Grant Stone vs Meermin: Which Is Better?

Grant Stone is a brand of shoes just as Meermin is. We will consider the major difference between these two and their similarities. Also, we will compare these brands and decide which is better.

The major difference between Grant Stone and Meermin is the sizing/fitting and the sturdiness of the leather.

While Grant Stone leaves enough space for the toes, Meermin is very tight on the toes. This seems to be the peculiar thing about Meermin.

Also, Meermin has some products with removable memory foam insoles and that is not noticed yet in Grant Stone.

History of Grant Stone

Grant Stone vs Meermin

Grant Stone shoe brand company started in Xiamen, China. It started in 2016. It is quite a new brand of shoes and it comes with its peculiarities.

For one, it is known for its hard leather and thickness. Grant Stone began with Goodyear welted shoes and it prides itself on having quality products made from Goodyear. The reason why its products are made in China.

Grant Stone defends the fact that they make credible shoes with Goodyear regardless of the origin of the shoes made. There’s this stereotype about things made in China, that of lesser quality.

Grant Stone is trying to say that theirs is of higher quality notwithstanding. From the comparison that will be made in this article, we will decide if what they claim is true or not.

The pros of Grant Stone

  • Well furnished sole
  • Neat lining pattern
  • Affordable
  • Allows for allowance on toes
  • Does not peel off easily
  • The thick leather helps keep the shoe durable.

The cons of Grant Stone

  • Very hard leather
  • Expensive

History of Meermin

Grant Stone vs Meermin

Meermin is also made by Goodyear welted shoes made from Mallorca. Meermin specializes in using traditional techniques in making its shoes which are handled by specialized craftsmen.

Meermin is also noted for making extremely stiff leather shoes. Meermin shoes are also hand welted, or Norvegesse which uses the finest French Calf, English, Italian Suedes, and Shell Cordovan.

Meermin has been notable for satisfying its customers.

The pros of Meermin

  • Uses traditional techniques by specialized craftsmen.
  • Has solid soles that last longer.
  • Tight toes space that fits well within days.
  • Removable memory foam insole for comfort in some.
  • stylish and comfortable
  • very affordable.

 The cons of Meermin

  • Very tight toes that demand that you buy a different size from your normal size so it could fit well. If you do not know the adjusted size to purchase, that’s bad for you.

Similarities between Grant Stone and Meermin

These two share many similarities that are so obvious and the difference is hardly noticeable except in brand and other few features that were earlier mentioned.

One of the similarities this two share is that they are both made from the same source – Goodyear.

Grant Stone started with Goodyear and is still manufacturing its shoes with them. Meermin also Manufactures its shoes from Goodyear. So, both shoes are Goodyear welted shoes.

Another similarities is that both shoes have stiff leather. One might want to think if this is because they both come from the same factory. Both brands of shoes are known for their stiff leather.

Also, they both make use of vegetable-tanned insole for most of their shoes.

Comparison between Grant Stone and Meermin


Grant Stone

Diesel Boot Cognac Ostrich – $498

This very Grant Stone shoe is of pliable quality. Its features are as follows:

  • Exceptionally strong
  • Has a unique quill texture with a supple feel which makes it a staple in Western boots.
  • Goodyear welt construction
  • Leo last.
  • Cognac Ostrich leather.
  • Brass eyelets and hooks.
  • Comes with vegetable-tanned insole, welt, and midsole
  • Cork filler
  • Micro stud rubber sole and heel.

The above features make Grant Stone stand out. The quality is exceptional and it last long.

From the picture above, you already know what to expect. One good thing about Grant Stone shoes is that they are made very strong. That means, it doesn’t get loosed easily and it protects against water.

You can find it on the Grant Stone website here.

Chelsea Boot – Dark Oak Roughout – $312

This boot also has similar features to the one above. Below are its features:

  • Heavier leather with softer characteristics
  • Easily slip-on (dress up or down)
  • Vegetable-tanned insole, welt, and midsole
  • Cork filler with steel shank
  • Rubber lug sole
  • Double-sided gore
  • Goodyear welt construction

The sizing is made to fit very well. It is advisable that if you wear a US size 10D, you should purchase Grant Stone shoes of size 9.5D.

