Helm vs Thursday Boots: Comparison

Helm and Thursday Boots are some of the few reliable boots you can bet on. Their respective top-notch qualities have got fans of both boots doing the “Helm Vs Thursday Boots” thing.

The major difference between them is the fact that Thursday Boots is a high-quality handcrafted full-grain leather boots, Helm Boots on the other hand are made with Chromexcel leather which is a durable and long-lasting material

Thursday boots have beaten many others in the market as it finds a balance between versatility, comfort, and durability. 

Helm boots have good temperature resistance, it is breathable and suffices for use in many areas.

Although Thursday Boot is pricier than Helm Boots. This is because of the rigors involved in obtaining the material used for Thursday Boots.

What does the first glance say about both boots?

The first appearance, more often than not, is one of the core reasons that glues a person to a product before he or she gets to know other qualities that such products have.

Besides, most people, apart from shoe qualities, are very big on aesthetics. And until a shoe has good outward appeal, they would not buy.

Thursday Boots

Helm vs Thursday Boots

  • Full-grain leather
  • Sophisticated design
  • Rubber outsole
  • Slim and narrow looks
  • Goodyear welt construction

Thursday Boots has slim and narrow looks. This is the reason it is mostly worn with chinos or jeans and button-up shirts. Your first glance will tell you that the boot is made for both play and work.

Thursday boot comes with a rubber outsole which is its major source of traction, it has a lined interior and an excellent finishing that gets better with age.

The first glance tells that Thursday Boots are perfect, sophisticated, and unparalleled craftsmanship.

Helm Boots

Helm vs Thursday Boots

  • Round toe
  • Mini runner lug sole
  • Glossy shine
  • Chromexcel leather

At the first glance of Helm boots, you’d love the round toes. Plus, the fact that it is made with Chromexcel leather gives it a glossy shine which leaves it with a great aesthetic.

Helm boot is designed with all the elements of class and style in mind.

Helm boot has a mini rubber lug sole which also has good traction, but not as much as the Thursday boot. It is super cool though.

Comparison between Helm and Thursday boot

Even though Helm and Thursday Boots have a good extent of similitude, their differences can be seen in the following:

  • Leather
  • Sole
  • Durability
  • Price
  • Insole
  • Size/Fit
  • Style
  • Overall quality
Features Thursday Boots Helm Boots
Leather Thursday Boots are made with durable full-grain leather. Helm boots are made with Chromexcel leather. Soft and has good aesthetics.
Sole Thursday Boots have a rubber outsole. This gives it good traction and a great ground feel. Made with a durable rubber lug sole. It is good-looking too.
Price Thursday Boots are less pricier than Helm boots. It cost $200 to $250. Helm boots are pricier than Thursday Boots. It costs within the range of $250 to $290.
Insole Thursday Boots offers moderate comfort. Helm boots are more comfortable and have cushioning technology.
Size/Fit Thursday Boots are not true to size. The boots have a snug-fitting. Helm boots are true to size and have a bit of a relaxed fit.
Style Thursday Boots do not have much fashion quality. This is not to mean that they look bad though. Helm boots have better fashion quality.
Overall quality On the overall quality of both shoes, Thursday Boots takes the lead. Helm boots are quality boots, but Thursday Boots takes the overall lead.


Thursday Boots

  • Thursday Boots are made of full-grain leather. It is the most durable leather in the hierarchical order of quality leather. Here is why.
  • While other leathers are obtained from either only the outer or inner part of animal hide, the full-grain leather makes use of both. Hence its ruggedness, toughness, and durability.

Helm Boots

  • Helm boots make use of the Chromexcel leather. Chromexcel is a type of leather that is obtained by curling chrome salt. It takes 28 days to produce and undergoes 89 separate processes. Although the material is good, it is highly susceptible to scratching.

2. Sole

The soles of boots are one of the key areas that define them. A good boot with great material without a good sole almost always ends in futility.

