6 Best Replacement Insoles for Toms

With its invention dating back to 2006, Toms shoes have become a famous trend in recent years and are worn mostly by both males and females alike.

The shoe brand is known for leveraging lightweight and eco-friendly materials to produce one of the best casual footwear primarily composed of canvas, rubber, dye, and pig suede.

The pig suede is the raw material that has been used in the production process of their unique insoles for comfortable purposes.

Unfortunately, insoles of even the best of the best shoes usually wear off or deteriorate over time.

If you’ve gotten to this point, then you know it’s the right time to get a new, suitable insole to replace the previous one.

Finding it pretty tricky to find the right insole to replace the insert in your Toms shoes? You are in the right place!

List of 6 top replacement insoles for Toms

Top Toms replacement insoles Features
Florsheim Ortholite Insole Overall best recommendation as replacement insoles for Toms shoes
Khombu OrthoLite X25 Best for high-level breathability
Ortholite Triple Zone Insole Unique foam Cushion is known to never compress
Superfeet Insole For Medium Thickness and Arch Insole
Spenco Rx Shoe Insole The stand-out feature for shock absorption
LTOHOE Memory Foam Insoles Beyond the use in Toms shoes

Florsheim Ortholite Insole

Best Replacement Insoles for Toms

Having examined what made the typical Toms shoe Insole peculiar and placing it side-by-side with this Florsheim Ortholite Insole, I observed that the matching Similarities and even improved performance are pretty impressive.

Apart from being machine washable, this Insole has been designed to be extremely lightweight such that as you wear your Toms, you enjoy a day in and day out airy comfort.

Similar to the rest of the materials that Toms is made up of, this Florsheim Ortholite Insole features Eco-friendly materials, particularly 5% recycled rubber.

It has been structured to peak on moisture management and breathability without sacrificing aesthetics.

While the construction of the Insole will suit Toms male shoes more, it is a good thing that the shoe Insole is powered by Ortholite – a major player in the making of the typical Toms Insole.

Materials like high-rebound foam are part of what gives this Insole the ability to conform to the shape of your foot.

By this, you are able to enjoy custom cushioning as you make every leap on your Toms footwear.

In addition, there is a unique open-cell structure that offers extreme moisture management to ensure the feet are kept cool and dry all day long.


  • Machine washable
  • Fairly prices
  • Breathable
  • Durable
  • Offers just the right support

Khombu OrthoLite X25

Best Replacement Insoles for Toms

While these Khombu OrthoLite X25 is widely patronized for high-impact sports shoes, it also has its hierarchical place in suiting minimalist footwear like Toms shoes.

The orthotic insoles also feature OrthoLite’s foam shoe inserts and have a thin layer. Since it is made of 5% recycled rubber, it is considered eco-friendly.

What really places this Insole among the top-recommended for Toms shoes is its stand-out level of breathability. The full-length orthotic insoles have foam with open-cell PU technology.

This allows the right among of air to circulate into the shoe, ensuring that the area is cool and comfortable for the feet.

In addition to this, the OrthoLite X25 features a unique open-cell foam structure that repels moisture from the outside and then a patented polymer to fight the growth of bacteria which would have led to odor.


  • No fungus, bacteria, and odor.
  • Breathability to prevent sweats
  • Manages the moisture in such regard
  • Made with eco-friendly materials
  • Durable Cushion for long-lasting support


  • No faults detected so far

Ortholite Triple Zone Insole

Best Replacement Insoles for Toms

There are two significant reasons why you might want to consider choosing this triple-zone insole as one to replace your Toms inserts.

The first is that the product has been created by the leading manufacturers of comfort and performance insoles which echoes its credibility and worthy Ness.

The manufacturers have ensured that the Insole is breathable, controls odor is easy to clean, and is long-lasting.

Speaking about long-lasting, which leads us to the second reason, is that it features a unique foam Cushion that is known to never compress. Yes!

On the contrary to the conventional gel or silicone inserts, this one features a unique foam Cushion that compresses less than 5 percent over time which accounts for much longer and more durable performance.


  • Won’t Compress Over Time
  • Triple Zone Comfort
  • Designed by Footwear Industry Experts
  • Versatile
  • Open Cell Foam to repel moisture


  • You’ll have a narrow fit for these to work really well for you

Superfeet Insole

Best Replacement Insoles for Toms

Superfeet is a leading manufacturer of replaceable insoles and it is pretty hard to see 10 similar brands at a time that can content with some of their flagship insoles.

These comfortable Superfeet BLUE insoles might be pricey but definitely worth every penny. How do u know?

If you are going to be replacing your Toms insoles with these, be rest assured that the rails of the Superfeet orthotic support shoe inserts will offer enough structure and support to your feet since the narrow cap will be stabilized and reinforced.

The obvious heel cup has also been put there for a good reason and that is to better position your heel such that the impact derived from the ground is naturally absorbed.

This does not go without mentioning how little space this orthotic shoe insert takes in your Toms shoe without cutting short on the right support where needed.

The overall thumbs-up, I perceive, will be accredited to the closed-cell soft foam insoles that ensure this Insole serves for a very long time.


