20 Shoes Similar to Fluevog and Cheaper

Fluevog shoes are made by John Fluevog, a Canadian designer. He creates unique boots, sandals, casual and formal shoes for both men and women. Fluevog shoes are not hard to spot in any store.

Jimi. From Fluevog collection.

Fluevog shoes turn heads. Everyone who is somebody has rocked the shoes and sandals from the designer’s collection. Artists, musicians, actors, have all sampled a pair of Fluevog shoes. Fluevog shoes are expensive, however, I have to admit. I guess being unique comes with a price.

This is why I am bringing to your notice some really great alternatives. Shoes that qualify to be on this list have to be: trendy, colorful, stylish, sometimes gothic and, they have to be cheap.

Here are the best 5 cheap fluevog alternatives:

Top 5 shoes similar to fluevog Features
Dr. Martens Bonny Chukka Boot Most comfortable replacement shoe for fluevog
Celnepho Women’s Mary Jane Shoes Most durable replacement shoe for fluevog
Campers Women’s Alright Pump Best flexible replacement shoe for fluevog
Pamir Mary Jane Clogs Best replacement clog for fluevog
Adams Reece Heels Best tapered block heels replacement for fluevog

These shoes are unique too, not just as costly as Fluevog shoes.

Dr. Martens Bonny Chukka Boot

Shoes Similar to Fluevog and Cheaper

Unique has got a lot to do with attraction. And that’s what this shoe here does, it attracts you no matter what you wear it with.

Fluevog shoes are exactly this way too. According to the designer himself, fashion is all about the shoes. The shoes first, then everything else follows. Your footwear determines if your style killed it or not.

So I give you this Dr. Marten Bonny Chukka Boot. This shoe doesn’t sacrifice comfortability for style though. The air-cushioned insole gives your feet all day loving to keep you on the move.

The classic construction gives it the gothic look that puts it out there and sticks it in people’s minds. A rebelliously styled shoe that gives you the Fluevog vibe at just $61.70.

Celnepho Women’s Mary Jane Shoes

Shoes Similar to Fluevog and Cheaper

It doesn’t get more gothic and stranger than this. Fluevog would be proud of the tradition he created when he sees these shoes.

And I’m sure ladies would be proud to rock this Mary Janes too. Rock these shoes with leather pants, black dresses with flares that expose your legs. You can’t go wrong with these retro shoes in skinny jeans and skimpy shirts that expose the belly button.

These dress pump shoes share a deep likeness with Fluevog shoes but they’re cheaper. The uppers are leather for durability, the rubber soles are anti-slip so you can strut safely along the sidewalk.

The ankle strap closure doesn’t only work for safety but gives the shoe class. Buy this shoe for your collection of nightclub, cosplay, festival shoes.

This is a platform shoe that gives you a 1.18-inch height, making you taller.

Campers Women’s Alright Pump

Shoes Similar to Fluevog and Cheaper

You can definitely mistake these shoes for one from a Fluevog collection. It is a pump for women, it is shaped like a weird-looking kind of boat.

The mixed material upper gives it flexibility, elegance, and style. The rubberized matte leather allows you to maintain this shoe easily just by wiping it clean with a wet cloth.

The heels are not too high for nights when you want to both be yourself, and be unique at once. No straps, you have to pull it on for easy off and on.

The shoe is structured so that you can stand in them for long while attending balls, dinner parties, or fundraising where you are as important as the host. Get a black edition of the campers shoe and match it with all colors of dresses.

Fluevog believes the shoe should choose the dress, I agree.

Pamir Mary Jane Clogs

Shoes Similar to Fluevog and Cheaper

If you know Fluevog, you’ll know how much he loves deep, present colors that call attention to substance. Burgundy and black are deep colors you can’t ignore. They are the master of all colors, I say.

This 1 inch high clogs are made of genuine smooth leather that allows you to clean them naturally without hurting the material. The arch support helps you stand in them for as long as you want without feeling aches.

