Do People Still Wear Vans in 2022?

Yes, quite a lot of people still wear Vans today both as a regular part of their clothing or occasionally. In fact, the Vans brand has never gotten better in terms of brand value and equity this year.

How long ago did you see someone across the street sporting a pair of Vans? Your answer might be today. A lot of folks today still wear and use Vans shoes for everyday activities.

Vans shoes can be worn by both male and female individuals, old or young, and even athletes, professionals, and sportspersons.

Today though, Vans footwear isn’t as popular as it was during the early 60s and 70s, we find that people still love their comfortability and unique design.

In the 1990s, their sales drop to about 25 percent due to competition from other brands in the skateboard shoe industry.

However, over the last decade, there has been an increase in sales, with a 26 percent increase in revenue around September 2018.

Overall, in recent times there is a global increase of about 25 percent and in 2018, they sold over 75 million pairs of shoes.

What kind of people wear Vans?

Do People Still Wear Vans in 2021

Vans has no restriction on the kind of person who is allowed to wear Vans footwear. It can be worn by absolutely anyone, there is no gender barrier or age factor associated with the wearing of vans shoe.

Today most people find the shoes very comfortable and supportive with a slip, and tough canvas material. Since its inception in 1950 Vans has catered for the skating community, producing shoes that enable anyone to achieve greatness on the board. It has even been adopted by snowboarders for perfect board riding.

Today many people wear vans as part of their casual or regular outfits which is great because they are stylishly fashionable. Other professionals like skateboarders and BMX athletes.

We have come to realize that Vans are worn by professionals in the sports scene because of the amazing qualities offered in every footwear you buy.

These features are practical and functional, making sure it’s a favorite pick for everyone to use and enjoy. We have listed below a few people and individuals who rock Vans regularly.

  • Professional skaters
  • Amateur skaters
  • Youths and street artist
  • Musicians and celebrities
  • Normal people
  • BMX riders
  • Tennis players
  • Athletes

You can see that the list covers anyone who is a human being. Although, we agree that some professions and sports like skateboarding have a higher demand than others when it comes to Vans shoes.

They are usually chosen as the best choice for their feet due to some qualities that make them stand out from other sports shoes in the market. We are going to highlight those qualities that make them the go-to brand.

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Why people are in love with Vans

Do People Still Wear Vans in 2021


We all know money is vital and you cant get almost anything done without it. Vans shoes are very affordable with a price range for the most basic and simple designs costing just under 100$.

With 50$ in your pocket, you can invest in a quality pair of vans that is attractive and durable, lasting long under high-pressure conditions.

Because they are affordable and also offer one of the best grades when It comes to durable shoes, they become the best choice for anyone looking for affordable good shoes.

No-slip sole

Vans shoes are widely known for their advanced honeycombed, waffle, vulcanized rubber zero slip sole that supports and sticks to the floor, board, ramps, and any surfaces you have them on.

This slip-resistant design is beneficial to professional athletes and other sports enthusiasts as they are provided with good traction and support when riding, running, and performing tricks on the board.

Its zero slip technology is significant in improving lateral speed and agility whenever you are training or performing. Skaters, tennis players, and dancers love the coefficient of friction it provides, this increases the maximum ground reaction force necessary for intense activities.

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Lateral seam and toe box

The Vans footwear is specially designed for skaters. While performing tricks and thrashing your board all around the romps and parks you move in the lateral plane or frontal plane.

Sometimes bailing from your boards at high speed happens and catching the ground means your foot would be lateral to inertia. All this pressure is acted upon the shoe and the only reason Vans footwear doesn’t compart at the seam is due to its very durable lateral seam and toe box.

They can withstand various intense lateral forces and remain and high pressure in the toe box from tricks without a tear, ideal for agility on multiple surfaces like rubber, concrete, or asphalt.

They hold up better and provide additional responses as you perform.


Vans shoes are great for your natural arch. They have ‘’zero-drop’’, meaning that your arch natural form is fully supported.

This reduces foot fatigue and increases the flexibility of movement in the shoes. Any shoe without proper arch support means that you have more work placed on your feet which is bad for you.

Vans guarantees adequate support for your arches in every model with regular use of insoles with high arches making space for your arch to rest during all your daily activities.

So, we have seen some qualities that make Vans a great choice of footwear among many professionals and individuals alike.

Vans shoes aren’t just meant skaters alone as we have seen that other people also wear them daily.

We have sorted out other ways and activities you can confidently wear your Vans to;

Casual Fridays

You can definitely improve your casual look on weekends and holidays with a pair of Vans and good denim jeans.

They match and a blazer would do proper justice to the attire.

Game time

We all love game nights with family and friends. Vans footwear has slip-on models that are suitable for any kind of fun-filled gaming activities you might do.

Date night

A night out with your special person is more beautiful when you have a Vans on. it compliments any look you decide to wear.

