How Do You Break in Blundstones Fast (And Stop Blisters)

Blundstones are a type of ankle-length leather boots. They are laceless and elastic-sided. Most people like them because they are light, supportive, comfortable – after breaking them in – and can last for years.

Today I’m going to be talking about a new Blundstone straight off the ship that you need to wear but can’t because if you do you’ll have on your hands, blistered feet that will hurt like hell.

So what do you do before enjoying your Blundstones?

You break them in, which is a process that allows you to wear the boots comfortably because it has softened.

Here are tips to get you started fast with breaking in your Muck Boots.

  • Use shoe stretchers
  • Wear your Blundstones around the house
  • Crush the boots with your hands
  • Wearing blisters prevention tapes

Shoe stretchers

How Do You Break in Blundstones Fast

The fastest way to break in your Blundstones is with the help of shoe stretchers. Blundstones are made from extremely leather, they can take up to two weeks of consistent use if you don’t use shoe stretchers. It is simple and effective.

A shoe stretcher is a foot-shaped device that you put in a shoe to loosen and stretch the shoe so you can wear them comfortably.

I recommend plastic stretchers for this job because they don’t mildew, crack with age or become rusty like wood shoe stretchers. This is an example of plastic four-way shoe stretcher I used to break in my Blundstone recently.

To use the shoe is easy. Insert the stretcher in the Blundstone, turn the metal handle clockwise to stretch the width of the boot, then turn the wheel knob clockwise to stretch the length of the boots.

The longer you leave the stretcher in, the better and faster result you get. I recommend stretching your Blundstone for one to two days.

Wearing your Blundstones around the home

How Do You Break in Blundstones Fast

It makes great sense to wear your Blundstones in the home frequently as you try to break them in. The idea is like when you just packed into a new apartment in a new area.

Walking around the street, trying to get your bearings, and being familiar with the environment always make fitting in easier. So it is with your new Blundstones and your feet.

Frequently wearing it helps your feet to ease into the new environment inside the boot. Blundstones are made of hard leather so make every episode short. Take them off when you sense discomfort, then repeat again throughout the day.

You’ll find the Blundstone adjusting to the shape of your feet in a short while. You will feel some chafing but you can control this by wearing thick socks to protect your feet.

After a month of constant wearing, the Blundstones should become more comfortable.

Crush the boots with your hands

Strange but effective method this one is. But I have seen how effective it is personally. Do this after you have stretched the shoes with a stretcher and worn them repeatedly around the home.

If the strength in your hands is not sufficient to give a good crush, place the boots on the floor and use your feet to mash the boots. Do not be afraid of ruining the leather of the Blundstones, you can’t.

Blundstones are super tough, remember that. You will notice some loosening in the leather after crushing the boots.

Wearing blister prevention tapes

How Do You Break in Blundstones Fast

I saw this on one of my buddies once after he bought a boot that was one size tighter. I feel blister prevention tapes will come in handy for this situation with your Blundstones too. Blister prevention tapes are a wonderful invention.

The benefit of blister prevention tapes is they allow you to test your Blundstones after many hours of stretching and mashing. Much like dipping your feet in the shallow end of a river to get a feel of how deep it is.

Blister tapes are ultra-thin, they conform to your skin, standing between your skin and friction. The tapes are cut in sizable pieces for convenience.

When your Blundstones are softened and loose enough for your feet you will not need the tapes anymore and life as you know it will continue.

How long does it take for you to break in Blundstones?

Blundstone boots are made with leather that has been treated in the factory to be water repellent. For this reason, they are very hard and would take long before you can break-in.

It can take from 1 to 2 months before you completely break in your Blundstones. And this if you wear them constantly.

Another reason it takes so long is that they do not have laces and rely on a snug fit. Many are already used to wearing shoes and boots with laces so switching to a Blundstone will be challenging at first.

The simple hacks I have outlined above can shorten the break-in period from 2 months to just under a few weeks or less. But you have to be really consistent with the stretching and mashing and indoor use. And don’t forget thick socks too.

Why do my Blundstones hurt my feet?

If you are new to Blundstone boots, my condolences. They can hurt badly the first time you try to wear them, especially if they are new.

Trying to get a Blundstone to fit around your feet comfortably can be a painful journey.

Here are the reasons why Blundstones hurt your feet if it is any consolation.

Blundstones hurt because they need interaction with your feet to stretch them

The boots are made with tough leather that does not yield so easily to the mere flesh of your feet. With time and so much blistering, the pain will go away. But you can skip the pain by stretching the boots manually.

