Sperry vs Cole Haan: Which Is Better?

The major difference between the Sperry boat shoe and the Cole Haan loafer is that the Sperry boat shoe has a 360-degree lacing system i.e the lacing is all-round while the Cole Haan loafer has no lace as it features a pull on closure.

Sperry boat shoe has a rubber sole while Cole Haan loafer has a leather sole.

The Sperry boat shoe is best for summer, whereas the Cole Haan loafer is an all-season shoe as it can suit any event and outfit, from casual to business mood.

There are more intriguing things about these shoes, we can only know if we dig deeper into each of them.

Sperry vs Cole Haan: First Impressions

What is so fascinating about these shoes? What first impression or thought do you get once you set your eyes on them? Let’s take a look.

Sperry Boat Shoe

Sperry vs Cole Haan

It is Sperry’s most iconic silhouette which is inspired by the sea and all other walks. It is usually hand-sewn by skilled craftsmen with quality and premium materials.

It is made of full-grain leather in the upper and features rawhide laces, rust-proof eyelets, and a 3600 lacing system for a customized fit.

It features a moccasin construction which helps to conform to your feet, makes it durable, and gives break-in comfort. It is made of a nonmarking rubber outsole for ultimate wet and dry traction.

It has ortholite cushioning which ensures you have all-day comfort. It is made of nubuck leather and has a mock toe stitching that gives a clean and classy look. It has stitching that comes all along with the toe box.

The rust-proof eyelet holds up really well and would not rust when they get wet.

  • Full-grain leather
  • Rawhide laces
  • Rust-proof eyelets
  • 3600 lacing system
  • Ortholite cushioning
  • Non-marking rubber sole
  • Hand sewn

Cole Haan loafer

Sperry vs Cole Haan

  • 100% leather
  • Leather sole
  • No lacing system
  • Pull-on closure
  • Cushioned footbed
  • Hand sewn construction

The Cole Haan loafer is made of 100% leather material. It features a leather sole with no lacing system but pull-on closure.

It features an anatomically cushioned footbed and arch support which helps to add stability and extra support to the feet. It is comfortable, versatile, and stylish.

Its upper has detailed leather with mock toe stitching across the front for an added appeal.

The inside lining is soft leather which keeps it nice and breathable. It also features a multi-layer foam footbed. It has a durable and lightweight EVA midsole. The loafer is hand sewn.

Sperry vs Cole Haan: Comparison

The Sperry boat shoe and the Cole Haan loafer will be compared based on these features:

Features Sperry boat shoe Cole Haan loafer
Closure type 3600 lacing system It is laceless with slip-on style
Outsole Made of a rubber outsole Made from leather
Seasonality Built for summer All-season
Comfort Very comfortable to wear Not as comfy as the Sperry boat shoe
Waterproof Not waterproof but can get wet It is waterproof
Insole A removable insole Made of leather and its multi-layer
Midsole Cushioned EVA midsole EVA midsole

Closure type

The Sperry boat shoe is laced with 360-degree lacing system for a secure fit. Boat shoes are always laced, this is the style and design that they are known for.

Their laces are made of leather which is tunneled around the heel of the shoe and at least two eyelets at the tongue. Apart from giving your feet a secured grip, it makes the shoe look kind of stylish.

The Cole Haan loafer has no lace, it has a slip-on closure type. A loafer will never have a lace, that’s just how they are made. They are known for their exceptional slip-on design which gives them a different look from other types of shoes.


The Sperry boat shoe features a non-marking rubber sole and a wave razor sipping cut. This is for traction on either a wet or dry surface. It offers a great grip and good traction.

Sperry vs Cole Haan

Natural rubber is made with latex, which is later processed to make rubber. The sole of the Sperry boat shoe is very comfortable and gives a good bounce when you are walking.

It is very durable and can be worn on any terrain. It is can get a bit wet but should not be submerged in deep water.

The Cole Haan loafer outsole is made of 100% genuine leather and has a sturdy heel. This helps the loafer to flex with ease.

Sperry vs Cole Haan

It adapts to the way you walk thereby helping to offer maximum comfort. It is also breathable and healthy for the feet. Due to the fact that Cole Haan loafer has a leather sole, it can be resoled when it wears out.

