams shoes if you are the type to go for the absolute class and style that money can buy.

You are not regretting buying these classy shoes, they will actually up your style ante if you buy them right.

Get the RM Williams shoes in the right size and you will experience a level of comfort that is often so rare with shoes. I mean, there are whole new levels of comfort that you need to experience to understand.

RM Williams shoes are shoes that are built to give you the confidence that you only get when you look good and feel good. Shoes like these are going to last long in your wardrobe (wear and tear far far away).

I encourage you, highly, to make that investment in the RM Williams footwear. You need shoes that will show off the elegant and classy side of your style today.

Get the RM Williams.

Why you should buy Blundstone shoes?

I like the fact that the Blundstones are really fashionable and durable for the price that they come for.

The affordability and high quality of the Blundstone shoes are definitely why I will refer them to anyone.

You get a good price and a great deal when you buy the Blundstone shoes. It is not easy to find affordable shoes that are actually really good enough to make you stand out.

The Blundstones can make you stand out if you size and style them properly. These are shoes that can also make you feel good and look good, like the RM Williams.

Purchase these Blundstones through the links below:

Finally, RM Williams or Blundstone

Conclusively, buy the RM Williams over the Blundstone shoes today.

Now, while the Blundstone shoes are really great for your wardrobe, they don’t match up in style and durability when they are compared to the RM Williams shoes.

You need shoes that will give you all the comfort and style that you need for a long time. I need you to ignore the price difference and invest in a pair of RM Williams shoes that will last you for long years.

The RM Williams shoes are the hot pick of today, and they are surely the winner. Anytime you go shopping, make sure to keep in mind that the RM Williams shoes are better than the Blundstones.

Buy RM Williams over Blundstones today.


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