  • Understandable fit profile
  • Stabilizer cap
  • Heel cup for accurate support
  • High-density foam layer
  • Great for flat feet


  • Despite the fit profile, it is widely believed that Superfeet’s sizing recommendations can’t be relied on exclusively
  • Pricey

Spenco Rx Shoe Insole

Best Replacement Insoles for Toms

If you are particular about an insole that will do a good job in absorbing shocks and impact, then you should look no further than this impressive Spenco Rx Shoe Insole.

The full-length Insole is made with the right cushion that will bring comfort from heel-to-toe in addition to the cushioning layer that will absorb shock and impact.

It is observed that many insoles out there, especially once that replaced the original insoles, usually have problems of blisters on the feet of the wearer. Well, that is not the case with this amazing Spenco Rx Shoe Insole because it features 4-way stretch fabric to prevent that while controlling odor.

It is a recommended option, especially for those who are in search of a flat layer to aim at lightweight comfort.

It is true that these insoles are thin, have no heel or Arch, but they are completely flat to aim at lightweight.

This also means that they might not be ideal for other types of shoes, but for only minimalism shoes that require flat insoles like some Nike designs and Toms too.


  • Great option, if shock absorption is prioritized
  • Affordable Ideal for flat shoes like Toms

LTOHOE Memory Foam Insoles

Best Replacement Insoles for Toms

Mad of 6mm and 8mm memory foam, this LTOHOE Memory Foam Insoles is ready to offer long time cushion and feet support through whatever shoe you have in mind to stuff it into – even though it isn’t toms.

It features active Carbon Particles that help to keep your feet dry and fresh all day and of course, are refried to as absorbing insoles for long-distance walking, hiking or running.

Apart from these, these LTOHOE Memory Foam Insoles also serve as a perfect gift idea for the special him in your life of which you care about their health and comfort.

Please note that the printed logo on the insoles is the side that is required to face upward while you position it into your Toms shoes.

However, there have been some instances where the insoles slip around as one walks with the shoes.

In such a case, it is recommended that you turn the insoles downside up. If the situation still persists, you can use Blue Tack to ensure it doesn’t happen again.


  • Perfect for daily use
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Versatile


  • It appears average buyers of this insole are pretty much satisfied with the performance as there are close to zero complaints about underperformance

How to pick the right insole to replace Toms shoe inserts

As mentioned earlier, Toms take pride in leveraging Organic Cotton and Repreve Recycled Polyester to produce their shoes.

However, the unique material spans beyond that as they also integrate the use of  Green EVA Outsole, Eco Fibers, and Ortholite Insoles.

We might not be able to itemize these materials and what they mean for shoe production, but our major point of focus is the Ortholite insoles that Toms use for their designs.

The Ortholite insoles in Toms shoes are made of an open-cell polyurethane foam that is flexible but also capable of absorbing shock.

What this means is that: when choosing an insole to fix in your Tom shoes, you want to make sure that they match the benefit you will be deriving from Ortholite insoles.

Meanwhile, these types of insoles come in either EVA or HPPE versions. While the latter is more resilient, the former is rather lightweight.

Toms insoles are removable and replaceable because they feature Ortholite insoles.

From this angle of thought, we can firmly deduce that insoles that suit the replacement, when the original Toms insole begins to wear off, must be:

  • Lightweight
  • Feature a breathable foam material
  • Serve as an excellent shock absorber.
  • Prevent the growth of fungus and other bacteria
  • Should provide superior cushioning
  • As a plus, it doesn’t have to cost an arm and leg.

How to replace tired Toms insole with a new one  step-by-step guide

It’s one thing to successfully purchase replacement insoles for your toms shoe, and it is another thing to be able to position it well such that it delivers the right comfort and support.

With the following six easy steps, you will see how easy it is to replace the insoles in your Toms.

P.S: This can apply to pretty much any other shoe of similar design, as well.

Step 1: Get your Toms shoe ready and then your new insoles ready.

Step 2: Next thing, which is actually the first action, is to completely remove the Toms insoles. Note that the inserts are glued but can be peeled out very easily especially if they are really worn out already.

After peeling out, you will see how disgusting the tired, worn-out insoles are.

Step 3: Grab your new insole and unbox. There are some that allow you to trim to fit the size of your Toms shoe. That is why I fully recommend this Florsheim Ortholite Insole

Step 4: if you are going to follow the trim to fit a pattern, that is, if it isn’t exactly your size but bigger, then Place the original insoles on top of your new insoles, trace the shape out with a pencil, and then cut along the traced outline.

Step 6: Finally, you have your sure-fit new insoles. Fix it into your Times shoes and get rid of the old one.

If the new insoles you got do not need any trimming, that is, if it’s exactly the size of your Toms shoe, then all you need to do is to unbox and stuff it into your shoes.


There is no doubt that Toms shoes are loved by many people and this is a result of several factors. Apart from being a simple and enduring design, the casual footwear naturally feels comfortable and is easy to put on.

While the shoe is generally built with eco-friendly materials and a trendy approach to design and aesthetics, the fact that its insoles will eventually get tired over time, after prolonged usage, remains unchanged.

If this has happened, you don’t need to worry about getting another Toms collection since you can replace the insoles with a suitable one.

However, it can be difficult to pick the right one, especially when considering sizing, comfort, breathability, durability, and support.

I hope this buying guide has been able to help you break through these decision-making barriers.


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