Why Are My Uggs So Hard to Put On

One way to enjoy a footwear is by the comfort which it gives. Uggs boots are made of sheepskin, its wool gives it a soft layer which makes it perfect footwear for winter. It is very casual footwear to put on whenever you feel like dressing simply.

However, as much as Ugg boots give comfort and warmth to the feet, they can also be a pain in the neck.

Its size can be too small or might require you to push and pull before putting it on and this can cause the boots to get damaged.

If you really want to know the reasons your Uggs are hard to put on you should read further.

Ugg boots can be very difficult to put on sometimes, either it’s too tight or does not fit.

Below are some reasons why your Uggs are hard to put on

  • You probably bought a wrong boot size
  • Heel problem
  • First purchase tightness

You probably bought a wrong boot size

Getting the wrong size of the boot is one prominent reason why your Uggs are hard whenever you want to put them on. When your purchase a boot that is too small for your feet, your Ugss will definitely be hard to put on.

What do you need to do? It’s very simple, always go online and check for Ugg boot sizing before buying. With this, you can know what size to pick and what size not to pick.

Heel problem

When your boots are too small you might have a big problem with pushing your heel into your Ugg boots. Despite this fact, do not still pull it with force or stretch it as it can cause the fabrics to begin to remove, tear, or even split.

To avoid this, try to get a good sizing of Ugg boots that can fit your heels perfectly, to reduce the stress of trying to make ou heels fit into the boots.

First purchase

When you purchase a brand new Ugg boot, it is normal for it to feel tight before it begins to stretch with time. Your new Ugg boots should be firm on your feet and not slip out when you walk.

There is a misconception that Uggs should be bought bigger than the shoe size. This should not be followed because while you are wearing your boots, the wool tends to compress due to your weight, thereby molding the boots around the feet.

Also, the suede exterior also stretches due to the pressure the foot creates inside the boot. Uggs are made to be firm and tight at first before they start to stretch over time.

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What to do when your UGGs is hard to put on

Why Are My Uggs So Hard to Put On

Ugg boots can be quite hard to put on most of the time especially when they give you that comfort and warmth which you desire.

Sometimes we are not sure of what to do and end up taking wrong steps which can cause serious damage to our boots.

Below are some tips to direct you on what to do when your Uggs are being so difficult for you to put on. Let’s run through them.

Break-in your Uggs

You can break in your Uggs if they are too hard to put on. This breaking-in process can help your boots stretch out properly to the desired size that you want.

By breaking in your Uggs, makes the boots expand and align with your feet which can offer better comfort and makes it easy for you to put on.

The freezer trick

When your pair of Uggs are so hard to put on, you can use your freezer to make them fit. I’m sure you must be asking how to do this.

Get two bags of freezer water and seal them tightly, put them in the boots then into the freezer and leave it for some time.

As the water bags freezes, your Uggs will begin to expand. With this trick, your Uggs would not be so hard to put on.

A gentle pull

Before you begin the rough and tough exercise of pushing and pulling your Uggs, remember the kind of material which it is made of.

Uggs are designed to be comfortable, flexible, and supportive. The boot is a very fragile one, it is made with soft materials and fabric.

Due to this reason, you need to be very gentle with your Ugg boots especially when putting them on.

DO NOT pull the top of the boots seam or boots rim, this action can cause your boots to tear. Just give it a gentle pull and your Uggs will be done perfectly.

Use your body weight

Some boots may have pull tags while others may not. Instead of pulling your Uggs and causing them to tear, put them on the floor, then use your body weight to slide into them gently.

You don’t have to force it, just slide in gently with your weight using your toes first and you are set to go.

Heel push

This is done when your heels do not fit into the Ugg boots well enough. Before you begin to push and pull, try the heel push using the steps below:

  • Place your foot into your Uggs till your hells reaches your ankle seam.
  • The sole of the foot should be placed gently on the floor.
  • Hold the top of your Uggs on the top seam. Be gentle
  • Push your heel into your Uggs until it fits perfectly.

Try to keep them in good shape

The Ugg boot is quite fragile and must be kept in good shape at all times. Always make sure they are clean and rough-handling them to prevent serious damage to the boots.

Avoid wriggling your heels or toes in your boot can as well damage it. Always apply your body weight and not force. Use your heel to push and not pull the boots from the top.

How long does it take to break in UGGs?

Breaking in Uggs is a way of stretching your Uggs when they are hard to put on.  This process can help your tight Ugg boots fit properly and can also take about 24 hours to 48 hours to be carried out.

To get a good result of breaking in, you should do this for 2 days except when using the freezer method, then you can do it for a maximum of 6 hours. Without proper maintenance, Uggs might be difficult to use

Below are some tips on how to break in a pair of Uggs to enable you to properly wear them.

