7 Best Insoles for Air Force 1 (in 2022)

The best insoles for Air force 1 are insoles that whilst they align with the shoe’s inner design, also positively affect three core things; planar pressure, joint motion, and rate of perceived exertion measures.

You must understand the fact that not all insoles are great for all types of shoes. Every insole, regardless of how they are designed to function, must have a design that is compatible with the footwear in which they are put.

Best insoles for Air Force 1 Features
Physix Gear Insole Best insole for stability
Spenco Comfort Cushioning Insole Best cushioning insole for Air Force 1
Dr. Scholl’s fitness Walking insole Best orthotic insole for Air Force 1
Powerstep Pinnacle insole Best insole for heel comfortability
Superfeet Green insole Best shock absorbing insole for Air Force 1
Xinifoot shock-absorbing insole Best insole for toe support
Hefe Luxx Comfort Starter insole Best insole for plantar fasciitis

Most times, certain insoles are not bad in themselves, they just do not fit for the types of shoes they are merged with as their designs are not done to properly function in that regard.

You should also know that before an insole should be deemed fit for being best for Air force 1, such insole should meet the set of requirements as earlier mentioned, ease the hurdles that every person wearing the Air force 1 faces day to day, and must have a great extent of compatibility with the design of the said shoe.

Now, this brings us to these questions, “what are the hurdles that someone wearing the air force 1 faces?”

Take note of this, the varying designs of different insoles have a direct effect on the wearer’s gait and performance. Hence, excellent arch support and a good heel cup design are two core features that every insole for Air force 1 should have.

This is because an Ergonomic heel cup design reduces the pressure from the foot, while good arch support helps to evenly distribute plantar pressure. It is a good thing that all the insoles on this list below have these qualities. Make your choice.

Physix Gear Insole

Best Insoles for Air Force 1

Aside from the insoles for the Air force 1, the truest test for every good insole for use in any shoe is one that wouldn’t negatively alter the way that a shoe is originally designed to fit.

This is why the Physix Gear insole is doctored to fit appropriately, and also slash away discomfort through semi-rigid arch support.

One of the basic reasons why people adopt the use of insoles for Air force 1 is increased stability. And the fact that this Insole has an increased cradle for stability enhancement just makes it perfect.

It is common with other brands to have flat feet insoles, but that is not the case here because the fabric used brunches you up while you’re in action, such that keeps you active and makes you stay put.

What can define an excellent insole if not one with features that massively reduces muscle and foot fatigue, making it ideal for use in hiking, camping, running, and lots more – all thanks to its super dual layer base

This is not one of the conventional insoles, but one. It is ultra-thin just so it has a good fitting of the inside of the Air force 1 internal design, low profile, and lightweight.  It is far better than thick cushioned insoles.

While some insoles come in limited sizes, the Physix Gear insoles come in five different sizes to meet a good variety of different shoe sizes.

But then, if your shoe size falls in either of the sizes, you’re still covered because there’s an easy-to-understand trim guide that it comes with to help you with smooth cutting and customization.

Spenco Comfort Cushioning Insole

Best Insoles for Air Force 1

The Air Force 1 is a Nike product, you should understand that the Nike brand has a unique design that puts all of its products in hidden conformity regardless of outward appearance.

This fact is the reason, not every insole fits Nike’s Air force 1 and other designs of the brand.

However, the Spenco company has successfully made a good extent of compatibility with various designs of different shoe brands, much of which Nike is not left out.

The alignment between the Spenco insole has an excellent fitting with the Air Force 1 such that one could easily mistake the shoe and insole to have been from the same designer.

This insole is designed with the insole shape technology as it is super ancillary – provides support, and is big on cutting edge lines. Foot blisters, footsore and tired feet are very much alien in the world of one that uses the Spenco Comfort Cushioning Insole.

What do you expect from an Innovative company established in 1967? They certainly had grown from tides of experiences to deliver nothing short of super quality.

What insole can provide this much comfort if not one with an excellent cushioning layer that is big on shock absorption and arch support? Well, the Spenco insole makes it a reality.

Dr. Scholl’s fitness Walking insole

Best Insoles for Air Force 1

While some people use the AF1 for street play, others use it for professional play. If you fall in the category of the latter, then the Dr. Scholl fitness insole got you covered.

This is because it features a superior cushioning that slashes down muscle fatigue for the enhancement of longer hours of use and longer walks.

Note that during professional play or casual training, your feet get subjected to a wide range of shocks resulting from physical motion.

This calls for an insole that reduces all forms of foot fatigue from extended training sessions, the designers were smart enough to have infused the ActivePerform Technology that equally works for both strain, foot stress relief, and lower back pain reduction.

No insole would fit for the AF1 if it neglects the lightweight components that should not add another layer of discomfort to the shoe.

