Teva Hudson vs Katavi Sandals: Which is Better?

Boots and typical dress shoes are normally too formal for outdoor tours and camping,  during such outings you need light, comfortable sandals like Teva’s so your feet can feel the atmosphere.

Teva’s Hudson sandals are simple, they have openings for your legs to flex in them without strain while Katavi sandals have more materials at the uppers to cover your feet.

Hudsons are lighter and have fewer stitches on them, unlike Katavi.

Overview/First Glance

Teva’s Hudson

Teva’s Hudson is an outstanding outdoor sandal. They are relatively comfortable to move with even much more than some completely covered shoes due to the snug fit they provide.

The upper of this sandal is made of three leather straps plus net fabric which are lightly cushioned. Hudson sandal is popular for hiking adventures because of its ankle and joint support.

These sandals are breathable, light in weight, and grips tough and damp surfaces easily because of their sturdy rubber sole.

They have energetic midsoles infused with Microban which is an anti-bacteria remedy to protect your feet from infection and smell.

This shoe looks natural, but the shade looks odd when worn with some clothes. At the first glance, wearing socks in them will give you a more fashionable look.

They can fit with certain casual outfits or when you wear them in cold weather.


Teva’s Katavi sandals are a bit elevated and big. They are made with soft knitted suede uppers which enhances ventilation and makes the shoe last long.

They have three velcro straps, two at the front, and the last around the back of the shoe to hold your fit firmly as you walk. The pieces have tabs and taps on them.

These sandals have a nice EVA footbed with a well-structured pattern for a bouncy feel and lots of cushions for your comfort.

Its rubber-built bottom has obvious lugs and a sloppy shape with high sides which encloses your feet and contributes to making them slip-resistant.

Teva’s Katavi is flexible, they are constructed to give you a satisfactory feel as you stroll and walk during your adventures.

They have obvious seams at the edge of the straps with microfibers for additional comfort.

Teva Hudson vs Katavi: Comparison

Teva Hudson vs Katavi: Stitching

Teva Hudson sandals have thin single stitches at the edge of every stripe. Every meshed material fastened with the leather at different points in the upper has obvious seams which hold the materials very tightly together and intensify its aesthetic excellence.

Katavi sandals have two obvious stitches at the edges of the two bands at the front and the last at the border of your feet.

While the horizontal piece attached to the sole of the sandal has a single seam on it. The piece at the border of your feet has a fixture stitched above it for ease of wearing.

Teva Hudson vs Katavi: Leather

The variety of leather used to build Teva’s Hudson is provided by Leather Working Group.

Its tanneries manufacture tough and environmentally friendly Leather for Teva Hudson.

The upper has three straps of leather, two at the front and the last behind. The top foot of the midsole is made of comfortable leather and the shield around the bottom is a hydro-leather.

Katavi’s leather is durably made with the objective of sustainability in mind. From the source, the leather has been worked on to promote the climate. They are made of Nubuck’s Top leather.

Teva Hudson vs Katavi: Price

Teva’s Hudson sandals are remarkably affordable. The price of a pair of Teva’s Hudson sandals ranges from $47 – $141. You can acquire a pair of Katavi for $64 – $143, depending on the design you desire.

The quality compared to the low cost of this sandal is remarkable.

Teva Hudson vs Katavi: Build Quality

For relief, Teva Hudson has standard arch support and a well-patterned EVA insert midsole.

The heel has Nylon shanks in them for comfort and durability. Its Durabrasion Rubber outsole makes the shoe grip forcefully.

The straps of Teva’s sandals are made from fully renewable plastic using polyester threads.

The shoe’s floor is designed in a way that it dries easily and doesn’t feel uncomfortable when wet.

It is anti-slip and has irreplaceable foot floors with Microban technology. The soles have inner beds and innings for the great support and all-day comfort. Its rubber feature provides great traction as you trek.

Katavi is sturdy and comfortable. It is made with rich leather. The interior part of the uppers is made of suede and fabrics made of the net for breathability and a pleasant feel.

It has a hook and loops to relieve tension when you put on and remove the shoe.

It is built with a light material and EVA Midsole to enhance your performance. Its cushions are stable in such a way that you do not feel the edges of the straps as you walk.

For extra comfort, they have a stable heel. They have tough leather to resist water. The uppers are padded for a soft feel with back and front leather pieces to hold your fit firmly.

These sandals have a Nubuck protector to protect your shoe from external strikes.

They are open, simply perfect for summer.

Teva Hudson vs Katavi: Midsole/ Insole

The midsole of Teva’s Hudson is adequately cushioned and has patterns to keep your feet comfortable.

They are put together with a soft material called ethylene-vinyl acetate. EVA keeps your feet steady and preserves the lifespan of your shoe.

Inside the midsoles are nylon shanks that balance external impacts and solidify your feet.

Its insoles are irreplaceable, brought about by Microban innovative technology, this reduces the rate of bacteria and moisture in the interior area of your shoe. The insoles of Teva’s Hudson are non-slip.

The midsole of Katavi sandals is softened for defense. It has triangular patterns to keep you energetic as you walk with a soft EVA floor for a smooth feel under your feet.

The bed’s shape is sloppy so as to accept your foot properly and keep them relaxed on the shoe. Their insoles cannot be detached from their midsoles.

