Are Vans Good For Driving?

Vans might appear as a simple shoe to be good for driving than fashion, no doubt, they are functional driving shoes you should have already. The sole of Vans is solid and flexible to ease foot movement and feel on the pedals.

By now, you should understand how simple driving will be with Vans as your driving shoes. This article will reveal many other things you should know about this product in a minute’s time.

There are various shoes one can drive cars with. Among the best three shoes we have are Tod’s Gommino, Dune Barnacle leather driving loafers, Ugg Henrick Stripe, and many others, Vans are not exempted.

What makes Vans a suitable shoe for driving?

Solid and flexible for force distribution across board

Vans may not be the best driving shoes, but they are very suitable for driving and parts of the reasons are that they have solid soles and flexible as well.

They are not even the most comfortable or the most stylish out there. However, Vans are ideal in all three departments, as well as less expensive compared to most shoes suitable for driving.

Vans are my favorite for driving for a reason; they always ready to be used for many purposes and as well firm in legs—they have always been around and are not ready to be out of fashion at any time.

Super-versatile and durable shoes

Vans are super versatile and durable. They can go with varieties of outfits and can be suitable in any situation.  If there is anything like shoe world, Vans are the Jeep Wrangler in that world.

Going by the criteria needed for comfortable driving, Vans has the features that make safety in driving achievable. They are always flexible, the soles are flat and solid—these features make the pedal and brake control easy.

They are comfortable. Picking shoes that are comfortable for driving is a key guide for selecting the best shoes for driving.

When it comes to comfortability in driving, Vans can give you that sensation at any given time. Your legs will be comfortable on the pedals, and you will be able to command the reaction time as supposed.

Vans are fitting and light

A driving shoe is expected to be fitting. Yeah! Vans are very fitting to the driver’s legs. They are light as well, therefore, they will not create any discomfort while you drive with them—that means, there will be no fatigue or pain due to driving shoes after driving.

Grippy and lightweight shoes make a perfect choice for driving. In this regard, Vans are not lagging behind at all. They can make the driving experience more interesting to you.

If you haven’t found the best time to make Vans your next driving shoe, I think the right time is here.

Shoes that are simple and firm are recommended for driving. Use simple shoes that are not of the high heel or too flat. Vans are powerful designs that fit every situation.

This is the reason why I see the first designer as a super wizard. The design has refused to go with any time or period.

My Favorite Vans shoes for Driving

It is true that Van shoes are as old as time but fashion has refused to go behind the time flow. Vans do not only come in a more flexible form but also are always adaptive to every situation.

Back in 1966, America got blessed by two men, Phil Knight and Bill Bower man that was Vietnam, they founded Nike two years prior in Eugene, Ore.

The story became more interesting, when exactly 888 miles down the Western Coast of the United States; the Van Doren Brothers introduce Vans to the world. Ever since then, Vans has become, suitable, perfect but may not be the best shoe for wear in most situations.

Vans Sk8-Hi  Sneakers

Just as Vans are super versatile, they are good for driving, any type you purchase is just good for the purpose ahead.

For instance, this very one i.e. Vans sk8-hi is perfect not only for driving but also matches the expected spirit of skating.

For instance, the power of these powerful pairs was tested in 1978 where a scene set a standard for skate performance.

It was taken on a lot of iterations and versions but still dominates the force in the skate arena performance.

This shows that Vans are always answerable to your request or command in any situation. In fact, it remains one of the world’s simple wear for most situations.

Vans Classic Slip-On “Checkerboard”

The is a monster from southern California, a classic slip-on as seen in the name; even this very one is perfect for driving.

It does not end here, as a versatile shoe, is perfect for skating too.  Do you know that it is one of the most sought-after sneakers out there?

Look at it, so simple, and thin enough to suit your car pedals. This Vans is one of the all-time sneakers everyone wants to have in his or her custody.

In fact, when I looked at it, I discovered that it is unisex in appearance. This is perfect for both men and women for driving.

Slip-on remains perfect shoe pairs for the relaxed lifestyle of California, skating, and driving experience too.

Vans Old Skool “Black/White”

Despite its name, it is not looking anything old school. This leaves my mouth open for long because Vans are not always out of fashion.

What intelligence could be behind this powerful shoe style?

That’s one reason why this is also a favorite Vans for me.  Imagine the simplicity of this shoe, that’s one power Vans have over most of the shoes out there.

White old skool may not look sharp but simple to drive and skate with. You should be thinking of trying it as your next shoe to cruise around the neighborhood cities.