Since its inception, the Vans company has become eco-friendly in its dealings. They save about 400 trees yearly from using packaging materials that are sustainable and also and eliminated hangtags branding on several products.

The shoebox in which every shoe comes in is created using 80 percent post-consumer recycled paper all of which is printed using soy-based ink.

For their upper covering, they employ the use of the (BCI) which is the Better Cotton Initiatives that aim to reduce harmful environmental impacts of growing and harvesting cotton, improving lives, and driving economic development in cotton-producing countries.

They have partnered with many non-profit over the years and supported cleanups around beaches and parks to show their support for earth green day.

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At what age should you stop wearing Vans?

No age at all.  There is no restriction or red tape on the age limit for anyone seeking to wear the Vans shoes.

Vans is one of the biggest shoe brands on Earth today with a minimalist design and multipurpose function, and are recognized by many for their unique quality.

They have kept and retained their exceptional quality, durability, and stability since their origin in the 60s, delivering timeless classic and iconic status since then.

They are highly unisex in design and can be worn by children and adults alike. People who are advanced in age and require special shoes for support or those injured may not enjoy Vans product, instead, they should purchase footwear that are recommended by the doctor for preventing further complications.

Are you a poser if you wear Vans?

Wearing Vans shoes doesn’t make you a poser. Since the invention of Vans shoes, they have been identified as functional and well-known skater shoes.

Posers are those people who dress, look or appear like pro skateboarders but don’t have any skating experience or have little to no skill.

Vans footwear can be worn casually for any occasion and purpose because it also functions as normal footwear outside the skating rink.

A lot of people say they are skaters but can’t perform when allowed to do so, they even go as far as having the correct attire and board. These are the posers.

This set of people only see skateboarding as a fashion statement having no interest in riding. They can be seen around the skating rink in full gear and Vans shoes but in reality, they have no skills and cannot perform tricks.

Without proper observation, you can be fooled by them into believing they can skate, but on closer inspection, you can easily differentiate between who is and isn’t.

Wearing of Vans by non-skaters is a very common phenomenon these days and sometimes they can be called posers by other skaters for wearing them.

However, this is not the case as long as you never lied about the skating skills you are not a poser.

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Can you wear Vans every day?

Yes, Vans can be worn every day depending on your preferences or choices. Vans are very good and durable footwear that has made a name in the footwear and fashion industry.

Their merchandise has grown from shoes to other clothing apparel and accessories. Because they are sporty and casual in appearance you have to consider this before deciding to wear them to work or events.

They have a broad range of colors, designs and styles that meet up to any fashion standard and trend-matching most kinds of outfits and attire.

If your workplace is fluid enough to allow you to dress casually or smartly casual you can improve your look by pairing them with a matching Vans shoe.

Because they are made from durable canvass material and have advance technology featured in their design they can be made out to be everyday shoes.

They have a flexible midsole that does well to support your natural arch, reducing foot fatigue and their sole is made with vulcanized rubber for increased traction.

They are not easily exposed to wear and tear lasting long enough for you to enjoy every bit of what they offer before getting old, with different models and styles to suit your individual preferences.

If you are going to wear Vans every day make sure to buy a model that offers the very best in comfort, stability, support to you as you bustle around all day.

They keep the feet comfortable in all kinds of weather and are also well fitted, with a standard lace design or easy slip-ons that feel like they are glued to your feet.

Are Vans bad for your knees?

There is no direct answer for this as Vans shoes have different models with varying degree of comfort and support. Some shoes have been known to have bad reviews from a few people and there is hardly any shoe product without people who didn’t like it.

However, Vans is favored by most when it comes to the question of whether or not they are bad for your knees and we can’t base our opinions based on a few bad comments.

Vans footwear is manufactured from the best of materials and the sole has a waffle design that grips well. They are lightweight and don’t feel like a burden on your feet.

Some users have applauded the comfort they feel when they wear Vans shoes, this is due to substantial padding laid on the insides of the shoe. Pressure is lessened to a smaller degree when you walk or run with strong rubber soles and it increases stability which is good for your knee.

Some models of Vans have better features than others and it goes to say that these are the best choice for you if you intend to wear them constantly.


Do People Still Wear Vans in 2021

Vans shoe company has been in the business of making shoes that skaters love all over the world. They manufacture shoes that are specific to the needs of the sport, although many other people wear them for their classic and beautiful design.

In the 60s to 70s Vans was so popular among the youths and street artist community gaining influence from partnerships with popular celebrities and artists.

Though today it’s not as popular it’s still widely used by many. Their design is unisex fitting both males and females, also they can be worn by persons of all ages.

They are durable and have leather, canvass, or a mixture of both covering the entire surface, this material is sturdy and flexible enough to resist tear and increase comfortability.

Due to its influence on skating many pro skaters see any none skaters as posers. This isn’t always the case though as Vans can be worn by just about anybody who wants it.

They are capable shoes and have various styles, colors, and designs that you can choose as an improvement to your wardrobe.

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