Well, it is cool to know that this fitness walking insole has done very well in that regard. And to add, just so there is added responsiveness during use, the shoe features a stimulating node.

What defines any insole that is best for the AF1 is first, alignment – the mechanisms, being the shoe and the insole, must have a good extent of fitting, after which other features are secondary.

Well, this fitness insole has passed that test to have been featured in this list. The extent of alliance between the AF1 and Dr. Scholl’s insole is best defined as excellent.

Powerstep Pinnacle insole

Best Insoles for Air Force 1

The reason people opt for the use of different insoles in their AF1 aside from the one the shoe comes with is basically to improve their personal user experiences.

Now, knowing the important factors to consider when trying to improve a user experience is crucial. One has to be careful enough to not bring added discomfort in the course of eradicating it.

You should also take note of where you’re buying it from as you may not get a quality one if not purchased from an authorized seller.

Plantar fasciitis has become a common issue with most people, however, this insole solves this problem. What you get from this insole is reliable support paired with a unique arch shape for an excellent arch and general foot support.

It tackles the issue of overpronation and other foot conditions ranging from foot sole pains and aches. The cushioning feature has proven to be great too.

This is one of the best insoles for AF1 that not just add good fitting to the shoe, but also better the structural support of your feet, whether, for just casual walking for a few miles or for athletic use, this insole has proven to be just perfect.

The foam material used is Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA). It gives almost the same soothing feeling as the super-soft croslite material.

The lightweight features add to its comfort too. The three main features of the Powerstep Pinnacle insole are the cradles arch for heel support, the pain relief feature for added comfort, and the firm, yet flexible framework for general foot support.

Superfeet Green insole

Best Insoles for Air Force 1

If you could recall, the early part of this article spells out that the best insoles for Air force 1 are insoles that whilst they align with the shoe’s inner design, also positively affect three core things; planar pressure, joint motion, and rate of perceived exertion measures.

This insole is perfectly captured in this picture because while it has a good fitting to the AF1, its stabilizer cap is constructed with a base layer to support the rare foot while enhancing stability and the general structure of the foam layer thereby evenly distributing all planar pressures.

There is the shock that comes from every step that you take. You will only need a type of insole that is big on density foam, such as used in the Superfeert Green insole to neutralize all forms of shock, thereby allowing for long-lasting comfort and cushioning.

Xinifoot shock-absorbing insole

Best Insoles for Air Force 1

Just like the AF1 is an everyday shoe, this insole is also designed for everyday use. This design makes it cool for a variety of causes; hiking, sport, running and any form of long hour use.

It features a three-layer design. The outer layer that is made of mesh is big on breathability. The middle layer makes sure to eradicate the tiniest bit of shock m, while the inner layer is made of the Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) for maximum comfort.

The AF1 sole is a tad bit high, and this could easily result in knee problems from the slightest bad gait.

Nonetheless, the XINIFOOT insole features anti-skid and knee protection features for the minimization of knee damage while bringing about exercise protection, thus delivering maximum fun during use without sacrificing comfort.

There are a variety of sizes you could get them from, the way you are open to a wide range of options to choose from, according to your foot/shoe size. The insole has a good extent of fitting with the AF1 too. You can trim to fit too.

How the designers were able to align the cushioning feature of the Insole in a way that is not easily altered by a shoe’s inner design is just more than awesome.

Only an insole built on modern design and elevated craftsmanship can cover such a large landscape on fitting, arch support, and cushioning in a way that still carries a beautiful appearance along.

The brand has kept a good track record for itself to have been able to command this much relevance from past times till now. And this can only result from a good user experience traceable to quality designs and better fittings.

Hefe Luxx Comfort Starter insole

Best Insoles for Air Force 1

The main idea behind the use of an external insole is to bring comfort. Everything that revolves around the adoption of an added insole is for the enhancement of comfortability.

Now, this is one insole that has a healthy dose of energy capsules (of course not literally) compressed inside of every pair for maximum energy return accompanying every step that you take – all thanks to its premium E-TPU material.

The soothing compatibility that it has with the AF1 is on an entirely different level. And all of these are what eradicate all forms of pains resulting from flat feet (pronation), bunions, plantar fasciitis, and a host of other foot conditions.

The idea of a good insole is not just so that it is all excellent at its early days/period of use. The ideal test for a good insole is not easily subjected to wear and disfiguration. And the fact that this Comfort Starter insole is big on durability just makes it perfect!

No one wants an insole that is neither big nor too small, hence, this insole comes in different sizes.

However, if you purchased one that ends up much bigger than expected, then you’re still on a safer end as the insole features an adjustable unisex sizing that allows for your specific size customization – cool tailoring to your taste of shape.

The HEFEX LUX COMFORT STARTER INSOLE is truly great. Yeah. Think of the best insoles for Air force 1, think the HEFE LUXX COMFORT STARTER INSOLE.


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