Meijer Pharmacy Tech Dress Code

Pharmacy technicians usually assist the pharmacist in some tasks and at the same time work with the public day in day out and to this effect they need to look good and professional all the time.

Companies that have pharmacy techs normally have a particular dress code for easy identification by their customers and to create a sense of uniformity among the staff.

Some pharmacy techs may be required to wear a lab coat, scrubs, or a white vest this can be paired up with black pants and a black shoe as the case may be, it all depends on the company you work for.

Most times, your position would determine what you should wear. For instance, if you work in the public and give a prescription, you may need to put on a white vest, lab coat, or smoke and if you are to assist the pharmacist you may need to wear a lab coat, as the case may be.

Pharmacy techs are expected to be in professional attire whenever they are at work.

The primary reason for this dress code is for proper identification, this can also serve as a means of protecting the pharmacy techs from drug spills on their cloth.

Meijer Uniform Policy

Every company has its dress code, there is a particular way a company would want its employees to dress.

Generally, pharmacy techs are expected to wear either a lab coat, a smoke, a white vest, or a scrub.

Meijer too has its own uniform policy just like any other company, they have a specific dress code for their pharmacy techs.

With this dress code, people can easily identify the pharmacy tech from other employees when they are seen.

Pharmacy techs at Meijer are expected to put on different uniforms depending on the department in which you work, some departments may require you to wear a hat, an apron, a black shirt, and black pants.

Another may need you to wear black khakis, a company shirt, and a hat. You are also expected to put on a Meijer work shirt and Khakis, the company usually supply shirts to its employees and this outfit can be paired up with closed-toed shoes.

Your company polo can be paired with black jeans or tan pants. You must not put on jeans with holes, this is because you may appear unserious or too casual when you are to be seen in a professional outfit at all times.

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What other things do Pharmacy Tech Wear at Meijer?

Meijer Pharmacy Tech Dress Code

As stated above, pharmacy techs at Meijer have a particular dress code such as; the company shirt, khakis, lab coat, vest, scrub, and so on, though, depending on the department you work for.

Well, those are not the only things pharmacy techs can wear at Meijer. They are other things that may not necessarily be a dress code but can still be worn if need be.

Things like a non-hooded jacket can be worn over a shirt, a closed-toe shoe, a long sleeve shirt may be worn over a polo, a sweatpant, bibs, a name tag, a face mask, hand glove, and so on.

Though two shirts will be given to you on your orientation, you can wear simple and casual wears for your orientation.

You can wear a hat if you like and any color of the shoe, ensure that the shoes are all closed shoes. You can also wear any shirt under your work shirt, just make sure it is covered properly by your work shirt.

Though it may not be necessary, you can as well wear a tie. You can put on shorts (at knee length) if you are working outside but this is restricted to those working in the manufacturing department because they work with food.

Pharmacy techs are also allowed to wear rings and necklaces. Body marking like tattoos and facial piercing for the sake of fashion is allowed at Meijer, as well as makeup.

Meijer Orientation Dress Code

A professional outfit is always the best when it comes to going for a company’s training or orientation, it shows that you are prepared for the job and you take it seriously.

Dressing anyhow or too casual can create the impression that you are not fit for the job and this can cause you to lose your job.

You would need to create a good first impression when going for orientation or training in any company, you can put on casual wear or a nice dress that makes you feel comfortable, don’t forget to be professional.

Professionalism should be your goal as you prepare to work every day.

Training or orientation at Meijer requires you to dress in a certain way as it is the company’s policy for its staff to look professional and smart at all times.

Your professionalism should begin at your orientation, your dressing and attitude should show that hiring you was a great decision taken by the company and not a mistake.

You should be neat in whatever you decide to put on for the orientation, be it a uniform or a casual T-shirt. A uniform would be given to you for orientation and it can be paired up with khaki or black pants and black shoe.

