Vans Popcush vs Ultracush Insoles: Comparison

Having soft cushioned insoles is an asset to any individual.

In this article, we’ll be looking at two of the most popular insoles on the market – Vans Popcush and Ultracush insoles.

There are a lot of different factors to consider when choosing the right insole for your shoes. Do you need more support? More cushioning?

The Ultracush insole from Vans is a good option for those who need extra cushioning and want to avoid shocks and vibrations.

The Popcush insole from Vans is a good option for those who need more support and want to avoid shocks and vibrations.

The biggest difference between Vans Popcush and Ultracush insoles is the footbeds.

The Ultracush, which costs more, actually has a heel pad, a contoured footbed, and a deep, thick insole for arch support and shock absorption. The Popcush has a less expensive, less contoured footbed, a thinner insole, and a slimmer profile.

What is PopCush insole?

Vans Popcush vs Ultracush Insoles

PopCush insoles are designed to be placed in Vans shoes to provide extra cushioning, comfort, and support.

The insoles are made of a durable, latex foam that is at least 1-inch thick. The insoles are designed to be cut to fit any size and shape of the shoe.

Vans PopCush insoles are a unique product that can be used in a variety of ways.

They are designed to provide support and cushioning for the feet and come in a range of sizes to fit most shoes. PopCush insoles can be used in sneakers, dress shoes, work boots, or any other type of shoe.

The PopCush insoles are made from high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting. They are also designed to be comfortable and provide good arch support.

The unique design of the PopCush insoles makes them a perfect fit for any shoe.

There are several unique qualities of Vans PopCush insoles that set them apart from the competition. First, they are designed to provide maximum comfort and support.

They are made with high-quality materials and feature a unique cushioning system that absorbs shock and reduces pressure on your feet.

Second, Vans PopCush insoles are extremely durable. They can be worn in any type of shoe and will last for months or even years. And third, they are affordable and easy to install.

There is no need to take your shoes to a specialist or purchase any additional equipment. Simply remove the old ones and replace them.

Popcush insoles are designed to evenly distribute pressure throughout your foot.

This helps to reduce the amount of stress and fatigue you feel, which is especially beneficial if you suffer from Plantar Fasciitis.

they’re made out of high-quality memory foam that molds to the contours of your feet over time.

This makes them extremely comfortable and supportive, which is why they’re so popular among athletes and people who spend a lot of time on their feet.

What is UltraCush insole?

Vans Popcush vs Ultracush Insoles

Vans Ultracush insoles are a replacement insole, or custom insert, for Vans shoes. Unlike traditional insoles, these are designed specifically to create a comfortable, cushioned environment for the foot.

Vans Ultracush insoles are a type of shoe insole that is thick, comfortable, and lightweight that provides increased cushioning in the sole of your shoe.

Vans Ultracush insoles are a type of shoe insole that is designed to provide increased support as well as a comfortable and cushioned feeling.

The Ultracush insoles are designed to be flexible and comfortable. They have a cushioning fabric that is designed to never flatten with wear.

The plantar fascia and metatarsal arch are both well-cushioned, and the fabric is designed to relieve compression.

Vans shoes are not only stylish, but they are a functional accessory as well. The Ultracush insoles are a great example of this.

They are designed to offer the wearer maximum comfort on the go. The insoles come equipped with a foam interior that provides a thin layer of protection.

The foam absorbs impacts and bounces back, so the wearer of the shoe feels zero discomforts. It also provides shock absorption and back cushioning, so that even long distances will feel easier.

The foam also keeps its shape and doesn’t flatten or sink in. The insoles are also machine washable. They are designed to feel like pillows, and they come in a pack of four.

They are unique to their category because of the combination of materials that make up the insole. Some of the materials include foam and memory.

Unlike other insole brands that only have foam, these insole brands have foam and memory. Memory is one of the material components that give these insole brands their unique qualities.

Memory helps to reduce the pressure that the foot has to endure because it conforms to the pressure points, which would reduce the chance of these pressure points being rubbed and causing pain.

Memory foam is also better at regulating temperature and preventing foot fungus.

Vans Popcush vs Ultracush Insoles: What similarities do they share?

Popcush is an insole that is designed to protect your feet. It is made of a 3-dimensional pop cushion that has the purpose of dampening the impact of pressure on your feet.

With a light pad that helps alleviate perspiration, there is a gradual release of the pressure on your feet.

The insoles also have a thick and wide heel with a foam layer to provide you with a more comfortable walking experience.

