Havaianas vs Crocs: Which Is Better?

There is a battle of quality between the famous Crocs, and the people’s choice, Havaianas. Hence, the constant “Havaianas vs Crocs” comparison.

The major difference between these two is that Crocs is made with durable croslite, which is a closed-cell resin type of material and is eco-friendly, durable, and very foot-friendly, meanwhile, Havaianas are made with a natural rubber, also known as latex.

It is a secret formula type of rubber, a unique combination of various polymeric constituents that has gained major ground in the flip-flops world. 

Let’s see more about them.

Which is better?

Crocs is better.

Why is Crocs better?

Crocs is featherlight, more comfortable, and cheaper. What more can one ask for when it comes to footwear?

The last thing one would ever want to be saddled with is having to deal with the weight of heavy footwear. Although Havaianas is light too, Crocs beats it in this regard.

The closed-cell resin in Crocs allows for a very comfortable feeling underneath the foot. Comfort has a way of driving appeal to users. Most people that find it in whatever footwear, stick to it.

One true thing is when a product becomes a popular choice among other products of its type, then that is proof of quality regardless of whether or not there are minute percentages of people that find satisfaction in other types.

While it is also inarguable that Havaianas covers a large landscape of users’ acceptability too, it is in no way close to Crocs.

Similarities between Crocs and Havaianas

  • Therapeutic feel
  • Minimalist design
  • Durability
  • Expensive

1. Therapeutic feel

There is this massage-like feeling you get underneath your feet when you use either of both footwear.

They have this cool healing sensation that leaves your feet with a curative satisfaction drawn from their soft and balmy natures.

It is one thing for a flop or a slide to be made of good material. It is another thing for the products made to be of good quality control, where there is a fine balance in the density of every constituent used for that design.

And it is just great that these brands have intelligently stricken an excellent balance in this regard.

2. Minimalist design

If you have ever used Havaianas and Crocs, you’d know they prioritize only essential things. Their flip-flops are equipped mainly with their core footwear functions.

For example, comfort and durability. Both are made in simple forms where unnecessary ornamentations are avoided. And in all of these, they have managed to push a true form of elegance.

If you’re thinking of something simple, yet comfortable, then Havaianas or Crocs are the way to go.

3. Durability

When you think of a slide or flop that can withstand tear, wear, or pressure, Crocs or Havaianas should come to mind. They are also shockproof, easy to clean, and cool.

The lifespan of an average Havaianas or Crocs is twice the lifespan of a slide or flop from regular brands.

And in a case as such where the durable nature of the flops from these brands are also laced with a good dose of comfort, it is safe to say in these brands, users’ feet have found a home.

Some of the additional benefits of Crocs and Havaianas are:

  • Slip-resistant
  • U/V resistant
  • Recyclable
  • Super light
  • Antimicrobial
  • Insulating

These are brands that are great in not just longevity, but also functionality.

4. Expensive

Havaianas and Crocs are pretty expensive. Well, one has to consider the rarity of the croslite material used for genuine Crocs designs, and the tasking process it takes for the combination of the variants of the unique rubber used for Havaianas.

These facts amount to the pricey nature of these brands. But then, their qualities make them worth every penny.

Havaianas Vs Crocs: Comparison

1. First glance

(a). Crocs

Havaianas vs Crocs

At the first glance of Crocs, the first thing you’d notice is its simplicity. Crocs have a distinct feel and look. Although there are recent Crocs that are very fashionable now.

There are flops you see and can instantly tell if they ain’t good for your feet owing to the dense look and hard surfaces. With Crocs, the softness is visible even before a touch. A true definition of great looks.

Have you ever been faced with a situation where you had to choose between aesthetics and comfort? Great to know that you can find both qualities on one flop.

One great thing about the looks of Crocs is how it is able to suffice for use in different functions.

Whether for casual dressings or semi-formal. Crocs becomes the ideal choice when it comes to being multifaceted.

