Are Palace Skateboards Good?

Yes, Palace Skateboards are excellent skateboards. If you are looking for the best kind of skateboard that you can get and you come across the Palace Skateboard you can go ahead to get one for yourself.

Are Palace Skateboards Good

This Skateboard is really a good one and it will serve you well. If you have to make a decision whether or not you are to get this palace Skateboard, you should not hesitate to get one for yourself.

In a later segment of this article, I will explain to you why these Palace Skateboards are good.

Why are Palace Skateboards good? 

When you want to get something, one thing that is paramount you check is the reasons behind the purchase.

The same thing is applicable to skateboards, you do not just go out to buy any skateboard of your choice, you have to look around to see which one exactly you are to buy, and why.

That is why I will share the various reasons why Palace Skateboards are good.

This could make you have a change of mind or rethink if you want to make a decision on the exact type of Skateboard you want to go for, you will see the various reasons why Palace Skateboard is good.

  • They are lightweight
  • They are flexible enough
  • They are sturdy & respond well
  • They are Durable

They are lightweight

This is the very first reason why Palace Skateboards is good. There is nothing as good as when you have a Skateboard that is lightweight.

With a lightweight Skateboard, you will be able to freely perform any trick that you want at any given time while Skateboarding.

This is because it is lightweight you are going to find it easy and you will not have any issues lifting the Skateboard.

Lightweight Skateboarding makes it easy for you to skate all day without you having to feel like you are with something heavy.

Lightweight skateboards will serve you extremely well. This is a feature you will find in a lot of the Palace Skateboard out there. It is also a good reason why you need to get one for yourself.

They are flexible

Flexibility is something that cannot be compromised, flexibility does not mean soft or that the Skateboard is prone to breaking.

It is strong and it is also flexible which makes it possible for the Skateboard to adjust each time you are performing a trick or doing a skill.

It is flexible enough for it to stay put under your feet as you skate. It is usually a good thing when your skateboard is flexible enough, especially in situations where you may need the skateboard to pop up while you are doing your tricks.

Without this flexibility, your skateboarding will move in every direction you control it, that is the essence of the flexibility feature.

They are sturdy and also respond well

The sturdiness of the Palace Skateboard is something that you can notice when you get hold of it. You can feel how strong it is When you make use of it.

The sturdiness is what makes it possible for it to last long for you while you make use of it. The average lifespan of a Palace Skateboard is two to six months, if the Skateboard is not sturdy enough how will it be able to last up to six months? It can’t.

Because of the sturdiness, Instead of having to buy a new Skateboard after some time, you can make use of your study Palace Skateboard.

Also, this Palace Skateboard responds well to whatever move you try to make with it. It does not disappoint at all. All your moves will go smoothly with this Palace Skateboard because it responds so well.

They are durable

Palace Skateboards are known to be very durable when you purchase them for use. From my experience with Palace Skateboard, I was able to figure out how durable they are.

For it to be able to last for about six weeks, then you should understand by now how durable it is. You should go for Palace Skateboard, they are going to serve you well.

You are not going to like it after spending so much to buy your Skateboard only for it to get damaged after a few weeks because it is not durable enough.

How long does a Palace Skateboard last on average?

It largely depends on how long and often you skate, and some part of it depends on your style of skating.

On average, Palace Skateboards can last between two weeks to six months. If you are a regular and careful skateboarder, expect your Palace Skateboard to last up to six months.

However, if you are a technical street skateboarder, your Palace Skateboard may not last up to a week if you go-ahead to do all the risky stunts and tricks with your Skateboard.

Whether you are a professional skateboarder or not, it is usually important to know how long your Skateboard can last, especially if you have a skateboard like this Palace Skateboard.

How do you take care of your Palace Skateboard?

No matter what it is you use, it is very necessary you take care of it for it to last long and also serve you well. That is why you need to learn how to take care of your Palace Skateboard.

The same way you take care of your body, your electronics, etc, your Palace Skateboard also needs to be taken care of in order for it to last long for you.

Take a look at the various ways that you can take care of your Palace Skateboard:

  • Store it in a dry place
  • Replace all the damaged parts
  • Avoid glass
  • Do not throw it anyhow
  • Always inspect your Skateboard for possible wear and tear
  • Do not skate in wet areas
  • Clean your entire Skateboard regularly

Store in a dry place

This is the very first thing you need to do if you want to care for your Skateboard. Skateboards do not perform excellently in wet environments.

