Target Employee Dress Code: What You Should Know in 2022

Target is at the forefront of the US retail chain. A general merchandise retailer, famous for its beauty service provision and artistic impact on appearances.

The brand is cool with its store colors and the alluring designs of its staff’s uniforms.

Looking forward to getting hired at Target and getting employed there necessitates that you are abreast with the existing dress pattern of the brand.

You should know what is right to wear at Target. Well, if you fall in this category and do not know the desired attire to wear, then this article is perfect for you.

What do you wear on your first day of work at Target?

You should wear a red shirt, dress shoes and work pants. There is no better dress pattern ideal for adoption in a new place of work than one that follows the existing dress code of the said workplace.

The recommended dress on your first day at work on Target only aims to help you with an outfit that syncs with the Target staff’s dress code.

This is a pointer to your dedication and also proof that you’ve done your homework to have known the ideal outfit to wear at Target.

Although, a dress guideline will be issued to you by the company after you have been hired.

However, as certain dress codes are peculiar to only some of the Target stores, you are advised to make inquiries from the managers and supervisors for first-hand information on the dress policy of that very store.

This way, you have eliminated all possibilities of being underdressed and coming off with a wrong dose of first impression.

You would want to create a lasting impression and a good one at that. And to do this, there are only two sure ways possible.

The first of which is making a direct inquiry from the heads of the specific workplace where you’re just newly hired, or a second choice, which is dressing in a way that flows with the existing rules and regulations that guides how the workers there dress.

What do you wear to a target orientation?

Wear a red shirt and khaki pants. This is just perfect.

This aforesaid wear is In the same line with what you would be asked by Target to wear after you have been pronounced hired, and it’s the ideal work dress as captured in the Target dress code policy.

It is a two-way thing. Either you are dressing with a good measure of decency and with all modesty, or you are simply following an existing standard that has been deemed fit as “right” in the Target handbook.

Other smart casual outfits will do too. The aim is not to be as exact as Target’s staff at the orientation, but to measure up to the same level of dress modesty with them.

In some cases, you are made to know what type of clothing is allowed at Target as early as the time of the interview where you are asked certain questions to know if you are cool with their dress style and other things that you are likely to meet at Target if you eventually get hired and start working.

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What do you wear to a Target interview?

A pair of chino pants, a button-up shirt and a pair of dress shoes. At an interview, you would want to appear as decent as possible.

An outfit is one of the important and first criteria used in judging whether or not an applicant will be hired – it has a huge role to play, and to a very good extent, contributes to either reducing or increasing your chances of being hired.

So, you must wear clothes that present you as modestly as possible, hence the above recommendation.

You must also understand that this did not stop at your outfit alone – the type of hair you keep, the extent to which it is well cut, trimmed, or plait, as decided by your gender goes a long way in giving you either a sharp, smart, dull, or unkempt look.

It adds to your aura and buttresses your attire. Bad hair maintenance defeats the purpose and effect of a good dress sense, and in the end, all that will be is inadequacy and futility of your abilities and performances – and this will be as a result of being tainted by a bad hair decision.

Can you wear any red shirt to work at Target?

No, you cannot wear just any red shirt to work at Target. This is because, although red shirts are the employees’ shirt color as deemed right by the company’s dressing pattern.

But you should know that, at Target, dressing right does not stop at the color of the outfit, but also the length, inscriptions on shirts, and some other factors that go against the company’s dress code.

But then, any type of redshirt is allowed at Target. However, it must follow the level of appropriateness of the Target staff and measure up to a good extent of modesty.

The paramount equipment of a work shirt at Target is that every shirt worn by staff must be fully red and not tainted by other colors or inscriptions.

And yes, the company does not allow her staff to wear shirts, even if red, that carry that logo of some other brand.

Will you get a uniform from Target?

Target Employee Dress Code

No, Target does not give her employees uniforms to wear, the company only has a dress code that its employees must follow.

The company does not have an official uniform for its staff, albeit there is a requirement; khaki pants and red tops.

Nonetheless, recently, there has been the allowance of the Target staff to wear jeans. But up until now, this hasn’t come into full implementation and still depends on store to store, and the office that an employee is occupying.

To be on the safer side, you should ask your supervisor whether or not it is allowed in your store so that you are not penalized.

Other companies do issue uniforms though, but that is alien at Target. All that is given to a newly employed Target employee is the pattern of the outfit to wear, what the company deems decent and modest, and the rules and regulations that govern the affairs of the company’s reputation and all that it stands for – and this, as an employee, you must strictly follow.

Can I wear jeans to work at Target?

You can wear jeans to work at Target in some stores, you cannot in other stores. This relaxed allowance of jeans by Target of its staff is novel, as such, hasn’t come into full implementation. It still varies from store to store.

Nonetheless, you must take note that even at stores where jeans are allowed, there are certain types of jeans that are not deemed proper too.

Ripped jeans are not accepted. Jeans carrying bold logos from other companies are not accepted as well.

Corporate Target made it clear that staff isn’t allowed to wear jeans to work. Khaki pants and red tops are fine.

But a newer policy has countered this, so this remains unclear whether or not the policy applies to every Target store.

You are advised to confirm from your desired Target store to be sure, or if you are newly employed, ask your supervisor or fellow employee questions on whether or not jeans are allowed in that very store.

