Havaianas vs Rainbow: Which Is Better?

Having a good pair of flip-flops is an asset during summer.

In this article, we’ll be looking at two of the most popular flip flop brands; The Havaianas and The Rainbows.

The eternal debate of Havaianas vs. Rainbows is one that has been around for as long as flip-flops themselves. While there are many who swear by one brand or the other, it ultimately comes down to personal preference.

Both Havaianas and Rainbow flip flops are made in Brazil. They are both made from high-quality rubber, and they both have a textured sole that provides grip and comfort.

The biggest difference between them is that Rainbow flip flops are made of rubber, while Havaianas are made of synthetic materials.

Comparing these two flip flops will be tedious because of their deep similarities but we’ll delve deeper by checking their histories, key differences, and similarities to aid your decision and choose the best.

History of Havaianas

Havaianas are an iconic Brazilian company, that specializes in providing beach footwear.

Havaianas flip flops first hit the scene in 1962, and have become an international staple for journeys to the beach. The company is so popular that products seem to last forever.

These are flip flops that won’t stop working and will provide comfort for many years.

There are many different styles and types of shoes in the Havaianas lineup, but the best-sellers are the basic flip flops, which come in many different colors, patterns, and materials.

Brazilian surfers were a driving force behind the invention of Havaianas. The innovative sandals were developed out of a need to create a superior piece of footwear for surfers.

Havaianas are Brazilian sandals made of a rubber sole with a strap across the toe area, traditionally made in a variety of colorful patterns.

The word Havaianas is a Portuguese word derived from the word Hawaiians, who were commonly seen wearing sandals on their feet.

The shoes were originally designed in 1962 by Mr. Aníbal Augusto Bedran Jr., who wanted to create a sandal that would be more comfortable than a rubber flip-flop and withstand the harsh salt environment of Brazil.

When Havaianas first debuted in the late ’90s, they were a big hit. At the time, the Brazilian export presented something of a novelty to the world of footwear.

In the ensuing years, the company has racked up impressive numbers, producing more than 60 million pairs of shoes each year, to wide acclaim.

History of Rainbows

The history of rainbows flip flops starts with one of the brands’ founders, Ed Brown, who was living in Hawaii during the 1950s.

Brown worked for Maui Racket Shop, which was one of the largest chains of retailers in the state at the time.

He became friends with a shoe salesman for a competing company named Tom Wood, who shared with Brown his idea for a flip-flop that he was developing called Rainbow.

The Rainbow was revolutionary because it had a strap in the back that went under the heel to help keep it on the foot.

Brown agreed to help Wood by taking responsibility for the product-related promotion. Brown had great success with the promotion and it resulted in him being offered a vice presidency in the company.

They started out by making a white rubber foot-shaped sole with a strap for the heel. The shoe was used for physical therapy and became popular with athletes.

The business eventually went on to start selling flip-flops to the general public. The company pays homage to its roots by labeling its flip-flops with a green foot.

They’ve grown their business and have started making flip-flops with leather and synthetic materials.

Why you should wear Havaianas flip-flops?

The Havaianas brand is linked to sun, surf, and sand. These Brazilian flip-flops that have been in production since 1963 are loved by celebrities, stars, and people in the fashion industry for their sheer simplicity, diversity of colors and shapes, and comfortable surrounding for your feet.

Havaianas have been one of the most well-known casual footwear brands for decades.

For summer, there are no better options for sandals than Havaianas. They are comfortable, durable, and versatile. Havaianas come in many colors and have a variety of different materials to choose from.

They are thicker and wider than the average sandal, which provides more comfort. This is great for those with wide feet. They do not get caught in little cracks, like other sandals, which provide more protection for your feet.

Havaianas are easy to clean and are very easy to travel with. They come in every different size and can be found at many locations all over the world.

The design is simple, but they are also very durable. They go in all clothes, they never get dirty, and they are very comfortable.

Havaianas are one of the only flip flops that are worth the price. They are not just a cheaper version of other flip flops. They are a way of life.

Why you should wear Rainbow flip-slops?

Rainbows flip-flops offer a stylish, comfortable and affordable option for your summer feet care.

The flip-flops are made of natural rubber and are constructed from a durable, comfortable neoprene rubber that is soft, durable, and high in quality. The color range offers options for different styles, tastes, and budgets.

Today, there are many styles of Rainbow flip flops to choose from, and they come in mainly Black, Brown, and cream colors.