That is why you need to store it in a dry place, you should not keep it in a place where it will continuously get in touch with water or anything wet, this is not healthy for your Skateboard.

Do not leave it in the trunk of your car as it can get moist. This is not good for your Skateboard at all.

Replace all the damaged parts

You have to keep tabs on how things are going on your Skateboard. How to do that is to ensure that you inspect the Skateboard to see which parts are still working well and also to see the parts that need to be replaced.

Check the wheels, check the grip tape, check all the nuts and bolts, check if they are properly tight.

Any of these parts that need to be replaced should be replaced immediately to prevent accidents due to damaged Skateboard parts.

Avoid glass

Ignorance could cause a skateboarder to skate on glass, probably you may be trying to show how skillful you are on glass. This is not healthy for you and your skateboard at all, especially your tires.

The pieces of glass could get stuck and cause your tires to deteriorate faster. You ought not to skate on glass at all, doing that is endangering your skateboard.

Do not throw it anyhow

Do not think that your Skateboard is strong enough to handle anything you throw at it, yes, it may be strong, but it does not mean you should go ahead to toss or throw your skateboard anyhow.

When you are done making use of the skateboard, ensure you keep it aside in a safe place pending when next you will need it.

Inspect your Skateboard for possible wear and tear

The same way you inspect your vehicle to see what and what is wrong with it, that is how you have to also inspect your Skateboard to know which parts are beginning to wear out.

Whichever part you notice that is worn out, you should go ahead to replace it with automatic alacrity.

Do not skate in wet areas

Do not think that Skating in wet areas shows how skillful you are, it does not. You are only endangering your Skateboard and putting yourself at risk.

When your Skateboard gets exposed to water too much it could cause your deck to get waterlogged making it lose its pop.

When this continues, it will cause delamination, the layers of the deck will start to separate.

The deck of your Skateboard is made of about seven maple woodpiles, and when it comes in contact with water, it will cause the epoxy glue to dissolve.

Clean your entire skateboard regularly

You cannot escape this cleaning part at all, if you want your Skateboard to last long for you, you ought to make sure that you clean all the parts regularly, the tires, bearing, etc.

For those joints that need lubrication, you should not hesitate to add lubricant. As for the bearing, it is important you clean it every three months, dirt and dust will always find their way into your bearing.

If the type of bearing you have is the open one, you can simply clean it by soaking it in alcohol or nail remover.

Other favorite Skateboard deck?

Ageofone Blank Skateboard deck

Are Palace Skateboards Good

This is a blank regular Skateboard deck, and you can see that from the build. It does not come with wheels and a truck at all.

This Skateboard is lightweight and very difficult to break. It is durable enough for you to carry for your Skateboarding all day long, you will not have to bother about it breaking, it is durable enough.

Take note that this is a regular deck, if you want to get a wheel and truck, you can go ahead to get it for yourself.

This particular one from the brand called Ageofone works so well and will also serve you well when you want to make use of it.

This is one of the good skateboard brands out there that you can get.

Beipoo Skateboard deck

Are Palace Skateboards Good

This Skateboard deck is really a very tough one. The durability of this deck will also make it so safe for you while you are Skateboarding.

Why I like this brand of Skateboard deck is that it is not built for a specific group of people, if you are a beginner you can get yourself this brand of Skateboard deck.

Also, if you are a professional Skateboarder you can as well go for this Skateboard deck, it is really going to serve you well and you are definitely going to enjoy making use of this Skateboard deck.

No matter your skill level, this Skateboard deck is the one to go for.

Moose Blank Skateboard deck

Are Palace Skateboards Good

This deck has a traditional 7 ply construction. This is the standard build of Skateboard.

One thing about the Skateboard deck from the Moose brand is that it comes in different sizes, which makes it possible for you to choose which one exactly you will like to go for.

It is a high-quality Skateboard deck that does not have any form of design or artwork.

For those who love simple things, this Skateboard will serve you well.


These are some other brands of Skateboard decks that I have come across, you can make a decision on which one you would like to go for.

They are all amazing, you can go for the one that best suits you and the one that appeals more to you.

I cannot specifically tell you that one brand of Skateboard deck is better than the other, what I can only say is that each had its pros and cons, you should make a decision based on which one appeals to you the most.

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