How Long Does It Take To Break In Crocs?

New Crocs tend to feel tight when you purchase them newly. Maybe your feet are too big for your Crocs or just the correct fit and you need some room, it doesn’t take long however to break them in.

It takes one hour to 3 days to break in your Crocs if you decide to walk in them. The longer you walk in your Crocs the earlier it breaks in. You can put on your socks when you decide to break them in to avoid bruises on your feet.

However using artificial methods like a hairdryer, expanding your Crocs in the sun can take less than 30 minutes for you to break in your Crocs

You can repeat the process if they still feel tight or you can have them stretched in heat, a process that takes about 30 minutes from start to finish.

Best ways to break in Crocs

Crocs are rubber shoes made from unique material designed by a company called Croslite. This foam polymer accounts for its soft nature and protective qualities.

It’s a perfect minimalist shoe with a low price for better comfort.

The best way to break them in is to walk around in them until they loosen up with time. If this method doesn’t work, here are a couple of things you can do to properly lose them.

It isn’t difficult to have them stretched just follow the process highlighted below;

Use of hairdryer

How Long Does It Take To Break In Crocs

This method is done in few minutes and with a few tools.

Step1: You have to find a good working hairdryer and a towel. The hair dryer should be turned to its highest settings then they have them placed in the Crocs.

The Crocs and dryer should be wrapped in a thick towel.

This towel allows for the heat to be distributed evenly within both pairs and also not lose any heat to the surrounding.

Leave them to heat for about 3 minutes to get hot and regularly inspect them for good measure to ensure it doesn’t overheat or the heat isn’t well distributed by the dryer.

Step 2: Stop the process once you realize that the shoes are now flexible and soft.

The temperature of the shoes is still high and can hurt your feet during this next step so it’s advisable to put on a thick sock immediately after the towel is unwrapped.

With the socks on your feet, put on the pair of Crocs and walk around for about 10 minutes.

Don’t run in them or jump while they are still warm, but walk gently about. This will lead to the stretching of the shoe material.

Step 3: Once your ten minutes are over gently take off your socks and try wearing the pair of Crocs with your feet bare.

If they still hug your feet tight then you have to repeat the process until you achieve the required looseness you’re comfortable with.

You have to heat them again for about three minutes and walk in them with thick socks, maybe spend a longer time strolling around.

Hot water dipping

How Long Does It Take To Break In Crocs

This involves the use of how water so extra safety measures should be taken.

Step 1. Find a cooker or gas burner and boil some water until it gets hot in the pot or kettle. Once the water is boiled then turn them into a bowl that’s large enough to contain the Crocs.

Step 2. Take the Crocs and dip them into the bowl of hot water, they should be completely submerged for the process to be done in wholesome. The Crocs should not be submerged for more than one minute.

Step 3.   Once the one minute is up, take Crocs out of the water and wear them as soon as they comfortable enough to be worn. Be sure to wear thick socks and walk around in them for about fifteen minutes.

You can wear it for several days in this way and then the rubber Croslite material will stretch and have enough room for you.

Wear thick socks

How Long Does It Take To Break In Crocs

This method involves wearing lots of socks about four to five pairs would do.

In this method, all you have to do is put on about 4 to 5 pairs of socks and take your newly bought Crocs and walk in them repeatedly for several days.

This method allows for a significant increase in the original size of the shoes. you will notice that the shoes have slowly stretched to allow you space for your feet.

What happens after you have broken your Crocs?

If you have done any of the methods above and are ready to enjoy the comfort of a solid and firm Crocs shoe.

Crocs company produces a product that is comfortable yet provides maximum protection for you always.

  • Once you have completed breaking them in, you can enjoy your time with them on any occasion or outdoor activities you enjoy doing.
  • As a precaution against foot injury, you should avoid wearing them all the time and purchase models that are adequate suited for you.

The Crocs shoe has design features that make it better than most footwear in its category with its ability to be easily cleaned and maintained. Its unique design makes it acceptable fashion wear that bolsters your style and fashion sense.

Also, some production line has water-resistant qualities, so liquids causing wetness or sluggish movement cannot happen, so your Crocs is available for use in any environment.

Crocs shoes have the ability to last long as they are made from a premium material that is very durable. Its use covers an extensive area and background.

In order for you to be certain you purchase the right king of Crocs that is your size and won’t either be too small or large Crocs has defined three standard kinds of fit in its production line of shoes, these are Roomy, Relaxed and standard all with their different level of fit.

