Xtratuf vs Muck Shoes: Which Is Superior?

The major difference between Xtratuf and Muck shoes is that Xtratuf shoes cannot fit properly while Muck shoes are true to size.

Have you felt you needed some time away from work and then decide to take a break or a day off work to hike, fish, or go for an adventure outdoor?

If you have, I’m sure you needed to carefully select a shoe or a boot rather that will give you comfort and most importantly, protection.

There are dozens of footwear ranging from waterproof to gumboots, and so on. For outdoor activities such as; gardening, fishing, hunting, farming, and other occupations that will require you to go into the woods, you’ll need a reliable pair of shoes.

Xtratuf and Muck shoes are nice shoes, a great choice for outdoor activities you may consider picking from.

Xtratuf shoes are 100% waterproof, can be used in any environment, and are available in various sizes, while muck shoes are tough and can survive all weather conditions, in most cases, they are used as safety measures.

Xtratuf vs Muck Shoes


Xtratuf vs Muck Shoes


History of Xtratuf shoes

Xtratuf shoes (See on Amazon) was founded in the 1950s. It began by making boots for commercial fishermen and afterward other designs followed suit.

Xtratuf shoes and boots were designed by BG Goodrich, currently, the company is owned by Honeywell Safety Products and it is produced in China.

It has been noted for producing impressive shoes that are light in weight, keeps your feet warm, comfortable, to a large extent they are fashionable.

And most importantly, because it is 100% waterproof, they can be used in fresh and saltwater (for fishing). Although it is difficult to find a good pair, these boots are light in weight and it is designed to fit any condition.

Xtratuf shoes and boots are flexible and 100% waterproof. It focuses on drainage shoes, deck boots, and shoes. They sell clothes and gear as well.

Customers have a range of products to choose from including boots in ankle, mid, and tall sizes. These shoes are available for children, men, and women.

You can use Xtratuf boots:

  • To run errands in rainy and dry weather.
  • To hunt or hike in the middle of winter.
  • To maintain balance during sports and when sailing on the boat.
  • In camp trips for comfort and warm feet.


  • Xtratuf shoes are 100% waterproof and tenacious polychloroprenes boots.
  • Winter boots are friendly and warm.
  • Soft insoles that lessen and protects your feet against moisture.
  • Xtratuf protects your feet against acid and harmful chemicals.
  • It has XPRESSCOOL™ lining for an easy cycle of breeze.
  • Xtratuf is suitable for all climate conditions.
  • It is flexible and not heavy.
  • It has arch support.
  • Xtratuf has a sale page that often accommodates dozens of boots and shoes at affordable prices.
  • It is available in children and adult sizes.
  • Xtratuf has varieties of shoes and fun styles collections like Salmon Sister collections.


  • Unlike regular pairs, rubber boots are expensive to buy.
  • Customers experience shipment delays.
  • Buyers complain about the low quality.
  • Some rubber shoe material is easily used to make Xtratuf boots easily crack in less than a month of regular wear.

History of Muck Shoes

The Muck boots company is Located worldwide in countries such as; the US, China, Dominican Republic, India, and so on. These countries design different patterns of Muck boots.

Muck shoes (See on Amazon) are put together from 100% rubber and a few pair are made with insulating interiors, which can be worn outdoor, including in cold countries.

Muck shoes are well known for the comfort it gives. In recent times, it has been modified into various styles and in different shapes. The sole is usually premade and then a thermal foam is arranged to it for insulation.

These boots are used in many nations as safety measures, especially in countries with a lot of farmers to keep their feet from chemicals, cuts while weeding or raking, harmful insects and pests, and by ranchers from being beaten by snacks, scorpions.

Amazon provides you with more information, descriptions, and collections of Muck shoes with fascinating features.


  • Muck boots keep your feet, comfortable and dry. They have breathable lining containing fibre that allows air to circulate in and around the interior part of the shoemaking your feet comfortably.
  • Durability. Muck boots allow for extra perspiration thereby making the boot last longer.
  • It is easy to wear and remove.  The boots are sneaker-like, taking their feet properly when worn.
  • Lightweight, flexible and Tough.  Muck boots can fit almost all kinds of activities. Its rubber soles firmly hold firm to the ground, keeping the wearer balanced.
  • Protection. The upper part of the shot is made up of neoprene which protects the feet against water and bites.
  • It is fashionable. It can match different styles and can be used for several jobs.
  • It can be worn in mixed seasons.
  • Efficient sales and timely delivery.
  • Balance. Its insoles are slip-resistant.


  • Poor quality materials. After a few weeks of use, the back of the shoe begins to peel off and split.
  • Degrading customer service. The company hardly gives warranties.
  • Wet socks. There is little or no passage of air in the interior part of the shoe so it doesn’t keep the feet dried.

Xtratuf vs Muck Shoes: Comparison

First Glance


Xtratuf vs Muck Shoes

  • Ankle Deck
  • XPRESSCOOL ™ lining for dry feet.
  • Upper leather and waterproof slip
  • Nice looking carbon rubber toe cap and soles.
  • Steel shank plate.
  • Fast drying and coated with neoprene.

Xtratuf vs Muck Shoes


Xtratuf vs Muck Shoes

  • Airmesh breathable lining.
  • Noticeable logo at the side or back of the shoe
  • Strong outsoles with lightweight.
  • Support at toe and heel area which helps to withstand pressure.
  • The boots are approximately 15.5 inches from the arch.
  • Slip-resistant outsole.
  • Steel and round toe cap.

Xtratuf vs Muck Shoes



  • Xtratuf shoes are leather shoes that are classic-styled.


  • Waterproof leather boots.



  • Sole is made up of rubber with a nice-looking cut on them.


  • It is made up of rubber soles that are waterproof and slip-resistant.

Durability and Quality


Xtratuf has produced shoes for over 50 years now, they have maintained their standards since then and are now known for their expertise in shoemaking.

The shoes last for at least two to three years of heavy activities.


The durability of your Muck can be discerned by the materials used and how well it is maintained. On a norm, if well maintained, it should last up to three years.



The price of Xtratuf shoes varies, ranging from $34.75 – $139.95 depending on the category and collection you desire to purchase.


There are diverse categories of boots produced in The Muck boots Company.

The first variety costs $100-$200. It is made with high-quality materials like Flex-Foam.

The second classification costs $200-$300. It is made up of rubber soles and thermal soles for insolation.



Insoles are made from wool. They are inexpensive, washable, and removable.


Muck boots and shoes possess a removable insole liner that can’t be removed and replaced if worn out.



Xtratuf shoe sizes are unreal, it is suggested that when ordering Xtratuf boots and shoes, you generally wear a shoe 0.5 size bigger for proper fitting.

The shoes are on for the first time after purchase already!


Muck boots as a result of their usefulness (in the farm, in the woods during hunting) fit properly.

They come in different sizes for male and female feet. The size guide will aid you to get your perfect fit.

Xtratuf vs Muck Shoes: Which is Better?

It’s not just good enough to be good. These brands have shown excellence and specialty in their handwork.

Muck shoes are superior to me. Its qualities are exceptional and most importantly, its collections are long-lasting and simply perfect for outdoor activities.

Muck boots have a well-defined property of protecting the feet from harsh weather, with animal bites inclusive.

From the features shown above, both brands are fascinating. I am sure that you can boldly walk into a shopping mall and select the best option from a shoe rack that contains both brands.

I can picture you trying on a pair of shoes from these two already!


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