Does Target Sell Crocs?

Yes, absolutely. You can purchase Crocs at a Target store. Target is a retail store that deals in a variety of items – from Clothing to Accessories.

The Crocs brand is constantly expanding and has become a household name, therefore you can find their shoes in most Retail stores around you.

Whether you are searching for Clogs, Slides, Loafers, or Sneakers, these are all Crocs you can find at most Target stores you walk into.

We know the Crocs brand is iconic for making comfortable shoes, and most people love to be comfortable.

Looking to get a new pair of Crocs, here are a few pairs you can find at a Target store near you.

Crocs available for purchase in Target

Crocs Men’s and Women’s Duet Sport Clog

Does Target Sell Crocs

The brand “Crocs” is Iconic for comfort and the comfort level is stepped up a couple of notches with the Crocs Duet Sport Clog.

The rugged sole with deep treads gives the Shoe an athletic silhouette and makes it extra durable against wear and tear from grinding while walking.

This CrosLite material feature makes it very lightweight for the classic Crocs Comfort. The orifices around the top of the Outsole make it very breathable which will help your feet stay dry and refreshed.

These slip-on clogs are easy to take on and off, and it’s fitted with a strap behind the heel for added support and grip.

Not only is this one of the most comfortable shoes on the market but it is super easy to clean by simply using soap and water and airing for a quick dry.

Crocs Men’s and Women’s Classic Slide Sandals

Does Target Sell Crocs

For the ideal sporty aesthetic, slip-on style, making them the sandals women and men need.

This Crocs slides for women and men ultra-lightweight, water-friendly, and has a sleek silhouette.

The Croslite foam offers the Iconic Crocs Comfort that is perfect for relaxing at home or taking a casual stroll across town.

These Crocs Slides have a very durable build with adequate ventilation and breathability.

The Unique design allows your feet to stay dry and no matter the conditions of the terrain you’re walking on it provides apt traction.

The Crocs Classic Slides footbeds are embedded with nubs to provide a massage-like for the sole of your feet while you walk.

When it comes to comfort and reliability, look no further than this pair of slides.

Summer is here if you are packing for a vacation or for a trip to the beach. The most Ideal footwear to bring along is a pair of slides, and there is none more comfortable than The Crocs Classic Slide. Get yourself a pair.

Crocs Crocband Baya Clog

Does Target Sell Crocs

The Bayaband Clog is a fusion between Baya and Crocband, two Crocs designs that are stylish and very comfortable, developed to bring you maximum comfort while maintaining a sleek and sporty aesthetic.

These pairs of Crocs can be worn to most functions and pair well with casual outfits.

The Bayaband Crocs are incredibly lightweight as most Crocs are and water-friendly. This is as a result of the CrosLite foam material which is used to make the uppers of these Crocs.

This pair of Crocs is very breathable because of the Pores at the top of the Footwear, this feature allows air to circulate through and around your feet properly and keeps you refreshed all through the day.

The sole is also very durable and has great traction, it can withstand wear and tear from grinding across most rough terrains.

Crocs Crocband Platform Slides

Does Target Sell Crocs

With a spin on Crocband III these Crocs are ultra-comfortable. With the classic comfort level, you’d expect from the Crocs brand.

The comfort level of this pair of slides is elevated by the Crocband Outsole. It is an athletic fit for a sporty look, this pair can be worn over casual outfits whether you’re staying home or taking a stroll.

It is so lightweight that when you wear these pairs it barely feels like you have shoes on, the Insole is soft and provides comfort in every step.

The croslite foam is used to make the upper and it is also embedded in the Footbed and which gives it the soft and comfy feeling when you walk.

The Sole is highly durable, which is what you want in great footwear.

This pair is another great pick for the summer, nothing worse in humid weather than wearing uncomfortable and restrictive shoes. Unburden yourself as you relax at the beach in a pair of these slides.

Crocs Women’s LiteRide Stretch Sandals

Does Target Sell Crocs

The LiteRide Crocs sandal is an innovative piece of footwear designed for maximum comfort and a stylish, savvy aesthetic.

The new LiteRide foam technology is embedded in the insoles which makes it super-soft, incredibly light, and extraordinarily durable.

These Crocs Sandals are one of the softest shoes you can find when shopping at Target, they are Ideal for an athletic lifestyle and provide a sporty aesthetic

The Straps are elastic and breathable, it provides great support from the heel to your toes. It can be adjusted for a custom fit, the Outsole is made from the CrosLite material which makes it easy to clean and water-friendly.

The Elastic Straps are very soft and smooth, it’s made to be moisture absorbent. So whenever you sweat on your feet, it keeps you dry.

Crocs Men’s and Women’s Crocband Clog

Does Target Sell Crocs

The Crocs Crocband Clogs is Iconic for its amazing cushioned comfort, a sporty aesthetic, and an array of Colours to choose from, and awesome graphic designs, making them the go-to Crocs Clog for a stylish and casual outfit.

