Carmina vs Crockett and Jones: Which Is Better?

Going shoe shopping again? Let’s help you make a decision when we take a deep look at the similarities and differences between these two shoe companies: Carmina and Crockett and Jones.

People may argue that there isn’t much of a difference between shoes made by Carmina and those made by Crockett and Jones, and I agree. However, there are slight differences.

One major difference between these brands is the making and crafting. Carmina does a very closed, tight stitching which gives the shoes a more sealed and refined look.

Crockett and Jones, although very sturdy, give off a simpler or less complicated finish.

History of Carmina

Carmina is a shoe manufacturing company that is based on the island of Inca, Mallorca in Spain. It was founded by a man called Matias Pujadas, in the year 1866.

Although it may seem as though Carmina started in the year 1866, it was actually launched in the year 1997.

The first pair of shoes that were launched were the round toe loafers, and since then the company has flourished into one of the top picks for men’s dress shoes today.

They make a wide variety of footwear which range from loafers, boots, etc.

Shoes by this company or brand include

  • Carmina Mateo
  • Carmina Ignacio
  • Carmina Richmond
  • Carmina Tobias
  • Carmina Alejandro
  • Penny loafers
  • Chukka boots


  • Carmina offers a wide range of lasts, with different widths. This allows wearers to find which works best for them
  • They offer a wide range of leather types
  • The shoes are comfortable
  • They are really sleek and good to look at
  • It is durable
  • They are handcrafted
  • They offer a wide range of colors and styles/designs
  • You can choose your own type of style and leather, and have them custom make you a shoe to your own style and specification
  • There is sufficient space at the front of the shoe
  • They make use of resoleable Goodyear Welt construction
  • The brogue pattern is very attractive
  • Carmina also makes Goodyear welted women’s shoes.


  • They are expensive
  • The heel is too wide
  • The shoes are somewhat narrow
  • The grip of the shoe isn’t so great
  • Appear too formal and might not be easy to dress down
  • There are no free returns
  • Shoes and leather are on a stiffer side, and this takes a long time to break-in.
  • People have complained about the customer service not being as serviceable as one would expect, so keep in that mind when making purchases.

History of Crockett and Jones

The shoe company Crockett and Jones was established by Charles Jones and Sir James Crockett, in the year 1879.

The company is based in Northampton, England, and is one of the most renowned shoe-making companies today.

Crockett and Jones are known for their quality, as well as shoes that are modern yet classic. Some of the shoes made by this popular brand include:

  • Crockett and Jones Highbury
  • Crockett and Jones Islay full brogue boots
  • Crockett and joes Hallam cap-toe Oxford shoes                                                                                                                  


  • Shoes made by Crockett and Jones are durable and are of great quality
  • They are made with quality material and leather
  • The soles offer great traction and are slip-resistant
  • They are classic looking
  • They are very fashionable and versatile
  • They offer great comfort to the wearer


  • They are prone to scratches
  • The shoes are costly
  • The shoes don’t offer as much arch support as expected

Carmina vs Crockett and Jones: Similarities

  • Shoes made by Carmina and Crockett and Jones both make use of the Goodyear Welt construction
  • They are both of good quality
  • They both offer a wide range of options for their customers
  • They both make use of quality lasts and leather
  • Both shoes are made with quality material
  • They offer shoes that are quite good looking and fashionable

Carmina vs Crockett and Jones: Comparison

First glance


  • Leather lining
  • Sleek and nice-looking
  • Closed channel stitching
  • Narrow width
  • Neat welt stitching
  • The toe cap is thermoplastic

Shoes made by Carmina are very sleek and good to look at, and this does a good job of attracting potential buyers.

The shoes have a very neat welt stitching. They have a closed channel stitching, which is where the stitching that attaches the sole of the shoes to the Goodyear welt on the outsole is not visible.

The design is well thought through. The heel sits really close to the leather. It has a thermoplastic toe cap as well, and there is an option of getting a metal toe cap, but you will not be able to return the shoes afterward.

Crockett and Jones

  • Shiny and sleek
  • Good vamp and welt alignment

Crockett and Jones make shoes that provide an honest vamp and welt alignment. Crockett and Jones make use of the Goodyear welt construction, an organization that gives quality welt construction.

The welt may be a strip of leather around the fringe of the only and to which the upper is attached.



Carmina uses a variety of materials that contribute to the overall quality of the product.

It makes use of closed channel stitching that adds to the durability of the shoes. It also has a metal shank for stability.

It has an intricate last as well. Shoes made by Carmina are durable, water-resistant, and of good quality. Carmina has very good shoe construction and is of a very solid structure.

Crockett and Jones

Crockett and Jones shoes are durable and of great quality. They offer a wide range of materials suitable for different activities.



Carmina company offers shoes made with a wide range of leather, which include:

  • Box calf leather, which happens to be the most popular and most used, especially for men’s dress shoes
  • Shell cordovan leather
  • Braided leather
  • Palmelato, which is a calf leather with a subtle embossed print
  • Patent leather is a type of synthetic coated leather that gives a very glossy and shiny finish to the shoes.
  • Peccary, which is known for its durability, and elasticity but might not be the best idea for very sturdy shoes, but somehow they manage to make it sturdy.

