Do Hey Dude Shoes Have Arch Support?

Arch support is the support given to the arch of your foot for the purpose of reducing or possibly eliminating foot pains.

This support can either come from a shoe’s insole or the footbed – they function by having the foot placed in its ideal position.

The materials used for every shoe’s design, especially for the insole or footbed, go a long way in telling the extent of the arch support that every shoe offers.

Dissecting the features of Hey Dude shoes brings us to the knowledge of whether or not they have arch support.

Do Hey Dude Shoes Give Support To The Arch?

Yes, Hey Dude shoes have arch support. The footbed of this shoe is made of flat memory foam. However, this does not in any way refute the fact that the shoe is big on arch support and is comfortable.

Hey Dude shoes do not have a tight-fitting too, even though they sometimes come in lace-up closure.

The laces can only be used for a little adjustment. The elastic band of the shoe helps in giving it a good grip, especially around the sides and the heel areas.

Another truth is, that the footbed of Hey Dude shoes can only give your foot some arch support by conforming to your feet ‘ shape, they do not directly offer arch support.

How do Hey Dude shoes give arch support?

By conforming to the shape of your foot

Hey Dude shoes give arch support in that when the sole is underneath your foot, it gets pressed down by the parts of your foot that have more direct contact with it, thereby allowing the insole to fill up the U-space that forms the arch.

Hey Dude shoes have a supportive footbed

Supportive footbeds contribute in no small way to the enhancement of arch support.

This is because they do not just make way for even weight distribution, they also simultaneously balance the body weight that goes to the heel and toe areas, thereby supporting the arch and slashing down the pressure that gets to it.

What Other Qualities Do Hey Dudes Shoes Have?

As mentioned earlier, Hey Dude shoes are keen on making eco-friendly and comfortable shoes. They do not just stop at that, these shoes are equipped with other great features too like:

Good breathability

A shoe’s material is its main determinant of breathability. And it is common knowledge that Hey Dude Shoes are made from textile material which allows a good inflow of air. This in turn, speeds up sweat evaporation so that the feet are kept cool.

Improved cushioning

Hey Dude shoes allow for so much cushioning that you would still be Ok even when using them without socks.

All thanks to their memory foam insole. Just by the closure, there is a foam lining that gives you a nice and subtle fitting as it kisses your ankle.

Good shock absorbency

This shock absorption of Hey Dude shoes is traceable to the combined effect of the EVA outsole and the memory foam insole.

They collectively accompany every step with bounciness so that the effect of every footstrike is not negatively felt on the feet.

Flexible upper

The upper of Hey Dudes are made of textile material with elastic threads intertwined in them. This gives a kind of flexibility so that it doesn’t compress the toes even when the shoe comes with a snug fit.

Traction control

Trust any shoe whose outsole is made of the combination of EVA and other durable materials to be big on traction control. Eva in itself is not very big on traction control, it is this combination that makes it so.


The materials used in the main components of Hey Dude are textile, memory foam, and Eva; these are for the uppers( and the body), the insole, and the outsole respectively.

All of which is extremely lightweight. So it is only logical that Hey Dude shoes are not heavy. Hence, the lightweight.

Odor control

Admittedly, not all Hey Dude shoe models, but some are made of cork insoles that work for odor control.

Another factor that helps in this aspect is because Hey Dude also uses repurposed and recycled materials for their shoe design.


How Long Do Hey Dude Shoes Last?

It is right to say that the extent to which a shoe lasts is dependent on how often it is used.

But because there are varying extents of the durability of different shoes, we can as well spell out how long they can last when used fairly.

A well and good use of a Hey Dude shoe can make it last for more than five years.

Although, it still boils down to how worn out an individual thinks a shoe should be before he decides to not wear them anymore. Other people use it way past the aforementioned number of years.

How Can I Wash My Hey Dude Shoes?

All Hey Dude shoe models are both hand and machine-washable. But if you must use a machine, make sure the insoles are taken out first.

Although, to be strictly washed with tepid or cold water. Do not spin wash them too; that is one of the quickest ways to get them spoiled.

Plus, if the colors are darker or brighter, use a color catcher. This would help in maintaining their colors and also help them easily refresh in case they start looking worn out or grubby.

Also, do not machine-dry Hey Dude shoes. Allow them to dry naturally instead. If an artificial drying method must be adopted, then it should be a high rotating fan blowing at it.

Can Hey Dudes Get Wet?

Yes please, Hey Dude shoes can get wet.

The possibility of a shoe getting wet depends on the water permissibility of the materials from which it is made.

Hey Dude shoes are made of textile materials whose molecules are not closely and densely packed enough to prevent water from passing through them.

And to prove this, Hunter and Muck boots which are made from polymeric materials whose molecules are closely packed, are highly waterproof.

Can You Shrink Hey Dudes shoes?

Yes. A Hey Dude shoe can be shrunken.

Remember the elastic fiber that is intertwined inside of the fabric material, it can be manipulated to shrink. Some of these shrinking processes are reversible while others are not.

How can you shrink Hey Dude shoes?

  • Sun-dry
  • Use a stove
  • Use a drying machine


Yes, you can shrink your Hey Dude shoe if you wash and do not allow them to dry naturally. For example, the effect of direct sunlight on them gets them shrunken.

When allowed to dry at room temperature after washing, they stay true to size.

What happens is, that when they get wet, they compress a bit. If they are allowed to dry at room temperature, they relax as the water in there gradually evaporates.

This is not the case with sun-dry as the heat gets them dried up in their wet shrunken state. This method is reversible.

Use a stove

This shrinking process that involves The use of a stove is not reversible. You should know this. The fiber of the material can get tight, compressed, and dense when faced with relatively high heat.

Rotating all the sides of a Hey Dude shoe at a safe, yet effective distance to get it heated up will be just fine.

Use a drying machine

Firstly, the use of a drying machine for Hey Dude Shoes is not advisable as it wears out the shoe quite easily. But since shoe shrinking is not an “every now and then” thing, you’re safe.

With that in mind, you can dry them in a drying machine with a little water content on them. This way, the machine can dry them to assume their wet and shrunken state.


While it can be safe to use chemicals to shrink shoes, it is not ideal for a Hey Dude shoe because of the textile material used for its manufacturing.

This material is not chemical-compatible as it can get weakened upon getting in contact with them.


Hey Dude shoes are one of the most comfortable and eco-friendly shoes you can get. And this is regardless of their designs or iterations.

They are great shoes that solve certain foot problems, albeit they are not orthotic. With this, you should opt for the right medically fit shoe when faced with a specific foot issue.

The best way to get an excellent user experience of every product is to understand its functionality, as such, we have brought this to your doorstep.


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