7 Best Replacement Insoles for Skechers (in 2022)

The best replacement insoles for Skechers are insoles that would fit casual and athletic footwear. As well as skating and utility boots. This is because the aforementioned footwear is what the Skechers brand is famous for.

And as such, it is only logical that insoles that should fit Skechers’ shoes are insoles that fall under the category of the brand’s scheme of designs.

However, while you may be tempted to think a certain type of insole is supposed to fit all of Skechers’ production as they are from the same manufacturer, that would not be correct.

Yes, they are from the same manufacturer, but they are designed for different purposes. Utility boots do not have the same functionality as that of skating shoes, neither is casual footwear designed to function as athletic shoes.

You must ensure that the insole you get for each shoe category must have a sound extent of agreeableness to the peculiarity of each shoe category factory design purpose.

Until you have this understanding, except you are lucky you will have a tad problem finding the best replacement insoles for Skechers.

7 top replacement insoles for Skechers Utility shoes

Insoles for Skechers Features
Timberland Promen Anti-fatigue Insole Possesses Anti-fatigue technology
Keen Utility Insole Limitless stability potential
Sure-Grip Skate Contour Insole Best performance-boosting replacement insole
Superfeet Skate Orthotic Insole Best replacement insole for air circulation
Lto Hoe Memory Foam Insole Best pain-relieving replacement insole
Lambaa Unisex Insole Best unisex replacement insole
Dr. Scholl’s Advanced Athletic Gel Insole Best orthotic replacement insole

Timberland Promen Anti-fatigue Insole

Best Replacement Insoles for Skechers

The Anti-fatigue Insole comes first on the list of the best insoles for Skechers utility shoes. This is because it was specifically patterned for the upgrade of comfort and performances, thereby patching all loopholes to help users find ease.

There is not much attention paid to that aspect during the period of manufacturing. The primary problem the Timberland insole aims to solve is to help users of shoes who work in some of the most tasking environments to access unmet needs and gear it towards bettering their experiences.

The insole features an Anti-fatigue technology that helps in shock absorption, such that there is little or no foot fatigue resulting from tired feet.

All thanks to its inverted cone foam which is also a big energy-return feature. One that strengthens your every step.

The insole prides itself on being an enhancer of job performance because of its geometrical technology.

The Timberland Company believes in patterning the features of its insoles to help in maximization of relief by patching all sources of possible austerity.

This design captures the picture of Innovation and excellent craftsmanship. It takes years of experience to have come up with good footwear packaging as such to help you conquer every workday with so much ease.

Keen Utility Insole

Best Replacement Insoles for Skechers

While it is true that the safety rating of most utility boots gets tempered when padded with replacement insoles, there are some sets of insoles that are not captured in this regard and are exceptions.

This is because of the strategic pattern of their engineering. The Keen insole falls in this class. It even aligns the foot and heel because of the presence of the heel cup centers. It is just perfect!

Without compression, this insole gives cushioning to the whole of your feet and grants you access to limitless stability potential. Its absorbing material is full-length, thick, and premium.

It is designed for all-day comfort with energy return accompanying every step that you take. From your forefoot to your heel, there is balance for improved gait. Another reason why you should consider this insole is because you can trim them to your taste.

Unlike other insoles that exude a terrible smell from sweat build-up, the Keen insole is quite different because it has a natural, probiotic-based, quick-drying technology which is a microbes-producing enzyme that helps you to break down sweat odor that should result in a foul smell.

NOTE: The design of most utility boots pays more attention to occupational safety at the expense of comfort.

Although the Skechers utility boots have an extent of comfort, not as much as the rest of its designs, which calls for the need for replacement insoles.

The height and stiffness of the boot shaft, the flexibility of the sole, and mass, are the key defining features of the boot.

Workers in most occupations are mandated to use utility boots, especially those under harsh working environments, for protection from external stimuli.

Sure-Grip Skate Contour Insole

Best Replacement Insoles for Skechers

The Sure-grip insole does not just stop at a good fitting, it also stays in place nicely. It is even slightly thicker than the original insoles that come with most shoes.

Now, this moderate thickness is a good cushioning enhancement feature that boosts performance during skating sessions. It is reported to be one of the few insoles that have gained wide acceptance among many skaters.

The insoles come with lint, a leaf, and other stuff in them, this is for preservation and not to be mistaken to have been used before. I had the same experience too sometimes with this same product and was perplexed until I got to know it.

The Insole is cool though. This is from first-hand experience. The fitting the Sure-grip insole has with the Skechers shoes is as though they are of the same brand and manufactured by the same designer.

If you ever find a reason to feel bad about your Skechers skating shoes because you think they are too narrow, it is most probably because you have not tried the Sure-grip skate contour insole.

This insole is not just going to fix that problem, it is going to add comfort too. It has been 100% recommended by many skate enthusiasts too.

What do you expect from a roller skate company with a wealth of experience? Surely excellent production.

