Can You Wear Vans If You Don’t Skate?

Of course, you can wear your Vans shoes for any other purpose aside from skating. Although Vans are known as skate shoes, modern-day Vans shoes are made for fashion purposes and not primarily for skating.

The modeling of Vans shoes is very vast, leaving buyers with loads of options for a variety of purposes including fashion, running, and skating.

Another purpose of Vans shoes is to “enable creative expression” and inspire or help push the ideology of youth culture and lifestyle.

If you are not the skating type, Vans shoes are still a great option to have in your collections because of the way it matches with numerous clothing style and different cultures.

What else is Vans great for apart from skating?

Running & Walking

There is still this notion that Vans shoes are just too grippy for running exercises or sports. As it continues to linger, people still use them for both walking and light running activities nevertheless.

This is mainly because Vans shoes offer an array of options that possess everything you need in an athletic shoe, despite it is built for fashion or walking.

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There are things to consider like weight, cushioning, toe space for maximum comfort and compactness when exercising.

Let us have a look at one of the best running and walking shoes from Vans; The Vans X SE Bikes Style.

This is one of my favorite running shoes from Vans mainly because of its timelessness. It has been used to perform in prestigious bike racing environments right from the 70s, making it a strong sporty shoe.

The Vans X SE shoe features sturdy leather, carefully padded collars, and waffle-type outsoles for comfortable running and walking activities.

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Another great option is the Classic Sport which might not be as “legit” as the Bikes Style but very much recommended for running and walking exercises.

This “old skool” pair is very fashionable but surely lies between fashion and sporty activities based on its features.

Not only does the Classic Sport consists of reinforced toe caps, rubber outsoles for grip, and awesome padded collars, it is also some really nice pair to go with some trendy dress code. It is versatile and never disappointing.


Most Vans shoes are built for fashion. Let’s be succinct. Take a look at the array of trendy and “old skool” patterns on the Anaheim DX, Cornstalks, Comfycush, and the Dachsund models.

Most of them are even customized. Vans still remains one of the most formidable fashion shoes on the planet today.

Why do skaters wear Vans?

Why do skaters wear Vans? Because it provides them with both style and protection while they are performing skating tricks in the street.

It keeps their feet warm in the winter months while still being able to put out an intense performance. Skaters know that visibility is key when performing tricks in the streets so they make sure their footwear provides them with the best possible look while they are executing their moves.

If you’re a skater, then there’s a good chance you’ve seen at least one pair of Vans in a YouTube video or on TikTok.

These shoes are extremely popular and have been for years. More recently, industry professionals and brands have taken notice of the unique retro look and unique style that casual skaters embrace.

Vans is a favorite shoe of many skaters. These 90s inspired shoes helped athletes compete in the Salt Lake City Olympics in 1996, and have since become a staple in many athletes’ footwear collections.

After breaking in new shoes, many pros noticed that their strides were, in fact, more agile without sacrificing speed or comfort. Skaters often slip on unfamiliar surfaces, whether street or groomed parkland and need support while executing turns and stops.

The Vans High top is made with padded toes for slip-resistant performance in any weather.

People ask me why did skateboarders start wearing brightly colored shoes? The answer has to do with skate culture. Something about the way people dress; both physically and culturally which influences how people think.

And this is precisely why Vans became the shoe of choice for some of America’s top skaters.

Vans have become the skate shoe of choice because they’re comfortable, versatile, and easy to get dressed in. It’s a simple shoe with many uses.

Without a doubt, the great thing about Vans is that they allow skaters to express their creativity as well as performing arts and crafts while they’re doing it! If you’re a skater who likes to perform arts and crafts on your feet, then Vans are a perfect shoe choice;

The answer has something to do with the history of skating and the culture that developed around it. It’s also about function — the way a skateboard works is very different from a normal shoe.

Is it bad to wear Vans?

Yes and no, depending on how you wear it. I’ll explain.

If you are an average-sized person who has never owned a pair of skates before, you are going to end up looking goofy in them – especially if you pick the wrong pair out from the several hundred choices on offer.

Even if your sole purpose for owning a Vans shoe is to rip them off and run around in circles, you are still going to look ridiculous in them no matter what.

There are disadvantages to Vans and advantages to them. The disadvantages include that they are uncomfortable (especially for men with thicker ankles), they can get dirty easily because of the leather patches and they don’t look very stylish on many people.

But if you have narrow feet or severe Achilles problems, these can be perfect for you (especially if you like old-school sneakers with thick soles).