These Crocs are ultra-lightweight, the Upper is made from the Iconic CrosLite material while the Outsole is made from EVA foam material which provides a cushioned feel for your feet.

The sole of this pair of Crocs is well threaded and provides great traction on slippery surfaces. It is also very durable and can withstand most wear and tear that may result from grinding.

I still own a pair I purchased 3 years ago, and it looks as good as the day I got it. Well, with proper maintenance, these clogs have a long shelf life and will serve you.

Crocs Unisex Bistro Clog

Does Target Sell Crocs

These pairs of Crocs Clogs are for occupations that require you to be on your feet for extended periods like food service (Chefs and Cooks), hospitality (Waiters and Bartenders), and healthcare workers (Doctors and Nurses).

They’re ultra-lightweight and supportive, no matter how long your shifts are, with a pair of The Bistro Clog you are guaranteed comfort and reliability.

The Bistro clog is super easy to clean, all you need is soap, water and leave it to air for a quick-dry and you’re good to go.

This pair of Crocs also have slip-resistant treads which makes it the best non-slip shoes to own so you can walk confidently on every surface without fear of slipping.

These are the best workplaces Clogs money can buy.

These Clogs have a closed toe design and robust metatarsal area to help protect your feet from items or hot liquids that may drop on your leg.

These are one of the most sturdy pairs of Crocs you can own, I strongly recommend you purchase a pair if you can afford to.

They will go the distance and help make your work easier as it keeps you comfy.

Crocs Men’s and Women’s LiteRide Clog

Does Target Sell Crocs

These are the most comfortable pair of Clogs Crocs has made, period. The LiteRide Foam embedded in the sole of the shoe gives it a superb cushioning effect which makes every step you take Soft and relaxed.

The material of the uppers is breathable and water-resistant, therefore whenever you sweat air flows through the shoe and keeps your feet dry, and keeps you feeling refreshed around the clock.

These aren’t just “stay at home” shoes, these can be worn to most social functions because of the fashionable silhouette.

It can be worn over casual outfits, the strap behind the heel can be lifted and adjusted for a tight grip on your feet when on the move.

These pairs of Clogs never go out of style, they are an ideal pair if you are looking for a suitable gift to offer a friend or family member on their birthday.

When next you shop at a Target, ensure to look out for these.

Crocs Men’s Walu Loafers

Does Target Sell Crocs

If you don’t want to trade style for comfort and you want the best of both worlds, then the Crocs Walu Loafers are an Ideal pick.

They have a stylish and sleek silhouette while maintaining maximum comfort. It is a very lightweight pair of shoes, made from 100% synthetic materials.

No matter the nature of Job you engage in, these pairs of Loafers can be worn over several outfit combinations ranging from Casual to Business Casual.

The durable and sturdy Sole makes it an Ideal walking shoe for men, it provides round-the-clock comfort while keeping you refreshed and looking good.

This pair of Loafers, well like most Loafers, is very easy to put on with its slip-on feature that lets you be ready to move whenever you need to.

Crocs Women’s Classic Bae Clog

Does Target Sell Crocs

The Crocs Bae Clog features a stylish platform design for enhanced comfort. If you love the regular Classic Clogs and you love shoes with high heels or platforms then this blend is a great pick for you.

It features a 2.4-inch platform sole for an elevated look and comfortable feel.

These clogs come in multiple colors, so no matter your inclination, you have the option to choose your favorite color. Although it may not look like it, do not let the Bulky silhouette fool you.

These are a very lightweight pair of Crocs, made from the CrosLite material which is notorious for its suppleness and light nature.

The Sole is highly durable and the well-threaded sole provides great traction on slippery surfaces, however, I wouldn’t recommend you walk on uneven terrains in these. For safety reasons.

These are a favorite for most ladies and since it’s a favorite, it has to be on sale at Target. It’s only smart marketing selling Items people constantly purchase.


When shopping at Target, it is easy to overlook the fact that you can purchase a pair of Crocs because of the massive range of Shoes available in stock.

However, if you are a “Crocs Fanatic” like me and you live for comfort and style, there are a whole bunch of different Crocs on sale.

From Clogs, Slides to Regular Crocs Shoes, you have an array of choices to select from. I hope you use the Outlined pairs stated above to help you make the task of shopping easier.

Most times it’s best to be aware of what you want to buy beforehand, a bit of research and recon goes a long way.

I hope this list makes shopping for Crocs at Target a bit easier, because as fun as shopping for new stuff may be.

It can be stressful when you are unsure or on the fence about what you need, and the prices.

Whether going with friends or family, being knowledgeable about a subject, even if it’s as simple as the prices of Crocs always comes in handy. No knowledge is wasted, they say.

Use this article as your guide, enjoy your shopping. Happy trails!

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