7 Best Replacement Insoles for Olukai

The best insoles for Olukai are insoles that conform with the patterns and design of the Olukai brand. For clarity, the Olukai shoes feature arch and anatomical support. The brand is very big on these.

While an insole with a high extent of arch support is not bad, merging it with an Olukai product that already has a good dose of arch support will only result in your foot getting an overfeed dose of arch support, and this is not healthy.

Best Replacement Insoles for Olukai Features
Easyfeet insole Best insole for optimal feet support
Geyoga insole Best insole for stability
Happystep insole Best shock-absorbing insole
Walk-Hero Comfort insole Best insole for feet alignment
UGG Women’s insole Best ultra-modern cushioning insole
Riemot Memoryfoam insole Best memory foam insole
Dr. Scholl’s Air Pillo Insole Best orthotic insole

Not to bash on insoles with good arch support, but then, understanding the need to use an insole with a certain moderate feature if the said feature already exists in the shoe you want to use it for, is key. It doesn’t just revolve around arch support, but as well as other features that most shoes have.

The ideal thing to do is to find an insole whose features are moderate to complement that of the shoe of intended use, such that when put inside of a shoe, the shoe and insole do not conflict, but form a smooth alignment for the betterment and elevation of users’ experiences.

The use of a quality insole is great, but the extent of its compatibility with its intended shoe of use is greater — as such, this factor is utmost, and must be prioritized.

It is from this understanding that I have done the research, gotten feedback from testers, and have consulted other professionals in the world of footwear to factually come up with a list of the best replacement insoles for Olukai. Make your choice.

Easyfeet insole

Best Replacement Insoles for Olukai

Note that the first considered and vital feature of the EASYFEET insole is its optimal arch support. Optimal. This insole has a good fitting to the Olukai shoes, it has maximum cushioning as the forefoot of the insole is designed with gel for better alignment.

When an insole is not right, it becomes an added stress, however, the case is different here due to the presence of stress reduction technology on both your feet and lower body joints.

Bad insoles cause increased foot heat and unhealthy moisture build-up, leading to sweaty feet. But this insole has a soft and air permitting orxinilite layer of foam that allows for moisture absorption and air circulation, which keeps your foot fresh and moderately dry.

What insole would perfectly work for temperature management and order prevention if not one with moisture-wicking treatment embedded inside of it? Well, the EASYFEET insole is captured in this description.

This insole serves multiple purposes as it suffices for cross-training, walking, and running too, it covers a wider range of compatibility with quite a several shoes – both athletic and casual footwear.

And if for any reason you end up not being satisfied with the product after purchase, then a refund is possible. Nonetheless, the brand promises customers satisfaction. Good fitting, free shipping.

Geyoga insole

Best Replacement Insoles for Olukai

The GEYOGA insole made it to this list because it fosters a balanced relationship between your feet and the Olukai shoe.

It has cool features like the bottom layer foam sole that controls bunching and reduces wrinkling. This way, there is the adequacy of stability and good traction.

This insole package contains a pair of six insoles, each being double layer and delivering you maximum comfort from its excellent rubber latex material.

It is not a type of insole that is easily susceptible to wear after a few uses, and this is because it is designed to meet the hurdles of everyday use.

Far from most of the orthodox insoles that pay not much credence to quality, the GEYOGA insole offers its customers one of the best insoles out there, and it is not just great for Olukai, but cool for use in winter boots too.

It is very comfortable, of great value and it is suitable for most shoe styles. The Insole effectively pumps new life to old sneakers.

The designers were professional enough to strike a good balance between all of the features, being; cushioning, arch support, breathability, evenly distribution of foot weight, and moisture content absorbency.

And all of these are strategically implanted in this insole so that none overlaps and none lags too.

You know good insoles from the track record that a brand has set. And the GEYOGA insole brand is big in that regard.

It does not just concern itself with merely designing insoles, but very well pays mind to how the insole will have a good fitting with its supposed shoe of use for a better customer experience.

Happystep insole

Best Replacement Insoles for Olukai

The idea for the adoption of every insole in use for a shoe is to better fittings, cushioning, reduction of shock (shock absorption), and a host of other reasons.

Your effort becomes futile when, instead of bettering your shoe use experience, you end up with additional problems such as; overlapping arch, over raised heels, improper foot sole balance, and a host of other misappropriation that results in inconveniences.

And all of these can only happen when you neglect the need and establishment of proper syncing to exist between the shoe, foot type, and the specific insole used.

While some insoles and shoes are not compatible and lead to bad results for a wide range of users. Some are not bad in themselves, they could be compatible and still not give you a proper fitting if your foot type is not fit for them.

But the possibility of a case as such becomes narrowed down when an insole is designed to satisfy a wide range of users regardless of their feet types. Now, this is where the Happystep insole comes in. It is just perfect.

This insole comes with customized and full-length cushioning, all thanks to its polyurethane sole.

