Thursday Boots vs Frye: Comparison

The famous comparison of Thursday boots Vs Fry comparison has come to stay. You should know that both are good boots and are worth every penny on them. Hence the comparison.

Well, the difference between them is the fact that Frye boots are made with lightweight leather. Meanwhile, Thursday boots on the other hand are made with full-grain leather.

Frye boots have good flexibility and thinner characteristics – this brings about comfort and breathability. Frye boots have rich textured looks too.

Thursday boots are a bit hard and not very breathable, albeit more durable and have a good ground feel. One of the advantages of Thursday boots is their versatility.

Let’s have a closer look at both.

What does the first glance say about the boots?

Some boots have great aesthetics that give them a better advantage of being picked over others.

The first glance of the features of a boot is where one gets to observe the sole, boot shape, material, and other qualities.

Thursday Boots

Thursday Boots vs Frye

  • Goodyear welt construction
  • Full-grain leather
  • Slim and narrow look
  • Rubber outsole
  • Sophisticated design

At the first glance of Thursday boots, you’ll notice the slim and narrow looks that give the boot quite a good dressing versatility.

It goes with both chino pants or jeans. It goes well with dress-up pants too. Thursday boots come with a rubber outsole.

Its sophisticated design reeks of class and the full-grain leather material give it a mature look. There’s the thing about Thursday boots that draws you closer to them at the first glance.

Frye Boots

Thursday Boots vs Frye

  • Long toe
  • Lightweight leather
  • Clean stitching
  • Antique finishing
  • Flexible and soft

Frye boots are great and classy. You will see that they are pretty fashionable and eye-catching.

Frye boots have this antique finishing and incredible character. You’ll notice an oil-resistant stamp made of neoprene Safetech oil on the side of the boots.

The clean stitching is there for you to see too. Frye boots also have long toes. You could tell from afar that the boots are soft and flexible.

Comparison between Frye and Thursday boots

Frye and Thursday boots are reliable. Users of both have testified to this fact. Many people find it hard to tell them apart.

However, there are ways in which they differ.

  • Leather
  • Sole
  • Durability
  • Price
  • Insole
  • Size/Fit
  • Fashion quality
  • Overall quality
Features Thursday Boots Frye Boots
Leather Thursday Boots uses durable full-grain leather. Frye uses lightweight leather.
Sole Rubber, sometimes rubber and leather. Smooth leather.
Durability Thursday Boots are more durable, all thanks to their full-grain leather. Frye boots are durable. But not as much as Thursday Boots.
Price Thursday Boots sells for $200 to $250. The price of Frye boots is according to the respective construction and iterations. They range from  $130, $150, and $300.
Size/Fit Thursday Boots are not true to size and they usually come with a snug fit. Frye boots are true to size and fit pretty well.
Fashion quality Thursday Boots has some touch of sophistication and is not big on fashion. Frye boots are more fashionable than Thursday boots.
Overall quality For overall quality, Thursday Boots takes the lead. Full-grain leather is in an entirely different class. Frye Boot is a quality boot too, but Thursday wins on overall quality.

1. Leather

The leather, which is the major material in shoe construction, goes a long way in telling the extent of the durability of a boot.

Thursday Boots

Thursday boots are made of the famous durable full-grain leather that has proven over and over again to stand the test of time.

Full-grain leather, like other types of leather, is obtained from animal hides. What differentiates full-grain leather from other types is the fact that it makes use of both the inner and outer parts of the hide.

Frye Boots

Frye boots are made of lightweight leather. These are a variety of leather finishes. There’s no exact leather type that is used to make Frye boots.

The reason for this is that tons of leather that are obtained from many places with different color combinations are used. Although they are durable, flexible, and pretty comfortable.

2. Sole

The sole of a boot or any other shoe goes a long way in determining the durability of that shoe.

This is true because every other component of the shoe rests on it. So it is only logical that the sole should be of paramount importance.

Thursday Boots

The sole of Thursday boots is designed with rubber. Although, sometimes the brand makes a blend of leather and rubber for the sole of the boot. The attention paid to Thursday boots’ soles makes them big on traction and a better ground feel.

