Tapered Vans vs Regular: Which Is Better?

The major difference between the Vans Regular and the Tapered Vans is that the Tapered Vans are made of natural materials and vulcanized rubber while the Regular Vans are made of Waffle rubber outsole.

The Tapered Vans sneaker features a stylish and attractive sneaker with iconic side stripes while the Vans Regular does not have artwork or embroidery on the sneakers.

Tapered Vans sneakers materials are gotten from natural, organic, and sustainable materials that are renewable and durable.

The Regular Vans is usually called the “Original Vans” as it was the first Vans to be produced by the company in 1966.

There are more things to know about these Vans sneakers, let’s check them out.

Tapered Vans vs Regular: First impressions

What is your first impression of these sneakers? What sets them apart from each other. Are they similar in some way or different in some other ways? Let’s take a look at these sneakers to know better.


Tapered Vans vs Regular

  • Eco theory
  • Hemp laces
  • GOTS approved
  • Natural rubber
  • Vulcanized sole
  • Tonal stitching
  • Textile linings

The Tapered Vans is a Vans that uses Ecological and natural materials to make its sneakers, it features a signature waffle outsole with sturdy suede and textile canvas uppers. It has a lace-up closure.

The sneakers is made of organic and natural materials, it is certified and approved as GOTS which is the Global Organic Textile Standard. It is produced with sustainable materials.

The sneakers has a 100% organically grown cotton canvas upper and a naturally sourced rubber outsole which helps to maintain grip and durability.

It has metal eyelets and renewable jute laces. It offers more slender and fit than the traditional Old skool Vans.

It has a vulcanized sole and the laces are made of hemp. It has a reinforced toe cap and tonal stitching.

It has a slightly padded collar and also a foam-padded footbed. It also helps to add to your height and has cool artwork designs throughout.


Tapered Vans vs Regular

  • Rubber latex
  • Lace-up closure
  • Original Vans
  • Arch support
  • Suede
  • Waffle sole technology/ bottom design

The Vans Regular is the original classic Van sneaker, it is the first sneaker to be produced by the Vans company in 1966. It is referred to as the “original Vans”. It was made originally for skating.

It is made of suede and leather, it is the combination of a canvas upper and rubber. The outsole is made of waffle sole technology. Its sole is slip-resistant which makes it perfect for skating on any surface.

It has a lace-up closure system and it has a padded collar for added comfort.

Tapered Vans vs Regular: Comparison

Tapered Vans vs Regular
Tapered Vans vs Regular
Features Tapered Vans Vans Regular
Outsole Vulcanized rubber sole Waffle rubber outsole
Comfort Offers long term support and comfort Padded collar offers good comfort
Design It has varieties of attractive artwork and color combo designs Multiple colors but not artwork on the sneakers
Cushioning Provides extra cushioning due to its cushioned footbed It does not have enough cushion
Midsole and Height boost Midsole provides height increase Not much boost to your height
Insole Made of a synthetic and textile material A thin spongey insole


Tapered Vans outsole is made from natural rubber. It has an Off-The-Wall patch rubber at the heel of the sole frame.

This helps the sneakers to maintain durability and grip. The vulcanized construction keeps it flexible and the outsole helps for traction.

It has a rubber outsole with a classic waffle tread look and with razor tread to give it a very secure fit with lots of durabilities and a stabilized feel with a tiny bit of flex.

Vans Regular has a signature waffle rubber outsole which makes it slip-resistant and as well durable. The rubber outsole makes it perfect for skating.

The classic gum rubber outsole is made of the waffle sole technology, it has a whole lot of fiber and helps to keep you stable. The rubber sole is slip-resistant and it is the best kind of sneaker for skating as it won’t let you slip.

The rubber outsole protects the feet from friction stresses that occur while skating.


Tapered Vans are very much comfortable, more comfortable than Regular Vans.

It has a cotton-like lining in the ankle and a great cushioning that makes it very comfortable for all-day wear.

It is also a bit cooler during summer due to its canvas upper part. It offers a good amount of support and traction for your feet.

The Regular Vans has a padded collar which offers extra comfort to the feet. Though, its comfort is not as much as the Tapered Vans.


Most Tapered Vans sneakers have cool and nice artwork on them. It has iconic side stripes all over it.

They look very nice, cute, and stylish for any outfit of your choice, it is usually perfect for dresses and casual outfit. It has a combination of different attractive colors and different designs.

Some sneakers even have floral embroidery on them giving them a cute and adorable outlook.

The Regular Vans though comes in multiple colors, the color combo cannot be compared to the designs of Tapered Vans sneaker.


Tampered Vans has superior cushioning and impact protection. It has a cushioned foam footbed underfoot. This foam footbed provides some extra cushioning.

It has great padding and ankle support. It has lots of padding that helps to absorb impact while skating.

The Regular Vans do not have enough padding and cushioning, this result in less arch support.

Midsole and Height boost

The Tapered Vans has a double fox to layer that shows off some clear tape alongside its more durable tape.

It has a great stacked design in the midsole for a boost in height and durability. It gives an incredible height increase as it is constructed with a 34mm platform height.

The Regular Vans shoes do not add as much height as the Tapered Vans. This is because it has less padding and cushioning.


The insole of Tapered Vans is made of synthetic and textile which makes the sneaker breathable and supportive as well.

The inner lining is made out of textured leather to keep your feet nice and cool with extra padding for support. It has POPCUSH insoles that provide protection and as well return energy.

The Regular Vans has a thin spongey insole. Some Vans are not so comfortable to stand all day long, you would need to add an extra insole for a good amount of support and comfort.

Why should you buy Tapered Vans?

The Tapered Vans is recommended for you to buy because it is one of the best skating shoes of all time and it is stylish and also fashionable.

Due to the fact that it is made from natural materials, the sneaker tends to be durable and very tough especially when it comes to skating.

Its laces which are made of hemp laces are durable, antimicrobial, and moisture-absorbing. It has a padded collar for durability and extra comfort.

Its sole is very durable and can withstand any kind of sole that you would skate on. It is very stylish and as well colorful. It offers the right amount of comfort and support.

Why should you buy Vans Regular?

You should buy Vans Regular because it is versatile and everyday wear. It is stylish and can suit any outfit and any event. Its waffle sole technology is made of rubber that helps you to grip surfaces well and avoid slipping.

It is a very comfortable and fashionable footwear. It is a durable sneaker and the best sneaker for skating.



The overall best Vans for me is Tapered Vans.

I chose this Vans because it is made from natural and sustainable materials. From the sole to the laces and upper layer, they are all made of durable material.

They have varieties of beautiful designs and look very much stylish and attractive. It offers better comfort, support, stability, quality, durability, and cushioning.

They definitely can be worn for a long period of skating or standing.


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