Loake vs Church’s: Which Is Better?

The major difference between the Loake and the Church’s is that the Loake shoe is made of rubber sole while Church’s is made of leather sole.

Church’s is more expensive than Loake shoe. Loake is way cheaper and more affordable. Church’s shoe offers more comfort and quality than the Loake shoe.

Both shoes are produced or handcrafted by the best craftsmen using the Goodyear welt construction.

They both can be resoled and repaired when they are worn out. They are pretty durable, comfortable, versatile, and affordable depending on your budget.

Let’s see what the first glance of each shoe says about it.

First glance

What are they about? What materials are used in producing them?


Loake vs Church's

  • Goodyear welt construction
  • Rubber sole
  • Leather upper
  • All-round stitching
  • Cork midsole

This shoe features a hard-wearing rubber sole. The sole gives a good grip on slippery and uneven surfaces. It has naturally flexible and soft materials with incredible breathability and comfort.

It is made of calf or full-grain leather, this type of leather tends to develop an attractive patina with age. The leather is water and stain resistance.

The leather lining is super comfy and durable. It is made of a cork midsole and a leather heel cushion. It has thin laces and lace-up closure.

Loake shoes are very formal shoes, they can be worn for a business trip or any formal event. It is very much affordable and also versatile.

The shoe is pretty easy to get in any local shop. It is produced using the Goodyear welt construction which helps to increase its lifespan and ensure it is well made and sturdy.


Loake vs Church's

  • Goodyear welt construction
  • Full leather lining
  • Leather sole
  • Front lacing
  • Round toe
  • British style

Church’s is known for its Goodyear welt construction, most of the shoes are made using this method.

It is a time-consuming process that involves sewing a strip of leather in between the upper and the insole then into the sole.

All the parts of the shoes are sewn together for durability, protection, and prevention of water penetration.

With the Goodyear welt construction, the sole of the shoe can be resoled. Church’s is made of outstanding quality and style.

It has a front lacing system for a better style and grip. For men, the Church’s is called “the Consul”. It is usually worn by politicians, government officials, and even businessmen.

In other words, it is usually worn by the rich and influential.

It features naturally finished calf leather and a soft suede and a leather sole. Calf leather molds your feet and keeps them in shape.

Church’s shoes are usually made in British styles. This style gives it a very formal look and makes it different from other shoes like it.

Loake vs Church’s: Comparison

The shoe brands will be compared based on the following technical features:

Features Loake Church’s
Outsole Made of rubber sole Made of leather sole
Insole A full leather insole A black leather sheepskin insole
Water-resistant Needs a suede protector to repel water. Some shoes are waterproof
Price Less expensive More expensive
Comfort and quality Does it give as much comfort and quality as Church’s Provides the best comfort and quality
Size and fit It is roomy and fits well A bit snug


Loake vs Church's

Loake shoes are made of rubber soles. Though Loake shoe also features a leather sole, the majority of Loake shoes are made of rubber sole.

This sole provides an amazing level of longevity, good grip, and as well traction.

The rubber sole gives a lot of shock absorption and it is very comfy right out of the box. It is also very thick and can last you for some years before it starts to wear out.

It is also very comfortable to wear. Rubber soles are sturdy and flexible such that it gives you the stability you need to walk with ease.

Church’s shoes are made of leather soles. This type of sole is known to be eco-friendly and very much easier to replaced to replace than the plastic or rubber sole.

Since it is made of leather which is simply skin, it has the ability to reshape and mold your feet allowing for natural fitting to take place.

A leather sole is the epitome of formality. Leather is a strong material that comes with durability and elegance.

Loake vs Church's


Loake vs Church's

Loake shoe has a full leather insole. A full leather insole is perfect for a good pair of shoes.

Loake incorporates a thick leather insole that runs through your entire shoe.

It also helps to mold your feet and give you the comfort you need while walking all day long. Loake leather insole has padded foam under the top layer.

This helps to keep depth from your shoe. This insole has perforated holes, these perforated holes allow air to circulate properly around your shoe and feet as well.