Others include foreign or exotic skins, like – alligators, lizards, and crocodiles.

The leather used is supple and beautiful and adds to the overall quality of the shoes. They are also quite durable and comfortable as well.

Carmina selects their leather carefully and meticulously. They also specially treat their shell Cordovan leather.

The leather can be quite stiff, but overall, of great quality.

Carmina vs Crockett and Jones

Crockett and Jones

The most commonly used form of leather by Crockett and Jones is the full-grain calfskin leather, which is thought for its fine quality similar to its comfort.

Other sorts of leather utilized by Crockett and Jones include:

  • Pebble grain, which is understood for its fine print, and is additionally suitable for boots
  • Woven calf leather. This is often made by weaving strips of European calf. It gives an awfully distinctive look to the shoes
  • Willow grain contains a very specific and distinctive linear print. It’s comfortable as well
  • Calvary calf leather. This is often a powerful calf leather with special surface treatment; it gives an awfully sleek and polished finish
  • Side leather: it’s a made from heavier substance and is intended for the outside, and more rigorous activity. The additional oils also give the shoes some level of water resistance. It’s durable and commonly employed in boots.
  • The country calf leather, known for its versatility

Carmina vs Crockett and Jones

Carmina vs Crockett and Jones



Carmina also uses a good number of materials for their soles, such as commando soles, as well as rubber soles.

However, the most prominent is the leather sole.  They also make shoes with a combination of leather and rubber soles. So it all depends on which is best for you.

The Johann Rendenbach leather soles are usually seen as one of the best in the market, this comes at a slightly elevated cost.

There is no visible stitching on the soles of the shoes. The soles are quite firm and durable. Though it takes a while to get used to at first, it is comfortable for the wearer.

Carmina vs Crockett and Jones

Crockett and Jones

Crockett and Jones make use of soles made with Dainite rubber. The Dainite rubber sole is great for walking on wet surfaces because it offers good traction.

Carmina vs Crockett and Jones



Some people are of the opinion that shoes made by Carmina are somewhat in the middle, that is, not so expensive and not cheap either.

However, I think that depends on how you wish to look at it. let’s take a look at the price range of Carmina shoes

  • The lowest-ranked shoe costs about $330
  • The Oxfords cost about $405
  • The vast majority of the shoes cost about $475
  • The boots cost about $525

This all depends on the model you get or the leather you choose.

The alligator skin goes for about $4090. This is the most expensive. There is an option of custom making your own pair of shoes, of course.

However, be careful not to go overboard with your designs guys. They provide a preview of what the shoes will look like when they are actually made. This service also costs a fee.

You can check out the shoes on the official website.

Crockett and Jones

A typical pair of Crockett and Jones go for about $600-$650 making it quite costly.



The insoles of shoes made by Carmina are leather, which means that are very soft and comfortable for the wearer. It has a very nice thick leather lining, which is less likely to wear through.

Carmina vs Crockett and Jones

Crockett and Jones

Shoes by Crockett and Jones have insoles that are made of leather completely. This increases the comfort of the shoe.

Carmina vs Crockett and Jones



Carmina offers a wide range of sizes which helps people with wider feet find shoes They fit true to size. The break-in period is painful especially if you get a smaller size hoping it stretches out.

Carmina has a wide array of lasts (about 27). The rain last is the most common and Carmina suggests that you get the rain last if you are getting your first pair of shoes by Carmina.

However, that depends on which fits or suits you best.

Other lasts include:

  • The Detroit last, which is said to be American inspired
  • The Oscar last, which is round in the front and has a wider width
  • Tebas

The lasts look really nice and elegant as well as solid.

Crockett and Jones

Crockett and Jones shoes are true to size.  They make use of a wide range of unique lasts, so there is a specific last for a particular set of shoes.

It’s always best to do research on the different lasts before getting the shoes you want.

The width of the shoe is medium (neither big nor small) and the front of the shoes are roomy.

My verdict

Are you stuck again? I swear I’m not doing this on purpose. You’re confused because of how great these shoes are.

I mean looking really good, and still maintaining quality and durability is a feature not many shoemakers can boast of.

Here’s what I think: I think both shoes are somewhat similar, at least that’s what I thought at first. I went a bit deeper and discovered that I might have a tiny soft spot for shoes made by Carmina.

However, this soft spot isn’t enough to take away my love for Crockett and Jones. That being said, I will definitely learn a bit about Crockett and Jones on account of how versatile and fashionable they are.

Although, I would definitely love to get a pair of shoes by Carmina.

Alright, guys, we have looked through everything concerning both shoes. We’ve looked at the beauty and well-thought-out design of the shoes by Carmina as well as Crockett and Jones.

So, which do you like better?

Use these links to get either of these shoes:

Happy shoe shopping!

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