10 Best Replacement Insoles for Golf Shoes

The best replacement insoles for golf shoes you can get are dependent on how well these insoles can solve the need for which they were obtained in the first place.

Do you get off balance when you make a good swing? Instead of looking up into the heavens and wondering, look down at your shoes where the problem is and replace the insoles.

Here are my top 10 replacement insoles for your Golf shoes

Replacement insoles for golf shoes Features
Currex Edgepro insole Helps to control moisture levels
Powerstep Original Orthotics Great orthotics replacement insole
Superfeet green insole Best foot stabilizing replacement insole for golf shoes
Birkenstock Birko Active Arch Best medial support replacement insole for golf shoes
Naboso Neuro Insoles Best golf shoe replacement insole for balance
Aline Golf Shoes Best body aligning insoles
Treadlabs golf insole Top replacement insole for arch support
Protalus insole Best foot stress-relieving replacement insole
Spenco Arch Support Insole Best shock-absorbing insole
Sorbothane insole Great insole that helps with feet stability

Currex Edgepro insole

Best Replacement Insoles for Golf Shoes

Corressole is one line that has dedicated the production of its insoles to be used for sports. They are not some random brand whose insoles are accidentally fitted for sports use.

And for certain, the edge pro design is specifically made for golfers, and for the maximization of foot control.

This insole perfectly fits into golf shoes with no trace of any uncomfortable bump which is common among the “in-the-counter” insoles.

The adhesives used to hold its components have great adhering power, such that this insole can be trimmed to fit the dimensions of golf shoes without the components going apart.

This insole, you can get according to your foot arch shape and type as it is available in three different profiles; high, medium, and low.

The reinforced arch support technology used in this design, which is crucial in golfing, helps in the eradication of all possibilities of bone misalignment while in motion.

The free flex feature of this insole, which is a memory foam surface that is derived from bamboo charcoal, and is a great regulator of humidity, also works for the control of moisture levels.

It eventually results in the odorless nature of the insole, and this is one reason most golfers have confessed to having found perfect!

This insole also features a dynamic arch technology (DAT) that massively reduces foot fatigue which would have caused muscle cramps and pangs traced to prolonged movements.

Powerstep Original Orthotics

Best Replacement Insoles for Golf Shoes

First off, this insole is pocket-friendly and is also full-length, and available in different standard sizes. Powerstep original orthotics were at the inception of the powerstep insole line.

They are designed to have good fittings into golf shoes and feature antimicrobial fabric which works for friction reduction without sacrificing foot coolness in the hottest of weather.

Golfers have always appreciated the powerstep orthotics as it enhances stability and stronger foot support. And throughout their times with the powerstep orthotics insoles, it has been from one stage of awesomeness to the other.

Superfeet Green insole

Best Replacement Insoles for Golf Shoes

This is one insole that is pretty big on foot stabilization. All thanks to the unique stabilizer cap feature of the Superfeet Green Insole from recyclable polypropylene that is fully behind it.

It works for the enhancement of flexibility and control of the wearer’s feet. Every insole of this brand is designed to be able to last for at least 500 miles of use.

The Superfeet green insole also features advanced heel support that works for the eradication of feeble heel support such as plantar fasciitis. And for maximum comfort, this product also features high-density foam, a closed-cell type that enhances comfort.

Another cool distinctive feature of this product is its heel cup design. And for the alignment of the rear foot during movement, and for the maximization of the heels’ comfort, it features a unique structure.

And this is the first contact point of your feet with whatever terrain you are stepping on.

The Superfeet Green Premium insole makes provision for consistent bone alignment and movement support which satisfies many golfing needs. Think best replacement insoles for golf shoes, think the Superfeet Green Premium insole.

Birkenstock Birko Active Arch

Best Replacement Insoles for Golf Shoes

This insole provides your feet with arch and longitudinal medial support. The German footwear brand behind this design is renowned and known to be reliable.

The insole comes with a specialized support feature that works for an even distribution of body weight, especially during the upright position. It also enhances golfers’ poses when they want to strike.

The Birkenstocks birko active arch insoles also have flanges, the high-raised type that facilitates stability and controls movements.

The arch of this insole is finished using a type of woven mesh topcoat which enhances breathability as it wicks sweat and brings about long-lasting comfort. It is great for use during long hours of golfing in the scorching heat of the sun.

Naboso Neuro Insoles

Best Replacement Insoles for Golf Shoes

The revolutionary system of the Naboso Technology Insoles works for strengthening the natural connection that exists between the brain and proprioceptors of the planar foot.

The Naboso method controls stability, control, and movement by a unique method supported by surface science and texture research – and all of these, makes it perfect for golfing.

87% of 50 golfers confessed to having noticed improvement from this insole as it relates to their golfing. The Naboso insoles have the unique type of point 2 discrimination – all thanks to its surface which is covered by tiny pyramids – this, in turn, works from the stimulation of each of the feet’ nerve endings.

Every node therein has good spacing which is doctored in accordance with the existing gap between each of the nerve endings, and this is for the maximization of foot comfort during golfing hours.

This function can be likened to reading Braille. This insole sets itself apart from other insoles from the Naboso Technology which operates by the re-establishment of some natural connection to aid long-term and permanent results.

This insole also has a customized fit for every size and shape.