What shoes are great for driving?

It is necessary to, first of all, discuss further the best shoes suitable for driving.

Here are the kinds of shoes you should wear while driving.

Comfortable tennis shoes or running shoes are perfect for driving and the reason is that they are firm and secure to your foot besides that—have a flat sole that makes your foot comfortable on the car pedals.

These recommended shoes are the best for applying pressure on your car brake and accelerator pedals for pivoting your heel from one pedal and the other.

Driving shoes are purposely designed for sport car enthusiasts, if I may tell you anything further, for you to feel more comfortable driving your car, go for any shoe designed for sports cars.

Avoid these shoes while planning to drive

It baffles me how I see most people driving with any shoe they lay their hands on. Some people can drive with flippers or tall shoes, which is not ideal at all.

They may feel comfortable and sometimes, may cause some mistakes that may lead to accidents.

What shoes should you not wear while driving?

Flip-flops & Mules

You don’t want to wear any shoe that does secure to the heel. Failure to avoid these types of shoes already will cause interference with braking or accelerating your car.

Apart from this bad experience, these types of shoes can flip off your legs or get stuck under a pedal while driving and these can affect your driving safety.

House Shoes

I can make any shoe my house shoe but the most popular ones are slip-on or enclosed slippers. The idea here is that you must avoid driving in shoes that share the same characteristics as the above-mentioned shoes.

These shoes are not designed for driving, in fact, they are made for comfort.  That’s why they have a loose fit and malleable soles. They cannot provide the balance needed to control car pedals.  I am sure; your safety in driving is your first priority.

Wedges Wears

They are simply named wedges, I have to include wears to make my subheading unique from others.

These kinds of shoes are known for creating false pressure when you apply the brakes and it is because there is an obstruction that alters the driver’s perceived distance between the bottom of his foot and the top of the car’s pedals.

Like other shoes, wedges can end up sideways and as a result, get stuck under one of the pedals. This will make your driving further unsafe for you.

High Heels

I couldn’t laugh less. How on earth should a person drive in high Heels? Are you walking on a fashion stage? Who is looking at your legs in your car? As I always say, safety first.

These types of shoes can interfere with the driver’s ability to pivot his foot on the heel from the accelerator angle to the brake pedal.

I hope you will not display some brake dance moves while struggling to hold your brake when necessary. Don’t lose your chance for safe driving for High Hell shoes.

One bad experience you can have using High Heel shoes is that they may cause you to hover your foot around the accelerator and brake like a Kungfu master. That will not only cause an issue after driving but will also eliminate the critical contact and pivot point needed for effective and safe reaction time.

Work Boots

Work boots are not really ideal for driving. Let the worker stay workers and the drivers, drivers.  These shoes are so large that they can cause an obstruction to your driving.

The larger the boots, the more difficult driving becomes.

I wouldn’t ordinarily want to risk my life driving on a highway as if an experiment. This makes it trickier to accurately control your pedals.  If you are going to use any workboots at all, I advise you read this post about how to drive with workboots.

Cowboy Boots

The soles of cowboy shoes are accurate but the issue is that they have raised heels that may cause interference between your car pedals while driving.

Can I drive barefoot?

I have seen some drivers on a very long distance moving their vehicles using their bare feet.  I don’t know how they feel so, it depends on the driver.

One thing I know is that barefoot deprives you of distributing the needed force from your foot evenly on the pedals and this can also deny you adequate pressure to engage the brakes ideally.

Another problem with using barefoot is that it can be easily sweaty, and slippery, and thereby, affecting pivot, pedal grip, and reaction time.  


Vans shoes are not only suitable for driving but have proven that they can be perfect for most sport such as skating, running, tennis, dancing, car race, and many more.  

These shoes are very versatile, and this is due to their simplicity and flexibility.

If I may further tell you anything about Vans, they are up to your current creative work—meaning, they are always ready to fit into any situation at a time.

There are lots of criteria that make a shoe suitable for driving. Comfort and grippy features are part of them, in this aspect; I have mentioned above that Vans are a perfect deal.

They give you ultimate controls over your pedals and brakes and therefore make driving enjoyable.

There are other driving shoes that are also comfortable and easy to use especially those ones designed for sports cars.

Apart from knowing the right shoes to wear while driving, there are other shoes that should be avoided.

Some of these shoes may be classic, well designed but they are very poor when it comes to driving. They can take you off balance, make driving very uncomfortable, and as well as decreasing your chance of having a safe drive.

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