(b). Havaianas

Havaianas vs Crocs

Unlike Crocs, the first thing you’d notice upon sighting a Havaianas flip flop is the structured arch and great straps.

It is a good thing that there is a good blend of all of these features collectively contributing to making the flops amazing.

Havaianas is a great design that tags along with class and has great eccentricity and unmatched class. You would also notice that new Havaianas do not have the harsh chemical smell like most new flops do.

It also features an authenticity logo which is very bold and clear atop its straps and on the footbed. More often, the logo is the truest test of genuine Havaianas as fake ones are beginning to flood the market too.

2. Material

(a). Crocs

The Croselite material has a way of commanding dominance in the ears of users whenever it is mentioned. When Crocs started as a boat shoe first in 2002, it made massive sales.

The primary reason people stick to it is because of the health benefits derived from using it. From resume reduction of foot fatigue to slashing down of heel pains and whatnot. Croslite material is indeed great.

The benefit of this material is that it is very soft and allows for maximum cushioning and many foot benefits. Croselite is made of oil petroleum hydrocarbon. A rare type of crude oil polymer.

While it can easily be mistaken for rubber, it is not. And the fact that it is not synthetic-based but bio-based, makes it maintain a cool type of originality.

(b). Havaianas

The Havaianas material is a super combination of several types of rubber into a fine and durable product. While some synthetic runners are not all that good, Havaianas make a difference.

Havaianas do not make use of animal glue, it is purely made of natural rubber which has gone head to head with most big brands.

It is biodegradable, this means it can easily be decomposed by bacteria into simple organic compounds in a case where it is disposed of. Therefore it is eco-friendly and does not pose a threat to the surrounding on grounds of pollution.

Havaianas has grown to reach the FSC standard and that is a great fest to attain in the world of footwear.

3. Construction

(a). Crocs

Havaianas vs Crocs

Croc has a good construction that makes it anti-slip and allows for the improvement of gait. It is made to be breathable and cool.

This way, air is accessible to your feet and they are kept in comfort all day. Crocs construction balances the midfoot and heel sides thereby driving balance to the underfoot.

Crocs flop steps are not very loose, they ain’t snug either, just relaxed for a comfortable fit.

(b). Havaianas

Havaianas vs Crocs

Havaianas construction considers foot gain and traction. It has rigid and line “teeth” underneath. The flop features a hilly sole and nice straps.

The footbed is straight and not contoured, albeit with a lesser density at both ends to drive support to the arch. The design is simple and beautiful.

4. Size/Fit

(a). Crocs

Havaianas vs Crocs

Crocs are true to size. They have a relaxed-fitting and stay well. Crocs have good traction to keep away from skids. There are universal Croc size types and iterations that have male and female sizes separately.

Understanding how the size pattern of crocs is so you do not end up sizing either up or down. Crocs have enough room in the toe area that can allow you to wiggle your toes. Its flops are soft and comfortable.

(b). Havaianas

Havaianas vs Crocs

Havaianas are also true to size. Has good fitting and good traction too. Looking for flops that promise a foot balance and alignment of the toe and heel areas?

Havaianas is the way to go. Its fitting gives good cushioning and has vibrant tonal straps. It is thong styled too.

Havaianas has good fitting provided you are not faced with any type of foot problems.

5. Maintenance

Both products are pretty easy to maintain as they do not require much attention. It is either you wipe them with a damp cloth when they are dusty, or a simple wash with the use of mild soap.

Not a type of soap made of harsh chemicals just so they do not wear out easily.

Get a bowl of tepid water, deep in the Crocs or Havaianas flops, and pour in a few drops of liquid soap. Preferably dishwashing liquid soap and gently scrubbing the dirty areas.

Rinse with plenty of water just so there are no soap remnants left on the shoe.

It is also worth noting that you should not subject these flops to direct sunlight. A simple air dry will be just perfect. Hand washing is always the ideal choice. They are not machine washable.



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