RM Williams vs Red Wing Shoes: Which is Better?

The major difference between the RM Williams and the Red Wing is that RM Williams boots have elastic side panels that ensure a perfect fit even for people who have wide ankles and feet. The Red Wing on the other hand is more straightforward.

In this case, getting your normal size is not negotiable as the pattern of the design is against you not getting a perfect size for yourself.

To be more precise, the RM Williams are stylish and functional while the Red Wings are rugged and quality.

What is RM Williams Boots?

RM Williams vs Red Wing

RM Williams shoes are comfortable Chelsea boots that can serve as great investments if proper care is given to them.

Born in Australia, the RM Williams brand is very popular for its quality footwear.

What is so interesting about these boots are the questions people tend to ask?

The fact that they are made from quality yearling leather makes them compatible and functional enough to be worn on different occasions.

They have well-stated chiseled toe boxes, they are standard and comfortable enough even for office wears.

But, this particular boot has little tabs that you can hold on to for support while slipping them on.

I have a couple at home and I can’t pretend not to have had the same doubt of maybe I might go through a tough routine if I try to slip them on, but having worn them a couple of times now, I realize how helpful those little tabs are.

Of all the boots I have ever owned, this is my favorite, reasons because these days we tend to make mistakes like ordering the wrong size and the wrong color.

They are also one of the few products that come with a one-year warranty. You can return them if you have any problem with delivery and you will get a befitting response.


  • Luxury brand
  • Durable and versatile
  • Comes with 1year warranty
  • Sole is made with a dual-density polyurethane
  • They are waterproof
  • They are slip-resistant
  • Polish and spray friendly
  • Elastic side panel for an advanced perfect fit
  • Comfortable removable insoles
  • They are easy on and off


  • Sole might disintegrate with regular use
  • Some may come without safety toe

What is Red Wing Boot?

RM Williams vs Red Wing

The Red Wing shoe is a brand that is primarily made in the United States of America, with American materials that is gotten from the company’s plant in Red Wing, Danville, Kentucky, and Minnesota; Potosi, Missouri.

These boots are ethical boots made of leather materials that are domestically produced. They are the best in terms of sustainability and ethical manufacture.

Many people are now familiar with the over 100 years shoe manufacturing company because of the top-notch quality shoes they produce.

These shoes are known for their functionality and durability.

They are commonly used by construction workers and others because they are specifically made to withstand moisture, resist oil and paint, and are water-resistant to some extent.

As long as you don’t go submerging them inside water you should be fine.

The interior design is well cushioned to comfortably keep your feet dry and warm even if you walk with them inside the rain and when it is snowing.

They have flexible laces and iron eyelets to let you lace up to a perfect fit, most unique and interesting fact about them is that they are handcrafted and made in the USA.


  • They are Triple Stitched to ensure design and durability
  • They are made in the USA
  • Vibram 430 Mini-lug outsole
  • They have iron eyelets and hooks
  • Outsole-Nitrile Cork
  • They come with steel shank
  • They are handcrafted
  • They are snow and water-resistant
  • They also have oil-resistant outsoles
  • They have flexible shoelaces
  • They have slip-resistant rubber soles
  • They come with removable insoles


  • Warranty covers only work boots not leisure boots
  • Do not submerge them in water
  • Ordering an inch downsize will give you red feet (will be too tight and end up squeezing your feet and that could lead to some injuries)

What similarities do RM Williams Chelsea and Red Wing Boots Have?

The similarities between both boots are as infrequent as they are in other words totally different like they were made for different purposes.

For instance, the RM Williams boots are more like fashionable boots, the kind of boot you wear to work in the office, for a date even for an occasion.

The Red Wings is mostly used by workers, even though it has some classic designs that are worn for casual purposes and other off-work activities like for fashion too and office work, I think the main cover of the Red Wings is its workers’ boots.

We will however discuss some similarities that some of their products have but not a general similarity.

  • Design
  • Soles
  • Material
  • Insoles


Even though the major product of the RM Williams is Chelsea boots, this happens to be one of the similarities a product of the Red Wings has.

Check out this Red Wing Chelsea Boot online.


The soles of these boots are practically made to withstand some weather conditions. A combination of rubber and leather material surely does the trick in keeping you safe from slippery environments.

The sole is one similarity that both shoes have. Even though the Red Wing shoes make use of the Vamp Rubber soles while the RM Williams shoes make use of a combination of both rubber and leather.

It is only appropriate to say booth shoes are after the well-being and comfort of their customers and that is why they both use rubber to give their products the protective capability of protecting their wearers.


Now looking at the pictures of both boots from the beginning of this part of the article, you will notice how shiny the vamps of both shoes are.

