5 Best Replacement Insoles for Brooks Running Shoes

The best replacement insoles for Brooks running shoes are insoles that are tailored towards helping runners to run with minimal difficulty, and for the enhancement of all track and field activities. This is because these running shoes are designed to function and find relevance in that regard.

This means, whatever type of fitting that an insole has with the said running shoe is futile if it doesn’t align with the intent for which the shoe is designed.

Hence, I have come up with a list of the best replacement insoles for books that is based on statistics taken from the preferences of these users (through questionnaires). I am certain that this will help you in no small way. Make your choice.

Top 5 replacement insoles for Brooks running shoes

Replacement Insoles for Brooks Running Shoes Features
Airr Performance full-length gel insole Best heel supporting replacement insole
Currex Runpro Best arch support replacement insole
Sof Sole Athlete Performance Gel Insole Best performance replacement insole
Hellicup Athletic Running Shoe Best athletic running replacement insole
Viva PedGag Sport Insole Best unisex replacement insole for Brooks

While it is great that an insole should have a good measure of compatibility with its shoe of use, what supersedes that is finding an insole that helps a shoe to better its factory design function.

Although the Brook shoes are indeed designed on the ground of revolutionary technology of running shoes that has sound backing of years of scientific research and tides of upgrades, one can easily say the brand must have evolved to accommodate a wider range of balance and compatibility with most replacement insoles.

This is true to a limited extent as there is no brand that has a “one-brand-fit-all” type of shoe design. What becomes paramount here is knowing the types of insoles that fall in this brand’s sphere of agreeableness, and identifying the loopholes therein, so as to know the insoles that will help patch the loopholes, or help people with orthopedic needs.

It is from this understanding that I have made research and have gotten first-hand feedback from actual users of the Brook running shoes.

Airr Performance full-length gel insole

Best Replacement Insoles for Brooks Running Shoes

You would know the quality of an insole, first, from its material. And the fact that polyurethane is used as the sole material, plus a synthetic outer material and COOLMAX fabric are great.

The material components that make up this design speak volumes of the value it offers. While the designers of the AIRR insole make good shoe fitting important, one core thing that is not left out of the design is how it evaporates moisture build-up resulting from sweat.

It is only natural to have a rise in body temperature during exercise sessions. And the body begins to let sweat out of your skin pores which eventually end up in the foot and travel down to the insole.

In cases like this, when it involves the use of conventional insoles, they become damp and lead to smelly feet. But all thanks to the COOLMAX technology used here for easy evaporation of moisture.

While some insoles just lay flat when put in shoes, the AIRR PERFORMANCE insoles make use of AKYDEX technology that is strategically placed at the arch and heel of the insole – they are air capsules that help to convert every impact caused by kinetic energy so there is a high extent of shock absorbency. Another feature of this insole that spurs shock absorbency too is the gel forefoot.

There are quite a number of good replacement insoles for Brooks running shoes, but the AIRR PERFORMANCE FULL-LENGTH GEL insole stands out.

Currex Runpro

Best Replacement Insoles for Brooks Running Shoes

To know that the CURREX RUNPRO insole is one of the world’s best leading insoles for most running shoes is relieving.

It has always been true that one of the core values common with every good insole regardless of shoe type is to have a good extent of agreeableness with the shoe it is used for. They must align.

And this is practically seen in the CURREX RUNPRO insole as each of the insoles of this brand has varying flex, height, and arch shape which makes it easy for the possibility of a customized fit and compatibility with a large number of shoes, even the Brooks shoes too.

With the CURREX RUNPRO insole, your comfort is sure as it is certain to deliver a 3D contact which will, in turn, activate your 70,000-foot nerves for a better foot function.

Most track athletes consider their running shoes incomplete without the CURREX RUNPRO insole as its value has made it become a popular choice.

It is good for an insole to have good features. But what most designers fail to consider is making these insoles available in different sizes.

But that is not the case here because the CURREX RUNPRO insole is available in both low, medium, and high. With such a wide range of sizes, it is available for almost everyone.

Do you think you have found the coolest Brooks running shoes you consider perfect? Well, the CURREX RUNPRO can add a better feeling.

With this insole, there is optimal arch support and better comfort. Thanks to the adoption of the superior materials used and the Dynamic Arch Technology.

This means reduced injury possibility, added stability for better gait and confidence, controlled motion, and sensation comfort are all at your doorstep with the CURREX RUNPRO insole.

This insole is extremely lightweight and thin, it is fashioned this way so it doesn’t add extra height or weight to your shoe. The insole promises reduced foot fatigue, enhanced stability, great repulsion power, and unsurpassed comfort.

Sof Sole Athlete Performance Gel Insole

Best Replacement Insoles for Brooks Running Shoes

The best replacement insoles for Brooks running shoes are not those sets of insoles that are designed to be used for running alone.