Another disadvantage of Vans is that they are not waterproof. In case of rain, that precious leather can get wet and lose its shape.

Also, they don’t have the cushioning properties that other footwear tends to have, so when you are hit by an unexpected bump, it will probably hurt more than other types of shoes.

On the other hand, they are affordable, easy to clean, and durable. If you do a lot of running, then you may find that the rubber sole of Vans actually offers more protection than other types of running shoes too. Wearing Vans can give you a confidence boost.

It can show you have style and that you know how to get around town. This confidence can carry you through the day and help you get what you want in life.

If you are a man and like to rock shoes, then the advantages of the Vans shoes are many. Your feet will thank you for them. From the sleek design to the comfort level (in general) and durability.

However, there are disadvantages of Vans that you should be aware of before you decide if they are worth wearing. This begs the question which many people ask: Is it bad?

Are Vans good everyday shoes?

Yes, Vans are good everyday shoes.

That said, Vans do have specific uses. Sometimes you want a more cushioned ride, or maybe a little more insulation. The most important thing about Vans is that they don’t get in the way of your work or your daily routine.

But if you’ve got big plans for your shoes (and if you do, I bet it’s more than a simple “transportation” purpose) then you should be aware of some specific uses that could potentially reduce your Vans toe-hold in the footwear industry.

Vans have gained popularity in recent years as an everyday shoe.  The answer to the above may sound obvious, but it’s actually surprising how many people assume Vans are primarily a fashion tool.

While this is certainly an important aspect of Vans design, it doesn’t take into account the other purposes Vans can be put to. There are several different reasons why Vans are commonly used as everyday shoes like running, hiking, exercise, skateboarding, etc. Everything has been explained.

Yes. Vans are versatile shoes that can be worn on any type of terrain and can keep your feet warm in the wintertime. They can be worn to go running or jogging as well. In fact, they are much more comfortable than most casual shoes, which can lead to injuries if not used correctly.

When it comes to finding the right Vans shoes for men, size doesn’t really matter. But since most people go to malls or online and buy shoes there, size does matter a bit. If you are over 6 feet tall, consider getting a size 10 or 11. If you are between sizes, try getting the next smaller size.

Use them when living in cold climates. Vans with heated floors are great when you need extra insulation on a cold day in January or feel like your feet will stay warm even in -30 F temperatures. Use them at home if you are concerned about damaging your other shoes.

Use them for casual wear when you don’t want to deal with the mess of washing and drying your favorite pair of shoes every single day. Use them on a long drive if you are concerned about damaging your expensive footwear.

In all these cases, a heated floor Vans will definitely warm up your feet while leaving your ankles and wheels nice and dry.

Do Vans go with Jeans?

I’ve been asked this question many times on social media and two things seem to come up over and over again. The first is whether or not to wear Vans with jeans. The second is who makes the best Vans.

My theory is that people think of Vans as men’s shoes, although this is not always true. Women can also wear Vans and jeans and it depends on the brand of Vans as well as how much you pay for them.

Jeans on men aren’t worth much if they aren’t tailored properly allowing nerve compression to take place damaging your tendons and ligaments over time. A well-tailored pair of jeans will not only protect your ankles but will also improve the look of your widened arch.

Many people buy jeans and wear Vans shoes. You could be forgiven for thinking that they look almost the same. However, there are subtle differences in the uppers, prints, and more that can distinguish one pair from another.

Some basic info about both brands: Men’s Vans have a higher rise to toe and slight heel, while Jeans have a more relaxed fit. A better choice might be a size up from what you wear normally.

Jeans are fine for casual wear, Vans for business casual. Not all casual Vans are created equal, even if they claim to be “casual”. Casual Vans don’t have the same restrictions on the materials and colors you can wear.

Final words

There is so much on offer for Vans shoes. People will tell you the sole aim of Vans shoes is only for skating purposes. Even if that is 100% true, then that ideology shouldn’t be applied to modern-day situations.

For crying out loud, I don’t think with all the amazing state-of-the-art features embedded in these, shoes, they should be restricted to just one purpose. Like we have concluded, they can be used for various purposes and as effective as the other.

If you are an ardent skateboarder, you can also put on those same pair for casual events, even to a party! Vans do not limit its usage and maybe that is why they are one of the best shoes around.

They might not be the best at sporting wear or fashion as a whole. But they are indeed some of the multi-purpose shoes you can buy at such an affordable amount.

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