Lamo Shoes vs Hey Dude: Which Is Better?

You get to see common footwear comparisons like “Lamo Shoes vs Hey Dudes” when people are offered a good level of value from different ends and seek to find which tops the chart.

Experientially, Lamo and Hey Dudes are cool shoes that are worth every dime spent on them.

Lamo shoes, founded in 1995, are obtained from one of the finest sheepskin. After which they pass through a tanning technology, and finally through a top-notch quality dye. Hence, their strength.

Meanwhile, Hey Dudes shoes, founded in 2008, are made from eco-friendly materials such as recycled fibers from marine waste, leather, and suede.

They have different comfortable fitting styles and are very durable and breathable.

There is more to these boots. Let’s see them.

What does the first glance say about Lamo Shoes and Hey Dudes?

The first glance is without doubt the doorway through which the interest to want to know more about a product comes.

Aside from goodwill, the first glance of beautiful products spurs sales once these products have great appeal.

Lamo Shoes

Lamo Shoes vs Hey Dude

  • Fine sheepskin
  • Rubber sole
  • Sockless design
  • TPR outsole

Lamo Shoes are everything beautiful (See on Amazon). Firstly, they are easy on and off.

They are one of the shoes that go well with many casual and semi-casual dressings, most of which are made from durable Australian finest sheepskin.

They have good construction and nice soles. A shoe that screams one’s name out loud from afar. You are most probably going to love them at first sight.

Hey Dude Shoes

Lamo Shoes vs Hey Dude

  • Elastic
  • Varieties: leather, suede, recycled fibers
  • Eco-friendly
  • Beautiful colors
  • Traction

Hey Dude makes cool shoes (See on Amazon). They’re pretty breathable and comforting. Nice and offers foot needs.

They are very lightweight and allow you to have a smooth walk. Hey Dude shoes are very flexible to allow toe-wiggling and keep your feet in one place.

Hey dude shoes are more than just a brand. They are committed to bettering our general state of living. And this is seen in their design materials.

Glancing them for the first time will live lasting memories of them with you.

Side by side comparison between Lamo Shoes and Hey Dude

Other features tell these great shoes apart. Here are the main features that differentiate them.

  • Leather
  • Sole
  • Durability
  • Price
  • Insole
  • Size/Fit
  • Fashion quality
  • Overall Quality
Features Lamo Shoes
Hey Dude Shoes
Leather Made with sheepskin material. Hey Dude shoes are made with lightweight leather, converse material, and recycled fibers.
Sole Lamo makes their shoe outsole with natural rubber. The sole of Hey Dude shoes are made with EVA material.
Durability Lamo are very durable shoes, they last pretty long. The sheepskin is tough enough. Hey Dude shoes are very durable shoes — all their iterations are long-lasting.
Price Lamo Shoes cost as much as $22, $37, or $50, depending on the model. Hey Dude shoes are pricier than Lamo Shoes. They sell for $50 to $59.
Insole Lamo Shoes has a Memory Foam insole. They’re comfortable. The insole of Hey Dude is largely EVA, with a fraction of other polymeric materials.
Size/Fit Lamo Shoes run one size small, However, its moccasins are true to size. They have a comfortable fitting as well. Hey Dude shoes are true to size. They therapeutically accommodate the foot.
Fashion Quality Lamo Shoes have better fashion quality as they follow up more with trends. Hey Dude shoes have some good fashion quality, albeit not as much as Lamo Shoes.
Overall Quality Lamo Shoes are great durable, but comparatively, hey Dudes bests it on demand. Hey Dude take the win for overall quality.

1. Leather

Lamo Shoes

Lamo Shoes are made with sheepskin. They take pride in making some of the best quality and durable footwear from the finest of the said sheepskin to meet a good number of customers’ needs.

Aside from that, the American tanning technology they are made to pass through reduces their susceptibility to easy damage. Lamo is indeed great.

Hey Dude Shoes

Hey Dudes Shoes are made from eco-friendly materials. They are made from marine waste (recycled fibers), lightweight leather, and suede.

All of these combined make the fine Hey Dudes shoes that we get to see always. The shoes are elastic to meet varying foot types.

Plus, they are biodegradable – they can be decomposed by bacteria into simple organic compounds upon being disposed of.

2. Sole

The fact that we know the importance of a shoe sole and the essence it has on the entirety of a shoe should plant a sense of awareness to not use shabby materials to make them.

