Frye Boots vs Allen Edmonds Boots: Which Is Better?

Frye boots vs Allen Edmonds boots have always been a common comparison among many people. In this article, we help you to understand what both shoes offer.

From our explanation, you will be able to understand which is the people’s choice and what design will particularly fit you according to the peculiarity of your need.

Allen Edmonds Boots are designed with a full-grain leather type and have the Goodyear welting construction while Frye boots are designed with lightweight leather, with a rich texture and character looks.

Allen Edmonds boots (See on Amazon) give a solid feel and have an antique finishing. The boots are tough and moisture resistant, however, it has little breathability.

Frye boots (See on Amazon) have more flexible and thinner characteristics which promotes comfort. They are very breathable too.

Frye has an enviable century wealth of experience in the shoe-making trade. No wonder it is one of the leading brands in all American boots manufacturers.

Frye’s designs are a product of true artisan craftsmanship. The brand uses one of the finest leather that gives their boot an iconic aura and unparalleled quality.

On the other hand, in the heart of a small farming town in Belgium, Edmonds boots have grown to be one of America’s finest designs.

The brand has been known for making durable handmade dress shoes that can last one a lifetime.  Allen Edmonds has developed with tides of things and global trends too.

Both are great bands that make good footwear, no wonder the constant “Frye boots Vs Allen Edmonds boots” comparison.

Which is better between Allen Edmonds and Frye?

Allen Edmonds boot is better.


Allen Edmonds is better because of material quality and construction. The material used for Allen Edmonds shoes is the full-grain and Goodyear welted leather.

In the hierarchical order of quality leathers since the history of time, the full-grain type has always been on the lead.

And the fact that Allen comes with a fine blend of the durable Goodyear leather type, gives it more edge.

Another factor to consider is the construction. Allen has superior construction than Frye. It has more aesthetic appeal too.

The two core factors that a product must satisfy to cover a wide ground of acceptance among users are durability and beauty. Allen leads on these two.

Let’s get into the details.

Frye boots Vs Ellen Edmonds boots: Comparison Table

Allen Edmonds Frye
 Comfort Allen Edmonds boots are comfortable, but not as much as Frye. Frye Boots are more comfortable because of the softness of their material. This makes it very foot-friendly.
Breathability The making of the full-grain leather used for the design of Allen Edmonds boots only allows for fewer pores, hence low air permissibility. Frye Boots are pretty breathable because of the thin and lightweight leather used.
Maintenance Allen Edmonds boots are easy to maintain, albeit, not as easy as Frye. Frye Boots are easier to maintain.
Material Full-grain leather Lightweight and polished leather.
Construction Goodyear welting construction. Simple and excellent craftsmanship.
Pricing and Style $320 for an average Allen Edmonds. Great styling. $300 for an average Frye boot. Unique style.

Frye Boots Vs Allen Edmonds Boots: Differences

1. First glance

(a). Frye boots

The color of Frye boots is eye-catching and gorgeous. The brand uses thicker leather for the design. This makes the boot rigid, albeit, it gives the boot a solid feel.

In the end, the boot is left with antique finishing and this gives it an incredible character. Their fitting and stitching are of pretty high quality.

Some models of Frye boots, especially the rugged types, have a Neoprene Safetech oil-resistant stamp on the sole of the boot.

This always tells of the runner technology used. You would notice that everything is fine-tuned, even the littlest of details.

You’d also notice the “FRYE” inscription boldly written underneath the outsole.

(b). Allen Edmonds Boots

Allen Edmonds Boots are available in both wide and narrow widths. You can easily tell which is wide or narrow at the first glance.

The shininess of the boot almost makes it scintillate. You would also notice the sophistication and class from the full-grain and Goodyear welted leather used.

The thread used in stitching the welt of most Allen Edmonds boots that connects the upper of the boot to the sole is done with the same color as the welt.

Except in minute cases where it is done differently for added aesthetics. Almond shoe toes are the elongated version of a round toe – you can call it tapered oval. It is a contemporary design with a touch of class.

2. Origin

(a). Allen Edmonds Boots

Allen Edmonds is an American-based footwear manufacturing company. The company is in Port Washington, in Wisconsin precisely. It was established in 1922.

The origin of the materials used for their footwear designs traces back to animal hide.

(b). Frye Boots

The company was established in 1863 in a small England town where shoes were made for some everyday workers.