While we can say that they are cool for the Brooks running shoe because it really is a running shoe, we cannot deny the fact that running shoes are used for other functions too, such as; hiking, cross-training, and even for daily casual uses.

If this is the case, then we need insoles also that are of multifaceted use to match the multiple responsibilities saddled with the running shoe.

The designers of the SOF SOLE ATHLETE PERFORMANCE GEL INSOLE understand this, that is why they have made the design of this insole to answer the call of the multiple needs of the running shoes with minimal difficulty.

Hence, this insole can serve well when the shoe is used for running as well as the other aforementioned causes.

It is cool to know also that the arch of this insole is not restricted to a specific foot type, but is designed to be contoured neutral, thereby being compatible with different foot types and for use in both athletic and casual footwear. Perfect!

And just so there is no sweat build-up inside of the shoe, this insole features the hydrologic moisture wicking treatment that makes sure your feet are kept in moderate dryness, safe, and fresh. And this simultaneously tackles the problem of bad foot smell.

The design of this insole is geared towards bringing comfort and functionality to your everyday use. And this is the reason even if the trend of many insoles for running shoes keeps making waves in the market, this SOF INSOLE will always be conclusive.

Hellicup Athletic Running Shoe

Best Replacement Insoles for Brooks Running Shoes

One thing about the HELLCUP ATHLETIC RUNNING insole is the fact that it offers a good measure of cushioning without sacrificing its fitting.

Most times, when insoles are adjusted to fit some types of shoes, the wearer is mostly faced with the decision to choose which of the qualities is paramount to their feet’ uniqueness.

This is because when an Insole is designed to absorb shock impact (cushioning), such a type of insole, in most cases loses its fitting in the process.

However, it takes a few insoles like the HELLCUP ATHLETIC RUNNING insole to offer both functions without having to sacrifice one for the other. And this is cool.

Most insoles function badly, and it is not because they are bad in themselves. It is because they often shift from side to side during use. And this is traceable to a lack of good control of motion.

Nonetheless, this Insole has good motion control. All thanks to its materials of design which are; high-density polyurethane (PU) foam,  memory foam cushion, and cool max fabric top cover. The combination of all these is an excellent blend of true quality.

Another thing that adds to its shock absorption power is the air bubbles underneath the heel area that has helped in no small way, especially during activities that have high impact.

Ensure that you are careful enough to not order this from any unverified distributor as there is the possibility of getting an entirely different product from what you subscribed for. Check for the different available sizes too just so that what you get matches your feet size.

If there is any technology that is perfect for the foot care industry, then it is the Poron pads – an excellent choice the HELLCUP insole adopted for its design.

Viva PedGag Sport Insole

Best Replacement Insoles for Brooks Running Shoes

Every good insole is designed to align with many shoe types. It is a good thing that the VIVA PEDGAG SPORT insole is not left out. Cool to know that it is universal too and not gender-based.

It can even suffice for young teens with larger feet. The VIVA insole supports your metatarsal and also brings about nerve pressure reduction and helps in the prevention of splayed foot, now this helps you to walk naturally because it eases all forms of pains in the arch.

What better insole can be for running one if not one as such that provides non-bulky support. This way you are sure of an all-day-long comfort and full foot support to better your user experience. An excellent choice.

You are also guaranteed nothing short of a six-month-lasting insole even if you are to have this for everyday use.  This vegetable-tanned Insole is of a high value and produced by a German manufacturer who sees to it that quality is prioritized.

These are the four things you must consider when buying any insole for running shoes

  • Purpose
  • Cushioning
  • Support
  • Fit


You must consider the need for what type of insole to buy when going for shipping. You must understand the reason you need them in the first place.

If the reason falls within the range of having plantar fasciitis, prone feet, or flat feet, then you should buy a running insole that is good on arch support.

If you are a runner that suffers from shin splints, or you mostly run on pavements, then you certainly need a type of insole that has good cushioning too.

But then, you must ensure that the chosen insole is suitable for your running gait, your feet type, and must be one that is not injury-causing.


Since running insoles should indeed have good shock absorbing potential and comfortability, they should have a good extent of cushioning as well.

Ample cushioning though. Such insoles must not bring added weight to the shoe but must deliver firmness as runners need this for good support.


Running insoles must be capable of supporting your feet regardless of the terrain that you’re using them on.

No one wants an insole that causes further pains instead of helping to ease foot aches. Having an insole that supports your feet is key and must not be undermined.


Yes, this is one of the most paramount. Everything about insoles as it relates to shoes begins and ends with good fitting.

First off, no matter how good an insole is designed, all efforts will end up in inadequacy and futility of performance if the insoles used in a shoe do not align with it.

As such, you are advised to use an insole that has a good extent of alignment with its shoe of use for balance and comfort.


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