You can also dress casually on a T-shirt and black jeans, have it in mind that your denim must be black to give you a professional look and without holes.

Wearing jeans with holes may give the impression that you do not take the job seriously or showcase a sense of irresponsibility.

You should wear something casual and comfortable and at the same time look professional.

Meijer Tattoo Policy

At Meijer, employees are not placed under any rule or restrictions when it comes to tattoo design, no one has ever been denied a job at Meijer because of a tattoo, the employees are free to mark their bodies but this should be done moderately.

As long as the employees’ tattoos are not offensive or too much, they are at liberty to mark their bodies as they wish. Professionalism is essential at Meijer and as such tattoos should be done moderately, if it becomes offensive then it has to be covered.

Though not all their employees have tattoos peradventure they have it before they got employed or they want to get it while they work at Meijer, they are not restricted for doing so just that it should be moderate.

The management does not require you to cover up your tattoo but you have to ensure they do not look unpleasant and make people feel uncomfortable.

Can Pharmacy Techs at Meijer wear Makeup?

Generally, most females like to wear makeup because it changes and enhances their facial appearance.

Apart from the fact that it beautifies the face, it also helps to hide wrinkles, marks, and spots. Makeup also builds the self-esteem of an individual and gives some kind of confidence.

Female workers may decide to wear makeup to work if it is allowed by the company they work for. Some organizations may not allow the use of makeup, while some may not mind if you go natural or decide to wear heavy makeup every day.

It is normal to want to look good at work all the time, even as a pharmacist technician that is always in public sight, you would want to look presentable in the presence of your patient.

Wearing makeup adds to the self-esteem and confidence of an individual especially when you are always in contact with the public.

At Meijer, there is no policy that is against the use of makeup. Whether you want to wear heavy makeup, a simple one or you want to go natural, it is all up to you.

All you are expected to do is look good and professional. Your choice of foundation or lipstick is your own business, Meijer does not interfere in the use of makeup by its pharmacy techs at all.

Can you have dyed hair at Meijer

Dyeing the hair is a way of changing the hair color from one color to the other.

This is usually done to cover gray hair, as a way of looking fashionable, or to change the hair to its original color if it has been changed by either the bleaching of the sun or any hair processing.

So, companies may not allow you to dye your hair as it is against their policy while some do not mind at all.

There is no policy against dying your hair at Meijer, it is up to you to use any color you want on your hair.

However, if you work with food, you must endeavor to keep your hair in a hair net or out of your face completely. At Meijer, men are not allowed to keep longer than shoulder-length hair.

All employees are free to dye their hair to whatever color and however they wish, no one has ever been denied a job at Meijer for dying the hair or fired for changing their hair color.

So, if you would like to dye your hair for whatever reason, you are at liberty to do so.

Does Meijer Allow Facial Piercings

Apart from dyeing the hair, wearing makeup, and tattooing the body, another practice of fashion is facial piercing.

Facial piercing is simply any piercing on the face, they come in different shapes, styles, and sizes, it could be eye-piercing, bridge piercing, nose piercing, eyebrow piercing, or lip piercing.

You can get hired at Meijer with a facial piercing on your face, the company does not stop its employees from having any facial piercing of their choice.

Working for a fresh department at Meijer may require you to take out your facial piercings, well except for earrings.

Sometimes, the department you work for may require you to remove your facial piercings especially when it’s inappropriate.


Pharmacy technicians are needed to assist the pharmacist. They are also expected to dress in a certain way that makes them look unique and distinguishes them from other staff.

They are to wear professional attire to showcase their profession, clothes like a vest, lab coat, scrubs, and smoke makes pharmacy techs different from other staff.

At Meijer, pharmacy techs are free to wear other unprofessional cloth under their uniform, pierce their faces, wear any kind of makeup and design their body as they wish.

But pharmacy tech should bear in mind that all these should be done in moderation. Meijer also offers orientation wear for its employees and expects them to look professional in whatever they put on to work.


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