Now understand that the Olukai shoes fall between mid and high-volume footwear, and this insole also has its compatibility verse enough to capture footwear that falls in this regard.

This is one of the reasons the HAPPYSTEP insole is great for Olukai shoes.

Walk-Hero Comfort insole

Best Replacement Insoles for Olukai

Good fitting, which is the main need for the use of external insoles aside from the one that a shoe comes with, can only come from an improved shoe and leg alignment.

It is cool for Olukai because there is moderation on all of its features that exist in Olukai shoes. Its comfort and cushioning features are engineered with professionalism.

It gives you moderate support and control for casual hiking and walking during your leisure time. The insole doesn’t wear out quite easily as it has been designed for everyday use.

The fact that the WALK-HERO comfort insole doesn’t just form a good alignment with the shoe, but also help in the relief of pains resulting from pronation, plantar fasciitis, bunions, arthritis, and a host of other foot problems just makes it one of the coolest choices you would ever get.

When an insole makes use of one of the best materials like Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) as the signature material of the WALK-HERO insole, then expect a quality production.

A good insole will surely help in good foot positioning, and it takes an insole with the ideal feature for good foot positioning to have this job done.

However, the WALK-HERO insole comes in handy as it has a heel cup feature that allows for this, especially during times of heavy landing and high impact activities thereby driving stability and increased performance.

UGG Sheepskin insole

Best Replacement Insoles for Olukai

The UGG SHEEPSKIN insole has kept awesome goodwill for years now. However many counterfeits and knockoff products are coming to sip from this goodwill by making similar products with lesser quality.

You would know if you keep both the original and counterfeits side by side and feel them. Quality speaks.

But it could be very much deceiving as these counterfeits designers have mastered the art of making almost the same design.

As such, you are advised to only make your purchase from only verified sellers/distributors so you don’t get ripped off your money.

The UGG brand was founded in 1798 and has since expanded and grown from normal casual insole producer for casual shoes to use in both classic and renowned boots, and shoes, much of which Olukai is not left out.

The brand has great reach for value to have even been used by the Hollywood royal fashion editors.

The brand’s insoles were initially designed based on what the company felt was best for its customers. However, in the long run, the management and designers felt there was a need for customers’ intent to be met.

With this, there was increased satisfaction from users as most production was based on users’ preferences.

The fact that this Insole is designed with cognizance paid to key details that solve day-to-day problems that most users experience makes it one of the best replacement insoles for Olukai.

The insole is foot-friendly, it has an ultra-modern cushioning feature and a great warm-up feature that keeps your feet in tender care.

There are just a few replacement insoles for Olukai, and the UGG SHEEPSKIN insole stands out. The only few people that have got complaints are those who purchased from unauthorized sellers.

Riemot Memoryfoam insole

Best Replacement Insoles for Olukai

You should understand that one core thing to consider if an insole must be great is the density of the materials used in its production.

How closely or loosely packed the molecules that make up the material adopted for the design of an insole will determine not just how long a material will last, but also the ease with which some of the features wear out.

While highly dense material used for insoles reduces foot friendliness, loose material will wear out easily when constantly hammered on by your feet on daily use.

Hence, there is the need to strike a balance – and this balance is one of many secrets of the RIEMOT MEMORYFOAM insole. This is the secret behind its excellent cushioning.

The insole is made of three different components; the spandex layer, the memory foam, and the shaping cloth. And all have formed a good alignment and fitting to the Olukai shoes, bringing enhanced comfort and convenience.

The possibility of having skinny feet becomes narrowed to nothingness as the insole is breathable enough to have your feet kept fresh and moderately dry all day long.

It is also fast dry and machine washable. And the return policy of the brand spells out the possibility of opting for a change/or return if a buyer needs a change. Well, as long as it is kept intact and no part of it is damaged just as it is at the time of purchase.

The company advised that you check compatibility before buying. Inasmuch as this replacement insole covers a wide variety of foot types, there are a few foot types that are not captured in this picture.

As such, there is a need to make sure that purchase is done with this understanding.

Dr. Scholl’s Air Pillo Insole

Best Replacement Insoles for Olukai

The Dr. SCHOLL’S AIR PILLO insole makes it to this list of the best replacement insole for Olukai shoes because of two things; its compatibility with the shoe and the fact that it is built for people who experience discomfort with shoes.

First, it aligns with the Olukai shoe and then allows for comfort. No replacement insole can be tagged great if it does not suffice for these two core values.

This insole is designed based on a double-layered system which makes provision for cushioning and support thereby bringing lasting comfort.

Its bottom layer, unlike that of other insoles that shift constantly, stays in place with reduced bunching and wrinkling. While other insoles have limitations to certain shoe sizes, such is not the case here as you can trim to fit your taste.

The uniqueness of this insole and the extent to which it effectively fits, its cushioning, and shock absorbency are just too great to ignore.


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