This insole is cushioned and offers a more secure fit. These insoles are quite short, so it is recommended that you get a big size.

Church’s shoe has a black leather insole with a back lining. It has a back lining and an oakbark longsoul.

It is a 100% genuine sheepskin insole mostly used in shoes and boots. It is made in the UK size from 2.5 to 13.

It is made in the Eastern part of England. It is usually sold as a pair. They are approximately 12mm thick and ideal for any type or style of Church’s shoe.

This insole provides extra comfort and warmth to your feet. It comes in an array of sizes.

Loake vs Church's


Loake shoes need a suede protector to repel water. The suede protection helps to prevent water from entering the shoe and stains from the shoe.

Regular use of this suede protector would make the shoe waterproof. Though, some Loake hiking boots are also waterproof.

Church’s shoes have some waterproof styled shoes. Though most of their women’s shoes are waterproof and some boots are also waterproof.


Loake shoes are quite cheaper than Church’s. The shoe helps you keep your budget in check. It is still quality and cool.

The price is lower and can meet up with your budget price. It is pretty affordable and comes in varieties of styles to suit any occasion.

Buying a pair of Loake shoes means you do not have to spend much to get what you really want.

Church’s shoes are expensive. Their price is usually on the high side. This is because of the style of the shoe and its materials as well as production processes.

It is made using the British style, its sole and leather are of excellent quality. This can also be a result of the shoe being worn and the absolute choice for most politicians, government officials, and businessmen.

It is a classy footwear that is worn by people of high standards and positions. To this effect, it is expensive as the best is put into this shoe.

But Church’s are worth the money as the quality is top-notch.

Comfort and quality

Church’s offers a high level of comfort than the Loake shoes. A few customer reviews have shown that Church’s shoes have much better leather and upper, and also the upper is good for multiple resole.

This is where the Goodyear welt construction comes to play. This reveals that the leather used in making Church’s shoes are quality leather and they offer the best amount of comfort and they hold up much longer.

Loake makes high-quality shoes, the shoes fit very snugly. They are also comfy.

The soles, upper, midsole, and laces are all made of good quality and as well can be replaced using the Goodyear welt construction year after year.

It offers varieties of good options, styles, and quality levels for you to make a good choice.

Size and fit

Church’s shoes are quite snug, elongated, and narrow. It is usually bulky and built like a tank.

Loake shoes are roomy and wide. They fit comfortably and perfectly. Customers with average width are advised to take a half size smaller than their normal shoe size.

Why should you buy Church’s?

You should get Church’s in your closet because the shoe has a long life span as it can be resoled when it wears out.

Its Goodyear welt construction helps prevents water from entering the shoe. It has an open lacing system and can be paired with a business suit or a casual work dress, this makes the shoe very versatile.

It can be repaired by skilled craftsmen in Australia who helps to replace the sole and heel. It is replaced with a new rubber heel and leather sole just like the originals.

The leather remains shiny and easy to clean as it is not susceptible to stains that require less maintenance.

All you basically have to do is brush it when you see any visible dirt on the shoe, using a wet cloth and a cordovan cream.

If you are a salesman or a businessman, this shoe would be perfect for you. It combines a flexible and rugged sole with soft and supple materials.

Why should you buy Loake shoes?

You should get the Loake shoe because they are handmade with skilled craftsmanship.

It is made with Goodyear welt rubber sole that helps to give you good traction. The leather made with the shoe provides the shoe with a fine and polished appearance.

Loake shoes are very much comfortable, the leather linings and the uppers usually grow to the shape of your feet over time, giving you good cushioning and comfort.

It comes in different styles like Brogues, Oxfords, Loafers, and Boots. The shoe is made of top-quality material which is versatile and comfortable for all-day wear.

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My verdict: Which is Better

Church’s shoe is my overall best for this article.

Church shoes provide extra comfort and durability. It has a leather sole that molds the feet and a sheepskin insole.

It is a versatile shoe and it is very classy. It is of high quality and though quite expensive but worth the extra dollar.


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