Nunn Bush vs Rockport: Which Is Better?

Nunn Bush and Rockport are two brands of shoes that share lots of similarities. But, they also have their differences.

One of the differences is that Nunn Bush started decades before Rockport in making dress shoes and we can say that they are more experienced in this field of shoemaking.

While Nunn Bush uses hundred percent leather in most of their shoes, Rockport uses San Crispino fabric for their shoes.

Also, Nunn Bush insert Comfort Gel heel to their shoes for extra comfortability, while Rockport does not.

Nunn Bush only makes shoes for men while Rockport makes dress shoes for men and women.

In this article, we will dig deeper into comparing these two brands by considering their shoe features and qualities in order to know which is best for you.

Historical Background of Nunn Bush

Nunn Bush vs Rockport

Nunn Bush started in Milwaukee in 1912, over a century now. Their aim was to create fine men’s shoes at affordable prices.

They focus on making contemporary, classic, dress, and casual shoes which has the best fitting and feeling on the foot.

Over the years, they are known to provide quality, stylish, valuable, and comfortable dress shoes.

They specifically make use of Comfort Gel heel insert in their shoes to differentiate them from other brands.

They are most known for their Cameron shoes made for men. Their brand is strictly for men’s dress shoes which makes them unique among others.


  • Stylish and comfortable shoes
  • Very affordable
  • Gel heel insert for added comfort
  • Best fitting


  • Only men’s shoes

History of Rockport

Nunn Bush vs Rockport

Rockport is a dress shoe company that started in 1971, almost 50 years after Nunn Bush began. It started with a father and son, Saul and Bruce Katz in the USA.

They focus on making casual and dress shoes. Their aim is to meet the needs of their customers and over the years they have refined their shoes to suit that purpose.

Although they aren’t that expensive, they cost more than Nunn Bush shoes. Their shoes are made of Strobel construction which enables their shoes to last.

They also make use of Latex footbeds for the comfortability of their shoes.


  • Focused on customer’s need
  • Strobel construction for durability
  • Comfortable
  • Imported
  • For men and women


  • More expensive.

Nunn Bush vs Rockport: Similarities

They are a lot of similarities between these two shoe brands. One, they are both in the business of making dress shoes.

They both make use of leather for the outer material of their shoes. They are both affordable. Their shoes can be worn for casual outings and activities. Nunn Bush and Rockport are both located in the USA.

They also make use of latex footbeds in some of their shoes. Shoes from both shoe brands are comfortable to wear.

Their shoes are also embedded with an EVA midsole for shock absorption.

Comparison between Nunn Bush and Rockport shoes

In comparing these two, we will base our comparison on the features, sole, insole, durability, sizing, price, and overall quality.

To achieve this, we’ll consider some examples of shoes from each brand.


Nunn Bush Shoes

Nunn Bush Casual Oxford Walking Shoe

Nunn Bush vs Rockport

This shoe prices are in the range of $49 -$100 online (See on Amazon). It has a lightweight rubber sole for the durability of the shoe.

It is well styled and it is cushioned with an EVA footbed. Also, inserted in the shoe is a Comfort Gel heel. It has a padded tongue and collar.

It is made with breathable linings for the comfort of the foot. The shoe is made of 100% leather with a moc toe. This shoe can be used anywhere.

You can use it for work, and casual walks. The style can go well with any stylish dress you have in mind. The features in summary:

  • Cushioned EVA footbed
  • Inserted with Comfort Gel heel
  • Padded tongue and collar
  • Stylish
  • Mesh fabric lining
  • 100% leather

Nunn Bush Men’s Wallabee Slip-on Loafer

Nunn Bush vs Rockport

This dress shoe can be found online at a price of $32 – $123 (See on Amazon). It is made in the USA  and it is made to last. It has a lycra lining for all-time comfort.

This shoe has a lightweight EVA sole that absorbs shock and enhances comfortability. It is stylish and is made with a cotton-soft canvas.

The outer material used for this shoe is fabric. It is also embedded with a removable Latex foam footbed for added comfort.

This shoe can be worn to the office and even a casual place such as the beach. It is made to fit. Let’s summarize the features:

  • Made in the USA
  • Lycra lining
  • Removable Latex foam footbed
  • Lightweight EVA sole
  • Stylish and durable
  • Outer material – fabric
  • Cotton soft canvas

Nunn Bush Men’s Noah Penny Loafer

Nunn Bush vs Rockport

This shoe is made with 100% premium leather with a fully padded sock lining. It comes with a Comfort Gel heel which provides all-round comfort to the foot. It has a synthetic outsole which makes it last.

This shoe can be worn to all casual occasions with any stylish dress of your choice. You can find it online at a price of $64 – $94, very affordable. (See on Amazon).

You don’t have to break a bank to put on style and comfort. These are the features in summary:

  • 100% premium leather
  • Padded sock lining
  • Comfort gel heel
  • Synthetic outsole
  • Slip-on closure

Nunn Bush Men’s Oxford Sneaker

Nunn Bush vs Rockport

The fabric type of this shoe is 100% manmade and it has a manmade sole material. It also has a padded collar and tongue.

It has a dual Comfort footbed – memory foam and EVA layers for added comfort of the foot. It is made to be TrueControl Mark ll Slip resistant. It has an oil and abrasion-resistant outsole.

This shoe also has a lace-up closure type which allows you to adjust to fit. It can be worn to work in the hospital, restaurant, and kitchen.

