Jack Erwin vs Allen Edmonds: Which Is Better?

The major difference between Jack Erwin and Allen Edmond boots is that Jack Erwin is made of French and full-grain calfskin leather while Allen Edmonds boot is made of Chromexcel leather.

Jack Erwin is pretty much easier to break in, unlike Allen Edmonds whose break-in solely depends on how often the boot is being worn.

Let’s see what the first glance of the boots is all about.

First glance


Jack Erwin vs Allen Edmonds

  • Rubber sole
  • Full-grain calfskin leather
  • Ultra-lightweight sole
  • Padded insole
  • Waterproof
  • French leather

The boot is made of a full-grain calfskin, french leather, or a suede upper. The calfskin wrinkles finely.

It has a fully leather-lined inner with a padded foam insole. It has a stitched rubber sole that has a lug traction pattern.

It is handcrafted by skilled artisans. It is a direct-to-consumer boot brand. It is also waterproof, it is built for comfort and class. It is made to endure a busy day and keep you fashionable.

It is made in Spain, though the leathers are sourced from France. It has a relatively low profile and a dressy toe cap and a slim silhouette. It has a sleek appearance and does not have a high heel.

Jack Erwin has a rubber sole which is medium density


Jack Erwin vs Allen Edmonds

  • Handcrafted
  • Single stitching
  • Glove leather
  • Chromexcel leather
  • Full-grain leather
  • Dainite studded rubber
  • 360 degree Goodyear welt

Allen Edmonds is made of top quality and with a durable design. It is made of 100% leather with a rubber sole.

It has single stitching and some glove leather lining on the inside. It has a slimmer and sleek silhouette which looks great in formal occasions.

It has a rich chrome excel leather which is a type of full-grain leather. Full-grain leather comes from the top layer of the hide of the animal and it is widely considered to be the best kind of leather for durable boots.

Its leather is gotten from the American tannery in Chicago.

It has a Dainite studded rubber sole that offers good traction and grip in snow and rain. It incorporates three layers which are; the dainite, cork midsole, and a very nice leather insole.

In the middle of the midsole, there is also a wood shank. The shank and the cork and the leather insole are meant to conform to your foot over time so that the fit improves the longer you wear the boot.

It is made of 360 degrees Goodyear welt construction and made of a suede tongue.

The Goodyear welt is widely seen as the best way to welt quality shoes that is because it is pretty water-resistant and it is a lot easy to take the sole off to resole them.

The Allen Edmond boot is a durable formal boot, though very expensive to get but worth the money.

Jack Erwin vs Allen Edmonds: Comparison

These boots will be compared based on the following technical features:

Features Jack Erwin Allen Edmonds
Sole Durable rubber sole Dainite studded rubber sole
Leather French and full-grain calfskin leather Chromexcel leather
Break-in It is easy to break-in Its break in depends on how you wear it
Price It is cheap It is expensive
Size and fit It is true to size It runs large
Quality and durability Less quality and durable High quality and durability
Boot style Limited boot style Various boot style


Jack Erwin boot is made of a durable and density rubber outsole. This talks about the Dainite sole which has a stud pattern.

This sole can be resoled when it begins to wear out, this is due to the Goodyear welt construction made with it.

Allen Edmonds is made of a studded rubber Dainite outsole. The sole comes from a British company that has been making this sole since 1910.

It is soft, absorbs shock, gives a good grip, and as well flexibility. Dainite soles are known to be hard-wearing, sturdy, and slip-resistant. research has shown that Dainite sole is way better than leather sole.

This is because it is waterproof and does not wear out fast.


Jack Erwin has a full-grain French calfskin leather. A calfskin appears delicate and smooth and it is pretty strong.

This is because the fibers are closer together. This leather wrinkles and wears out finely which is a big bonus for Jack Erwin.

To keep the leather shining and durable, it is recommended that you use a natural cream polish. It should always be conditioned in order to keep it well moisturized.

Ensure that you avoid wax-based polish because it can suffocate the leather and as well cause cracking.

Allen Edmond boots are made of Chromexcel leather which is a combination of tanned beauty.