The insole is latex-free, lightweight, and odor-resistant which allows durability and freshness every time you wear them.

The outsole is slip-resistant for stability while you walk, and shock absorbent to protect your feet with every step you take. This shoe caters to your comfort and awakens your feminine side.

Adams Reece Heels

Shoes Similar to Fluevog and Cheaper

This is a shoe for the working woman who mods her desk, runs the office floor like the boss that she is. These sturdy yet stylish heels from J. Adams Reece is inspired by the classic Mary Jane flats.

It comes with cross-band straps, lightly patterned edges, tapered block heels, and feminine round toes that are big enough for the woman’s nails. If you are a woman who’s in love with heights and craves some, then this shoe is for you.

The 3.5 inches heels will give you that boost. The strap on the shoe is not limiting as you can always have the buckle in the hole that is just right for you. It is designed so that you can slip it on anytime and also take it off too.

Sometimes a woman wants to relax in the workplace, stretch her legs on her desk. This shoe is for you, it is ready, yet relaxed for an easy slip-off.

The outer material is synthetic, for a shine that is out of this world. Enjoy the vintage vibe of the J. Adams Reece Heels at $26.39.

Eurosoft Women’s Althia

Shoes Similar to Fluevog and Cheaper

This boot help you elevate your boot collection without breaking your bank. With these boots, you’ll fit into a lineup of Fluevog enthusiasts.

They are tall, stately, and reach just below your kneecap, depending on how tall you are. It has a side zip entry so you don’t have to struggle in and out of the boots. It’s also got pull-up loops on the side.

Synthetic uppers allow soft comfort, and with a 2 inches heel, you have a boost in your height. You will love these shoes for their style.

I recommend the redwood color edition for its neutral stitches. Matching this shoe with your dresses should be fun. It costs $79.99.

Hot Chocolate Design Mary Jane Pumps

Shoes Similar to Fluevog and Cheaper

One of the distinct attributes of Fluevog is the play on colors, much like writers play on words. This shoe from Hot Chocolate Design (HCD) is one of a kind. It is a must-have for ladies.

This Venezuelan company was founded in 2004 and since then has prided itself for being innovative. Like Fluevog shoes, this one here gives you the opportunity to go in the opposite direction of the crowd, to stand out in every crowd.

This very individual shoe boasts a 3.9 inches heel, an adjustable buckle strap, and an extremely beautiful garment upper to crown it all.

The look of them gives you the inspiration you need for your date nights, cosplays, evenings, and if you are still in high school, how about prom dance? You can wear them with stockings, short skirts, flared skirts, gowns, and shorts.

HDC shoes are on their way to becoming a collector’s favorite and you can be one of them.

V-Luxury Women’s Closed Toe Mary Jane shoes

Shoes Similar to Fluevog and Cheaper

Shoe for the sassy, V-Luxury shoes I believe meets the fashion needs of the chubby and plus size woman the most.

With its bold design, the shoe comes with perforated straps that would fit around your feet comfortably without chafing the skin or becoming sticky as a result of sweating.

The scalloped edges allow this shoe to match up with lace dresses, flared dresses, and skirts with jackets. The cushioned insole gives soft comfortability all day and night.

Wear these gorgeous shoes for the night outs at high-class parties, private functions, and other formal occasions. It costs $38.95.

Dadawen Women’s Classic Platform Shoe

Shoes Similar to Fluevog and Cheaper

Spice up your shoe collection with this Dadawen Oxford dress shoes. This is the perfect shoe for wedding parties and all other parties and occasions that requires that you appear in your best; classy and famous.

You want to wear them with your short dresses so your legs can be accentuated as 1.18 inches is added to your gorgeous frame. With these shoes, everyone wants to meet you.

It is an ultra-light shoe with buckles to keep them on your feet, and the outer sole is rubber so you don’t slip as your strut through the watching crowd. The shoes go well with jeans, skirts, and shorts. They can be casual or formal dresses.