It is also stylish and can be worn to any casual occasion. It is also very affordable.

Features in summary:

  • Fabric type – 100% manmade
  • Manmade sole material
  • Padded collar and tongue
  • Dual Comfort footbed
  • Oil and abrasion-resistant outsole
  • Lace-up closure

Rockport shoes

Rockport Men’s Eureka Walking Shoe

Nunn Bush vs Rockport

This shoe is priced from $57 -$147 online (See on Amazon). The fabric type used to make this shoe is San Crispino and it has rubber soles for durability. The closure type is lace-up.

The shoe is inserted with a Latex foam footbed for extra comfort and EVA midsole which absorbs impact. It has a breathable mesh lining.

It has a padded collar and tongue. This dress shoe can be worn anywhere by a man with a sense of style. It might be a little expensive, but it’s worth it.

The features in summary:

  • San Crispino fabric type
  • Rubber sole
  • Latex foam footbed
  • Breathable mesh lining
  • EVA midsole
  • Padded collar and tongue

Rockport Men’s Rhyder Venetian Loafer

Nunn Bush vs Rockport

This Rockport Men’s shoe comes with a rubber sole for the durability of the shoe.

It can be found online at the price of $55 -$120 (See on Amazon). It has a pull-on closure type and the shoe is not water-resistant which means you can’t use it when it’s raining or on slippery surfaces.

It is embedded with a truTech lightweight Shock absorption. The footbed inserted in it for comfort is leather. The outer material used for this shoe is soft leather.

This shoe can be used for casual walks in the evening or any casual outing. The features in summary:

  • Pull-on closure type
  • Soft leathers
  • TruTech lightweight Shock absorption
  • Leather footbed
  • Rubber sole
  • Not water-resistant

Rockport Men’s Rock Cove Walking Sneaker

Nunn Bush vs Rockport

This sneaker is an imported brand. It is made of 100% leather and mesh material. It has a rubber sole for durability and a lace-up closure type for adequate fit.

It is inserted with a Latex foam footbed for comfort and a mesh lining for breathability. Also, it is made with Adiprene for shock absorption heel cushioning.

It is sold online at a price of $63 – $168 (See on Amazon); quite expensive. This dress shoe can be worn to any casual outing.

Summary of the features below:

  • 100% leather/mesh
  • Rubber sole
  • Lace-up closure type
  • Latex footbed
  • Mesh lining
  • Adiprene shock absorption heel

Rockport Women’s Truflex Walking Shoe

Nunn Bush vs Rockport

The material used in making this shoe is fabric and it is made in the USA. The sole material is Ethylene Vinyl Acetate. It has a Textile footbed cover and a removable OrthoLite footbed for excess comfort.

It is also made of textile lining and Strobel construction made. This shoe is stylish and can be worn for an evening date or a walk. The price of this shoe online from $43 – $140 (See on Amazon).

The features in summary:

  • Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sole material
  • Textile footbed cover
  • Removable OrthoLite footbed
  • Textile lining
  • Strobel construction


Most Nunn Bush shoes are made with 100% leather and some are made with fabric.

There are some shoes that are made with manmade fabric. While Rockport also uses 100% leather and mesh for the making of their shoes. Rockport also uses San Crispino fabric for its shoes.


Nunn Bush uses lightweight rubber soles and EVA soles for their shoes. This assures the durability of their shoes.

While Rockport also makes use of rubber soles for their shoes. Both brands use the same sole material and they aim at making the shoe last.

Nunn Bush sometimes uses oil and an abrasion-resistant outsole for their shoes.


Due to the fact that both brands use rubber sole which is aimed at the same thing – durability, we cannot really say which one lasts longer.

Following reviews online, Rockport is said to have lasted longer. Another edge Rockport has over Nunn Bush is the Strobel construction which adds to the durability of their shoes.


Nunn Bush and Rockport are almost in the same price range. Nunn Bush shoes are in the range of $32 – $123. While Rockport shoes are in the range of $43 – $168.

This is just according to the shoes I’ve mentioned here, there may be other shoes that are more expensive than the ones here.

Looking at this critically, we can say that Rockport shoes are more expensive than Nunn Bush.


Nunn Bush uses Comfort Gel heel insert and EVA footbed for their shoes. And, this is what makes them stand out.

Many reviewers have praised Nunn Bush for the addition of the Comfort Gel heel which has made wearing their shoes very comfortable. Nunn Bush, together with Rockport also uses Latex footbed for their shoe insoles.

Rockport uses removable OrthoLite footbeds for their insoles. The most comfort-providing shoes are the Nunn Bush shoes.


The lace-up closure type used in most Nunn Bush shoes and Rockport shoes helps in adjusting the shoes to fit.

Also, for Nunn Bush, there’s a provision of enough toe space which makes the shoe fit well without it being tight on the toe.

Some of Rockport’s shoes are actually tight on the toe. Nunn Bush has the best fitting.

Overall quality

From the features above, we can see that Nunn Bush has style, insole, sizing, pricing, and sole advantage over Rockport. Without mincing words, Nunn Bush is of a higher quality than Rockport.

My Overall Verdict: Which is better?

Knowing what shoe brand to pick shouldn’t be an issue for you now. But, if you’re waiting to know what I’ll say.

Here is it: if you’re looking to buy a pair of shoes that may really last you longer regardless of other qualities for both men and women, then go for Rockport.

But, if you’re looking to buy a pair of shoes that is stylish, comfortable, and also provides a level of durability for men only, then go for Nunn Bush.


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