Quoddy vs Rancourt: Which Is Better?

The major difference between Quoddy and Rancourt shoes is that Quoddy shoe is made of a Vibram rubber sole while Rancourt is made of a cushioned leather sole.

Quoddy shoes are built with the Moccasin construction while the Rancourt shoe is built of Blake construction.

Both shoes are made of quality materials and by skilled/authentic craftsmanship. Let’s go further to know more about these shoes.

First glance

Quoddy vs Rancourt

Quoddy shoe

  • Handsewn
  • Twinface sheepskin
  • Vibram rubber sole
  • Horween Chromexcel leather
  • Pull-on
  • Two or three eyelets
  • Cushioned insole
  • Cotton laces

Quoddy shoes are handmade shoes with nice styles. It combines twin-face sheepskin and a very flexible Vibram sole.

It has a cozy fleece interior and durable leather for the exterior. It incorporates a soft glove leather collar for added comfort and a pull-on system for easy on and off wear.

A leather heel cover for a good amount of durability.

The Vibram sole gives the shoe a nubby grip for a casual walk, the sole is soft and an anti-slip rubber sole that offers all-day comfort. It is built with the Goodyear welt construction.

It makes moccasins like; boat shoes, camp mocs, and so on. It is built with Horween Chromexcel leather for its upper, this leather is an American sourced kind of leather.

It is a top-tier cut of hide that gives maximum comfort, especially during the summer months. It has about two or three classic eyelet designs. It has a cushioned insole that helps to pad your feet. It has durable waxed cotton laces.

Quoddy shoes are made in Lewiston, Maine and the company started making shoes since 1909.


Quoddy vs Rancourt

  • Authentic craftmanship
  • Waxy kudu leather
  • Cushioned outsole
  • Waxed cotton laces
  • Blake welt construction

The Rancourt shoe is made of quality construction by using traditional techniques and the finest materials.

It is made of waxy kudu leather which is gotten from Stead Tannery and it is finished with a cushioned outsole.

The Polyurethane and cushioned USA-made leather outsole provide traction for a proper grip.

It has waxed cotton laces, a maximum of three eyelets, and a pull-on system for an easy on and off.

Rancourt shoes are made of a Blake welt construction which can be resoled when the sole is worn out. It is made with Horween leather with a clean design.

Quoddy vs Rancourt: Comparison

Both shoe brands will be compared based on the following features;

  • Outsole
  • Construction method
  • Size and fit
  • Waterproof
  • Insole
Features Quoddy shoe Rancourt shoe
Outsole A Vibram rubber sole A cushioned leather sole
Construction method Built with the Moccasin/Goodyear welt construction Built with the Blake welt construction
Size and fit It fits half size down It fits true to size
Waterproof It is made waterproof using an organic waterproofer It is water-resistant
Insole It has a leather insole It has a Texon insole


Quoddy is made of a Vibram rubber sole. It has a rubber boat sole alongside rawhide lace which provides extra cushioning in the arch for comfort.

Its grippy rubber sole has lugs that have siping patterns to enable traction on a wet surface.

Rancourt is made of a cushioned leather sole. Its sole is thicker are stiffer. It is an oak-tanned leather that holds up well. The sole provides grip on a wet surface.

Leather is gotten from animals and as such, it is a natural product and as well very durable. Leather soles are soft and flexible.

The leather sole of Rancourt shoes will mold the shape of your feet nicely.

Construction method

Quoddy is built with the Moccasin/Goodyear welt construction. It is made with a true handsewn Moccasin construction using the finest leather and components.

Moccasin construction is one of the oldest methods of making shoes. It comprises the upper, quarters, and insole stitched firmly together in one piece with a vamp apron at the top.

In a simple term, it is the hand sewing of the vamp to the plug to create a moc-toe. Quoddy shoes are made with this construction to make them flexible, durable, and repairable.

Rancourt is built with the Blake welt construction. This construction method is named after Lyman Reed Blake, the man who invented the McKay sole stitching machine.

The machine is called the McKay sole stitching machine but the process was introduced by Blake. This process is quite similar to the Goodyear welt construction.

It has simple construction and rapid construction. In simple construction, the insole is stitched through the outsole while in rapid construction the insole is stitched to a midsole and then stitched to the outsole.

It is pretty difficult to resole and there is a great possibility of water seeping in. Though, water will not get in when you walk through puddles.

You can feel the Blake stitch by running your fingers inside your shoe through the bottom part of the inner sole.

Size and fit

Rancourt shoes fit true to size, it is narrow in the toe box. The shoe comes in varieties of sizing, from 6 to 14, and widths of B to EE.

Quoddy shoes fits half size down. It is recommended to use half the sizes of Nike, Adidas, and New Balance to measure your size.

For instance, if you run a New Balance size 10, you will need to order a Quoddy size 9 ½ or in most cases go with the same size.


Quoddy has an organic waterproof that helps to prevent the leather and thread from soaking water and stay soft and supple.

This organic waterproofer can help your shoe stay waterproof. Though, some Quoddy boots have waterproof lining as they are lined with waterproof fabric to keep your feet dry.

Rancourt shoes have a leather midsole with a watertight leather outsole. It is oil-treated to make it durable and water-resistant.


Rancourt has a Texon insole. It is a compressed cotton fiberboard used in the making of shoes.

The insoles are replaced during the recrafting of the shoe since the insole has to be stitched through in order to resole the shoe.

The insole of Rancourt shoes is replaced with every repair or resoling. This makes Rancourt shoe worth the price. Though Texon is of a lower quality than leather and it won’t last long.

Quoddy shoes have a leather insole. This leather insole is breathable and durable. It has a full-length cushion insole which has padding in the arch area.

It elevates your feet more, it is very comfortable and the padding will not sink down for any reason.

Why should you buy Quoddy shoes?

You should buy Quoddy shoe because due to the fact that it is handsewn, whenever the sole wears out or the stitches get torn, instead of discarding your shoe, you can give them back to the skilled artisans to resole or repair them.

You’ll get a new sole, a new lace, and can even change your shoe color if you wish. Quoddy shoes are lightweight, flexible, and uniquely made.

Quoddy shoe ages beautifully. Its eyelets allow side ventilation and its rubber sole is anti-slip, these features combine for all-day comfort.

The heel provides protection and reduces fatigue. Its padded collar helps to prevent irritation around the foot. Quoddy shoe is designed to be worn with or without socks.

Why should you buy Rancourt shoes?

You should get yourself a pair of Rancourt shoe because it is handcrafted for a lifetime of wear. The shoes are built to last. It provides unmatched comfort and breathability and a decreased “break-in time”.

Its outsole gives a good grip on a slippery surface. The Rancourt shoe is made of a sleek and clean design using leather. It is made of a leather sole and built with Blake welt construction.

It is a quality shoe, comfortable and durable.

Conclusion: Which is better?

Rancourt shoes are my overall best shoe for this article. This is because it is water-resistant and it fits true to size. It is made of quality leather inner and it is handcrafted properly and professionally by skilled craftsmen.

They are also very versatile and fit any occasion as well as any outfit. It can be worn for a walk on the beach or a casual hang out with friends for a drink.


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