This way, you can have a perfect fit. At the end of your purchase, you have a fitting, well studded, and high-quality pair of shoes that you can confidently purchase at a higher price knowing the quality of what you will get.


Brown Alicante Suede – E (Ultraflex System) – $250

This Meermin product is an Alicante Suede type made of UltraFlex system. The following are its features:

  • Made using French calf
  • City lug rubber sole
  • It has a double insole system.
  • Vegetable-tanned insole
  • The Tannery is Du Puy.
  • The lining is made of full grain calf.
  • Goodyear welt construction
  • UK fitting is E (medium) size.

Brown Alicante Suede is made with style and made to be comfortable on the foot. One good thing here is that you can purchase this at a cheaper price than is indicated above.

You can purchase this at Meermin website here.

Black Softcalf – E. $275

Black Softcalf is made with its own peculiarities. Let’s check out its features below:

  • Silky feel
  • Vegetable-tanned insole
  • Tannery is annonay (France)
  • It has a studded rubber sole
  • The upper leather is Softcalf.
  • UK fitting is E (medium)

This Meermin product is a shearling-lined jumper boot with a silky feel. It is your best choice for Winter.


Grant Stone has a thick leather and also a stiff one. Because of the thickness of the leather, Grant Stone shoes are usually heavy on the foot.

Everyone wants to wear a sparkling shoe, Grant Stone has a duller leather that makes the shoe not to sparkle. The dull look of the leather enables it age very fast.

Meermin on the other hand has very stiff leather which makes it hard to pull on at the first time. The stiff leather automatically relaxes as the shoe is being used.


Grant Stone shoes have leather soles that are well furnished. The finishing pattern is made to align perfectly.

Meermin has dianite sole and is very solid. Some Meermin shoes have a rubber outsole. The solid outsole is made to last longer and firm on the foot. The heel of the sole is loosed.


Grant Stone hugs well on the foot. Also, it has lots of space for the toes. Grant Stone has the best fitting shoes and they can easily give you your perfect size. Grant Stone is made in variable sizes for all fittings.

This is the main difference in Meermin. Meermin toes space are made very tight so that it can adjust as you wear it.


Grant Stone shoes’ prices are in the range of $160 – $700. They are more costly than Meermin.

Meermin is in the range of $195 – $450. So, if you’re looking for cheaper pair of shoes with great quality, then you should go for Meermin. Grant Stone manufactures quality shoes but at higher prices.


According to some reviews online, Meermin shoes last longer than Grant Stone. Grant Stone also lasts but not as Meermin.

From the reviews that customers have made, we can say Meermin takes the lead when it comes to durability.

But, with the strong leather quality of Grant Stone shoes, we doubt that Meermin could compete with that.


Meermin shoes are mostly embedded with memory foam insole which enhances the comfort of the shoe. They are also made with vegetable-tanned insoles.

Grant Stone shoes are also made of vegetable-tanned insole and midsole.

Overall quality

While some customers prefer Grant Stone quality, others prefer Meermin. Judging from their competing good qualities, it is hard to say which is better.

But, Grant Stone has proven to have an overall best quality than Meermin, the reason why they confidently price their shoes higher.

No one would buy what does not have quality at the expense of his/her money. Meermin also offers good quality shoes but at a lower price.

In all, Grant Stone has more quality than Meermin.

My Overall Verdict: Which is better?

Grant Stone shoes are not just of high quality, it also comes with great packaging. Meermin shoes are mostly shiny with outward good looks, but the quality of the overall product cannot withstand that of Grant Stone.

Grant Stone is heavier and lasts longer. Regardless of the fact that Grant Stone is more costly than Meermin, people still prefer Grant Stone to Meermin.

That shows how highly its quality is ranked. For now, until Meermin make its shoes of more quality or until Grant Stone lessen its quality, Grant Stone is better than Meermin.

We hope Grant Stone keeps up with the quality of its shoes without lessening it.


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