Many shoe components rest on the sole, if a sole fails easily, all other parts are affected.

Hey Dude

The soles of Hey Dude shoes are made with the patented EVA material. It is pretty durable, lightweight, and gives a great ground balance.

Everyone wants to slip into a comfortable pair of shoes that keeps them feeling good all day long. Hey Dude shoes have made this a reality. In shoes where comfort meets durability, it equals satisfaction.

Lamo Shoes

The soles of Lamo Shoes are made with natural rubber material. This material has very good traction control and slips prevention property.

Not only is it long-lasting, but customers have also found it to give the bouncy feeling that accompanies every step with confidence. An ideal choice for all weather.

3. Durability

To what essence is the value, features, and aesthetics of a shoe not going to last long? Futile. Hence, durability is a big thing in the world of footwear.

Hey Dude

Hey Dude makes durable shoes. Why? How? They have many iterations. They are made of converse fabric, leather, and recycled fibers.

Knowing that these materials hardly get spoilt should tell of the quality of any shoe made with them.

Little wonder they looked untouched even after having been subjected to conditions that should throw many random shoes into deformation.

Lamo Shoes

Lamo Shoes are durable too. Trust the sheepskin used and the effect that the tanning process had on it. My wife’s first experience with Lamo kept her glued to the brand.

She’s big on aesthetics, but getting not just good looks from Lamo, but also good wearing out resistance did the magic for her. I would recommend Lamo any day.

On durability between these two brands, it’s a 50-50 draw here. 

4. Price

While price should not always be associated with quality and value as many substandard shoe brands have leveraged this stereotype, valuable shoes are pricey, and many factors influence this.

Lamo Shoes

The Lamo brand decides the price it wants for its different shoe iterations. Each according to certain factors affecting its price, ranging from construction to added touches.

Hence, different Lamo Shoes go for $22, $37, or $50. But one thing is certain – they are all worth their respective prices.

Hey Dude Shoes

Hey Dude Shoes are a tad pricier than Lamo Shoes. On a random scale, you can get a Hey Dudes shoe for $50 to $59.

Although other models are below and above this range, statistically speaking, this is the common price range.

5. Insole

Insoles, to a large extent, strongly determine comfort level. This is one reason it is of paramount importance that they are made to better fittings and condition the foot to be in tenderness and care.

How did Hey Dude and Lamo function in this regard?

Hey Dude

Hey Dude insoles are made with the famous EVA material too. EVA material makes both its insole and outsole.

Although the EVA used for the insoles goes through a kind of synthesis from the combination of a small mixture of other polymeric materials.

This increases its cushioning and increases its arch support. How better can an insole be?

Lamo Shoes

The insoles of Lamo Shoes are quite comfortable too. They are made with casual  Memory Foam insoles – a perfect mix of comfort and warmth.

Memory Foam is made with majorly polyurethane and other chemicals to the increased of viscosity and a little density. This is why it is so comforting and gives a thrilling sensation.

Regarding the better Insole between Lamo Shoes and Hey Dudes, Lamo takes the lead.

6. Size/Fit

Size and fitting to shoes are what “taste” is to cake. It is not always about the look, it’s about the taste – on foot and tongue. Other features of a shoe end up in futility when the shoe doesn’t fit well enough.

Hey Dude

Hey Dude shoes are true to size. They are very comfortable too. Some of their iterations made from polymeric marine wastes and recycled fibers (polymeric materials) are very stretchy and accommodate the foot in a very therapeutic way.

Although some of my friends say you should size down as the shoe is a tad larger than normal ones are.

The ideal thing to do is to understand the size of Hey Dudes and relate it to your country’s sizing pattern. This way, you will know the right size choice to make.

Lamo Shoes

For the sizing and fitting of Lamo Shoes, the Moccasins are true to size and comfortable.

However, other iterations are mostly one size small. You should size up when making a purchase. They have snug-fitting too.

Fashion quality

Lamo Shoes has some crazy fashion quality and fairly beats Hey Dudes on this. Both shoes have a great fashion sense and awesome appeal but one (Hey Dudes) pays more credence to aesthetics and has done well in following earnestly with the trends.

Overall Quality

Comparatively speaking, quality-wise and all-round comparison, there is hardly one that beats that other. I have used both and I’m saying this experientially.

Nonetheless, it is safe to say Hey Dudes is better because of its demand, and demand, they say, is proof of value.


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