8 Best Replacement Insoles for Xtratuf Boots (in 2022)

While we may want to agree that the best Insoles for XTRATUF boots are insoles that generally fit boots because of the conformity of the inner designs of boots in general. This is not true for some cases as there is a tad different in some of these designs that must be considered keenly.

To get the best insoles for XTRATUF boots, you must pay attention enough to know how the alignment of the boots’ components are designed to function, how their factory fitting for better foot care is doctored, and the technicalities of the materials used in designing the boots.

Without good enough knowledge of all of these, you increase the chances of causing the shoe to fail.

However, you have been spared of the rigors involved in finding the right insole as I have through research, made a compilation of a list of insoles that best fit this said boot to help serve you better. Do well to take a pick.

Replacement Insoles for Xtratuf Boots Features
Dr. Scholl’s Heavy Duty Insole Best heavy duty insole for Xtratuf boots
Superfeet Professional High-Grade Insole Best stability insole for Xtratuf boots
Form Premium Support Insole Best extra-thick cushioning insole for Xtratuf boots
Dr. Martens Comfort Insole Best lightweight insole for Xtratuf boots
Rhinotuff Puncture Resistant Insole Best puncture-resistant insole
Carhartt Insite Technology Insole Best shock-absorbing insole for Xtratuf boots
Honeywell Ademco Insole Most durable insole
Copper Fit Balance Insole Best orthotic insole for Xtratuf boots

Dr. Scholl’s Heavy Duty Insole

Best Replacement Insoles for Xtratuf Boots

You would agree that boots saddle the foot with more responsibility of weight-bearing than most random shoes that range from athletic shoes, casual footwear, skating shoes, and a host of others. and this is because boots cover more foot spaces and raise above the ankle.

The one thing that will help to ease this hurdle is the use of insoles. However, not all insoles will suffice, only insoles that are specifically designed for this cause will help to limit the extent of possible problems that should result from wearing boots. And this is where this heavy-duty insole will come in handy.

Nonetheless, you should be intentional about the size you choose. When the shoe is larger than the insole, there is friction between the shoe material and the insole, and this will bring about squeaking noise. Although, some people have confessed that putting powder under the insole has worked for them.

The insole has a shock guard technology and the arch guard that helps you for impact reduction evenly distribute weight.

It also relieves leg and foot fatigue, and lower back pain. The arch support feature puts your arch in place such that your feet are comfortably seated and balanced.

Superfeet Professional High-Grade Insole

Best Replacement Insoles for Xtratuf Boots

The right features for XTRATUF insoles are features that help with general balance of foot, cushioning, foot nurture, arch repositioning, and stability.

Interestingly, the designers of the Superfeet insole took all of these key factors into consideration to have come up with a type of insole that lacks none of these. Perfect!

While arch pain, heel pains, and other common foot pains are common with the use of long use of boots, the Superfeet seeks to eradicate this with the adoption of a high foam density for long-lasting and durable comfort, and a high arched insole does deliver ultimate support.

All heel pains that should come from having to deal with the shoe’s heel that is underneath the welt, get slashed down by the presence of this Insoles heel cup. It is one of the few insoles that is equipped with the widest and deepest level of heel cup for heel pain relief.

The insole design considers comfort so much so that it has a stabilizer cap, one that helps to stabilize the foam layer, better and adds to the structure and support to the forefoot. In cases where the insole doesn’t fit your shoes after purchase, there is room for trimming.

Form Premium Support Insole

Best Replacement Insoles for Xtratuf Boots

The coolest thing about this insole is the fact that it offers great value at a ridiculously lesser price compared to some orthotic insoles.

While it cuts down muscle and joint fatigue, it also adds extra-thick cushioning to your feet. And most users have confirmed it to be very helpful.

Standing all day long at your workplace can be very energy-draining, especially if you haven’t built the stamina to do so.

This also goes down to affect your energy level and mood. But the use of this support insole makes all of these to become easy to deal with as there is a support system.

The XTRATUF boots are far stiffer than most normal shoes. This, if not properly taken care of, can wreak havoc to your feet and cause misalignment of the ankle joint and some other footpaths. This insole has been designed to adjust to your natural foot shape with time. It cushions too.

This is one of the few insoles that are made incorporating the latest biochemical design. The worst thing to happen to your feet in boots is to have them sweat and get damp.

But that becomes impossible here as the top fabric of this insole is a flutter wave which helps with moisture evaporation and odor control. Hence, you always have clean and neat feet. How cool can an insole be?

Dr. Martens Comfort Insole

Best Replacement Insoles for Xtratuf Boots

The primary reason for adding insoles to every boot is to help increase the shoe comfort and to help elevate the general functionality of the shoe.

However, in an attempt to do that, some replacement insoles that people use often mars users’ experiences rather than bettering them. This usually results in added weight, imbalance, misalignment of shoe and foot, and a host of other terrible hurdles.