This is because both companies make use of leather for most of their product. even though one is more of a whole cut and the other isn’t, the leather material they use makes them take on good polish and glow.


Yes, both shoes have removable insoles for top-notch comfort and easy maintenance for when they get dirty, you can remove and wash them.

Comparison between RM Williams and Red Wing shoes

Let’s get into the comparison between both shoes, hopefully, some doubts will be cleared for good.

  • First glance
  • Leather
  • Sole
  • Fit/Sizing
  • Price

First glance

RM Williams Chelsea Boots

RM Williams vs Red Wing

  • Elastic side panels
  • Grip tabs
  • Frictional sole surface
  • Rubber sole
  • Pointed toe box
  • Leather upper

The RM Williams shoe is a fashionable shoe that is made with elastic side panels to ensure a more perfect and secured fit.

It has grip tabs to help you slip them on easily and a frictional sole surface which I will discuss more in the next part of the article.

It has a leather upper that makes it shiny and most importantly it is in whole cut form.

Red Wing Shoes

RM Williams vs Red Wing

  • Outsole-Nitrile Cork
  • Steel shank
  • They have iron eyelets
  • Rubber/Chew gum sole
  • Thickened toe box
  • Thick heel
  • Flexible shoelace
  • Well-cushioned collar

When you look at the Red Wing shoes, you will notice a classic product that is endowed with the required features to keep you protected and comfortable.

Most of their product come with steel shanks and chew gum soles for more grip to whatever kind of terrain you are walking on. some have leather vamps which we will discuss in the next part of the article.


RM Williams Chelsea Boots

RM Williams vs Red Wing

  • Kangaroo leather

The RM Williams use kangaroo leather for their boots which are considered as the strongest leather material there is in the world.

This leather is durable and receives polish well. A brush or twice will make them shine as they had just been bought.

Red Wing Shoes

RM Williams vs Red Wing

  • Oil-tanned leather

Most of the Red Wing shoes are made with Oil Tanned Leather material.

It is more breathable and is oil-resistant, water-resistant, and perspiration resistant. It has a natural feel and looks because it has not been finished yet.

Which one has the best leather Is a question that most people would ask especially with the fact that both shoes are remarkable.

It is however important to note that with the Kangaroo material considered the best in the world it is not a topic to deliberate further on than to all agree that the RM Williams has the top quality leather among the two.


RM Williams Shoes

RM Williams vs Red Wing

  • Rubber and leather sole

Now we all know that rubber is a credible sole. It is durable, strong, and has a strong grip on the ground.

Now consider a combination of both materials to make a single sole. It is going to be magnificent right. That’s what I think too, let’s check out the Red Wing sole.

Red Wing Shoes

RM Williams vs Red Wing

  • Vibram rubber soles

The Red Wing sole is made from Vibram soles.

They make their soles from rubber lug soles. These soles are equally durable and strong even though I believe we can agree that they are likely not to be as strong and durable as the RM Williams shoes.

Even though one thing to take into serious consideration is that the durability of your sole totally depends on how often you use your shoes and the kind of terrain on which you wear them regularly on.


RM Williams Chelsea Boots

  • True to size
  • Perfect fit
  • Shock absorption

The RM Williams has an elastic side panel which makes it fit true to size with a grippy hold to your feet.

It is mostly recommended for people with small or normal feet. and in order to ensure stress-less slipping, they come with grab tabs that you can hold on to make wearing them easy.

Red Wing Shoes

  • Shoelace
  • True to size
  • Have wide toes

The Red Wing shoes are roomy enough to let your feet relax within. They fit a size bigger than your normal sneakers, you might want to take note of that when you order a pair for yourself.

They usually come with shoelaces for an adjustable fit and some of its designs like the Chelsea boots also have elastic panels at the side for ensuring a perfect fit for any type of leg.


RM Williams Chelsea Boots

Although the prices for RM Williams Shoes seem to differ according to different marketers and sellers, you can get a pair of RM Williams Shoes on their official website for a price starting from as low as $300 and above.

Keep an eye out!!

Red Wing Shoes

The Red Wing shoes are great and remarkable shoes; they are a bit more expensive compared to the RM Williams shoes.

The least you can get the Red Wing shoe, for now, is at a price starting from $150 and above, while their Chelsea classic shoes go for a whopping $300 and above. You can get them on Amazon.

Final verdict

Just like I said at the beginning of this article, you can look at both shoes as if they are totally different from each other.

One is more fashionable while the other seems to deal with the safety of workers more.

Even though the Red Wing shoes also make shoes that can be used for diverse activities, I will like to conclude that if you want a fashionable shoe you should go for the RM Williams, and if you want work shoes then go for the Red Wings.

A fun fact is, there is no harm in having both shoes to use for your convenience.


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