Chromexcel leather is a type of leather that has been tanned using a particular process which is a mixing tanning process, it is used in most industries to produce shoes and bags.

Chromexcel boot has a glossy shine which other leathers do not have. Chrome-tanned leather tends to be softer and looks glossy


Jack Erwin is easy to break in and gets comfortable faster. It is comfortable and soft right out of the box. It is flexible right from the onset, so to break in would not be much of a problem.

Allen Edmonds boot break-in depends on how often you put on the boot. The boot will conform to your feet over time by constantly wearing it.

It sometimes depends on how long you wear them, some boots may be comfortable after wearing them for about 4 to 5 times of 9 to 10 hours.


Allen Edmonds is known to be an expensive boot brand. This is due to the quality materials used in producing it. Though it is expensive, it is worth the extra amount.

Like I said before, it is better to get the expensive boot than get a boot that is cheap and would not last long.

Jack Erwin boots are quite cheap and also affordable. It is a direct-to-customer brand. It is cheap because the Dainite sole is made of Jack Erwin’s own rubber.

Size and fit

Jack Erwin is true to size. It cradles the feet and as well fits perfectly. It has every width available so no need to worry about getting a perfect fitting boot. Jac Erwins boots are designed with a standard width

Allen Edmonds boots run big, it is about half a size large. For instance, if you wear 10.5 in Jack Erwin’s boot, you’re probably a 10 in these. It is recommended that you go down half size of your regular boot.

Quality and durability

Allen Edmonds is made of high-quality leather and construction. But also have it in mind that you’ll spend more.

The tanned Chromexcel leather is of high quality and even the Dainite rubber outsole is made of good materials to ensure it is sturdy and durable.

The stitching makes it strong and hard-wearing. The quality nature of this boot makes it last pretty long.

Jack Erwin boot is a quality boot too but not as high quality as Allen Edmonds.

It is made of low-quality materials and with this, it doesn’t last long. It has a very low durability nature and can’t be worn over and over again.

Boot style

Allen Edmonds boot has various boot styles. The styles are American boot styles like the Chelsea dress boot, Higgins Mill, Landon cap-toe, Dalton wingtip, Hamilton oxford, Champman wingtip, Lombard Chelsea, and so on.

Jack Erwin’s boot has limited boot styles. Its boot style is mostly the brown suede Chelsea boot, Chester boot.

Why you should buy Jack Erwin Boot

You should buy Jack Erwin boots are crafted beautifully both for men and women. It can be worn for any formal occasion and matches any formal outfit.

It is a timeless shoe and cuts across all seasons, what you can wear for this season will still look perfect for the next season. This means that the boot can be worn repeatedly.

This boot is also elegant, and classy and brings out the fashionable side of you. It is made with top-quality materials in order to produce down-to-earth boots.

The boot is made to ensure longevity and wearability of the customer, they are made for people with hectic lives and busy schedules as they tend to provide just the right amount of support that they need.

The stitching, lines, and materials of the boot are well put together to ensure the boot is well made. It is made of a whole cut suede, buttery nubuck, Italian Nappa.

The more reason why you should get this boot is that it is waterproof and can be worn in any season.

Why you should buy Allen Edmonds Boot

The first reason why you should get an Allen Edmonds boot is that it is suitable for all formal occasions.

It is a versatile boot and looks very nice. It ages well and it is very durable. It is better to achieve a rich patina with age that allows people to use their boots properly than a cheaper top-grain leather that is uniform in color but is not really durable.

When it comes to taking care of this shoe, you do not need a shoe cream or polish because this can stain the leather.

Instead, Allen Edmonds recommends that you use their own shoe polish and their own leather oil which is of a neutral color and it can also help to repel water.

Another reason is because of its Dainite sole. It provides less slippage than other types of the sole. This boot can give you all-day comfort and it is water-resistant.

Check Allen Edmonds boots to buy

Conclusion: My verdict

My overall best for this article is Allen Edmonds boot.

Though this boot is expensive I don’t mind getting them. They are worth the extra money.

It is the best for me because it seems to be the coolest boot for formal events. They actually look really nice due to the Chromexcel leather of which they are made and of course, they are durable and slip-resistant.


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