Superfeet Skate Orthotic Insole

Best Replacement Insoles for Skechers

Although this insole was initially made for hockey skates and was designed to increase foot stability so that you can move with much efficiency when you glide across the ice. But then, its thin heel-to-heel profile makes it an ideal choice.

It is cool for a variety of skating shoes, of which the Skechers skating shoes are not left out. Where hotspots, blisters, and friction are common with other insoles during skating, it is entirely different here as it is equipped with the right features to deliver comfort.

As a sports enthusiast in the general landscape of sportsmanship, I have used and come across several insoles for Skechers skating shoes, but the Superfeet skate insole remains one of the best replacement insoles for Skechers.

When skating, the pivotal parts of your feet that need balance more than any other parts are your heel and forefoot, this insole secures your forefoot and heel as it backs them up by rigid support that is traceable to its flexible heel cradle feature.

One great thing about this insole is not exactly the fact that its shape is designed to bring minimal difficulty during skating, it is the fact that its shape hardly ever gets distorted regardless of the rigorous skating sessions that you will get involved in.

You can not gather sweat resulting in smelly feet with this insole. That problem got solved with the perforated forefoot area helping with good air circulation to dry whatever moisture build-up there is. It’s really one of the coolest insoles out there.

Lto Hoe Memory Foam Insole

Best Replacement Insoles for Skechers

While many people may want to believe that Skechers casual footwear does not necessarily need insoles that add comfort to them, that is not entirely true. Although Skechers casual footwear is not really used in places with tasking needs.

But adding a little touch of extra comfort to your casual shoes, even while taking a walk at the park during your leisure time wouldn’t hurt.

It is just cool that this Memory Foam Insole is designed to have the primary function of feet support and lasting cushioning.

The insoles relieve pains from plantar fasciitis and a host of foot problems. And while at this, your feet are kept dry and cool owing to the presence of some carbon particles used in the manufacturing process. This is superb!

With the Lto Hoe Memory foam Insole, you are guaranteed a foot fatigue-free walk. This is because the Memory foam absorbs the pressure that is supposed to be discomfort-causing. An ideal choice at a relatively cheaper price.

The Memory foam Insole is super lightweight and unlike most traditional insoles, does not lose the quality of its components when subjected to water during washing. Here, quality speaks.

When doctors prescribed a regular change of insoles for the promotion of healthier feet, the Ltohoe has been one of the leading choices. And this is because of its goodwill. A goodwill from an awesome track record.

Lambaa Unisex Insole

Best Replacement Insoles for Skechers

Unlike the sheepskin insoles where the lower layer is made of synthetic materials, the Lambaa insole is made from natural materials which are good heat retainers and moisture absorbers. They are usually natural wool fibers.

Another cool thing about the Lambaa insole is how it is compatible with quite a number of shoes. It is almost limitless. While it doesn’t store foot sweat, it also makes your feet cozy and warm; giving you the comfortable feeling of a warm embrace.

And you should know that all Lambaa insoles run true to size. You get exactly what you order for. So you should make your choice according to the size chart that is listed. But then, you must know that the Lambaa insole only fits for medium width, it doesn’t have a fitting for wide feet.

And yes, this insole works with clogs too. There are clog models which are not ridiculously tight and low. But they fit perfectly. Even though this insole does not have an adhesive backing, they do not come up but fit perfectly.

However, if you still want to stick them to the shoe’s footbed because you feel more confident that way, it is also cool too.

Dr. Scholl’s Advanced Athletic Gel Insole

Best Replacement Insoles for Skechers

For all Skechers athletic shoes, this is the best insole. The rugged construction for this design gives it an edge over multiple athletic and sports activities, such that it can easily withstand all the forces and impacts that are channeled towards your feet. And it gives you perfect balance.

When value speaks for itself, the result becomes visible, little wonder the result from a recent clinical study proved a huge 10% move of participants towards the Dr. Scholls Gel insole because of the feeling from the ripple heel wave which springs up to your step in the most soothing way.

There is the aftermath fatigue that comes from post sport and athletic activities. This insole tries to slash this down by infusing the gel technology which drastically cuts down joints and lower body stress, while the arch shell buttresses this by simultaneously improving your side-to-side stability and control of motion.

Even if your athletic footwear does not have removable inserts, you can still use this insole, but then, it still boils down to how tight your shoe fits, and how tight your preferred lacing pattern is before using the insole.

Please note, this insole is solely for support. It does not have any chemical or antimicrobial material. This is no listed medication on the paperwork.


There is no better way of getting the best feeling from Skechers footwear satisfaction than having very comfortable shoes. And this becomes tripled when you get the right insoles that spur the betterment of their functionality.

But the problem comes from being saddled with the responsibility to find them when you are not equipped with the knowledge to do so.

However, you are spared of the burden to search for the best replacement insoles for Skechers as I have through research, and from the feedback of the firsthand experiences of a wide range of users, come up with a list of great insoles for Skechers, treating each pigeonhole of shoe category under Skechers’ production with respect to their purposes. Do well to make your choice.


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