When it comes to sole durability and an advanced level of grip, there is hardly any boot that comes close to Thursday boots. Great for any day!

Frye Boots

Frye boots’ sole materials are great because they are made with smooth leather – the type of leather for this sole type is strong and thick. The sole enables a balanced gait and improves foot gains.

3. Durability

The material that is largely used for shoe designs tells the extent of the durability of these shoes. There should be a stricken balance between leather and sole quality to bring a shoe’s durability.

Since both boots have great soles, what criterion would determine which boot is more durable than which? This is where the leather type comes in.

The advantage the Thursday boot has over Frye boot is the fact that it is made with full-grain leather.

As we know, full-grain leather is the most durable of leather types. Why is this so? I’ll tell you. Full-grain, as the one implies, makes use of the inner and outer parts of the animal hide.

Even though Frye boots make use of animal hides too, they only use the outer part. There are other Shoe brands, like suede, that use the inner part of the hide. Each with their respective qualities.

Now think of leather that is made from both, perfect! This is full-grain leather. Hence, the durability of Thursday boots.

4. Price

There are a few determining factors that decide the pricing of boots, one of which is construction. Another is material, then there is demand. All of these collectively affect the pricing of boots.

Thursday Boots

Thursday boots materials are a tad more difficult to obtain than Frye’s. Plus, they have a bit more sophisticated construction and it is highly demanded because of their class, versatility, and aura.

All of these affect the pricing of Thursday boots to sell within the range of $200 to $250. Thursday boots do not have many iterations, hence, there is not much price variance.

Frye Boots

Frye boots have grades, they are priced according to their construction. This is why there are Frye boots that sell for $150, there are some for $130, and others are sold for $300.

5. Insole

The insole of a shoe is largely the comfort determining factor. While some insoles offer moderate cushioning and high arch support, some have little arch support and zero cushioning.

Some insoles shift during use and cause inconveniences. Let’s see the insoles of Thursday and Frye boots.

Thursday Boots

Thursday boot does not pay much attention to its insole, instead, it gives credence to its midsole by fashioning it to be corked-bed such that it delivers better comfort.

Even though Thursday boots do not have great insoles, that lapse is covered up with an excellent midsole.

Frye Boots

Frye boots have a good and functioning insole, they have great cushioning, are moderate enough for foot support, and improved and balanced gait.

Comparatively, Frye boots beat Thursday boots as regards insoles.

6. Size/Fit

Boots and footwear, in general, become slashed in value when they do not have good fittings. To what end are good features and durability if a shoe will not fit well? Futile.

Thursday Boots

Thursday boots are not true to size. Although some Amazon reviews say otherwise that is not true.

I have testers that give me reviews, plus, my confirmation from users that have purchased and used Thursday’s boots attested to the fact that they are not true to size.

Although they have a snug fit and are foot-friendly with the right size.

Frye Boots

Are Frye boots true to size? Yes, they are. And this goes for both the female and male sizing.

However, one thing you must note is if you have a wider fit, then you should make a site search in the wider size chart. Frye boots have different modern and elegant styles.

Fashion quality

For fashion quality, Frye boots are more fashionable than Thursday boots because of their better outer looks. They have a modern feel, while Thursday boots have class and sophistication.

Overall quality

The overall quality of Thursday boots beats that of Frye boots. Their respective materials say it all. Plus, Thursday boots have better traction and durability too.

Although Frye is some and more comfortable. Nonetheless, putting all qualities side by side, Thursday boots wins.

Why should you choose Thursday Boots?


  • Traction: it is very anti-slip.
  • Durability: Thursday boots’ materials and sole makes them last longer.
  • Versatility: Thursday Boots are very versatile and can be used for different dress styles.

Why you should buy Frye Boots?


  • Better aesthetics: Frye Boots are very fashionable and have good appeal.
  • Comfort: they’re comfortable too. You want to have your feet kept in care all day long.
  • Breathability: the fact that it allows for air permissibility to keep your feet moderately dry all day is great.


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