Thursday Boots vs Grant Stone: Which Is Better?

In the world of boots, the “Thursday boots Vs Grant stone” is a common comparison. Both of which are great and offer twice the value for every penny spent on them. While this is true, it would be great to tell a few things that set them apart.

The major differentiating factors that tell them apart technically, fitting wise, material-wise, and on appearance is this:

Thursday Boots do have a well-built heel and toe structure, it comes with a snug fit too. Thursday boots are made of full-grain leather, and they are pretty versatile with a sophisticated look. 

Meanwhile, Grant Stone Boots on the other hand are plain toe boots that are ideal for nearly every situation.

They have stacked heels and stitched upper, they have a near relaxed fit. Grant Stone Boots are made of natural leather and have a shiny look. Quite appealing.

Below is an in-depth analysis that gives more information about these boots.

First impressions

The first glance is the bait with which “purchase” is bought. This means the first glance is mostly the character that calls on a potential buyer to want to know more about a product after having been attracted to it.

Thursday Boots

Thursday Boots vs Grant Stone

  • Full-grain leather
  • Goodyear welt construction
  • Rubber outsole
  • Narrow and slim look
  • Mature design

Thursday Boots did well at its first glance by keeping it simple, yet sophisticated. A cool paradox.

The boot, from aesthetics to structure, is classiness laced with a fine touch of the masterpiece of a beautiful workhorse – it is narrow and slim, with a lined interior. Beautiful to behold.

Grant Stone Boots

Thursday Boots vs Grant Stone

  • Natural Leather (fantastic and quality leather)
  • EVA outsole/Vibram-like mini-lug
  • Casual and fancy
  • 3mm leather midsole
  • 360 degree Goodyear split reverse welt

Grant Stone Boots did well on its outlook such that you want to have a hold of it upon seeing it for the first time.

A blend of casual and fancy. You’d notice the Vibram-like mini-lug outsole that tells its great traction. It comes with a steel shank too.

Thursday Boots vs Grant Stone: Comparison

  • Leather
  • Sole
  • Durability
  • Price
  • Insole
  • Size
  • Fashion quality
  • Overall quality
Features Grant Stone Boots
Thursday Boots
Leather Grant stone uses full-grain leather for the heel areas of its boot and lightweight leather for other parts. Thursday Boots use original full-grain leather throughout its designs.
Sole The sole here is made of EVA — a Vibram-like mini-lug Thursday Boots use rubber sole. Other times it is a combination of both rubber and leather sole.
Durability Grant stone boots are durable. Trust the designers. They made a fine blend of both lightweight and full-grain leather. Thursday Boots are more durable. The full-grain leather and genuine rubber sole have no match nor contender.
Price Grant stone boots are a tad pricey. Their prices range from $300 to $380. You can get an average Thursday boot for $200 to $250.
Insole Grant stone boots have a leather insole. They are pretty comfortable and give cushioning and arch support. Thursday Boots uses leather insoles too. Durable and foot-friendly.
Size/fit Grant stone boots are largely true to size. Except for a few iterations like the Diesel type. They have good fittings too. Thursday Boots are not true to size. Albeit the ones that fit well have a snug fit.
Fashion quality Grant stone boots are quite fashionable. They have glossy looks and better aesthetics. Thursday Boots have a good appearance. They’re not more of the outward appeal type. But they maintain class and sophistication.
Overall quality On overall quality, Grant Stone Boots takes the lead. Thursday Boots are great, but they are no match for Grant Stone.

1. Leather

Leather defines boot longevity. It is the major shoe material that decides aesthetics, foot-friendliness, breathability, break-in, and a host of other things that pertains to the wearer’s experience.

How does the leather of Thursday and Grant stone boots define them in this regard?

Thursday Boots

The leather of Thursday boots is the full-grain type. This type of leather is made from animal hide and is not synthetic. Unlike other leathers that are either the outer or inner part of the hide, full-grain utilizes both.

It is very durable, and strong, although not very breathable due to lower pores for air permissibility.

Grant Stone Boots

The leather used for Grant Stone Boots is both full-grain and lightweight leather. The full-grain is used for the heel areas while the lightweights are for the upper and sides.

If you ask me, this is a fine combination. A blend of comfort and durability.

2. Sole

What a foundation is to a house, a sole is to a shoe, especially when it is a boot.