And when it comes to compatibility, the Naboso insoles can be paired with different types of insoles leading to compound results.

This thin insole mimics your feet’ sole and feels like your second skin – this way, movements become enhanced by sensory stimulation – and this covers up far above golfing needs as it suffices even for podiatry treatments too; such as plantar fasciitis, diabetic neuropathy, and fall prevention programs.

Aline Golf Shoes

Best Replacement Insoles for Golf Shoes

This is one insole that dramatically causes a change in your stability when you swing. It is an excellent choice for any sport that involves hip rotation or any bilateral activity – it comes with extra responsiveness as it enhances bends, turns, and twists.

This golf insole is big on breathability too. The ALINE traction started off with the exact tech just as the ALINE, which in turn, helps in the alignment of the knee, feet, back, and hips. It also activates other foot functions.

For more effectiveness, the ALINE insoles can be altered by the use of ALINE TABS, although the ALINE TABS are to be purchased separately.

What insole could be deemed as one of the best replacement insoles for golf shoes if not one that is engineered with rebound and rib flex technology that allows free feet movements during golfing?

The durable mesh fabric of this insole enhances comfort and increases moisture for the betterment of users’ experiences. The terrain of the golf course is uneven, when a golfer walks and is not very careful, it can result in ankle twist or hip misalignment.

For this reason, this insole features heel cups that have gel pads to securely hold your feet while simultaneously providing you with shock absorption.

Treadlabs golf insole

Best Replacement Insoles for Golf Shoes

These insoles are semi-cushioned, removable, and extra gives stability for added biochemical support.

This is from the TREADLABS website:

improve your comfort, your swing, and your stance with the Tread Labs arch support insoles.

The ideal choice for golf shoes with removable insoles.

This excellent choice features cushioned foam top cover and a polypropylene arch support. Provision of biochemical support is made through arch support. And this guarantees comfortability while improving stability and alignment.

The unique foam top cover is resilient and gives spring your every step, and adds comfort to every shoe.”

Protalus insole

Best Replacement Insoles for Golf Shoes

This insole focuses on three core qualities.

  • Stability
  • Alignment
  • Support

These three are important while you are on the golf course. The design of this insole is for better poisoning and improved alignment. Your extremity becomes well-positioned, such that it gives you a better swing posture.

Your performance becomes enhanced as there is a focus on stability, which results in a better golfing experience from good weight rotation and weight shift. In the end, there is a powerful golf swing.

It also features some structures that are biochemically enhanced to support your feet where there is a need for it.

Spenco Arch Support Insole

Best Replacement Insoles for Golf Shoes

Designed with a FLEXALIGN Technology. This design helps to dissolve the shocking possibility from off the balls of your feet.

For this reason, many golfers find it great as it even works for pain reduction that is traceable to Morton’s neuroma.

It also has a Power-Gel base that promotes added shock absorption too.

The anatomical shape of the Spenco Ironman Flexalign Neutral Arch Support Insole gives your arch good support and which is a more reason why it is a perfect option for golfers and an all-round choice for persons with Morton’s neuroma.

Sorbothane insole

Best Replacement Insoles for Golf Shoes

Whether for comfortability or for height increment which is key in golf, the Sorbothane Shock Stopper Double Strike Insole is the best. Its thickness reads 7mm at the forefoot and 25mm at the heel.

The multifaceted design of this insole allows it to be cool for comfort, support, and excellent cushioning.

There’s also a heel cup feature in this insole, just at the rear which works for ergonomic arch support, and stability.

This insole brings an excellent balance between cushioning, spring, and foot control while slashing down uneven balance, shape, and pressure thereby allowing your Achilles tendon to function properly without difficulties.

Why do you need to replace golf shoe insoles?

  • For prevention of further damage
  • To bring stability
  • For prevention of health issues

Prevention of further damage

You will need to change your insoles every 3-6 months depending on regular use, handling, and care. Tears, wear and overall fading can be more harmful to your feet than they will do you good.

This will result in improper posture, blisters, and lots more. I understand that you will want to get the most out of your shoe, and not want to get newer insoles as it will cost you. However, getting good insoles will prevent the aforesaid ills.


This discomfort that comes with the ills of a bad insole while playing golf puts you on a larger scale of instability.

A good insole brings balance and stability and makes you more focused on your golf game than on your shoes.

Prevention of health issues

New insoles are used for the prevention of health issues caused by painful joints, aching feet, and improper posture. Good newer insoles can help in solving these problems.

Keeping the existing insoles above their life expectancies will only worsen it.

Note: You must understand that all insoles worthy of being tagged as the best replacement insoles for golf shoes must be able to satisfy the three core needs as stated above. This is why I have made a list of excellent replacement insoles on this premise.

Final Words

I understand that every insole that is worthy of being listed among the best replacement insoles for golf shoes MUST have certain unique qualities, distant from what random in-the-counter insoles can offer.

As such, all insoles on this list are specially chosen to meet the required golf needs.

Good insoles do not easily get flaccid after a few days of use. Most of them often have complex designs and features that make them fit for use for different purposes as they solve varying foot needs.

It is on that premise that all insoles which fall under this list meet these requirements.

Every insole on this list is from the feedback of my testers, recommendations from golfers from many years of golfing, and from other credible users.

I strongly recommend that you should make your choice from here if you need it as each one here is sure to serve you better.


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