Dream Pairs Women’s  Lace-up Pumps

Shoes Similar to Fluevog and Cheaper

Do you want that Fluevog vibe, longer-looking legs, and a classy appearance while at it? Then the Dream Pairs shoes are what you should be buying.

The square toes give these shoes a vintage look, the chunky heel makes long walks less stressful, especially if you feel like walking back from a party around the corner.

No matter the height of your feet, the shoe accommodates you because of the lace closure. The elastic heel collar grips around your feet not too tightly but enough so that the shoes don’t fall off.

This shoe goes well with daily outfits of the modern but classy woman; jeans, dresses, shorts. They are great for parties too.

Odema Women’s PU leather Oxford wingtips Heel Pumps

Shoes Similar to Fluevog and Cheaper

We go British this time with this shoe that clearly resembles a Fluevog. They are elegant wingtips brogue oxfords. Women love high heels because it makes them feel confident, and these shoes go further to add class to the mix.

Your walk is safer with the rubber outsole for traction, the outsole is faux leather for durability. These are your every day and every weather shoes.

They combine the look of old British and contemporary class. The design is versatile hence you can wear them with pants, shorts, skirts, and dresses.

Miluoro Women’s Vintage chunky brogue

Shoes Similar to Fluevog and Cheaper

Chunky, powerful, for the string woman. The shoes were made to be durable. The shoes are comfortable to wear, the upper synthetic leather is easy to maintain.

Miluoro made these wingtips so they can fit many different types of dresses and occasions, you make your choice; short skirts or dresses, outdoors and parties.

The round toes and lace-up closures give the shoes a timeless look. Add up to 2 inches to your height with this beautiful pair of shoes.

WestCoast Women’s Lace-up Oxford Shoes

Shoes Similar to Fluevog and Cheaper

Accentuate your figure with these Oxford shoes. Recommended for buxom women and plus-size women too. It is a thing of beauty to see plus-size women who have their coordination intact while rocking this shoe.

Add half an inch to your height with these platform shoes and feel classy. Do not worry about the high heels, they are non-skid and would never let you down.

Based on the size you choose, the shoes are designed to feel comfortable on account of the padding of the insole. High Heels focus on the legs, and these ones are perfect for dresses that reach above the knees; short skirts, and dresses.

And you are sure to go about your daily activities in this shoe without feeling fatigued because of the treaded sole.

These stunning Oxford vintage shoes would remind anyone who is familiar with Fluevog shoes that great shoes do not have to cost an arm and a leg.

Sungtin Women’s Slip-on Goth Oxford Shoes

Shoes Similar to Fluevog and Cheaper

The loafers reek of style. It chunk at its best. It is simple yet absolutely gorgeous for women who want to get around fast and yet appear classy without the encumbrance of laces.

The anti-slip rubber soles make your movement fluid and safe. The bright synthetic leather is what gives it the classy and fashionable aura, the laceless collar allows you to put the shoes on and off with ease.

You are transported into gothic times in this shoe when you wear them with leotard or leather pants. They also look great with jeans or short skirts. The vintage style makes it appropriate for occasions like prom, night parties, clubs.

Shinelly Women Patent Leather Oxfords

Shoes Similar to Fluevog and Cheaper

Another chunky shoes in our collection that looks like it was designed by Fluevog himself is this Shinelly shoes. They are designed for the woman who enjoys her freedom to style herself however she wants.

It is a rebellious take on Oxford wingtips chunky brogue shoes. Of course, they can be worn with skirts and dresses, I was only hoping that you’d also rock them with skinny jeans, or short skirts.

But if you are the outdoor type who loves high heels at work, or who loves to appear classy at wedding parties where you standout, then, by all means, rock this shoe with long dresses or formal clothes.

The 2.16 inches heel is sure to make you stick out in the crowd in a good way, and the chunky high heels are a beauty to behold.

And they come in different sizes for you to make your choice. If you do want them here’s the link to buy them for $45.99.

Eurosoft Saffia Boot

Shoes Similar to Fluevog and Cheaper

Here’s an all-season boot from Eurosoft. Enjoy this shoe with a side zipper for a custom fit, and synthetic uppers that allow you to wear these boots all year round because they are water-resistant.