Nonetheless, the Dr. Martens Comfort insoles take all of these into consideration as the insoles were specifically designed to have a good fitting to a wide range of boots, much of which the XTRATUF boots are not left out.

The pattern adopts lightweight technology so that you are not faced with having to deal with extra weight, but experience comforts the better your user experience.

A whole lot of impact comes down to your feet when you use the XTRATUF boot, but the use of this comfort insole makes you hardly notice that as there is a large layer of gel in the middle of the insole that absorbs the impact as well as supporting your arch.

The brand is popular for its super comfort. This shoe is ideal for an unforgiving worth of tasking gigs or any type of street fashion.

Rhinotuff Puncture Resistant Insole

Best Replacement Insoles for Xtratuf Boots

While “steel” insoles may sound ridiculously unwise, they are in fact one of the best insoles for boots. This insole has a good force resistance of 270lbs.

They are specifically made for boots that are used in forestry, transport, airports, farming, shipyards. Even boots that are worn for casual use in your leisure time.

With this, your boots get transformed into being orthopedically comfortable while making them impenetrable from any kind of debris, nails or metals easily found lying loosely on the ground.

It is an excellent choice. Know that the metal part of the insole does not have direct contact with your feet.

The steel plate has a covering made with some soft materials and covered with fabric that wicks sweat away to have your feet in moderate dryness, cool, clean, and free from bad smell.

Avoid picturing registered steel under your foot. This is an alloy of flexible steel fashioned to give your feet arch support and heel guard from the heel cup design.

Boots become perfect with this Puncture-resistant insole. This insole works pretty well for bunion/arthritis. But then, be cautious enough to size up your shoes and you would be perfectly alright.

You must ensure to get the right size that fits your boot because this steel Insole cannot be trimmed. For 10.5 Men, get the 10s.

Carhartt Insite Technology Insole

Best Replacement Insoles for Xtratuf Boots

Of the world’s insoles production, there are not more than ⅛ to the total insoles that are designed on the basis of 12,000 3D foot scan technology. And this insole is one.

This foot scan technology gives it better fitting to quite a number of boots. It makes boots comfortable and gives form, while also providing arch support and a good measure of controlled cushioning.

A rigid insole easily tires the feet and can often result in foot fatigue from lack of a shock-absorbing component. But this is taken care of by the infusion of pulsion energy foam, which slashed down the possibility of foot fatigue to almost nothingness.

This is an insole loaded with unmatched quality and features that are engineered to make good provision for energy and performance. And its track record has proven that it is living up to the intended factory design purpose.

And interestingly, even though this wasn’t the initial design purpose, this insole magically works for flat feet too. Many insoles deliver comfort, but they do not last. This one is made with good-lasting leather materials and synthetic fabric.

The single fact that this Carhartt Insole is a perfect blend of quality and comfort makes it an excellent choice. Comfortability reduces when your feet constantly slip on the insole/footbed of your boot. This insole takes a different route as it reduces this slippery possibility by 30%.

Honeywell Ademco Insole

Best Replacement Insoles for Xtratuf Boots

This comes up as one of the best insoles for XTRATUF boots because it does not just stop at having a good fitting with the boot, but is also durable. And It takes only a quality insole as such to withstand everyday use.

It is far better than the standard insoles that most boots come with. One good thing about it is that it almost immediately conforms to your feet with much ease.

The insoles help in boosting the warmth of boots too, just so your feet do not suffer cold. It is a very good insulator and one of the best shock absorbers you would ever find.

The customers’ reviews on this insole tell it all – the designers of this insole have kept a good track record and their goodwill is their best salesman.

Quality products are indeed advertisers of themselves. This insole is always true to size, the fitting always aligns – if you make an order for the size 9 Honeywell insole to use in a size 9 XTRATUF boot, they will fit just fine.

The thick cushioning it offers helps you to glide through the day at work without having to experience foot fatigue.

Copper Fit Balance Insole

Best Replacement Insoles for Xtratuf Boots

This insole is crafted on one main basis; to improve your feet’ stability. And this is the basic reason for the insertion of replacement soles in boots in the first place.

It gives your feet balance inside of the boot while padding it up with superior comfort for the right gait needed to dominate every terrain that you step on.

However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t talk to your podiatrist or medical practitioner before using this insole. Especially if you had any prior swelling, discomfort, or persistent pain.

This will make it easy to have them prescribe the most suitable Copper insole for you as they come in variations.

This insole is orthotic, and it is full-length. It helps you to get your feet aligned and elevate your comfort level by giving your feet the proper cradle that it deserves.

Its low-profile design makes it compatible with the XTRATUF boots and many other shoes. It is ideal for aching and sore feet, resolves overpronation, and betters your user experience.

Nothing spoils your game and puts you on the sideline than having to deal with pains that come from your heel, knee, ankle, lower back, and arch.

But the copper insole gets you back in your game and on track with increased performance level and energy return accompanying every step you take. This is one of the coolest insoles that get recommended to people by most podiatrists.


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