Do Men’s Ugg Slippers Run Small?

UGG is an American footwear brand known for making high-quality and comfortable footwear. One of the brand’s best-selling footwear is the UGG slippers.

UGG slippers are luxurious, soft slip-ons that are fit for both indoor and outdoor. They are designed to give you the right look and feel.

As someone who loves and owns a couple of the UGG slippers, I actually used to worry if they would run small or fit true to size. I will be sharing my experience and recommendations

My Tasman UGG slippers have stayed true to size and fit perfectly. However, I have heard from my friends in recent times that their UGGs slippers run small.

What to do when you realize that your UGG slippers run small?

Like I established above, not every Ugg slippers stay true to size. This means that there are some that run small or even, and unfortunately, somebody has to buy them.

What if that was you? What do you do when you find out that your precious Ugg slippers run small and are not true to size?

Firstly, you should know that your Ugg slippers running small is not as bad as it might sound. The good news is that Uggs stretch. Yes, all genuine Uggs are made of sheepskin so you can expect your slippers to stretch over time.

If your Ugg slippers do not stay true to size, then it is better for them to run small than for them to run big.

This is because you have to factor in that the slippers will stretch, and if they are already too big before they stretch, you will be left with Ugg slippers that are too big and are no longer a cozy fit on your feet.

Basically, having Ugg slippers that run small would require you to exercise a little bit of patience. If you really give them the time, they will stretch by themselves and become snug on your feet.

Ideally, it is best that you wait till the slippers stretch out, but if you think that waiting would take too much time and would rather look for faster ways to make them expand, then this is for you.

There are a few tips and tricks that I have tried and recommend because they can help your small Ugg slippers be bigger and fitter on your feet.

They are:

  • Wear your slippers often
  • Wear thick socks
  • Do the peeled potato trick
  • Use adjustable shoe trees

Wear them often

To stretch out your Ugg slippers, you should wear them as often as possible. This will allow the inner lining to bed down and give the feeling that your slippers have stretched and become a little roomier. The more I wore them, the faster they expanded.

Wear thick socks

Wearing thick socks makes our feet bigger than they really are and this helps your Ugg slippers to expand faster. It is normal for all things to lose their shape when they are stuffed with something bigger than they are.

The same applies to your Ugg slippers that run small. Stretch them out by wearing thick socks so it gives your foot some extra width and length.

Do the peeled potato trick

Do not concern yourself with the name of this trick or how a peeled potato is expected to stretch a shoe. I can actually confirm that this trick works.

All you have to do is peel a potato and mold it into the shape of the toe box of your Ugg slippers. After that, wipe off the potato dry with a towel, and stuff it inside your slippers overnight. This method provides a modest amount of stretch.

Use adjustable shoe trees

Although I think this method is best used for proper shoes, you can still give it a try on your Ugg slippers.

Sincerely, shoe trees are the fastest way to get a shoe to stretch. The adjustable ones go a notch higher by letting you control how much stretch you want to add.

All you need to do is get a shoe tree put it in your Ugg slippers and adjust it every 8-12 hours. Keep stretching till you feel you have gotten the right size.

Having slippers from Ugg comes with unrivaled comfort and beauty, so I can know frustrating it can be if you end up with small ones. However, with the four (4) tips mentioned above, you do not have to worry about small Ugg slippers anymore.

How to ensure that you do not buy small Ugg slippers

Despite the efforts of the Ugg brand in convincing the general public that their men’s footwear, especially the slippers, stays true to size, there are still a lot of people who think they actually run small.

From the online reviews and personal experience, I can affirm that some of the Ugg slippers do run small. But I do not want you to learn the hard way, so I have created a guide that helps you avoid buying small Ugg slippers.

They are:

  • Know your actual size
  • Pay attention to seasonality
  • Try it on

Know your actual size

You are likely to find Ugg slippers to be small if you order the wrong size. You really cannot blame Ugg for that because the slippers might have been true to size but your feet are just not the same size you ordered.

The first step to avoiding small Ugg slippers is to know the actual size of your feet and order for the exact size. To know your actual size, you need to take a measurement of your feet.

Pay attention to seasonality

Times and seasons play a major role in choosing the size of footwear. During the summer, your feet would be swollen and bigger.

So, you would need to re-measure your feet in the summer as it is expected to have increased from the former measurement.

If you buy Ugg slippers with the measurement you had before summer, you would surely end up with a small one. As seasons change, your feet measurement changes as well.

Try it on

There is only one way to know if the Ugg slippers is tight or not and that is when you actually wear them.

Do not just try them on, you also have to walk in them. With the slippers on, walk around the store to be sure that the slippers are comfortable all round. Make sure there are no tight areas. If there are, then maybe you should go a size higher.

Trying it on would only work for people shopping physically. For you shopping online, read the reviews.

Yes, to be 100% sure that a shoe will stay true to size or run small, read what other users are saying about it. If there are more comments of it being true to size, then you should go for it. If the comments say it runs small, try a size or half higher.

With these three (3) tips, there is absolutely no way you will end up getting small Ugg slippers.

Favourite Ugg slippers that stay true to size

The Ugg brand is known for its luxurious design and unrivaled comfort. Anyone who sees it would surely want to get one and that is why I am here to help with that decision.

Here are my top five (5) favourite Ugg slippers that is worth every penny. In no particular order;

Ugg Men’s Tasman Slipper

Do Men’s Ugg Slippers Run Small

This is one of the most popular designs from Ugg.

The Tasman Slipper is made from dyed sheep fur and it has a rubber sole. With a suede upper and a sheepskin lining, the Tasman slipper is not water-resistant.

If you are looking for the poster boy for Ugg slippers, then here it is. This slippers has a simple and classy design but provide me with the most remarkable comfort.

Ugg Men’s Ascot Slipper

Do Men’s Ugg Slippers Run Small

This product is described as Ugg’s best-selling men’s slippers, and boy is it worth it!

The Ascot slipper is made of 100% water-resistant suede and a rubber sole. The footwear is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. With a pure wool lining and insole, this slippers from Ugg brings comfort like no other.

Ugg Men’s scuff slipper

Do Men’s Ugg Slippers Run Small

I think this has to be the Ugg slippers with the simplest design. Even with such a simple design, the quality remains unchanged.

The Scuff slippers is made from 100% suede like the Ascot slipper. It is seam-sealed and has a waterproof construction because of its leather upper.

It is, as well, fitted with a water guard insole and a rubber outsole that has cork infused in it for better traction and comfort.

This product from Ugg is made with sumptuous sheepskin that makes it easy and comfortable to wear. The Ugg men’s scuff slipper is my go-to slipper for relaxation.

Ugg men’s olsen slipper

Do Men’s Ugg Slippers Run Small

I bet you have never seen a shoe or footwear that has an interior like this one. This product is described as moccasin-styled slippers.

The Olsen slippers by Ugg is made of 100% cow suede. The interior of the slippers is done with sheepskin while the sole is rubber.

This footwear is brilliantly designed and I wear it both indoors and outdoor.

There you have it, Folks!

My top four (4) favorite slippers from Ugg. I hope you get to love the slippers too.


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