Old Navy Dress Code: What You Should Know

The Old Navy is an American clothing and accessories retailing company. In a company like this, there is usually a dress code for their employees.

You may have just got a job at Old Navy and you learned that there is a dress code, you should not be shocked that there is a dress code, this is a normal thing you will find in similar places like McDonald’s and Walmart.

When you go to work in a place like the Old Navy, you should expect a particular dress code.

This dress code has its importance, which I will explain in the next segment of this article.

Why dress code is important?

Dress code has various importance in stores. The first glaring importance of the dress code is for identification.

Usually, when you go to a shopping mall or to a store like the Old Navy, you will come across a couple of persons that you probably will not know, so how will you be able to identify those that are working in Old Navy?

Can you see one of the importance of the dress code? Let me dive deeper into the major importance of dress code:

  • For identification
  • Shows your competence level
  • Shows how organized you are

For identification

If you recently just got a job at Old Navy, it is important you adhere to the dress code of the company. This is simply because the dress code helps you to be easily identified.

If a customer comes to get something at your store and he or she needs assistance with something, as an employee of that company, you are supposed to be easily identified so that you can be easily called upon when needed.

Just like a security officer working at a company, you can see that they have a dress code, when you need the assistance of the security personnel, you can easily call upon him.

This is one of the major importance of a dress code. It is for easy identification.

Shows your competence level

When you are able to adhere strictly to the dress code of the company you work in, this shows how competent you are for the role you are given in the company.

You may not know this, just sometimes your dress code can be used to test your competence level.

Some companies want to see how competent you are for the role you were given, one way to test this competence is through your dress code.

Shows how organized you are

Usually, when you are given a particular company you work in. The outfit can tell a lot about how organized you are.

Simply by how you carry yourself and how you present yourself with your dress code, this can show how organized you are and how you will likely deal with the company’s property.

Companies love to employ and keep those who are organized. Your organization is usually seen most times how you present yourself in your dress code.

What exactly is the Old Navy dress code?

The Old Navy dress code is simply casual. At Old Navy, you can wear anything you like that looks really good, but what you should not wear are things like shorts or skirts shorter than six inches, ripped clothes, etc.

At Old Navy, you are expected to look the best and to also look responsible because you are literally representing a company.

Outfits to wear to work at Old Navy

Men’s classic Golf pants

Old Navy Dress Code

You cannot have it go wrong when you wear pants like this to work at Old Navy. This type of Golf pants is. Why I like pants like this is that as a man it will be so free for you to move in.

You are not going to have to deal with tight clothes at all. When you wear pants like this to work at Old Navy, you are definitely going to enjoy the freedom it gives you to move around.

Around the hip and thigh, there is enough room for you. The legs of this pants are also straight which makes you look so decent when you wear it.

Also, when you wear this pant, it sits comfortably on your waist. This adds to the comfort and confidence that this pant gives you while you put it on at Old Navy.

I like how attractive and smooth it is, it has a wrinkle-free blend that makes it less obvious when the pant is wrinkled.

Another good feature that this golf pant comes with is the ability to wick moisture out of your body when you wear it out.

In situations where you start to sweat, you are not going to feel it so much because this pant is capable of keeping all the moisture out which will therefore keep you cool.


  • Moisture-wicking
  • Roomy through hip & thigh
  • Wrinkle-free blend
  • Machine washable


  • No warranty available

This pant will make a very good one to wear to work at Old Navy. You are not going to have any regrets.

You should definitely try this one out and you will enjoy how comfortable this pants is. Try one for yourself and see.

Calvin Klein Men’s Chinos pants

Old Navy Dress Code

Chinos are also a very good option for you if you are a man looking for a very comfortable type of pant that you can wear to work at Old Navy.

One thing that is so unique about this pant is that you can style it in different ways, this makes it a versatile type of pant.

The front flip pocket and back pocket of this pant will give enough room for you to be able to store enough things in it.

With this, you may not necessarily need to carry a bag with you. You can out some things in your pocket since you have enough. It also has an extra soft cotton stretch blend for a smooth and flexible feel.

This pant will make you enjoy your experience working at Old Navy. Why I like this pant is that when you are done wearing it you can simply toss it in a washing machine and the machine will do all the washing.

You do not need to do the washing with your hands. The pant is machine washable.