Your Blundstones may also hurt your feet if they are your exact size and are too tight

On the Blundstones website, Blundstone recommends buying boots that are a half size up. Buying such a size gives your feet some allowance. The degree of chafing and rubbing against your skin is reduced too.

Your feet hurt in your Blundstones if you just got them and are not wearing socks

Because your feet are used to wearing lace shoes like sneakers without socks, it is now in a strange situation. You have to wear socks to help your feet slowly ease into the relationship with a new type of shoe.

How do you wear Blundstones with socks?

You need thick socks if you are still in the process of breaking in your Blundstones. If you are not one to fancy socks wearing don’t worry, I have tips on how to wear your Blundstones with socks.

Make sure your Blundstones is the fight fit

First, make sure the Blundstones are not too tight. An already tight Blundstone boot only becomes worse when you wear the kind of socks I’m about to recommend.

Thick and long socks will work

I’m recommending thick, long socks for wearing your Blundstones. The boots reach up past your ankles, they cover the calves, this is why you need the socks to be a long one.

The socks protect the skin of your feet around your ankle from damaging friction with the leather of the boots. Some of the best socks to wear with your Blundstones are winter socks.

Yeah, I know, it may be summer and the weather is hot. However the necessity of wearing socks with your Blundstones may only last for a couple of weeks, so be patient. Always make sure the socks are higher than the top of the shoe.

Wear thick socks made from cotton

They are breathable and feel fresh in the shoe. Don’t leave your socks in the shoe after wearing them. This may lead to your Blundstones harboring bad smells. Washing the socks often also prevents your toes from getting infections.

Wearing socks doesn’t mean you should ignore any sign of discomfort. Morphing into your Blundstones is a slow process, socks only make the process easy on your feet.

Soon enough you won’t need socks for your Blundstones once the boots have taken the shape of your feet.

Do you have to break in Blundstones?

Yes, you do have to break in Blundstones. You have to break in the toe box side, the heels, and the sole of the Blundstones.

I’m talking all-round breaking in. But don’t let the sound of that scare you. So long as you have the tips I have provided up there, you’re all caught up. Blundstones are very great shoes for outdoor, hiking, and travel.

The thought of breaking in your Blundstones scare you because Blundstones are unlike many other boots. So if you plan to travel or go hiking with them next summer, be sure to order your boots early enough so you can have sufficient time to break in the boots.

One more thing to note is breaking in Blundstones does not take the same duration for everyone. Some break in their boots in a month or two, others take as long as six months to break in their Blundstones.

Keep in mind to minimize blisters by giving your feet time to adjust to the boots. Listen to your feet. If it aches too badly, pull the shoes off and let your feet rest.

What matters when breaking in your Blundstones is consistency and a pair that fits comfortably.

Why you should have Blundstones in your collection.

Blundstones are not cheap shoes, the cheapest I’ve seen on Amazon is $132. But that is one reason you should have at least two pairs in your collection.

You know you are making quite a valuable expenditure. You have the bragging rights to boots that are manufactured for strong people.

The following are more reasons to have Blundstones in your collection:

  • They are versatile boots
  • They last long
  • They are fashionable

They are versatile

The tough leather they are made of makes Blundstones the very best shoes in your collection. They are ready for any weather and any terrain. The tough leather makes them ideal for the wet season or terrain because they are water repellent.

A Blundstone does not tear or wear easily so you feel safe with them while hiking through the bush, rocky landscapes.

They last long

Blundstone swears by their own boots that they last from 2 to 7 years if they are worn every day and properly maintained.

The truth if the matter is, Blundstones can last even more than 10 years and show no signs of giving up. I have worn my Blundstones now for five years and you need to see them looking like I bought them just bought them a month ago.

It took me three and a half weeks to break in my Blundstones by following the tips I just showed you. These days, all I wear is Blundstones. I just slip them on.

They are fashionable

Blundstone makes them even more fashionable these days, for both men and women. I love the Blundstone Round Toe Chelsea boots. I usually wear them with black or blue denim.

The rustic look allows me to hike in rough terrains without worrying about them getting wet or soiled. And I wear the same boots around town, wearing chinos trousers and jackets or my lumberjack shirts.

The upper leather has become more tanned over time but that hasn’t reduced the pleasure I get from wearing them. They match everything I wear them with and I do not have to worry about the look of the boots.

One thing for sure is, when you wear a Blundstone in the morning but plan to dress again for an occasion in the evening, you don’t have to change your boots.

So there you are. Will your Blundstone loosen up, you wonder. Yes, it will. All you need is love and patience.

Keep stretching the boot with a stretcher, wear around the home, for short periods but constantly and I assure you in no time you won’t want any other boots but Blundstones.

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