Crocs fit guide

  • Roomy; This is the most spacious fit, and it’s very similar to Crocs original classic design. Some models feature a heel hugging back strap for more stability. This fit is the widest with your feet not touching the sides. The length across is enough to allow your toes to rest just shy of the front. The top has lots of room space for breathability.
  • Relaxed; This fit is more secured than the roomy fit. Some design models have straps or laces to enable you to walk more efficiently. There is a little amount of space along the shoe perimeter and the sides of your feet would occasionally touch the shoe walls. The fit is secure and very relaxed across the section of your feet. There is enough wiggle room for your toes to roam without touching the front.
  • Standard; In this fit, the shoes are more wrapped around your feet but not too tightly. They easily conform to the shape of your fit and securely stay put as you walk without fear of slipping. Your heel is rested securely and no up and down movement of your shoe as you walk. Your feet should touch the sides, top arch area comfortably. There is still enough toe room to wiggle and your toes still won’t touch the front.

With all the discussed stretching options and Crocs fit the size you should have an informed idea on the method of breaking in that works best for you, also the fit guide lets you select proper fitting for the size and shape of your foot.

We can admit that Crocs is a popular shoe brand and widely accepted in the footwear industry, with yearly improvement to the design, protection, and comfort features of each shoe.

They are very breathable and lightweight and comes with good quality rubber that has slip-resistant properties to keep your firm always.

What if your Crocs are overstretched?

We all love the Crocs brand because of its top qualities like being super lightweight, comfortable, and options of so many colors and designs to fit your style.

Recently they have continued to grow in demand and popularity among professionals and outdoor folks alike all attesting to their outstanding quality.

Your Crocs might have stretched over time from excessive usage or old age or simply become too big from overstretching process. This may cause it to be loose around your feet and affect the way you walk in them.

The good news is you can rectify this problem without having to obtain a new pair of shoes.

In this post, we are going to discuss ways to get your overstretched Crocs back to the original fit you are comfortable with.

Care should be taken when trying this process out to avoid permanent damage to your Crocs before you find yourself seeking a new pair.

Dryer method

  • Your clothes dryer should be put on and the setting should be from low heat to medium with a ten-minute timer.
  • A wet towel should be wrapped around the shoes and dropped into the dryer while the cycle is set. You should always be on stand-by while this process is going on to avoid excess heat from damaging the Crocs. The wet towels introduce moisture to the Crocs that would make them more pliable. If the heat is extreme it could permanently scorch and damage your Crocs shoes, so caution is needed when attempting this.
  • Observe them as the dryer gets hot in about five minutes. If they have become very hot you can remove them from the dryer, and allow them to cool for about five minutes. Do not put your feet into shoes that are hot as this can lead to serious burn injuries.
  • As it cools have your feet placed in them and walk around till they finally cool off and take the present shape and size of your feet.

Heat source/ sun method

How Long Does It Take To Break In Crocs

This method is less popular but can still get you the same result. Firstly, you need to be aware that introducing your Crocs shoes to significant heat leads to shrinkage of the footwear, and in this respect if you can find a heat source that can distribute heat evenly without scorching.

The heat from the sun is used in this method. By leaving your Crocs under direct and intense sunlight you can have them shrunken. Once they have been sufficiently heated to the maximum you are to wear them so they cool properly according to the new shape and size of your feet.

Can Crocs shrink in hot water?

Crocs won’t shrink in hot water. The heat provided from hot water only loosens the Croc material it doesn’t shrink them. They can shrink in the heat of a dryer but not that of hot water as It only relaxes them.

If you have the intention of shrinking your Crocs, then I suggest you go with the dryer options and avoid dipping them in hot water to have them shrunken.

Hot water is only ideal to get them loose for stretching.

Do Crocs stretch out after usage?

Constant usage or wearing of Crocs can cause them to be stretched over time. So if your Crocs are too tight-fitting they would stretch out eventually as you wear them.

This is a result of heat causing the materials to loosen up. Patiently wait for them to expand over time as you enjoy rocking them from place to place.


With all these mentioned in this post, I hope you have taken note of the best practices to safely expand or break in your new Crocs.

You can use the hand dryer method or hot water to loosen your Crocs and have them stretched to your desired size.

Safety measures should be taken at all times to reduce the risk of injury to yourself or cause permanent damage to your shoes from the scorching heat.

Also, you can fix your overstretched Crocs by having them out in the dryer. This would cause them to shrink and you can have them worn to comfortably fit your current feet size.

Crocs that are too tight won’t give you the full experience and also if your Crocs get overstretched your feet become too loose and this leads to other foot injuries and discomfort.

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