Can Muck Boots Be Resoled (Let’s Find Out)

Yes, muck boots can be resoled, but not all. The Muck Boots that cannot be resoled are the ones made of leather upper. Those muck boots with leather upper have a cup outsole boot, the cup outsole is permanently bonded with the leather upper using cement.

Any part of muck boots can be repaired using the methods I will share in this article. Muck boots are usually made of rubber soles, so it is possible to resole muck boots as long as the upper part of the boots is still in a good condition.

Removing it usually damaged the leather, this makes it impossible for it to be resold. One thing I would always advise if you want to resole your muck boots is to resole it when the signs are still early and the shoe has not deteriorated too much.

This is the best time to resole your boots. There are muck boots that can be resoled, I will mention some and explain it in the subsequent segment of this article.

Quick steps to resole your Muck boots?

Briefly, resoling your muck boots means re-heeling the boots and making it look like new without having a high price. One good thing about resoling your muck boots is that it helps to prolong the lifespan of the boots.

The best time to resole your muck boots is when you start to notice that the upper is separating from the midsole, or when the sole starts to deteriorate and the upper is still in good condition.

I will show you the simple ways that you can resole your muck boots and get the best results in the end.

  • Step 1: Remove the old outsole
  • Step 2: Trim the midsole
  • Step 3: Attach & finish the new soles
  • Step 4: Finish the new soles

What you need:

Remove the old sole

Before you start, you should first put on your safety gloves for your own safety. This is the first thing you need to get done when you want to resole your muck boots.

Since the old sole is no longer in use, you can go ahead to remove it and get it ready for the new sole.

If the sole seems difficult to remove you can make use of the knife mentioned above to make it easier and also use the screwdriver to take out the sole completely.

Trim the midsole

This is the point where you make use of your knife to trim the midsole so that it will be able to accommodate the new sole you want to insert.

While doing this you should be careful enough to not cut through the midsole too much. You are supposed to trim it for it to fit the new sole.

Attach the new soles

This is the point where you get your new sole and attach it to the midsole of the boot. When you are attaching the new sole you should be conscious and make sure that you face the direction of the thread of the sole in the same direction.

In order for the sole of your boot to stay stitched properly, you need to make sure that each side of the tread pattern of your new soles meets at the top of your boot where it is usually stitched.

Before you apply your glue, one thing I would recommend is that you tape the area where the new soles will meet, so that you don’t mistakenly glue it. Get your contact cement and ensure that you read the instructions before attaching the contact cement.

Apply a thin layer on both surfaces and let it dry a bit before you glue it. When you are done attaching the sole, you can go ahead to trim the edges with the sandpaper if there is any form of excess sole sticking out.

Finish the new soles

At this point, the contact cement would have dried. Now it is time you stitch the shoes so that they would be very strong for you. Ensure that you choose an extra-strong thread that is so thick and strong when you apply it.

You should stitch the shoe around till you get your desired result. Once you are done you should let the shoe get stable for an hour before you try it on.

Muck Boots that can be resoled

Some of the muck boots that can be resoled are Muck soft toe warm Lester boots, the Muck wetland premium boots, and the Muck artic men’s boots.

Let me describe these Muck boots in this segment of this article.

Muck soft toe warm Lester boots

Can Muck Boots Be Resoled

Muck boots are usually known to be built with Neoprene material. However, this particular muck boot is made with a 4mm neoprene that provides better comfort and flexibility all day long.

The good thing with this boot is that because of the rubber build, you will get a waterproof feature from this shoe. This waterproof feature makes it possible for you to be able to wear the boots even in wet areas.

The boots will not get damaged by water. This is an advantage that this muck boot has. It also offers maximum abrasion resistance and a good sockliner that works to reduce the friction and heat build-up in the shoes.

For better traction, this boot has a Vibram rubber build. With this, you can walk confidently on slippery ground, and because of this strong traction that this boot has, you would be able to walk confidently without the fear of slipping off.

With this shoe, you can accomplish a whole lot. Shoes that do not have waterproof features tend to limit you to an extent because you will not be able to wear them to wet places.

That is where this boot shines, it has a waterproof feature capable of taking you around even in wet areas.

Muck wetland premium boots for men

Can Muck Boots Be Resoled

This particular shoe has a 5mm neoprene build. Unlike the previous one that comes with a 4mm neoprene build. This one has a slightly better build which makes it more comfortable and flexible as well.

This one Has a unique feature called the stretch-fit comfort topline snugs calf that helps to keep cold and debris away. With this feature, you are set to stay free from cold or any form of dirt. This is a good feature that you will enjoy.

The breathable air mesh lining works to keep your feet dry all the time. It wicks away humidity and tends to keep your feet dry all the time.

With this, you rest assured that you would not experience anything like having sweaty feet all day long. You rest assured of dry feet.

If you want boots that would serve you all around, this one is good to go. It offers a better waterproof feature and also better comfort and flexibility.

You would so much love to get and enjoy making use of this boot.

Muck arctic men’s boots

Can Muck Boots Be Resoled

This boot is considered to be one of Muck’s warmest boots. The fleece lining is so soft and comfortable. When you wear it you would definitely love how comfortable it feels on your foot.

This fleece lining also does the job of providing exceptional warmth even in extreme cold. It has a 2mm thermal foam under the footbed that gives an extra warmth.

During the cold weather, you can always get this boot to wear and you can trust it to always keep you warm. That is why this boot is considered as Mick’s warmest boots.

The lightweight EVA midsole is also present for additional Cushioning. With this Cushioning you will be more comfortable wearing this shoe all day long without experiencing pains in your feet and heel area.

The lightweight feature makes it light on your feet. You can wear it for long hours and it will almost feel like you have nothing on your feet.

With this boot, you will be confident enough to wear it during the cold weather. If you need a go-to boot during cold weather, this one is the one you can go for, it is regarded as one of Muck’s warmest boots.

I would recommend this boot for you if where you live is a very cold area.


Now that you have seen that it is possible to resole your muck boots. I have also made it easy through the steps I have explained here.

With these steps, if you want to save yourself the cost of giving shoe cobblers your shoes to resole, you can go ahead to do it yourself.

The only difference is that you would have to spend your time to resole the shoe. If you feel you do not have the time to go through the process of resoling your show by yourself, you can simply give it to a shoe cobbler to do the job for you.


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