Thursday Boots

  • Thursday Boots insoles are made of durable rubber which makes the boot big on traction and gives it a good ground feel. The company made it known that sometimes it uses both leather and rubber, but most times, it is pure rubber for hatched durability and grip.

Helm Boot

  • Helm boots are made of mini rubber lug sole – it is a thicker rubberized design that has its patter and indentation geared towards a good grip. While the sole of Helm boots has got these qualities, it is not at the mercy of good looks. Not only is it good-looking, but it is also durable.

However, Thursday Boots have better soles than Helm boots.

3. Durability

Boots should be durable and not just good-looking. Preferably, I would wear a durable boot over a good-looking one. Nonetheless, a good blend of both is perfect.

Thursday Boots

Thursday Boots are durable. Remember the full-grain leather from which they are made. This leather is the combination of both the inner and outer parts of the animal hide.

It is further processed and tanned to remove all forms of blemishes. The only side effect of this is that it is not very breathable as there are hardly any pores through which air can flow in.

Helm Boots

Helm Boots are durable too. Chromexcel leather is nice and long-lasting.

But when placed on a scale of durability side by side with Thursday Boots, Thursday Boots takes the lead. Chromexcel is a soft, supple, and durable leather. 

4. Price

Most times, the proof of shoes is determined by the process involved in obtaining the materials that are used to make the major components of the shoe. Here is the explanation for it.

Thursday Boots are supposed to be more expensive than Helm Boots because, first, there are rigors involved in obtaining a full-grain leather, secondly, this learned type is material consuming. Thursday Boots sells for $200 to $250.

But then surprisingly, Helm boots are costlier than Thursday Boots. A regular Thursday Boots sells within the range of $250 to $290.

5. Insole

The insole is one of the key areas that must be looked into before making a shoe choice. This is because it accounts for the intensity of arch support and cushioning that you will get.

The insoles of Helm Boots have much cushioning technology that helps to keep one’s foot in place and gait in check.

Helm beats Thursday Boots in this regard because it is more comfortable and foot-friendly than Thursday Boots.

6. Size/fit

One has to be careful and study the size chart of whatever shoe brand that one is purchasing from. This is because different size types vary between brands.

Here is what you should know.

Helm boots are true to size while Thursday Boots are not. With Helm boots, there is no need to size up or down because they have a good fitting range.

Thursday Boots on the other hand comes with a snug-fitting and eventually breaks in and gives a tad relaxed fit. Although it takes time for this to happen, it eventually does.

While some complaints may have come that Thursday Boots are uncomfortable, it is also a fact that it is just at its early stage of use.

Helm boots do not come with a snug fit. They fit as a normal shoe would.

7. Style

Most people will turn down durable and comfortable shoes or boots if they do not have the right aesthetics. You should know that fashion has dug deep into our dress sense in recent times where no one wants to be left behind.

Helm boots are very fashionable. The Chromexcel leather material from which they are made gives them this shiny look.

Thursday Boots are fashionable too. But you do not compare the aesthetic appeal of a shoe that is made with Chromexcel leather to one that is made of full-grain leather.

8. Overall quality

On overall quality, Thursday Boots take the lead. Thursday Boots amasses double quality of both the outer and inner parts of the animal hide.

This gives it an edge over most leather types. Helm boots are more comfortable, but the comfort margin is not large enough as reported by testers.

Why you should buy Helm Boots

Helm vs Thursday Boots

Here are some of the reasons you need to consider buying Helm boots.

Buy Helm boots for better aesthetics

Its appeal is just perfect. Here you are offered both style and comfort. Although you’d have to be careful during use because helm boots easily scratch.


Helm boots are very comfortable. They’re great on arch support, cushioning, and all forms of foot-friendliness.

Why you should buy Thursday Boots

Helm vs Thursday Boots

Consider buying Thursday Boots for:

Material quality

If you’re the type that does not pay much mind to fashion but likes a good dose of sophistication and durability, then Thursday Boots are for you.

Good traction

Thursday Boots have great traction and are not prone to skid or any form of slips.


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