All other shoe components rest on the sole, the pressure it is faced with upon every use, supersedes that of any shoe part. Hence, the sole is a vital shoe part.

Thursday Boots

The sole of Thursday boots is made of rubber. This rubber sole gives it better traction. And aside from the fact that it is durable, it also aids balance and works for gait improvement.

Although some Thursday boot iterations are made with both rubber and leather sole, hence their good grip.

Grant Stone Boots

The EVA material always rings the bell of durability whenever it is mentioned. The sole used for Grant sole is a Vibram-like mini lug.

Not only does it add beauty to the boot, but it also betters the fitting as this material is attached finely to the shoe welt. Thoughtful of the designers.

Grant Stone Boots have better insoles than Thursday Boots. 

3. Durability

This is one of the first questions that most potential buyers ask. “Is this shoe durable?” “How long does it last?”.

Thursday Boots

Thursday boots are very durable. And its design materials account for this. From its sole to its upper, and welt.

The full-grain leather seats are atop the list of durable leathers. So it is logical that Thursday boots reflect this value.

Grant Stone Boots

Even though Thursday Boots may be more durable than Grant Stone, I’ll still prefer Grant Stone. Why?

The heel area that is mostly faced with pressure is made with full grain while other parts are made with lightweight leather.

It lasts pretty long too. This extent of durability is enough as I do not need all the hardness and long break-in period that is common with Thursday boots.

The full-grain leather is hard, the lightweights leather is comfortable. A combination of both is perfect!

4. Price

One thing to note is, that many factors affect a shoe’s pricing; material, construction, demand, comfortability, and importantly aesthetic appeal too. There are other contributing factors too.

Thursday Boots

Thursday Boots are not the type one can say are overly pricey. Neither are they cheap either. You can get a Thursday Boot for as low as $200, other types, $250.

It all depends on your preference for Thursday’s boot iteration.

Grant Stone Boots

Grant Stone boots on the other hand are a tad pricier than Thursday boots. This is because they have better aesthetics, they are more comfortable too and this has led to high demand.

One can get an average Grant Stone boot for $350, other iterations sell for $380 too.

5. Insole

Insole to a great extent determines a user’s comfort level. This is because the insole is the shoe feature that has direct contact with the wearer’s arch and footbed in its entirety.

Thursday Boots

Thursday boots’ insoles are made of leather material. They offer moderate cushioning and keep the feet in place.

They’re quite great with arch support too as they deliver long-lasting comfort to your feet. Perfect, yeah?

Grant Stone Boots

Grant Stone boots’ insoles are also made of leather too. They’re designed with cushioning technology and work perfectly for shock absorption, all of these keep your foot in all-day comfort.

Grant Stone boots have a better insole and are more comfortable though. 

6. Size

Sizing plays a crucial role in footwear. It becomes troubling when there is size inconsistency in any shoe brand.

Thursday Boots

Thursday Boots are the culprit of this offense. They’re not true to size, albeit have a comfortable fit if one can find the right size. Thursday Boots usually have snug-fit.

Grant Stone Boots

Grant stone boots are true to size and fit well. However, there is a Grant Stone Diesel boot iteration that runs half a size large. It is advisable that you should size it down by half when making a purchase.

Fashion quality

Grant stone boots have better fashion quality. They are more glossy and have better finishing. Grant stone boots go with the demands of recent trends and great artistic impacts.

The lightweight material for the upper is shiny, they have beautiful eyelets and are nicely built around toes.

Thursday Boots are all cool and nice too. But they are not very concerned with super aesthetics and all forms of outer appeal.

Nonetheless, they’re able to come with class and a touch of sophistication. Thursday Boots are the type that commands respect.

Why you should buy Thursday Boots

Buy Thursday boots for:

  • Durability
  • Ground feel
  • Sure foot protection
  • Versatility

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Why you should buy Grant Stone Boots

Buy Grant stone boots for:

  • Comfort
  • Better aesthetics
  • Better sizing and fit
  • Balance

Thursday Boots or Grant Stone: Which is better?

For the overall quality, Grant stone boots take the lead.

Why is it so?

Because it wins for comfort, it has a better Insole, has better sole too, and sizes well. Although it is pricey, that is forgivable for the value that it offers.

Plus, on a durability scale, there is not much margin between Grant Stone and Thursday Boot.

Thursday Boots vs Grant stone?

Grant Stone wins!


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