Ultracush is also an insole that is designed to make you feel comfortable in your shoes.

They have a memory foam pad for cushioning and a heel that is made to fit just about all of the shoes without it being too high or too low.

Ultracush is perfect for all.

In both cases, the insoles are designed to provide an extra layer of cushioning to your feet.

They offer an easy fit, they are simple to install, and they are made of materials that are durable and make them easy to clean.

There are several similarities between Vans’ PopCush and Ultracush insoles. Both are designed to provide comfort and support for your feet, and both are made from high-quality materials.

PopCush insoles are made from memory foam, while Ultracush insoles are made from latex foam.

Both types of foam are designed to cushion your feet and absorb shock. They also both have antimicrobial properties, which help to keep your feet healthy and free from bacteria. They are also both available in different colors.

Vans Popcush vs Ultracush Insoles: Comparison

Popcush Insoles have Thick heel bubble pads, anti-blister workmanship, and reflective liner for nighttime visibility all make PopCush one of the most unique insoles on the market.

The footbed is deep with a 1/4″ deep soft foam which provides good arch support, which also provides comfort.

A booster on the outside of your heel will help to prevent blisters and walking pain by helping to provide cushioning under the back area of your foot when walking.

Lower leg geometry, contours insole to your foot medial and lateral stability, and high tactile sensitivity create a perfect environment.

Ultracush insoles have a much thinner 3mm heel pad that provides better natural pronation control than other brands do.

Made from Cushion-Tex material in the arch and metatarsal area for great shock absorption, this is perfect for those active people that need extra protection from their shoes.

A contoured shape laces up so that you can get a snug fit while running or playing sports.

These insoles are made from a durable foam rubber material that won’t grind any more quickly than regular sneakers due to heat, humidity climate conditions like heat or cold

Arch support

The most important rating that outdoor athletes and outdoors enthusiasts look for in an insole is arch support.

It’s common for the shoes that catch your toes to create extra pressure on your feet resulting in painful feet. To fix this problem, a lot of people turn to insoles.

The Van Popcush is made from moisture-wicking materials and has grips that prevent slipping and sliding.

Ultracush uses advanced silicone material to create stability as well as relief from pain. They are also water-resistant, so they are great at keeping your feet dry without needing special care after use.

Management of foot ailments

Vans Popcush insoles are designed to combat chronic and athletic foot pain, with relief being met through the use of insoles. They have a dual-layer design, made up of a firm outer shell inserted into their soft inner padding.

Ultracush insoles offer excellent comfort among those with high arch feet or minimal heel elevation.

These inserts utilize a combination of stretch mesh fabric, foam pad, and lightweight plastic to create the perfect compression that many people need.


Popcush are inserts that go inside your shoes. They use hard, foam-like material to make you feel (and look) taller with a thick sole for comfort.

Ultracush insoles are made with plush and cushy foam, but they don’t have a thick sole that can rub your foot the wrong way.

The Ultracush will also give you more height because it is built to raise your heel and extend the overall length of your stride.

Finally, Popcush will hide the fact that one or both of your feet is larger.


The Popcush Insoles have a heel tilt that provides optimal cushioning throughout the day. It absorbs 80% of the shock from walking.

This reduces fatigue and friction with the ground. The Ultracush Insole is made from modular foam that increases in density from the heel to the forefoot.

This higher density foam moves pressure away from sensitive areas of your feet, like during walking or running.


When comparing Vans Popcush and Ultracush insoles, there are many notable differences. Popcush is well-ventilated which allows for shoes to dry out.

Ultracush does not have this feature and shoes can easily get wet from sweat. To prevent foot odor, you must wipe your insoles with alcohol before wearing them.

Which is better?

The Vans Popcush insole is built on an air bubble cushioning technology for superior comfort and support.

Van’s Ultracush insole is made from durable, breathable foams and moisture-wicking fabric. The Van’s Popcush insole also offers a stabilizing heel and toe.

Moreso, the Vans Popcush insole is made from a hard rubber which is more durable and offers more support to your feet. Meanwhile, the Vans Ultracush is made from a less durable material.

In addition, the Vans Popcush insoles are well ventilated and can dry out on their own while, the Vans Ultracush doesn’t have this feature and gives off a bad odor due to sweat from your legs.

Even with their close similarities, the Vans Popcush insoles are far better insoles than Vans Ultracush insoles.


We’ve looked at the comparison, features, and similarities between these two insoles and we’ve seen that Vans Popcush are far better insoles than Vans Ultracush insoles even with their close similarities.

I hope you make the best choice!


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