The soft cushioning inside the boot allows you to wear them all day, and in hot weather. The lace-up and soft collar work together to give you not just a comfortable fit, but also makes sure the boots are adjustable to your taste.

The toe box is curved upwards to make walking with the shoes safe and delightful. You can purchase the shoes in redwood color, stone taupe, and black.

Marco Republic Oslo Women’s Cutout Boots

Shoes Similar to Fluevog and Cheaper

A cheaper Fluevog type of shoe for your collection is these ankle chunky boots from Marco Republic. They were made to look like they can take you off the ground, which they actually do with their heels.

With the 1.5 inches heels, you are guaranteed to look taller in them while attending functions and parties. They are designed with almond toe bootie, medium low rise chunky block stacked heels to not only make you feel confident but also make you comfortable all the time you are in them.

The cushioned insole is soft, and the lining is fully padded to give your feet the best care. They give you the vibe of shoes and boots at the same time, they are casual, sexy, stylish, and trendy, anything you want them to be.

They can be worn with skinny jeans, short skirts with flares, and shorts. They are designed with the intent of making you feel like every day is a gift. And they are cheap, which is why you should buy them.

Fashare Woman’s Fall Cutout Booties Ankle Heels

Shoes Similar to Fluevog and Cheaper

One of the peculiar-looking shoes, unique in style, which is what Fluevog is all about, is this Fashare Woman’s booties. It comes with faux leather, synthetic soles, and pointed toes for style.

The chunky stacked heel gives you comfort as it hugs around your heels giving you a snug feeling. The cut-out side allows for an easy slip-on but without the risk of having the shoe fall off your feet.

The flower edge design is what gives this shoe its own special identity, this distinctive design matches it with dresses, and yet can be worn with even less formal clothing. They can be worn with low-cut socks, jeans, slacks, and skirts.

Laicigo Women’s Chunky Stacked Low Heel Ankle Boots

Shoes Similar to Fluevog and Cheaper

Ankle booties never go out of style for women, add snakes skin to it and you have a winner. These Laicigo boots were designed with the intent of taking over your collection.

The premium high heels add the right amount of lift to your height, lengthening your legs and allowing you to walk elegantly. The pointed toes are an accessory designed this way to make your legs look longer.

With these Laicigo boots, everything is as it seems. You can match them with any style all year round; casual or office wears, dates, parties, travel, street wears. They can be paired with jeans trousers, skirts, dresses both long-short ones.

Once your feet go in them, the curve structure keeps the shoe intact, and when you need to take them off you have the pull-up straps to help you do that conveniently.

Capture the attention of everyone next time you are out on the town with these boots.

MFairy Women’s Low Heel Vintage Lolita Shoes

Shoes Similar to Fluevog and Cheaper

Many women suffer back pains after a prolonged time in heels. The manufacturer of these MFairy shoes made sure this design doesn’t lead you down that road.

These Lolita Shoes have heels that are streamlined towards the forefoot in just the right amount of gradient, giving your heels just enough elevation to keep your back healthy.

You enjoy a painless adventure with these vintage shoes. Four holes on the strap make it adjustable to your ankles and to your size, the heel measures approximately 1.96 inches, which gives a sufficient boost to your overall height.

And heels are low which allows you to walk in them all day without putting a strain on your back or the muscles of your feet.

One look at these Lolita Shoes and you have ideas for all the ways you can use them pour into your mind; parties, cosplays, shows, workplace, and so on. They can be worn with dresses both short skirts and long.

They can be worn with casual; long sleeve shirts tucked in jeans trousers and your handbag hanging from your elbow.

They are absolutely adorable in an adult, vintage, chic way. You can kiss your back issues with heels goodbye when you order these shoes for $33.99.

This is a service to Fluevog lovers who occasionally have to buy cheaper shoes without losing style and class. Ladies, I’m sure you will find something for your particular style and taste in this list.


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