  • Step 1: Get a thick pair of socks
  • Step 2: Wear them around the house for some time. This can stretch the leather and mold them around your feet making them comfortable.
  • Step 3: While still putting on the sock, use a hairdryer to warm your Ugg boots. This can make it quite breathable. Do not use it on the leather for so long.


  • Use the freezer trick

This is done when you do not have the patience to slowly stretch out your Uggs. This can be effective but comes with the risk of water damaging the boot if you are not very careful.

This is done by simply filling two bags of freezer bags with water, doubling it for protection just in case. Place each water bag inside each boot gently and put them into the freezer.

After some hours, remove the water bags from the boots which would have stretched themselves while in the freezer.

How to soften UGGs boots

Ugg boot is quite stiff on the outside in that case, you can soften them to make them soft and more comfortable for use.

To make the material very soft, use a blow dryer to help the moisture sink in properly and condition the suede. Allow the boots to dry for at least 24 hours with natural air, do not put them under the sunlight.

Rub the suede carefully with a soft suede brush. To achieve this, you can choose to follow the following tips.

  • Step 1: Add shampoo to a small amount of cold water.
  • Step 2: Mix the shampoo and water together thoroughly.
  • Step 3: Use a clean towel to mix the shampoo and water solution
  • Step 4: Dab inside of the boots with a wet towel.
  • Step 5: The inner hair should be brushed using a slicker brush.
  • Step 6: Dry the inside of the Ugg boots using a hairdryer.

How to take care of UGG boots?

Care for the footwear shows that you are a neat and organized person. To enhance your good looks and style, you must always have clean boots on.

It is essential to take good care of your Uggs if you want them to last long.

Apart from not pulling it roughly, they are other things to do if you want to take good care of your boots and keep them in good shape.

Use a brush

Remove dirt on your Ugg boots by brushing them gently and neatly. To keep it looking new brush it with a suede brush in a particular direction gently.

Always use a soft-bristled brush to clean the boots effectively.

Use a clean sponge and conditioner

Use a clean sponge to wipe and moisten the surface of the Ugg boots. You can also apply a little amount of conditioner to the clean sponge to clean it well.

You can easily purchase your conditioner for cleaning your Uggs properly ONLINE.

Stuff with paper

Putting newspaper or towels in the boots can help maintain their shape.

Natural drying

The Ugg boots should be dried naturally in a cool and ventilated area for at least 24 hours.

Avoid using the washing machine

Using your dryer or washing machine to give your Ugg boots a thorough cleaning is a bad idea. Do not try this as it can cause serious damage to your Ugg boots.

Using the washing machine can destroy the boot’s fabric and inner lining.

Fix appropriately

Whenever your Uggs begin to remove do not use any type of glue to fix it, rather use Shoe Goo to fix. For the damaged upper part of the boots, you can sew it carefully or use a suede repair patch.

Do not wear it in the rain

Your Ugg boots are not water-proof, so do not wear them in the rain as it can damage it.

Keep away from pet

Pet especially dogs can chew your Uggs boot.

Treat with repellant

Treat your Uggs always with a stain repellant, this can remove stains and keep dirt away from your Ugg boots. You can get Ugg sheepskin water and stain repellant using this link.

Avoid soaking

Never soak your boots in water or leave snow to melt in them. This good weaken the boots and keep them out of shape.

How to moisturize your UGGs boots

You can moisturize your Ugg boots by using a clean towel that has been dipped into cold water to rub your boots until it is wet.

You can stuff the boots with a towel and allow them to air-dry. Do not soak your Uggs in water and also avoid the use of a hairdryer directly on your boots.

Rather than putting it out under the sun for direct heat, you can air-dry by allowing your boots to dry naturally.

What makes UGGs so special

Uggs are not only special but also unique, this is due to some features which the boots possess. Let’s take a look at some characteristics that make this boot special.

Ugg boots originated in New Zealand and it is popularly known to be the “epitome of a fashion statement”. They are great pairs of boots for fashionistas and those that love comfortable wear.

This pair of boots are made of sheepskin that helps to keep the feet warm. The inner part is made of fleece which helps to give the required warmth and comfort when the weather is cold.

This boot is recommended for people that usually stay out in the cold for a long period of time.

Ugg boot is a unisex type of boot, this feature makes it very unique and quite special. The boot comes in varieties of designs that can be worn by both men and women alike.

The sole of Ugg boots is made of synthetic material, this material gives it a protective and supportive feature. It also makes the boots durable, with the strong sole the boots can last for quite some time.

It is not just comfortable but also durable. Ugg boots can also be worn with any outfit, it is perfect for both indoor and outdoor wear.


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