Later, over a century, the company would go on to become one of the oldest companies operating in America that has been continuously operating.

3. Material

(a). Allen Edmonds

The material that Allen Edmonds uses is full-grain leather. It is obtained from animal hides. Full-grain leather is the toughest known leather and is known for its quality.

Full-grain leather is the complete hide of the animal after the removal of the hair when the material is tanned.

How is full-grain leather made?

It is made from the animal’s entire skin – whether kangaroo, cow, or whatever animal is used.

First, by the removal of the hair, then it goes through the tanning stage. This makes the leather tougher and moisture resistant.

Other leather types use either the outer part of the hide or the inner part. Full-grain is the combination of both.

(b). Frye

The type of leather used in Frye’s shoes’ designs ranges from lightweight leather, polished leather, and other times, rugged leather.

These types of leather feel and look rich in character and texture. The Frye brand pride itself in making well-constructed boots that are made from the durable and finest leather.

How is lightweight leather made?

Lightweight leather is made from the outer part of the animal hide. It goes through further processing after the removal of the hair where it becomes tougher and strong for use.

The fact that only the outer part is used makes it less rigid, albeit giving more comfort.

4. Construction

(a). Allen Edmonds

Allen Edmonds adopts the Goodyear welting in their construction too. It is arguably the most intelligent, sophisticated, and long-lasting way of building a shoe.

It is done by sewing a small strip of premium leather from the bottom using a machine, it is sewn to the interior, and back to the shoe’s perimeter.

The enclosed space by the welt is later closed using cork materials. The upper and the top of the sole are stitched all around to give a nice fitting.

This way, the shoe becomes relatively waterproof as it minimizes the possibility of water into the insole.

(b). Frye Boots

The construction of real Frye boots possesses antique metal hardware. The design carries even and cleans stitching which is a reflection of excellent craftsmanship.

This construction pattern also makes the Frye boots comfortable. The fine-tuned Frye material is relatively thinner and flexible.

And this characteristic makes the boot more comfortable. The stitch density on the sole and the stitch density on the welt are designed to match up. It is a traditional construction pattern to help hold the foot in one place.

However, in all, Allen has better construction.

5. Maintenance

(a). Frye Boots

More often than not, the longevity of a shoe is highly dependent on the care and attention that is given to it. The best way to take care of Frye boots is to clean and moisturize them regularly.

We advise that you treat and handle your Frye boots with care as they are not waterproof. Use premium silicone-free waterproof balm that will moisturize, condition, and nourish the boots.

This formula will create an invincible stain-proof from dirt, snow, or rain. It also works for the prevention of the leather from exposure to salt damage, cracking, or drying.

(b). Allen Edmonds Boots

Allen Edmonds Boots are quite easy to maintain. Good shoe polish will do the magic. Always ensure to polish it if it should be kept for a long while without use.

Precisely, if it would be more than a month. It is also advisable to have it stuffed with rags or old newspapers so that it doesn’t get

exposed to the possibility of creasing. You can use cream, neutral polish, or wax. Always ensure to wipe off the dirt on the shoe surface before polish application, otherwise, the color becomes lifeless and dull.

The final verdict is, Frye is easier to maintain.

6. Breathability

Allen has good breathability, albeit, not as much as Frye boots. This is because of the materials that are used for their production.

While Frye uses the lightweight and outer layer of the animal hide (which is relatively thinner and has more pores to all air inflow) Allen uses the full-grain leather that does not permit much air inflow because of its lesser pores.

Frye Boots vs Allen Edmonds Boots: Similarities

Do they share any similarities?

Yes, they do. They are:

  • Comfort
  • Pricing and style

1. Comfort

Yes, they do. Although Frye is a tad more comfortable than Allen, albeit the comfort margin is minute. Both are comfortable shoes and it is fun to rock in them.

The footbed of Allen and Frye is structured to give support to the arch so that walking is done with ease. They’re big on cushioning too.

Allen and Frye may have differences in other aspects, but their comfort level and provision of the common foot need set them far ahead of most orthodox designs.

2. Pricing and style

There is not much difference between the pricing of AE and Frye. Although Allen is a bit pricier. You can get a regular AE design for $320, whereas you get a regular Frye design for $300.

As regards their respective styling. Both do not have the exact shoe models and styles.

However, one common thing among the styles of both brands is how they are able to upgrade and move with current trends and needs. Perfect!


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