  • Machine washable
  • Versatile styling
  • Wrinkle resistant
  • Comfortable


  • No warranty above

I like that this pant is wrinkle-resistant, you do not always have to iron before wearing it. It helps to save the time you would use to iron it.

The polished comfort that this pant has makes you so comfortable as you wear it to work at  Old Navy.

The machine-washable feature also saves you the time and stress of sitting to wash this pant all the time. Just place it in your washing machine and it will do the job for you.

Men’s V-neck short-sleeve T-shirt

Old Navy Dress Code

The cotton material that this T-shirt has makes it breathable that you can wear it to work at Old Navy and you are not going to have to sweat so much, simply because of the good breathability that this T-shirt has.

It is so fit and when you wear it you will feel so comfortable with it. It is so simple and it can be worn with several outfits.

That is an advantage of this T-shirt, you can wear it with different outfits and it will still fit you so well.  It is also loose and will not cause you to sweat so much while you wear it.

After you are done wearing this T-shirt, it is very much advisable for you to wash it with your hands. However, it does not mean that you cannot wash this T-shirt in a washing machine, it is also machine washable.

If you feel like you do not have time to wash it you can go ahead to make use of a machine to wash it.


  • Machine washable
  • Versatile styling
  • Comfortable fit

I like how simple this T-shirt is, it is so suitable for working in Old Navy. One thing about working at Old Navy is that you are not supposed to wear clothes that have branded logos on them.

This T-shirt does not have such logo which is actually a good thing and makes it suitable to wear at Old Navy.

You should consider getting one of this T-shirt to work at Old Navy.

Gildan’s men’s Crew T-shirt

Old Navy Dress Code

One thing you will notice that differentiates this particular t-shirt from others when you look at the neck area, you will see that it does not have a tag like the others do.

This tag can cause you to have a terrible experience because it is so uncomfortable. This particular t-shirt does not come with a tag.

It has a shoulder-to-shoulder seam which aids in the durability of this T-shirt. This T-shirt will also keep you cool all day long, this feature is possible simply because of the moisture-wicking feature that it has.

If you are someone that sweats a lot, you are going to love this T-shirt a lot because it is going to keep moisture out of your body as you wear it.

It also does not have any logo on it, which makes it suitable to be used to work in Old Navy. Old Nady doesn’t want you to wear clothes with any brand logo.


  • Durable
  • Moisture-wicking
  • No brand logo on it
  • No tags
  • Very comfortable

One thing that drew my attention to this T-shirt is how simple it is with no unnecessary fancy design on it. For those that sweat a lot, they will definitely love to get this t-shirt.

It will be very comfortable when you wear it and it will suit your outfit as an employee at Old Navy.

Lee Women’s wrinkle-free straight-leg pants

Old Navy Dress Code

I am sure women also work at Old Navy, and you would love to know what you can wear to work at Old Navy as a woman.

As long as you can wear casual outfit excluding ripped pants and pants that are too tight and revealing.

I love this pants because it is wrinkle-free, you do not need to always worry about ironing them each time you want to wear them.

The flexible waistband and stretch fabric offer a comfortable stretch while you wear this pant. The slim pockets that this pant has offers slight storage where you can store a few things.

I also love how simple this pant is, you can try it on with a couple of outfits and it will suit you so well.


  • Wrinkle-free
  • Good quality
  • Relaxed fit
  • So comfortable

I like the fact that this pant can be washed in the machine, if you are not able to wash it with your hands, you can leave it for your washing machine to do the job for you.

It does not have a warranty though, this may not be a downside, if you do not mind the lack of warranty, you can go ahead to get this pant for yourself.

DouBCQ women’s casual dress

Old Navy Dress Code

This is a plain free gown that will enable you to have a great time working at Old Navy.

This gown is so free that you do not have to bother about it being too tight for you. It is lightweight, comfortable, and comes with a stretchy fabric.


  • Fashionable & versatile
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Stretchy fabric

I like how the dress has a Versatile styling, you can even rock it with a belt if you tell like. It is stretchy and will not easily get worked out.

Other trending dress code topics:


At Old Navy, you can wear a casual outfit as your dress code, but this does not mean that you can wear anything you like to work.

The outfits reviewed in this article are examples of outfits that you can go for. Also, you are not to wear ripped clothes, pants, or jeans, if you are female you should not wear revealing clothes as well.

You should not also wear shorts. If you are working at a company you should adhere strictly to their dress code.

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