Thorogood vs Timberland Boots: Which Is Better?

Thorogood and Timberland shoes are old-time brands of shoes. Even as they have some similar qualities, they also have their differences.

The major difference that exists between Timberland and Thorogood shoes is that Thorogood is mainly made for work purposes.

It can be worn for all kinds of work. While Timberland is created for the love of nature and is majorly used for outdoor purposes.

Also, Thorogood existed long before Timberland came into existence. If we want to go by age, we could conclude that Thorogood is more experienced in producing good shoes. But, wait, let’s dig deeper into other features before we conclude on which is better.

Historical Background of Thorogood

Thorogood vs Timberland

Thorogood company is located in Wisconsin. It began over 130 years ago, in 1892. Its shoes are known to be classic.

Thorogood manufactures shoes for safety and comfort. Thorogood shoes are manufactured by the Weinbrenner company. Its shoes are majorly made for work purposes.

I think we need to give this company an accolade for standing for this long and still manufacturing good shoes. Thorogood shoes are made for both men and women and they come in different sizes to fit.

The fabric material that is mostly used is leather and most of its shoes come with waterproof protection. 


  • For all kinds of work
  • Maintain safety and comfort
  • Goodyear welt construction
  • Absorbs impact
  • Waterproof membrane
  • Removable footbed
  • Made of polyurethane


  • Costlier price

Historical Background of Timberland

Thorogood vs Timberland

Unlike Thorogood, Timberland started later in 1952, about 60 years after Thorogood was born. Nathan Swartz owned a share in Abington Shoe Company and he later bought the company.

In 1973, the waterproof boot was created to solve the particular problem of protecting the feet.

In 1978, the whole company was renamed from Abington Shoe Company to Timberland. Timberland is created out of a love of nature, the reason it is mostly suitable for outdoor use.


  • Waterproof boot
  • Outer material is leather
  • Very affordable price
  • Cushioned footbed
  • Made in line with nature
  • Suitable for all outdoor purposes
  • Durable


  • Footbed is not removable in some.

Thorogood vs Timberland: Similarities

Regardless of the fact that Thorogood existed long before Timberland, they have a lot of similarities. One, they are both made with a waterproof covering.

You are guaranteed feet protection against water and it also infers that both shoes last longer because of the waterproof protection.

Both Thorogood and Timberland can be used for outdoor purposes. Thorogood is specifically made for work, Timberland is made to suit all outdoor activities.

Also, they are both made for men and women. You can find the one suitable for women and that for men.

They are both all-purpose shoes. You can find one that is stylish enough for women and one that is fashionable enough for a man.

They both manufacture their shoes with leather material.

Thorogood vs Timberland: Comparison


In an attempt to compare both brands of shoes, we will consider some of the examples of each brand. Below are the features of the 3 different shoes of the Thorogood brand.

Thorogood Work Boots for Men

Thorogood vs Timberland Boots

The fabric of this shoe is American-made with a durable tanned full-grain leather. It is a breathable work shoe and it comes with a non-safety comfortable design.

This shoe (see on Amazon) is made to absorb impact and it lasts longer. The features are summarized as follows:

  • Goodyear storm welt construction
  • Shock absorption footbed (removable)
  • Maxwear wedge ship-resistant outsole
  • Available in tobacco brown, trail crazy horse brown, black with ivory sole, and black with black sole colors.
  • American-made fabric.

Thorogood Deuce Tactical Boots for Men & Women


This Thorogood product (see on Amazon) is made in the USA. It comes with a sole material which is rubber and rubber outer material. It is a lightweight boot with dual density.

It has a removable single-density footbed made of polyurethane for comfort. It also has a BBP X-stream waterproof barrier for protection and composite shank construction.

The features are summarized below:

  • 100% leather fabric
  • Dual-density
  • BBP X-stream waterproof barrier
  • Composite shank construction
  • Removable single-density footbed
  • Rubber sole and outer material

Thorogood Men’s Crosstrex Series

Thorogood vs Timberland Boots

This shoe is made of leather/mesh fabric (see on Amazon). It is covered with BBP Waterproof and it comes with an outer material of polyurethane.