A leather sole is pretty easy to resole than a rubber or plastic sole. Leather is a sustainable material i.e a natural material which makes it very durable and more advantageous to your feet’ health.

The sole makes this loafer soft, flexible, dressy, and comfortable.


Sperry boat shoes are built for summer. They are very much breathable, light, and comfortable. It is a quick and easy shoe to match a casual outfit during the warm weather.

Sperry boat shoes are not meant for winter because your feet will get cold while wearing this shoe and they will also look out of place.

The Cole Haan loafer can be worn all year round. It is incredibly versatile due to its lack of seasonality. It suits any weather condition, be it summer or winter, and can be worn through the year with any outfit and to any event.


Sperry boat shoe is very much more comfortable than Cole Haan loafer. An average boat shoe is more comfortable to wear than a pair of loafers.

]Most boat shoes are designed with comfort in mind. They are not running or hiking shoes, they are strictly for comfortable walks.

Cole Haan loafers are comfortable too, but they don’t give as much comfort as the Sperry boat shoe. To enjoy the comfort of your loafers, you can wear them with socks.

Meanwhile, you are free to go sockless when wearing your Sperry boat shoe.


Your Sperry boat shoe is not waterproof but it is water-friendly and it’s ok to get them a little wet.

Sperry boat shoe can handle a little water, but this doesn’t mean they should be submerged in the water as they won’t keep your feet dry.

Getting a bit wet will keep the laces tied for a longer period due to the saltwater which can stick to the laces.

Your Sperry at some point would get wet either from the ocean or an unexpected heavy downpour.

The Cole Haan loafer is water-resistant. it has a full-length tread pattern which offers enough traction and durability for wet and icy weather.

Most Cole Haan footwear are water-resistant. The loafer has a water-resistant suede leather upper with all-round stitching and lining.


The insole of the Cole Haan shoe is made of soft leather. It has a comfortable multi-layer foam footbed that offers a bit more cushioning and incredible support.

It has a full leather-lined interior that would keep your feet feeling great and breathable all day long.

The Sperry boat shoe features a cushioned EVA insole footbed and a thicker cushioned outsole.

It has a removable insole with cushioning. Sperry has two insoles which is a simple leather insole and a memory foam insole.

These orthotic insoles can be replaced anytime you wish.


The Cole Haan loafer has a durable and lightweight EVA midsole that helps to enhance underfoot comfort.

Sperry boat shoes have a synthetic lining and an EVA midsole. It incorporates a molded EVA cushion midsole for an all-day comfort. The midsole helps you to stay comfortable with enough cushioning for your feet.

Why you should buy Sperry Boat Shoes

You should buy Sperry boat shoes because the shoes are not only meant for boating but can aw well serve as “work shoes”.

They are very comfortable and can also keep the feet cool. They offer good traction in wet conditions. It features an all-round lacing for a secure fit and grip.

The Sperry boat shoe is very casual footwear to pair with a simple outfit for a casual event. They are also light and quite breathable.

The bottom has a grippy sole for an excellent grip on both wet and dry surfaces. The sole is very flexible which makes the heel-to-toe transition very smooth and thin.

They also offer to cushion and look stylish and casual.

Why you should buy Cole Haan Loafer

You should buy the Cole Haan loafer because they are very comfortable and easy to slip on.

The Cole Haan loafer gives you zero worries when it comes to lacing or pulling on. It can be used to pair up a business casual outfit as it can look formal and a bit casual too.

It has durable leather and offers good quality and comfort.

The Cole Haan is made of both leather and rubber and moccasin-style toes.


It is a bit hard to pick the best out of these shoes, they are both versatile and cool footwear.

Though I love the style and comfort of the Sperry boat shoe, the pull-on style and the resoleable sole of the Cole Haan makes me love it even more.

Cole Haan loafer looks classy and the fact that it has no lace makes this loafer just the perfect shoe for me. As you know, not everybody likes to tie their shoelaces every now and then, so having no laces is a bonus on this loafer side.

It can be worn all year round, there is no need to be picky with my shoes for any event, Cole Haan loafer fits just fine.

These and many other interesting features which have been explained in this article make Cole Haan the overall best shoe for me.


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