Rainbow flip-flops can be worn all year round and are really comfortable. They are perfect for beach days, tanning sessions, and playing in the pool.

they also support a great cause. For every pair of Rainbows flip flops sold, a portion of the proceeds goes towards helping children with cancer.

So, not only will you be stylish and comfortable, but you’ll also be supporting a good cause. What else could be better than that?

Havaianas vs Rainbow flip flops: Comparison

Features Havaiana Rainbow
Sizing Different sizes suitable for everyone Different sizes suitable for everyone
Material Natural rubber Natural rubber, leather, PVC, synthetic rubber
Colors Variety of colors like black, purple, etc. Black, Brown, and cream
Footbed Textured Textured
Straps Rubber Fabric
Thong Located between the big toe and second toe Located between the big toe and second toe
Outsole Rubber Rubber
Sole Uncushioned Cushioned
Flexibility They have a flexible rubber sole They have a flexible rubber sole
Toe protection None None
Break-in Easy to break-in Easy to break-in
Value Between $20-$50 Between $55-$60
Looks Stylish and subtle Stylish and subtle


Havainas are partly similar to Rainbows because they are both made of rubber, but then rainbows incorporate leather, PVC, and synthetic rubber into the materials they use for production.


Havaianas have a very playful look and are available in an array of different colors. Meanwhile, rainbows on the other hand take a very simple look and are available in only black, brown, and cream colors.


These two flip-flops have straps but they use different materials to make them, however, while Havaianas have a rubber strap, the straps in rainbows are made with fabric.


The soles of Havaianas are uncushioned and narrower. While the soles of rainbow flip flops are cushioned and exaggerated.


Havaianas are cheap and can be gotten for less than $40. While rainbow flip flops are more expensive and can be gotten for $50 and more.

Havaianas and Rainbows: Similarities?

Popularity and mass appeal

Both brands enjoy a high level of popularity and success in their respective markets. Finally, both Havaianas and rainbows have been able to successfully translate their appeal into mass-market appeal.

Iconic designs

Additionally, both brands have very simple and iconic designs that are easily recognizable.

Usage of high-quality rubber and a variety of designs

Both Havaianas and Rainbow use high-quality rubber to make their flip flops, and both brands have a wide variety of designs to choose from.

Additionally, both companies are popular worldwide and have a strong online presence.

Can be worn in Summer

Havaianas and Rainbow flip flops are both types of sandals that can be worn in the summertime. They are made of rubber and have a thong between the big toe and second toe.

Strong visual identity

Additionally, both brands have a strong visual identity, which is evident in their branding, marketing, and product designs.

Good customer service

Finally, both brands are known for their customer service, which ensures that buyers are happy with their purchases.

Usage of both of these boots

Rainbow flip-flops are best used as Beach Sandals.

If you also need pool shoes, rainbow flip-flops are a perfect alternative.

Havaianas are best used for walking If you also want to go for a hike, opt for Havaianas.

Havaianas are also the best flip flops for yoga.

Top 3 Havaianas to buy

Image Title Feature Pros Cons Price Buy
Havaianas Men’s Brazil Flip Flop Sandal


Low-profile beach flip flops for summer Soft and durable The thong part does not hug your foot $24 Buy on Amazon
Havaianas Women’s Slim Little Birds summer sandals for women padded footbed for added comfiness The footbed is very thin and flimsy. $23 Buy on Amazon
Havaianas Men’s Top Logo Filete Flip Flip flops for the beach Lightweight sandals. Rubber might be too hard on your feet $26 Buy on Amazon

Top 3 Rainbow flip flops

Image Title Feature Pros Cons Price Buy
Rainbow Sandals Men’s Leather Single layer double stitched rubber outsoles Cushioned footbed There is less arch support $55.99 Buy on Amazon
Rainbow Sandals Women’s Flirty Braidy Premier Leather


single layer EVA midsole Very comfy soles Runs Big $51-$77 Buy on Amazon
Rainbow Sandals Women’s Double Layer Premier Leather Sandals


Nubuck Premier Leather flip flops Very durable and comfortable Leather dye bleeds $59.99 Buy on Amazon


Most likely, you’ve certainly decided which flip flop will be the best for you after reading this article.

Here is a summed-up version which could be a deciding factor for you; If you like a colorful flip-flop, which is very good for walking, yoga, cheap, and also lasts for a long time, Havaianas is your best choice.

Meanwhile, If you need a low-key flip flop, which will be very good for a beach picnic, comfortable with a cushioned footbed, and fabric straps, you should go for Rainbows.


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