Teva Hudson vs Katavi: Outsole

Teva’s Hudson’s outsole is made of rubber. The bottom grips hard on rocky, hilly and generally tough surfaces you encounter as you trail or hike.

It is assembled with Durabrasion technology which grants you sufficient control over almost every texture you step on. It further has boldly seamed patterns and channel-like grooves for increased traction.

The bottom of this sandal is a thick rubber sole that is non-marked. It has uneven cuts to allow water to flow freely from it, this reduces slippage, and pressure under your foot and enhances friction on any texture you stride.

It is high and has a waterproof covering that does not quickly get stained. The soles which are joint to the midsoles are sensitive and shock permeable.

Teva Hudson vs Katavi: Fit and Sizing

For an average foot, Teva’s Hudson has an actual fit, but it is preferable that you get a pair that fit a little bit big rather than a small one because Teva’s Hudson does not easily break-in.

Katavi sandals are bigger than Hudson. They have hook and loop features that afford you the opportunity to regulate the sandal to fit you appropriately.

This sandal fits flawlessly for a regular fit, but persons with broad toe shapes should size up before purchasing. If your shoe is in between, get a smaller size.

Teva Hudson vs Katavi: Style

Your Teva’s Hudson sandals can match trousers or neutral-colored jeans with a colorful shirt, for an informal outing.

Guys can put on sandals with slightly big shirts and shorts for summer. Since the sandal is designed for both sex, ladies can wear the sandals with loose jeans and a cotton top.

For a fashionable look, you can wear a white shirt and denim or a short white dress with these sandals.

Pairing your Katavi sandals with a trendy vest and shorts will look nice. You can also consider putting on sandals with monochrome clothing.

Katavi’s tones are neutral and versatile, they will also give you a stylish look when you wear them with an all-black dress with them.

Pros of  buying Teva Hudson

This sandal has robust traction. It molds your feet comfortable as you wear them. They have comfortable footwear which gives you a snug fit and support. It is incredibly effective for hikers.

The arch support of Teva Hudson is excellent. Its price value isn’t much, it looks very simple, yet smart.

It has smooth rubber bases for adhesion. Its arch support gives you the relief and support that you need to flex your feet. They are sturdy and look nice.

If you bought a pair too tight for your feet, with time, it will break-in, giving you a more satisfactory fit. Its build-up makes it last long and fit nicely during almost all conditions.

It is breathable, light in weight, and keeps your feet comfortable as you walk. This shoe has waterproof features that sustain you when you step into a pool of water while hiking or on the beach.

It has added features for stability. Its slip-on design is satisfying and simple. It is available in various sizes and tones. They are inexpensive and simple.

Cons of buying Teva Hudson

Even though Teva’s Hudson has an ample variety, they do not have many innovative features, they go over the same pattern.

The shoe’s straps are not tough enough, they chop easily. It does not have tabs and other outlays to wear with ease. Their designs are too simple and for some people, the tone looks dull.

Teva’s Hudson sandals do not break in easily, this makes the shoe uncomfortable.

Pros of buying Katavi Sandals

These Teva’s variety is sufficiently cushioned and looks stylish. They are great for long walks since they are not burdensome.

It has a bolt and rope to carry the shoe’s straps, this makes it adjustable and easy to put on. Its midsole is comfortable with properties to absorb shocks.

It molds your feet properly and keeps you comfortable even when you wear socks in them.

This variety has modifiable straps to give you a customized, closed fit. The shoe’s footbed is remarkably soft with linings to prevent irritation and web uppers for ventilation.

Katavi has a fixture that you can draw when you want to wear or take off the shoe. The shoe is made of quality leather fabrics which makes it sturdy.

They look fashionable and can fit your regular or summer outfits. The soles of these shoes are simple to wipe.

Cons of Katavi Sandals

These sandal does not properly wrap around your ankle, this can cause strain on your joints. Your feet can feel unduly accessible in them.

This exposes your feet to dirt and allows unforeseen cuts and scrapes. In the same vein, your feet can easily slide out of them.

Take Away: Overall Verdict

Teva’s Hudson and Katavi sandals are outstanding for your trails and travels. They possess three straps with coils to hold them, one at the back and the rest at the front to hold your feet to the sandals.

They are open and simple. Their flexible soles are made of rubber and they have an EVA footbed to keep you comfortable as you walk. Both shoes can go nicely with your casual clothes.

Teva’s Hudson has lesser stitches which seem to hold the materials better than Katavi sandals.

Katavi sandals are more comfortable, their footbeds are more cushioned and sloppy to keep your feet relaxed on them. Knowing how a comfortable shoe as Katavi is sold at an affordable price is impressive.

For outdoor outings like beach strides, Katavi’s are satisfactory, they have Nubuck covering around the outsole which is water-resistant and grips hard.

Teva’s Hudson and Katavi have three bands to hold your feet firmly on the sandals, a lot of prisons complain about this Teva’s sandals feature, but for Katavi, they have tabs at the end of the pieces to help you pull them up with ease.

They further have fixtures at the back strip for enhanced comfort. On average, Teva’s Hudson is most preferred because they fit more true than Katavi.

Katavi sandals win. They are much more comfortable and flexible for you. Its waterproof feature is outstanding, you need to try them out.

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