It also comes with a lace-up closure and a waterproof membrane for the protection of the shoes.

It has a single-density footbed and a composite shank. The outsole material is Crosstrex 360 with cement construction. The summary of the features below:

  • Fabric: leather/mesh.
  • Outer material: polyurethane
  • Closure: lace-up
  • Single density footbed
  • Outsole: Crosstrex 360
  • Origin: BBP Waterproof

Timberland Men’s Classic Boot Ankle

Thorogood vs Timberland Boots

This shoe is made of a hundred percent leather fabric and it’s an imported shoe. The sole material is rubber (See on Amazon). The shoe comes with a shaft of height – of 6 inches and 400 grams of Primaloft insulation.

It has a seam-sealed construction and a guaranteed waterproof covering. Another thing is that it is a best seller shoe. Below are the summarized features:

  • 100% leather fabric
  • Rubber sole material
  • Shaft height – 6 inches
  • 400 grams of Primaloft insulation
  • Waterproof covering
  • Seam-sealed construction.

Timberland Women’s Ankle Lace-up Boot

Thorogood vs Timberland Boots

It comes with a rubber sole material and a shaft height that reaches the ankle (See on Amazon). The shaft circumference is 12 inches. The outer material of this boot is made of leather.

It also has an EVA footbed embedded in it. The heel is rubber and the outsole is a rubber lug.

The features in summary:

  • Rubber sole material
  • Shaft height – ankle
  • Shaft circumference – 12 inches
  • EVA footbed
  • Heel material – rubber
  • Rubber lug outsole.
  • Closure – lace-up

Timberland Men’s Chukka Leather & Fabric Sneaker

Thorogood vs Timberland Boots

This Timberland sneaker is made of hundred percent leather and it is an imported product. (See on Amazon)

The sole is rubber and it comes with a lace-up closure. It is also embedded with a cushioned footbed for maximum comfort. It has a 50% recycled PET lining. The features are summarized below:

  • 100% leather
  • Cushioned footbed
  • Imported
  • Sole material-rubber
  • Lace-up closure
  • 50% recycled PET lining


Thorogood brand makes use of leather or mesh fabric for its shoes. Timberland also makes use of the same leather fabric.

Most of the time their shoes are 100% leather fabric. Thorogood also uses polyurethane as the outer material for some of it’s shoes.

While Timberland also uses premium leather from LWG silver-rated tannery.


Thorogood is known to use Maxwear wedge slip-resistant outsole in some shoes and rubber sole in other shoes made by Thorogood.

Timberland also makes use of rubber material for the outsole of its shoes.


Thorogood brand of shoes are made with shock absorption footbed and can be removed for proper cleaning.

Some of Thorogood’s insole can be dual-density while some can be single-density. While Timberland inserts EVA footbeds in most of its shoes and a cushioned footbed in others.


Both brands of shoes are super durable. Personally, I know Timberland to be more lasting than any other shoes I’ve known. Timberland is popular for being a brand that produces long-lasting shoes.

Thorogood also last, that is why its brand still exists till now. If I’m to judge, Timberland takes the lead.


Both Thorogood and Timberland shoes are in different sizes suitable for every foot size. It is advisable to minus half out of your original size when you want to make a purchase of these shoes.


Thorogood shoes range between $120 to $300. While Timberland shoes range from as low as $60 to $320.

They are almost in the same price range. The only difference is that you can find Timberland shoes at a cheaper rate.

Overall Quality

It is really hard to say which one has the highest quality from the comparison we have made. When someone goes to purchase a pair of shoes, he/she is on the lookout for some qualities.

These include; style, durability, fashion, comfort, color, and also the number of people who have used that same shoe satisfactorily.

With these, we can say that both Thorogood and Timberland come in style and with comfort.

Overall Verdict

Having considered the factors above, you will agree with me that it is not about the oldest but the one with the most satisfactory services.

And I’m sure you will agree with me if I say that Timberland is preferable to Thorogood shoes. In all, Timberland is a better brand of shoes in this comparison.



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