Can I wear hoodies to work at Target?

Yes, you can wear hoodies at Target stores to work.

The use of red hoodies is permitted. But you should understand that while the target dress code policy, as written online, reads that the company allows its employees to wear hoodies, there are certain individual stores whose managers, for reasons best known to them, do not allow the use of hoodies.

These managers’ decisions on not allowing the use of hoodies are traceable to some of the ill effects of hoodies as used by some staff in the past.

The Target management does not have direct contact with its employees, the managers do. As such, these managers, from time to time, make adjustments and recommendations on what and what not to wear.

Although that is certain Target’s dress rules are not tampered with, no matter what. So this means, technically, hoodies are allowed, but there are still restrictions placed on them in certain stores.

Can I wear maroon as a Target employee?

No, you cannot wear maroon as a Target employee. The color as contained in the Target dress code policy for its employees is red. There is beauty in positive conformity among staff members.

Wearing maroon singles you out and makes you different. The idea of the red dress top is to bring uniformity among staff.

Although maroon comes close to red, the difference is still clear. While it can be permitted as an honest mistake, it goes against the dress code policy.

Maroon is much darker, while red is brighter – this makes red more pronounced and makes the difference of a single staff member that wears maroon obvious and odd.

And the gospel of Target’s dress code policy preaches against this. You are advised to stick to red while working at Target.

Can you wear Orange to target?

No, you cannot wear orange to work at Target. Although some stores are lenient with this rule.

But think of this, if certain colors that are close to red, like maroon, pink, orange, and other colors are permitted at Target, soon, each staff member will take to the color that they desire, and in the long run, they will all look different.

And this has defeated the purpose for which there is a dress code policy in the first place. While wearing orange can pass for a mistake, it doesn’t cover up the fact that any staff member that wears it has faulted.

Besides, in the eyes of every given rule of law, ignorance is not an excuse.

Does Target care about tattoos?

Target does not care much about tattoos. It is only expected of you, as an employee, to be friendly with customers.

In a few cases where some tattoos are offensive wordings, such staff is advised to cover it as well as possible.

But Target is not so strict on tattoos. The company advises its staff to be free in their skin and not get robotic and all boxed up. Target does not trample on the free will of its staff members.

The point is, as a staff, be comfortable in your tattoos, cover them if offensive and be friendly to customers. As it relates to Target’s staff and tattoos, this is all there is.

Can you wear sweats at Target?

Yes, sure. You can wear sweats at Target. If the weather condition requires that you wear sweats – especially during the winter seasons when the weather temperature is extremely low and it is cold, you can wear sweats.

At Target, dress patterns always change according to weather, only work clothes’ colors remain unchanged.

No sane management will remain static on either polo, button-up shirts, or T-shirts and have its staff water solely one of those alone regardless of the weather.

So, the take-home note is, at Target, while dress colors remain unchanged, the weather decides dress patterns.

Can Target team members wear shorts?

Yes, a Target team member can wear shorts. But the specific work area of a target team member plays a role in deciding this possibility.

To help you understand this better, while a cart attendant can wear some type of jeans and odd red colored shirt, and probably a black colored jacket and a simple hat and have this dress style pass for his typical day, this will be a NO for any Target team members that work in sensitive positions that will need a good covering of body parts for safety reasons – for example, an engineer.

Can you wear acrylic nails at Target?

Yes, you can wear acrylic nails. The target dress code is so cool and simple. The only problem is how you can effectively carry out your daily duties.

Plus, most target employees say these nails eventually break in the course of carrying out their duties. So you will have to make a balance.

While the Target dress policy holds nothing against acrylic nails, you should not fix ones that are ridiculously long to get in the way when you work.

They should be moderately long and cool to not cause obstruction. Acrylic nails are quite beautiful, Target advises good looks among staff members, as such, it is not frowned at – nonetheless, on this altar, modesty should not be sacrificed.

Does Target care about hair color?

Target Employee Dress Code

At Target, there are not many restrictions placed on hair colors and dyes. Hair colors of different types are allowed, provided they are neat and not unkempt.

An employee can have bright purple hair and work at the guest service, and no one would have a problem with that.

The few dress restrictions at Target are things that hinder the effectiveness of work. Target allows its employees to have either multi-colored or single-shade dyes on their hairs, there are no restrictions of any sort as it relates to workers and hair dyes.

However, in all of these, there should be modesty. Workers are not to abuse this leniency and go extreme.

Can I wear a tank top to work at Target?

You can wear a tank top, but not as your red shirt.

The dress code at Target is relaxed, so there is the allowance of wearing a set of clothing. The sleeveless nature of the said top cannot have it suffice in the stead of a redshirt because it will be too revealing. It can be worn as an undershirt.

In seasons when the weather is much hotter, you are advised to wear lighter clothes with high breathability, and with good permissibility of air.

But the use of revealing clothes at Target cannot pass as an excuse for hot weather.

Can siblings work together at Target?

Yes, siblings can work together at Target. As long as they carry out their respective duties effectively.

The reason why most companies do not allow siblings to work together is to eradicate the possibility of having cases where people of some sort of bond are not able to work well as there will be too much gist time and other side effects.

But that is not so at Target, provided work among siblings is well done. At Target, there are instances where three siblings work in the same store.

The bottom line remains, siblings are allowed to work at Target, but work must be effectively done.


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